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06-25-2007, 01:52 PM
Lord you are holy, prayer does work. There are many on this site who can witness that. Please bless everyone who reads this with your love and compassion. Let them know that I appreciate their time and really need their help and that their prayers are working and every day this week, I am believing more and more.please heal my family and everyone I know From alcohol, drugs, pills, sex, hitting and abuse, yelling, cigarette and all the other addictions they have. Please heal my family and anyone I know from all mental and bodily diseases. May my family live to be long lifes. May they have a good name. May my family and everyone I know get involved in a church, believe the word and get saved. I pray for the broken and abused hearts to mend, not by sources that are not all natural. May god touch each and every one of their lives so strongly that they follow him and be saved. May I live to hear their testimonies about Jesus and may my testimonies make a difference in their lives. Lord my grandmother just found out she had tumors on her brain, she goes to the doctor some time soon to find out if they are cancerous, I pray they are treatable. I hope that my truest blessings and prayers go out to everyone I know, and everyone I have ever seen as well as everytime I hear of someone in need. May my dad not feel as if everything is on him and that he supports his whole family, may he not feel taken advantage of, may he learn that, although I dont express it that I do appreciate him. Please pray for me (Kimberly from the prayercircle) to be stronger in the lord, to be driven directly into Christianity, to be a good follower of Jesus and a good witness to others, as I am surrounded in a world who needs jesus so bad. May I always have faith, believe every word that comes out of my mouth and to use all of my god given talents in the best way possible. May my sisters contact me and everyone I know to stay out of jail, instead of rebelling against the law, to learn to respect it. For me to not get easily upset over things. For me to be a beneficial member in my church. For my church to have a strong foundation that includes me. To believe in my church. For the ability to fight or overcome all these negative thoughts I have that don't even sound like me. May those in need be touched by someone today. I pray for the AA foundation, that I am learning to trust and about to commit myself to, but not more than god. I pray for all those trying to suceed. I pray for our country as well as those others who are hurting. I pray that thousands of people read this requests and are praying with me. I pray that god touch every reader in a special way. Lord we pray for everyone on here and their special needs, may they have a peace in their hearts, may they know your serenity. I pray for the true missionaries and evangelist, preachers and everyone in this world who is trying to get your word out. May thousands of souls around the world be saved today. Might one of us be a witness to one saved. Might one of us and them be able to witness to someone with a open mind today. May we all stand together in strength and hold each other up and believe in ourselves that we can do that work of God. May those who do not have god find him now. May those who are homeless in the streets be welcomed into someones loving home, for them not to be affected by satans evil-doings of attacks on the streets and in homes of those who welcome them in. May Americans conquer their every fear and overcome all evil in the world. May the minds of those who are infected with satan be healed by the power of god. May we never fear evil. May our contry never be ruled by fear. May those in prison find God and be content will all those long years in jail when all they could have possibly of needed was a few sessions of counseling with my counselors. May we find new cures. cure for cancer and Aids. May we all find our callings and have love and peace and independancy in our souls. May those who can make a difference. make a difference. May those who are to shy to witness. Be freed from shyness. May those filled with insecurities, feel secured. May those without love, find love today. I pray for security for our country.. I pray Satan to never win, for no one to believe in Him, I pray for Gods plan and GOds force to push through. I pray for healing and recovery, love for the world. May love overcome Satan and may the whole world have love. MAy our minds be filled with beautiful stories, beautiful memories, healing, love. May we all think positive and hope for the positive and pray for the positive and be able to make a difference. May those who seek truth, find truth. May we find strength through Jesus Christ. If you know someone today that does not know Jesus, may you be able to reach out to them today, no matter how long you have tried, may their ears be open to his message today. May money not control women and not control anyone. may the pop songs that they play on the radio turn more to God. May God be the influence, not drugs, strippers, and all the other music and t.v. influences that are negative on the world, our kids, our families. May the cool thing to do, to be Bible Reading, Believing in god, sports, building each other up. May a positive infulence take over in all schools, in people, in me, in the world, in musicians, all the leaders in the world. May I learn to be the CHristian I am intened to be. May I understand My calling. Thank you Jesus for calling me out. I support your cause. May all who need drugs, be filled with the feeling that they like, be amazed and never need drugs again. Jesus I dont know what your plan is, but I know there is a better way than throwing our family in prison. Please place a positive person in everyones life. Jesus please touch those in need. Jesus I hope this prayer request has made a difference in someones life today, I hope that those who are weak in faith become strong, I hope that all of those who have gave up on someone, reaches out to that person today. Maybe someone who is in a leadership position has heard my prayers, and can make a difference, maybe I can be that one extra voice. I certainly feel closer to Jesus as I am writing this. my e-mail is ilovemustangs333@aol.com if you want to e-mail me.

06-26-2007, 09:20 AM
Praying for you and that your prayers will be answered.