View Full Version : i missed "desperate housewives" sunday. fill me in?

12-15-2004, 01:56 PM
this is the first chance i have really had to ask. i love this show and i didn't get a clear picture of what happened.

12-15-2004, 07:04 PM
A lot happened, it was a juicy episode! I recorded this and have it on tape. I could send it to you for like $3.00. Let me know if you want it. Email me below.

graysonsteve@msn.com :)

12-15-2004, 08:33 PM
Oh goodness it was a GREAT episode. I can give you a rundown of what happened with each character.
Gabrielle decides to hold a fashion show for charity, while preparing for the show Susan catches Gabrielle rubbing Johns upper thigh with her foot. Susan confronts Gabrielle, and they argue about it. Johns mom overhears his friend talking about his affair with a "hot married woman" The mother gets suspicious, spies on him and sees him talking to SUSAN. She suspects Susan is the woman sleeping with her son, and she freaks on Susan at the fashion show and rips her dress to shreds. Susan freaks on Gabrielle and tells her that she HAS to admit to his mother that SHE is the one sleeping with the teenager. She finally goes to the mothers house, and admits it. The mother threatens her with "this isnt over yet" Gabrielle assumes shes going to tell her husband. Gabrielle decides to try to confess to her husband, but before she could police show up at the door. Gabrielle thinks she is being taken for sleeping with the teen, but her husband is taken away in handcuffs. We don't know what he did yet, he says he was "set up".

Edie acts like a snot as usual at the fashion show, shows up in this skimpy little number, and makes fun of Susan when susan is shoved on stage with a torn dress from Johns mom freaking out.

Meanwhile, Susans daughter is corresponding with Mary Alices son, who is in the mental hospital. He runs away and stay with her and no one knows where he is, she hides him in her room. He tells her a story about how he somehow killed his younger sister when he was a small boy. He didn't remember it until recently. He says his parents covered it up so he wouldn't get in trouble.

Bree catches her son smoking marijuana in his room. She wants to ground him and take him off of the swim team but her husband refuses to let her. Her husband wants his son to get a scholarship and go to college. Bree being the sneaky witch that she is goes into the school, checks his gym locker, finds marijuana in a sock, starts to take it, then decides to leave it there. She later makes an anonymous call to the school telling the coach he has drugs in his locker. He gets kicked off of the swim team and loses his chance at the scholarship. Now he really doesn't care, and the next time we see Bree walk past his room, he's smoking right out in the open.

Lynette convinces her husband she needs a nanny, so she goes to a park, meets a woman she thinks is a wonderful nanny and manages to steal her away from the psychotic woman she was working for by offering the girl more money.

Also, we see a scene of Mary Alices husband burying the old busy body (cant think of her name).

There was a LOT in this episode, the majority was with Gabrielle and Susan. This was written very quickly so if anyone has ANYTHING to add, please feel free. Any questions PM me or post, I have no problem answering them! I love this show!

12-16-2004, 09:56 AM
My only comment is that I don't think Bree was being a sneaky witch. She is concerned because her son isn't feeling any remorse for his actions. He is guilty of hitting a woman and putting her in the hospital and he could care less.

He hasn't any conscience and she is trying to make him take responsibility for the things he has done. The husband is more concerned with his son getting a athletic scholarship than with the fact that he is doing drugs and driving under the influence.

I LIKE BREE!!! (She definitely has some OCD issues...but I guess I can relate...LOL)

12-16-2004, 02:15 PM
Lol sorry I guess I threw some of my own opinions in there, I totally dislike Bree, she drives me nuts in the show!

12-17-2004, 06:00 AM
Thanks everyone i missed SUnday's show also andi dont know if my area reruns it on Sat nights like they have been :)

I wont miss it again!