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07-22-2008, 01:23 AM
What did Goren notice that Alfred Perret's mother was doing in a picture?
Wearing the Star of David around her neck

What did Goren and Eames do when they went to the accounts office to look through the notary book from the date Danielle Pearce visit?
Discovered wrong thumbprint was used

What did Janette Pearce say Danielle Pearce was doing to make trouble for Lawrence Belling?
Accusing him of taking a ring

What did Goren do after he put gloves on at the dinner table that Dr. Lingard was sitting at?
Ate the food the server brought out

What did Dr. Lingard do for his anniversary with Isabel Dawson?
Gave her a piece of jewelry

What did Meryl Cruthers do in order to get a tax break on alimony?
Supplied husband with drugs

What did Eames say Lawrence Belling was doing as his alibi on the night of Danielle Pearce's murder?
Staying at home with his wife-to-be

What was Dr. Lingard doing when Eames and Goren went to his office to ask questions about Danielle Pearce's autopsy?
NOT Organizing cabinet with files

What happened to Danielle Pearce while she was foaming at the mouth?
Got hit by a couple of cars

What did Goren do when he sat in the passenger seat of Dr. Lingard's car?
Smelled the clean sent