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    Time in a bottle??? Please help!

    My song with Wolfy is "Time in a bottle". With Valentines day coming up, I thought...Hmmmm....I would LOVE to make a craft for him, with a bottle, and somehow incorporate the song lyrics into the craft. Know what I mean? We do have an entire case of wine bottle that have labels with our names on them, so that may help out. Is anyone a little more creative than I? I'd appreciate any help and ideas! Thanks all!

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    Circuit advertisement Time in a bottle???  Please help!

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    Try these ideals:

    1. http://www.learn2.com/browse/learnle...id=668&ch_id=1

    Check out our bbs research thread if you ever need help again

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    you could add things to the bottle that were special to you and layer them...of course, i'm not sure just how much you can squeeze in the opening of the bottle...
    but sand or seashells, dried flowers he gave you, candy hearts, things like that would fit. then take one of those markers that writes on glass and label each one and why its special (like sand for our trip to the beach, my first valentine's day flowers, pepples from our camping trip....)
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    Wonderful ideas, thanks! Here's what I ended up doing...I took a wine bottle and soaked off the label. I opened my favorite picture of us in Adobe Photoshop (very expensive program but worth it). I used the program to fade the picture so it became more of a background than a nice sharp photo. Then I printed it out on regular paper, in color, in a 5x7 size. I wrapped it around the bottle like a label and used double-sided tape to secure it. Before I taped the picture on the bottle I used a sharpie marker to write across the picture..."If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do is to save every day 'til eternity passes away, just to spend them with you..." (you know - the Jim Croce song). Then I put a candle in the top of the bottle, melted the wax down a little so it really looked like it was part of the bottle. Some rafia tied around the neck of the bottle and...BOOM! Instant valentines gift. The bottle, by the way, was not see-through. If it was, I would have put colored sand or something in it.

    Just thought I'd share! Have a good day!

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    Cool WOW..W T G

    That is lovely, just picturing it in my mind..
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