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Meet the Challenge of Modern Muslim Jihad when You Discover How to See Islam through Catholic Eyes

Isam Through Catholic Eyes
Father Michael Witt, PhD and Father Andre Mhanna

3 Audio CD Set$23.95

On the sixth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, there remains no greater challenge to the peace of the world today than Islamic extremism. With continuing war in Iraq, increasing violence abroad, and new calls for “Jihad,” there has never been a more urgent need to truly understand the fundamental beliefs of the radical followers of Mohammed and how they really view the conflict with the West.

And yet these crucial truths are often misrepresented by the western media and Islamic propaganda. This is not merely unscrupulous, but dangerous—because those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

Now, the essential all-new three-CD series Islam through Catholic Eyes clears up the confusion through the expert testimony of author and professor of Church History, Father Michael Witt, PhD and Lebanon-born and raised Father Andre Mhanna, who holds a degree in Arab philosophy and is rector of St. Raymond's Maronite Cathedral, St. Louis. Both of these dedicated young priests provide expert insights into Islam for the continuing formation of Catholic priests. Now, they reveal startling facts and amazing insights that will introduce you to the truth about Mohammed and his modern followers.

Now, these highly knowledgeable experts will prepare you to understand and meet the challenge of radical Islam in a powerful and authentically Catholic way by revealing how to see Islam through Catholic Eyes.

What were Mohammed's theological and historical claims
Why and how Islam survived Mohammed's death
How the Koran was codified after Mohammed's death by destroying conflicting texts
What were the Crusades, how they came about, and why they failed
How European technical advances changed relations with Islam
The story of Muslim polity from the Crusades, to Arab nationalism, to the rise of oil rich "petrol-Islam," to the current crisis of Islamic terrorism today
What "Islam" really means
What are the distinctions within Islamic religion today
How Christological heresies influenced the development of Islam
Why modern media statistics about Islam are deceiving
And much, much more!


Un-Holy War:Catholic Reflections on September 11th and Beyond,
Dr. Scott Hahn

3 Audio CD Set - $19.16

On September 11th the United States was rocked by terror from the skies.

Millions watched in horror as one unbelievable event followed another: the horrific destruction, the unimaginable loss of life, the heroism of the rescue workers, and the resolve of our leaders. The personal shock, grief and rage that are the inevitable reactions to terrorism on this scale have prompted many questions for people of many faith traditions. Why did God let this happen? What might be next? How do we as Catholics respond to this unspeakable atrocity that took so many innocent lives?

Loss of Peace
Recorded live on his weekly satellite radio broadcast "Scripture Matters Live," Scott Hahn offers a uniquely Catholic response to these devastating events. Listening to Un-Holy War: Catholic Reflections on September 11th and Beyond, you'll discover how in the aftermath of the unthinkable, God has showered our nation with many graces, not only undeserved, but unforeseen. And how the graces coming from that tragedy are not slowing down, but speeding up. Recollecting the staggering effect that news of the attack had on us all, Scott articulates the shared feeling of loss of peace that so many have experienced, and how Catholics can regain the "Peace that passes all understanding."

Mystery of Iniquity
Scott reveals that we cannot understand the evil we face until we trace it back to the "mystery of iniquity," not just to bad politics or bad will, but to a fallen angel. He maintains that then, and only then, can we see that the greatest evil didn't occur on September 11, but 2000 years ago when the devil really out did himself with the greatest crime of all history-putting to death the God-man. Scott also reminds us how God used that evil, turning it inside out, so that God the Father, through His Son, could bring about our salvation and the release of the Holy Spirit.

Love Your Enemies
Scott deftly demonstrates why we as Catholics have an obligation to get involved with whatever dialogue may develop with Muslims, Jews, non-catholic Christians and others. He points out that because Catholics have been trained to see humanity as one family, disunited by sin but reunited through Christ, we often fail to appreciate the utterly unique Christian conception of God, or the revolution in world religion that conception represents, or how distinctive it is compared to other monotheistic faiths. Why, although we should recognize the common ground of Muslim devotion, religious commitment and prayer, we must quickly come to grips with many truly problematic areas of disagreement. Particularly how Muslims profess to hold the faith of Abraham, but see God in a profoundly different way than Catholics.

In Un-Holy War: Catholic Reflections on September 11th and Beyond, Scott Hahn forcefully reminds us that we stand in the "middle of the stream" of Salvation history and reveals why Americans can no longer afford the luxury of ignorance as the third world, the middle east and world religion impacts our lives as never before.


Islam Exposed
Tim Staples

4 Audio CD Set - $21.56

The Truth About Islam Revealed!

For nearly 13 centuries Islamic extremists have been dedicated to the destruction of the Christian West. Today's terrorism is a wake up call from the spiritual descendants of these fanatical followers of Mohammed who demand that the Christian West recognize their radical agenda-or else.

And yet, we are told again and again by the secular media, and even some religious leaders, that Islam means "Peace" and that the kind of radical extremism that shocked our nation on September 11th has no basis in the teachings of Mohammed. But what does the Koran actually teach? Today more than ever before, Christian awareness and understanding of this so-called "religion of peace" is absolutely crucial.

Uncompromising Apologetics
In the hard-hitting, new four-tape series Islam Exposed: The Crescent in Light of the Cross, nationally known Catholic author and apologist, Tim Staples, "takes the gloves off" and provides important insights on Islam from his profound biblical knowledge, profuse research, and his own personal experience of having lived as a Christian in a society under Islamic law. But be warned, this tape set can't afford to be "politically correct" because the lure of Islamic Fundamentalism is enticing vulnerable people away from the Faith with simplistic answers to the spiritual bankruptcy of modern life.