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    Tootsie Pop Christmas Bouquet

    For each bloom you will need

    * 1 Tootsie Pop
    * 4 peppermint candies in wrappers
    * Thin wire
    * 4 - 12" lengths of chenille (pipe cleaners)

    Attach the peppermint candies to the tootsie pop by wrapping wire around one end of the candy wrappers. (Pull tight using needlenose pliers.)

    Coil each strip of chenille tightly, leaving the bottom half straight. Hold tightly against the peppermint candies and wrap the straight end around and around the tootsie pop stick. As you wrap each chenille, try to fill in the spaces, so the tootsie pop stick doesn't show through.

    You can make 10-15 of these blossoms and stick the ends into a styrofoam ball, inserted into a clay pot or include them in a Christmas gift basket.

    Chocolate kiss rose-buds

    Get the kisses that come wrapped in red foil at Valentine's Day... They come in a package mixed silver wrapped and red wrapped.

    Put a silver and a red kiss base to base.

    Center a piece of clear plastic wrap over the tip of the red one and stretch it tight down over the kisses, gathering it at the tip of the silver kiss.

    Take a twelve inch piece of florist wire and twist the end around the plastic wrap to secure it.

    Wind with green floral tape, beginning at the twisted wire, wrap up and around silver kiss then spiral back down covering wire stem and tucking in artificial rose leaves about an inch below the bud and one or two more spaced further down the stem. Continue wrapping stem wire until the entire length is covered.

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    Thanks Hotwheelstx, i spent too muck time on makestuff.com!
    Great website! Thanks...
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