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09-13-2007, 08:01 AM
From Silent Unity

Dear Friend,

There is great power in united prayer, and we are honored that you will be part of our 2007 World Day of Prayer on September 13. You will be part of something big, something life transforming, something that has the power to enrich your life and to make the world a better place. This day of prayer will be a spiritual event in which you can unite in prayer with hearts around the world to establish goodness and peace in your life - in every life.

During this sacred time of prayer, we will unite in the love of God that dwells within every person around the world. By praying together, we work together - as peacemakers, ambassadors of love in the world. As we join in faith with you, we envision people everywhere experiencing the love of God and expressing it in an ever-widening circle of peace. We invite you to join us in affirming these words on September 13:

We are peacemakers, one in the love of God.
With hearts united, we establish harmony and peace
in our lives and in the world.

We know that prayer works. And when we unite in prayer with others, we open the door to health, abundance, and love on a global level.

You're invited to be a part of this sacred experience. There are numerous ways you can participate—all of which are detailed on www.worlddayofprayer.org—our Web site dedicated to this international prayer event:

1. Share your prayer list of those family and friends you would like remembered in prayer. Unity employees, ministers, and guests will unite with you to enfold these dear ones in prayer throughout the day.

2. Personalize a Peace Flag by downloading and adding your name and location. When you send it to Unity it will be displayed in a prominent location.

3. Print out a 30 Days to Peace Calendar that features world peace affirmations for each of the 29 days leading up to World Day of Prayer. Affirm each day's words with the belief that prayer by prayer, we are creating a consciousness of peace that blesses the world.

4. Visit an area host center. Our Web site has a complete list of Unity centers and churches that are sponsoring World Day of Prayer activities.

5. Watch videos of World Day of Prayer events recorded live at Unity.

6. Repeat the World Day of Prayer Affirmation throughout the day on September 13:
We are peacemakers, one in the love of God.
With hearts united, we establish harmony and peace
in our lives and in the world.

7. Download our free e-book—Living the Vision: Messages for World Peace from Daily Word.

8. Read two online articles about world peace: Sowing Seeds of Peace by Diane Brandenburg and Mission of Peace by Rosemary Fillmore Rhea.

Wherever you are on Thursday, September 13, whatever you are doing, please join us as we hold a vision of peace and love for the world.
We hope you will join us in a spirit of oneness and peace for our 2007 World Day of Prayer. Be assured that we in Silent Unity are here to pray with you 24 hours a day about any concern you may have. May you feel our prayers and love enfolding you now and in the days to come.

In faith and peace,

Silent Unity