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06-28-2008, 03:59 PM
What did Jon and Claire do while they were on the beach dicussing Claire's relationship?
*Engaged in a hand-slapping game

What did Jon do as Jeremy tried to get him to leave the Cleary's and described his nightmare encounters during the middle of the night?
*Distracted him with a breakfast scone

What did Jeremy do after John asked how they could bypass cash bars at weddings while they were discussing the upcoming season in Jeremy's office?
*Showed him a pair of war medals

What did Jeremy tell Father O'Neill that he did with his imaginary friend when he was a child?
*Played checkers with him every day

What did John warn Jeremy that girls with hats do while they were waiting for the wedding to begin?
*Tend to be very proper

What was Zach doing with the Cleary family and guests when John and Jeremy secretly discussed John's game plan to get closer to Claire?
*Talking about his experience with a sea otter

What did Jeremy tell John to stop doing after John told him about his encounter with Secretary Cleary's wife Kathleen?
*Crying like a little girl

What did Gloria do to convince her father to invite Jeremy and John to the Cleary family's home on the shore?
*Held her breath and stomped her feet

What did Jeremy do while Gloria removed pellets from his rear after John told him that he and Claire were going to take a ride outside?
*Hoped he knocked his teeth out

What did John do with Claire as Father O'Neill conducted jeremy and Gloria's wedding service?
*Whispered that he wouldn't bother her

What did Zach do in the middle of the night after John and claire had each listened at the other's door?
*Curled up around the bathroom toilet