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07-22-2008, 07:13 AM

What did Paulo say that the client that he chose for the Shortcut Challenge" did after she previously expressed her desire for a change?
Cried while being styled

In a "Short Cut" segment during this show, what did Roy Teeluck describe how to do as a woman went through the steps and used products in front of a mirror?
Make waves shine for an evening out

What did Charlie do over dinner in the apartment after the "Shortcut Challenge" that Dee found rude?
insulted all the competitors hairstyles

What did Jaclyn Smith tell Charlie he should have done for his client instead of "hanging out" with her during the elimination challenge?
Given her a needed softer look

What did Meredith say that she thought Dee chose a particular model for her at the beginning of the elimination challenge?
Taught curly hair cutting classes

What did Charlie say that he was going to do to his model's hair towards the end of the "Shortcut Challenge" because it had been straightened?
Put half of it up on her head

What did contestants do as part of an elimination challenge in a scene from a previous episode?
Viewed their models on the red carpet

What did Nekisa do after Jaclyn Smith announced that Charlie had won immunity for the second time in a row?
Expressed her annoyance

What did Jaclyn Smith tell Nekisa her client did that was a poor reflection on the hair makeover she gave her?
Opted for her own styling when she did it herself

What did Jaclyn Smith tell the contestants they would be doing for the Shortcut Challenge" after introducing guest judge Roy Teeluck?
Styling their competitors' models

What did Nekisa say that Dee did not do that would have caused Dee to give Nekisa preferential treatment in the elimination challenge?
Had a romantic rush on her

What did Glenn do after Jaclyn Smith told her that she had won the challenge?
Bent down on the stage and cried

What did Nicole tell the judges that she advised her client to do with her fingers before drying her naturally wavy hair?
Twist sections into curls

In a sponsored segment during this show, what were viewers asked to vote on in order to enter to win a free haircut from the winner of "Shear Genius" and hair care products, after a brunette woman used a red hair dryer?
What they think of a contestant's color choice