View Full Version : project restore came to my house

08-02-2007, 02:40 PM
and asked if I received the books and let me know they are not selling anything, then they told me they were having a prayer session tonight and asked if there was any thing they could lift me up on, I told them my requests, then they gave me a little Book, that from what I have read is pretty good."satisfied" by Mark Finley. The guy who came here said he preached in a church 20 miles from here. Then they asked if it was ok if they pray for me and I said yes, sop me him and a woman who works with him bowed our heads out here on my front porch and prayed. He did e-mail me yesterday letting me know of the visit today.

Pray for me for wisdom,the Holy Spirit,to not be so judgemental toward others.Pray that I continue to read my bible everday and continue to make sense of what I read.Pray for me to be in the praying mode at all times so that I may be an understanding believing grateful person.Pray that I know what is good and evil in this world so that I may stay away from those things that will hurt me.

08-02-2007, 03:14 PM
That was very nice of them to come pray for you in person and to bring you a book. I have never heard of them but it sounds like they are good people. I am glad to hear that you are reading your bible. :) God will be with you and guide you.

I have a story that I want to share with you that shows how God knows all and is there for us. My uncle was diagnosed with cancer last Friday. We went to visit him on Saturday. As we were talking the phone rang. It was a lady calling from Oral Roberts ministry. She was just calling to see if there was anyone there who needed prayer. My aunt told her yes and about my uncle. She said a prayer for him right then on the phone and said that she was going to pass the prayer request on to Richard Roberts. How awesome is that. It helped me feel better about the situation because it showed me that it really is in God's hands.

I will continue to pray for you. :)