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    Washcloth Angel

    If you are looking for inexpensive craft ideas for giveaways, I just got one that is so cute - a washcloth angel.

    You will need a washcloth and string and 1/8" satin ribbon (usually on spools for under a dollar).

    Lay washcloth flat and accordion fold from one end to the other. Pinch together in the middle to form a "V" at the bottom. Tie string about an inch down from fold to create a head. Wrap sting around twice and pull snug and tie in a knot.

    Now pinch one side of the V next to the head also using about an inch from the tied head and use all one side of the washcloth making the arm and do the same on the other side to make the other arm.

    Now under the arm, tie a fourth piece of string tightly to make the waist and fan out the rest of the washcloth to make the skirt.

    Now using the satin ribbon, wrap a continuous piece around the neck string, arm strings and waist string criss-crossing across the chest and tie off in front and add a little card saying this is their guardian angel to keep watch over them.

    Tie the ribbon into a bow and you can add a little satin ribbon rose in a matching or contrasting color to the center of the bow if you would like to.

    You could add the child's name to the card. Ex. Jason's Guardian Angel.

    Quite nice and inexpensive if you buy the washcloths in bulk, usually 10 to a package in big discount stores like Wal-Mart for around $3. ((Cut the name brand tag off the washcloths. ))
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