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04-21-2001, 09:41 PM

Finished Size: 2-3/4" tall (not including hanging loop)

Skill Level: beginner
Time: 15 minutes

Don't be surprised if these favors go home intact with your guests. You're sure to hear "But it's too pretty to eat!" over and over again. Make favors for each place at the table, or display several on a white wire tree as a romantic centerpiece. Adorn tree with pearl string, lace, and ribbons.

Purple foil-wrapped chocolates, 1/4"x1 3/4" square, three.
Gold foil-wrapped chocolate egg, 1" long.
White glittered plastic dove, 2" across.
Purple metallic mylar shred basket filler, small amount.
White tulle circle, 9" diameter.
White/iridescent instant-bow ribbon, 1/8" wide, 2/3 yard.
Purple satin ribbon rosebud with loop leaves, 1" across.
Supplies: Scissors, ruler, low-temperature glue gun.

Cut one 5" and one 8" length from instant-bow ribbon. For hanging loop, knot ends of 8" length. For birdhouse, glue edges of square candies together as shown in Fig. 1, securing hanging loop knot between candies at roof peak.

Figure 1

Stuff center of birdhouse with mylar shred. Place chocolate egg into birdhouse. Center birdhouse on tulle square. Tightly gather tulle around hanging loop. Tie ends shut with 5" length of ribbon.

Slide remaining ribbon along pull strings, forming a multi-loop bow; knot pull strings to secure and trim excess. Glue bow to gathered tulle. Glue ribbon rose to center of bow. Glue dove to top right side of birdhouse.

04-23-2001, 11:15 AM
Cute idea maybe it would be cute if you substitue the purple with the scheme colors (bridesmaid dress colors).

04-23-2001, 02:44 PM
Absolutely. Use whatever colors go with the brides color scheme. This one was just an example of what you can do. You can embellish any way you choose by adding different flowers or beads or colors. :D