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04-27-2001, 12:18 PM
I went to a shower a while ago, and I seem to remember what they called a kitchen witch, they used an ironing board, a mop, and other new houseold gifts, I have no idea how to make it, and I would absolutely appreciate any help and suggestions. the finished product was adorable. Please help

04-27-2001, 07:15 PM
notaphonie, while I've never made one or even seen one I found the idea a year or so ago on another message board, don't remember which one, and saved it for future use, here's the information I've got.....

I made one for a shower years ago, without an ironing board..I used a string mop for the body...I took two bath towels and folded them into thirds lengthwise.these were then pinned on either side of the string part of the mop..the string is the hair, the towels will form the face and body..pin them good with large safety pins to the string mop head..Figure out where the neck would be, and tie some string around it..For each arm- roll a hand towel or kitchen towel...attach one end of the towel at the open side of the two long bathtowels up near the neck so it(the arm) seems to come from the shoulder of the body..you can pin this from the under side..(you may want to pin the roll to keep it from unrolling on you whileyou work with it)..Put the cobblers apron on, or any other ruffled type apron that ties around the neck and has pockets..Tie it at the waist. Then bring the arms around in a curve to the front and secure them with pins to the front of the apron and long bath towel underneath. Attach rubber gloves to each arm end. The stick end of the mop goes in a plastic bucket that is filled with cleaning supplies, like glass cleaner, spray furniture polish, laundry soap etc...this weights it down so it wont tip over. Now the fun part ...start filling the pockets of the apron with cleaning brushes and sponges and gadgets..put something in her hand in one of the gloves--like a feather duster, and a squeegee in the other. Tuck a toilet bowl brush under one arm, and a broom under another!(with the base going in the bucket)you can always use a little glue gunning to hold items in place,wedge the dustpan in the bucket with the other supplies,so it is peeking out. You can tie a bandana or kitchen wash cloth over the "hair" bandana style..Use scrubbie earrings (or measuring spoons), brillo pad eyes, the mouth could be one of those little brushes that looks like a fingernail scrub brush or one to scrub potatoes..(you would have to position it on the face-grab the handle from the underneath side thru the towel and pin or baste stitch it into the towel from underneath) fashion a hair bow out of a plastic bag. Make a necklace out of twisted paper towels or use measuring spoons,and cups strung up around the neck. You really can let your eyes roam thru the cleaning supplies aisle, the dollar stores, and your kitchen drawers for lots of good ideas...
It really was a big hit at the shower and a welcome gift to the bride to be as she was just starting a new home!
Hi Bev, I'll try to walk you through this. You need a broom, dust mop,mop,ironing board, apron, rubber gloves, dishtowels, handy-wipes ,feather duster,plastic pail,plastic pot scrubbers, pot holders and assorted kitchen items,T-pins, clear packing tape.
Lay ironing board on floor with back of it facing you. Place string mop at narrow end of ironing board and tape just to hold then place broom and dust mop at bottom end of board for feet and tape. Now get some help and really tape this up, wrap tape around and around till your satisfied. Put cobblers apron over "Brides"head and tie in back. Use dish towels for arms and pin one end to back of board and slip rubber glove over other end. Pin pot scrubbers on head for earrings, you can draw A face on paper and pin it to board or make face up , like egg seperaters for eyes a cork for a nose, etc etc,use handy wipes for hair bows,neck scarfs or knot and make necklace.Feather duster goes in one hand pail in other, pinning pail handle to board.Put pot holders in apron pocket,paper towels, sponge and squeege in pail. Remember items for pail should be light weight because this "Bride" isn't made for heavy house cleaning. Dust pan can be added to back of head for a crown.

04-29-2001, 11:34 AM
WOW, Thank you soooo....much, amazing you saved this information for over a year. I can't wait to start making it!

05-07-2001, 09:19 AM
LOL notaphonie, I am what is commonly known as a packrat, my mother was a packrat, my grandmother, I definitely believe it's genetic.*g*

Would love to see a pic of your kitchen witch if you'd be willing to share later :)

05-07-2001, 02:06 PM
Well my hair does resemble a mop on certain mornings, but my back rarely feels like an ironing board. :X


You know, this sounds like a great item to make for those silent auctions that church groups and clubs have!

<printing copy for future use>

I would love to see that kitchenwitch myself. ;)