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Jolie Rouge
05-18-2011, 04:57 AM
First Person: How We're Planning to Save More Than $12,000 This Summer
Tal Boldo, On Wednesday May 11, 2011, 12:40 pm EDT

How do you explain to your kid that he can't have a summer vacation because of inflation? Instead, my family and I looked for meaningful ways to save on our summer activities. By doing some of the work ourselves, looking at money more rationally, and committing to stuff, not fluff, we plan to save $12,975 in summer 2011.

Summer entertaining

Garden parties, barbecues, and family reunions make summer special. To keep our menus rich while saving money, my sister and I agreed to serve ground beef instead of steak at all 10 of our family get-togethers. In this way, we plan to spend $1.50 per person on meat instead of $15, for total savings of $1,350 this summer.

Summer vacation

To save on airfare and rising fuel prices, we searched the Internet for a local venue that would make a good vacation site. We chose Mount Baker, located 30 minutes from our home. We plan to pitch a tent, camp for a week, fish, hike, play guitar, and listen to audio books by the campfire. Instead of our usual $5,000 vacation allowance, we plan to spend $400, thus saving $4,600.

Painting the house

Every year we hire student painters to refresh the exterior paint to keep our home looking pristine and to protect the wood siding. Our neighbors, on the other hand, paint their homes every five years. To save money this summer, we've decided to paint the trim around the windows and doors only and to do the work ourselves. That will save us $1,500 this summer.

Garden landscaping

In summer, we typically hire an arborist to trim our trees, spray them against parasites, and feed the roots. We also hire landscapers to edge the lawn, mulch the yard, and plant perennials. This year we plan to do the work ourselves and to borrow tools from our neighbors. We also intend to mulch the flowerbeds and give up on perennials. In this way, we intend to save $625.

Summer clothing

Every year we shop for clothes by inspiration, walking through the mall and picking out a new bathing suit, dress, T-shirt. This year, we will each get a small summer-clothing budget, which will force us to shop at outlets or secondhand stores. This step will help us save $1,400.

Summer remodeling

Because of dropping home values, this year we will not go ahead with the deck remodel we were planning. Instead, we will patch the old wood with wood putty and prime and will paint it once more to protect against water damage. In this way, we will save $3,500.

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I wish I had an income that allowed me to save $52K a year just by pulling my head out of my a$$.


I agree with everyone else here ... thought when I read this, it might be helpful information. Ha, I guess I'm going to save even MORE money this summer by not getting anything new, doing anything to my yard, or going on a vacation at all ... yay! Oh, and driving my totally paid for car instead of buying a brand new cadillac ... look, I just saved $50k! LOL!


Who really spends 12,000 dollars every summer? if that is honestly your summer budget, you dont need to worry about inflation. what @#$%


I agree with all of the comments but explain to me : $1.50 per person using hamburger vs. $15.00 per person using steak ? Who pays $15.00 for a steak? The comparison it totally bogus as is the rest of this. And you printed their picture too? You know why they are smiling? They actually got Yahoo to print this garbage!


Going on a family vacation that involved air-fare was a once in a lifetime experience for this family. Anyone wanna bet that the concocter of this article has some sort of family tie to someone at yahoo !? How else would something this innane get taken as a serious article ?


I agree with previous posts...obviously this person has a lot of $$ to begin with and thinks these cuts are drastic. There is no vacation for most people ( I for one don't get paid leave at all). We shop at thrift shops for our 2 kids and can get brand name clothes. I shop at super Walmart for most groceries (scan the ads because they price match) and Aldi has super prices all the time. I plan the menus for the week and then shop (otherwise it is a lot of aimless wandering and buying random items with no side dishes to go with them). And renting a house is more cost effective for us right now -- no worries about home improvements or falling house values.


So basically these rich snobs are breaking down and doing what every other family in America already does, WORK. I love saving money as much as the next guy, but don't waste my time with crap about how non-thrifty people became averagely thrifty.


Ten family outings...per summer...and they used to serve steak at each and every one. Kidding, right?


wait a second.....I just saved 85,000 by not buyin that bmw m5 that I saw. Instead I bought a used car off craigslist for 2,800$. Wanna write an article about me yahoo?

05-18-2011, 05:15 AM
i have to agree with the comments, this article is rediculous!!

Jolie Rouge
05-18-2011, 05:20 AM
I thought it would be good for a laugh....

Hey, I just saved $50K by not buying a new car this year !

05-18-2011, 12:42 PM
LOL, sounds like Obama economics. He saved how many jobs by not doing something he didnt intend to do anyway? I sometimes play that game with my hubby. I see a horrible dress or piece of clothing I would never buy and look at the price. I tell him see how much I saved you?

05-27-2011, 10:04 AM
Wow, I'm so glad I read the comments afterwards, I thought I was the only one who thought this article was stupid. =)