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09-29-2007, 03:57 AM
Recently I attended a Recovery program at a local church. I really felt that God wanted me to attend the meeting, and when the Lord moves me to do someting I do it. I do not have any addictions, (well honestly eating too much could be considered an addiction, at worst, and at best a terrible habit).

But I attended the meeting and it was a wonderful time of prayer and praise and support for others. I gave a very brief testimony about how I came to know the Lord and after the meeting, the pastors wife asked if I would give the devotional for the womens ministrys meeting and give my testimony. Of course I said yes. I do not miss a chance to tell everyone what God did for me. He is my God and I want to tell the entire world about Him.

The word has spread and many people, some of them are men, have asked if they could sit in on the women's meeting. I tell them yes. I am so excited that God is using me in this way.

Please pray that God uses me to reach others. There is a reason that God led me there and I am so humbled by the way that God uses each of us to plant seeds for His kingdom.

Have a wonderful weekend
God bless

09-29-2007, 05:25 PM
WOW how wonderful you must feel. God is good and now you get to show it. Good luck and I am glad that are following what God wants you to do. HUGS!!!