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Jolie Rouge
12-26-2009, 09:04 PM
Donate Your Glasses, Cellphones, Computers, Hearing Aids and Ink Cartridges.
Giving to charity doesn't have to mean giving money. Learn how you can make a difference by donating your old eyeglasses, cellphones, computers and ink cartridges to charitable organizations.



Collective Good : Drop off your used cell phones, PDAs and pagers at Staples or FedEx/Kinko's, and the proceeds will be donated to charity. Even better: mail your phone directly to Collective Good, and pick the charity yourself.

Call to Protect : Locate a drop spot or mail your phone directly to the organization. Donated cellphones go to domestic violence victims.

Verizon Hopeline : Take your phone to any Verizon Wireless store, to help put a phone in the hands of a domestic violence victim.

Cellphones for Soldiers : Recycles phones, PDAs and pagers. Then, uses the proceeds to buy phone cards for overseas soldiers.

PetSmart : PetSmart's Recycle for Life program benefits homeless animals. Pre-paid envelopes available in store.

Ink Cartridges

Lion's Club : Accepts ink jet and laser cartridges. Take them to your local Lion's Club chapter or see their website for more collection options.

Food For The Poor : Collects ink jet and toner cartridges. Then, uses the money earned from recycling them to feed the hungry. Consult the website for a list of accepted cartridges and to request a free, postage paid mailer.

PetSmart : Accepts ink jet and laser cartridges. Proceeds from sale of old cartridges go towards saving homeless animals.

Recycle for Breast Cancer : Bring your cartridges to one of the drop off location or request a free, postage paid mailer. Proceeds help to fund breast cancer research.


Computers with Causes : Collects computers, monitors, mice, keyboards and cables, and gives them to charities.

National Cristina Foundation : Gives computers to people with disabilities, at-risk students and the economically disadvantaged.

The On It Foundation : Provides free computers to low-income families with students in grades K-12. Also accepts software.

Computers for Schools : Refurbishes computers; then offers them to schools at a minimal cost.

Recycle for Breast Cancer : Accepts computers, printers, scanners, networking hardware and storage media. Proceeds go towards breast cancer research.

World Computer Exchange : Donated computers are sent worldwide to give poor youth access to the Internet.


Lion's Club : The Lion's Recycle for Sight program collects eyeglasses and sunglasses to give to people living in developing countries. Donations are accepted at all Pearl Vision, Goodwill and Lion's club locations. Visit their website to locate additional donation centers near you.

New Eyes for the Needy : New Eyes for the Needy accepts prescription eyeglasses and both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses by mail for distribution to developing countries. Visit their website for shipping instructions.

Hearing Aids

Lion's Club : Accepts all hearing aid makes and models. Refer to the website for mailing instructions or for a drop off location.

So the World May Hear : The Hear Now program repairs and sells donated hearing aids; then, uses the proceeds to buy new hearing aids for people who can't afford them.

New Eyes for the Needy : Recycles donated hearing aids; then, uses the proceeds to buy new eyeglasses for needy Americans.

12-27-2009, 01:26 AM
Love these tips! I didn't realize hearing aids could be donated, but will follow up on this. My MIL passed away on Sept. 11, and I was planning to donate her glasses to the Lions Club. Now I can also donate her hearing aid to a good cause.

12-27-2009, 07:41 AM
Check with your local police department or women's shelter they do use old cell phones to give to the women so they can dial 911 in an emergency. If you didn't know your old phone with no service plan will still connect to 911 just like a old landline will dial 911 with no dial tone.

For inkjet and laser cartridges check your local school. Our public schools will recycle inkjet cartridges and I have found several private schools that recycle the laser and inkjet cartridges.