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    Take advantage of holiday savings

    It will be here before you know it. Dragging out all the stuff I got at the end of the season last year. Throwing out a couple of hints pretty soon the stores in my area will have canned vegetables for .49 a can for Del Monte, I figure I use about 3 cans a week more or less so I will stock up. Turkeys will be cheap in a month or so pennies a pound, take your birds to the meat dept and have them cut it in half, put it in the freezer for Jan, Feb, Mar and April why spend a fortune on lunch meat with all those chemicals when you can bake your own, once you cook it you can refreeze it if you won't use it all but I buy small birds for this purpose and they get polished off pretty quickly. Ham same thing, I buy a whole ham and take it to the meat dept and have them cut it in different thicknesses, shaved and very thin for sandwich's, thicker for ham steak, thicker for me to cut into cubes for ham and beans. I'll also stock up on crackers and other things people with use at parties, after Christmas stock up on that candy wrapped in red foil because Valentines day will be in 6 weeks, Valentines day pick up all those solid chocolate hearts and melt them down for little Easter bunnies and eggs using molds I got years ago, I have some Hearts and Bunnies and other things I got at the end of the season last year, I try to just roll one holiday into the next. Remember all those flavored breads will taste just as good in February as they did in December and if you can pick them up on clearance because of holiday packaging go for it, same with sugar, flour, nuts and raisins, choc chips or oatmeal. Tomorrow is October, who knew it would go this fast, you will be hearing jingle bells any second, be sure to pick up that Halloween candy the day after.
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