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    Bag full of socks ???

    Bag full of socks ? make rabbits. All different colors and sizes.
    Stuff socks with polyfil or other stuffing the new crystals are great,
    sew shut at bottom. About 1/3 of the way down from toe end baste to
    make head, leave a tail of thread when you start and end to pull
    tightly to make head. Use felt in pink for inside of ear and whatever
    color matches socks for the outer ear. Glue or stitch to head. Use
    pipe cleaners inside the ears if you want to pose them. Sew on button
    eyes, embroider eyelashes and eyebrows. Sew button on for nose (heart
    shaped looks real cute.) Embroider mouth. Glue or sew on stiff yarn
    for whiskers. Make arms from other sock that matches first, by
    cutting sock long ways in half. Use calf part of sock for arms and
    foot part of sock for hind legs. Shape like bunny legs and affix to
    body. Use doll pattern or your own to make a pinafore for females and
    a vest for males. Look cute holding small baskets especially at
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