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    Arrow Easter Eggshell Cards

    It's always nice to send someone a card -- especially one made by a child. These special eggshell cards are perfect for a thank you note. Don't forget to send one to the Great Bunny.
    You will need:

    eggshells from 4 eggs
    watercolor or poster paints
    white (washable) glue
    construction paper, doilies, tissue paper
    1 or 2 small paint brushes

    Now just follow these directions:

    Using a sewing needle, pierce a hole at the top and base of an egg. Blow the contents of the egg into a dish.
    Paint each egg half a different color. Allow to dry.
    After drying, crack eggshells and then crumble into different sized pieces. Allow these pieces to dry thoroughly before proceeding or the glue won't stick.
    Fold a piece of construction paper in half to make a card. If using doilies or tissue paper, paste them on top in a decorative fashion.
    Using a pencil, draw a spring scene, a "Happy Easter!" greeting or an abstract design onto paper.
    When ready to stick eggshells on the construction paper, using a clean paint brush, paint a little glue on the construction paper and then stick the bits of eggshell on. (This is easier than painting the shell with glue.)
    When complete, you may want to secure some of the eggshell with a little more glue, brushing around and maybe even over top of the shell. Let dry completely
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