View Full Version : Recipe for Lotion bars (or solid bath oil bars)

04-09-2001, 05:38 AM
Lotion Bars (or Solid Bath Oil Bars)

Ingredient List:

4 ounces kokum, mango, shea or deodorized cocoa butter
4 ounces beeswax, refined beads, yellow or white
4 or 5 ounces liquid vegetable oil such as jojoba, sunflower, or avocado
2-4 teaspoons of essential oil or fragrance oil of your choice
1 tablespoon of Jojoba Wax Spheres in color of your choice for coloring

Melt butter first and pour into 16oz Pyrex measuring cup. Add the beeswax beads and the colored jojoba spheres.. Melt together in microwave. Now add the liquid vegetable oil. Use 4 ounces for a hard bar, or 5 ounces for a softer bar. Stir to mix thoroughly. Add essential oil or fragrance oil when mixture has cooled slightly. Pour into small soap molds. Pop out when cool, about two hours. For best results, put in refrigerator for a few minutes before popping out of mold.


Wet hands and rub with lotion bar
Rub on body when getting out of shower while still damp
Use as drawer sachet
Cut off a sliver and let melt in hot bath water
Massage into cuticles to soften them
Rub into elbows and knees
Massage - use softer bar recipe.

Use sunflower oil or jojoba, refined when you want a lotion bar that absorbs readily into your skin. Avocado is great for cuticles and for a heavier, more moisturizing bar.