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    MOOP Bag

    How Do I Make a MOOP Bag?

    (MOOP= Matter Out of Place )

    Why make a MOOP bag? - All Burning Man participants should have their own MOOP bag (for playa and home) so that you're already ready to keep our lovely play area free from MOOP! Remember Leave only positive traces!


    •Start with any kind of pants but heavier fabrics work the best.
    •Skirts or just a piece of fabric work as well.
    •One Tie.
    •Embelishments: fringe, patches, etc.


    insideStep 1: Cut the pants into the size bag you want to make.

    Step 2: Turn the pant legs inside out.

    Step 3: Stitch the bottom (and sides if working with a plain piece of fabric) with a simple straight stitch. If you do not have a sewing machine, or know of someone who does who can help you, you can stitch the seam by hand. Leave the top of the bag open.stiched

    Step 4: Turn the bag right side out.

    Step 5: Attach a men's tie to the top of the bag as a shoulder strap. Ties can be found quite inexpensively at your local thrift shop.

    Additional Ideas

    The top part of the pants can also be used for a bag but it takes a bit more work to get them to look right. They make great bags, though, because they have pockets.

    Now the fun begins! Once you have your basic bag finished you can embellish it in your own personalized way. Just let your creativity flow. Oh, and don't forget the matching toenail polish.
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