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08-04-2004, 10:57 AM
Do not read this thread if you don't want to know information from the live feeds.

I get the live feeds from another board and I will start posting them here going forward.

This is from Tuesday, August 3rd:

Marvin, Drew at the pool.....
Drew told marvin that Diane broke up with him last night
Marvin replied, "So she back on the market.....then she's like the prison *****,. I'll give you a pack of cigarettes for her!" They then started talkinga bout what the HGs would be remembered for. Marvin brough up his past experience with TV on Weakest Link....his questions was "What color is Dawn dishwashing liquid?" He answered yellow. Everybody came up to him afterwards and didn't know what color it was. Drew predicted Scott will be remembered for the Fart On Command position.

Drew then said that today is one of those days that make you wonder why you're doing this and wasting your summer. Marvin reminds him at least he's on tv.

Drew laughed and said he wants a cool arts and craft project. Marvin said that they'll be baking ceramic cats like an old folks home later. Marvin added that the funny thing is he actually wanted his piggy (from the PoV comp). Drew said if they got to keep them it'd be the next best thing to another person to cuddle with.

Drew went on to tell Marvin that in the beginning before Drew left hom, he and his brotherBen said that they'd split any money that comes out of this show. Drew is now saying that no way would he split it b/c he earned every penny of this!

Will was nearby and he said he was going to make tea. Marvin added that the good thing about the Don is he would make the tea. Drew responded, "what was the Don's real name?"

Drew then told Marvin That Nokomus is getting more attractive everyday and that veryday is like one more beer at the bar.

Drew and Diane in the hammock talking about their relationship.....

Drew told her that today sucked. He said he realized to today that he liked her b/c of how bad he felt all day.
Diane apologized again for putting him on the spot.
Diane joked with him and said that she is still going to put him on the block in 2 weeks when she gets HOH again.
Drew responded, "How are you going to do that when you're gone next week?" They both laughed.
Diane asked are we making up. Drew responded "Never ever again" Then he turns and whispered, "just kidding."
As they get off the hammock, Diane said to Drew "hate to love me...love to hate me" Diane then offered him makeup sex
to which Drew replied "Of course, that's why I came over here in the first place." They laughed.

Adria, Karen, Will & Diane in kitchen

Adria complained about Jase and some of his messy habits and how she wishes he was the one going.

Diane came in inside and said she that Scott is being nice to everyone and Marvin being the same old Marvin is causing some of the women to have doubts about evicting Scott tomorrow. Diane, Adria and Karen are all raising doubts about the decision. Karen and Adria are worried that Marvin is all about the game and can't be read. As Adria went off to the DR she told Diane they have 15 hours to make up their minds for sure.

Will added that he'd rather split up Jase and Scott and points out that he might not be acting genuine with them. He told Karen secretly that Jase and Scott play off one another. If one does something, he looks to the other for validation and that Scott has to go.

After Will went outside to the hot tub, it was just Karen in the kitchen making her apple pie. Jase and CB both came in and complemented Karen on her pie. Jase and Cowboy both told her how much Scott likes her as a person. Karen offered that Scott is the most real jock she has ever known.

It's 7 36pm BB time.....

Adria, Karen, and Nokomus are outside chatting about working out.

The others are in the kitchen chatting about various things.

08-04-2004, 11:00 AM
Tuesday continued:

Scott and Cowboy in HOH room

Scott and Cowboy decided to talk to Adria about the vote in the HOH room.
Scott and Cowboy pressed her for a vote..
Scott said that he thinks he is ok since Karen told him that she would vote for him. Scott said that he is not there for money, but to go to sequester and hang out on beach. He is trying to hint to Adria in the nicest possible way that he helped her and she owes him. Cowboy jumps in told Adria that she said last week all she wanted was to go to sequester house and now Scott wants that too. Adria was non committal.
Diane came in and all talk turns to random things and Adria left.

After a short period Diane left the room.

Scott thinks it will be 7-0 unanimous or 6-1 with him staying.
He is upset Adria won't give him a definite answer about keeping him. Scott said that if he leaves here he will be pissed just b/c they picked Marvin over him b/c Marvin is just a perverted imbecile and he can't stand him anymore. He can’t see how these people are going to stand him for two more months. Cowbay said that he thinks Marvin will come after the boys if he stays b/c they voted against him (if Scott leaves).
Scott said that he is afraid of going out like Holly……shocked.
Cowboy said he would talk to Karen and Will.
Scott said he wants to know so he can be prepared. He also said that he is upset that Marvin is campaigning. He said he will not "suck ass."

Scott said he doesn’t think Karen would vote him out. Cowboy suggested that they scare her.
Scott told him no that he shouldn't scare nobody.

Scott added that if the girls were smart, they'd come to me and say "you're safe, just remember me next week."
He then added that if he goes home, he will be the happiest m-f'er. He just wants to know if he’s staying or going

Cowboy told him that he appreciates Scott’s sacrifice for him and that he really wants to push people to keep Scott.
Scott told him that he is glad that its him and Marvin b/c he is so tired of Marvin. He said that Marvin tells the same jokes over and over and he talks **** about everyone. Scott said he would like to punch Marvin in the face and he would take the assault charge. Scott said he doesn’t come in here and talk **** behind people’s backs and Marvin does. Scott asked Cowboy to scout for him to see if everyone is going to keep him. Cowboy said he would talk to everyone. Scott said he hopes that they see them (the boys) as good people not like Marvin who is all up into the game.

Nakomus has decided to use the patch instead of smoking.
Adria told her that she admires her for doing this,especially under these conditions.

Diane and Adria talked about keeping Scott b/c Marvin is annoying. Adria was upset b/c Marvin made fun of her while she was outside and she saw it. They discuss that Scott is more upfront about his feelings about everything and Marvin plays close to the vest. Diane says that she thinks Scott has turned over a new leaf
They ask Nokomus what she thinks and she says that she is starting to think that Marvin is too smart and that maybe they should keep Scott b/c he is stupid. Karen chimed in and told them that after her conversation with Marvin last night that she realizes that Marvin is too smart and is a hardcore gamer. They finally rounded up Will to ask his opinion. They told him how it seems that Scott has been talking about Jase a little negatively and that Diane is tired of Marvin saying that Diane owes him from when Marvin was HOH…..he put Diane’s key in box first. Karen talks about the talk she had with Marvin again and that he is really smart.
Adria said that she just started to think about it in the last couple of days that she would rather have someone in the house that is in your face instead of Marvin who doesn’t want to talk about anything.
Will says that Marvin told him today that he knows those white boys want him out and Karen says that Marvin told her that too.
They then talked about how the boys are a cohesive team and that that is a fear. Will seemed to be leaning toward Scott leaving because of this. They then told Diane it is up to her. Nokomus said the stronger message would probably be to kick out Scott.

They go around the room and Nokomus said scott, diane said scott, will said scott, karen said scott. They all agred that this will be the first time scott has probably ever not floated through something.

Karen added the comforting thing about getting rid of Scott is that if Scott goes, the boys will be outnumbered and there is a chance that the boys would put up Marvin to not piss off the boys.
They then moved on to discuss Drew and how seems to believe that he can play both side. But Diane is quick to point out that she will get rid of Drew just as easy.

Jase told Karen that he thinks Scott needs to stay over Marvin. He said that Marvin's plan is to take out all the girls and Jase says he personally will take out Scott himself. Jase said he was going to go talk to Will next.
Jase said he was upset that they saved Adria last week and now they need her vote. Karen tells him that Will is going to talk to him later tonight. Drew walked in and the talk stopped.

Karen and Will in HOH with Nokomus…….
They were talking about the Marvin & Scott issue again. They were also talking about Adria and how her personality keeps changing and they aren’t sure if to trust her. They are afraid that she really wants to keep Scott so as to keep her safe b/c she made a promise to him last week when she was on the block. They aren’t sure what to believe. Then Jase walked in and plopped down on bed and they pretend to be talking about something else and Jase picked up the remote to the spy cam and starts watching,

After this, Jase corner Will in hammock about why he was talking to girls and about what.
Jase asked Will about why Will put coins in his pig during veto and what the girls are saying. They start talking about Adria and Will agrees she is a loose cannon and Jase told him that Adria is just a liar and brings up things Adria promised the boys when she was on the block. Will told him that he is trying to convince girls to vote out Marvin and told Jase to just "hold tight".

Scott and Cowboy harassing Karen
Scott says that "**** is going to go down tonight" b/c he is mad.
Cowboy kept telling Karen that she is safe if she gives them a vote. Scott said that if he stays or goes that they are unleashing a demon.
Karen told them to just hang tight and leaves the area..
Scott started to get more upset b/c Adria does not appear to be trying to save him. Cowboy said that she is just a liar b/c she won’t look at him.
Scott added that if he is gone next week that they need to take out Adria.
Scott said that he is just there for the group and he doesn’t even care if he stays. Cowboy says that they need him to keep cool b/c otherwise he might get kicked out.
Scott said that Adria just took off the mask and showed the devil.
Scott then declared himself the least shady person in the house

Scott then sent cowboy to get Adria. Cowboy brought in Jase and Drew first and Jase told him that it wasn’t a good idea to take to her yet. Scott said that he is afraid b/c Karen said things aren’t that good for scott right now and Scott blamed Adria. Drew thought Scott should talk to Adria. Scott said he thinks that Adria has a conscience.

So Adria finally showed up.
Scott immediately started confronting her.
He told her that he heard from one of her “friends” that she is the ringleader and that she can’t be trusted and that even they want her gone. Adria laughed. Scott kept pushing her and asking why she couldn’t commit to him when he saved her last week. She kept avoiding the question and they all just sat surrounding her.
Adria kept asking who told him this and he get avoiding the question. Adria started to kept getting really upset that they were triple teaming her. Scott and jase kept after here saying they saved her…blah, blah, blah.

Scott told her that the biggest thing with him if it is true then he e is hurt.. Dian entered and she wanted to find out what was being said. So Scott informed her what they were talking about.
Diane laughed and shook her head.
diane told him that Adria is the last person that wants him ou., adria then told Scott she loved him and they hugged.
jase added that he was upset when he heard A was plotting against scott. A told him that if they don’t talk to her then they are going to get a lot of BS and that is why they need to talk to her.
everyone started laughing and Joking. Jase added, “Hey guys right here, this is the 6 right here.”

Diane wanted to know who takes claim for saving Adria. Jase sais Scot. drew said he did Marvin (who walke in) mentioned his part.
Talk turned to everyone laughing and joking.

Will entered the area and they all started to break up the talk.

Scott apologized to Adria for calling her out and Adria said it was ok and that she would rather have him talk to her. Scott said again that he is not lying to her.

08-04-2004, 11:00 AM
and more...

Drew, Diane will and Nakomis met out on the lawn outside and asked what was going down inside. Daine mentions part of it on how the boys are saying that someone is saying stuff about Adria and how Adria is acting weird. Will started to agree that Adria is starting to act weird. Then Drew showed up and the conversation changed for awhile.

Diane and Drew asked Will what he knows about what the guys are saying. Will said that Jase came into the HOH and said A was the ringleader and that he just said "ok". Diane told Will that the guys were about to call out names and then decided not to.
Will added that the guys are saying things that they think are true and that’s all. Diane recounted a time last week where Jase lied about something and she heard it. She said that she thinks no matter what they said that Scott is not the one who saved Adria that she knows it was Drew. Drew agreed. They all marvel that it all seemed to trickle down from Jase and Holly.

Drew said he is learning some things as they go along. Will added that he really wanted to confront them and say "who said that" but he won’t. Drew agreed that it would be a mistake with drinks under his belts. Diane told them that she saw Cowboy giving the high sign when she started to come in and Drew laughed.

Karen and Nokomus in the Hot tub. Karen told her that she is not happy. Adria comes out and they said they would see what comes out of her (adria).

Outside Scott told Marvin that he just set crap straight in the house and that they would see thursday night.

Jase talked again to Adria outside (alone) and started telling her that she wants her to join the 4 Horsemen…her and Diane. He said that the 6 of them could be the final 6. He said he has gained respect for them two and wants to join forces. She laughed and said she can’t be sure if he is playing her and she doesn’t know who to believe. He told her "You are not alone. Not anymore.”

08-04-2004, 11:01 AM
Drew, Diane will and Nakomis met out on the lawn outside and asked what was going down inside. Daine mentions part of it on how the boys are saying that someone is saying stuff about Adria and how Adria is acting weird. Will started to agree that Adria is starting to act weird. Then Drew showed up and the conversation changed for awhile.

Diane and Drew asked Will what he knows about what the guys are saying. Will said that Jase came into the HOH and said A was the ringleader and that he just said "ok". Diane told Will that the guys were about to call out names and then decided not to.
Will added that the guys are saying things that they think are true and that’s all. Diane recounted a time last week where Jase lied about something and she heard it. She said that she thinks no matter what they said that Scott is not the one who saved Adria that she knows it was Drew. Drew agreed. They all marvel that it all seemed to trickle down from Jase and Holly.

Drew said he is learning some things as they go along. Will added that he really wanted to confront them and say "who said that" but he won’t. Drew agreed that it would be a mistake with drinks under his belts. Diane told them that she saw Cowboy giving the high sign when she started to come in and Drew laughed.

Karen and Nokomus in the Hot tub. Karen told her that she is not happy. Adria comes out and they said they would see what comes out of her (adria).

Outside Scott told Marvin that he just set crap straight in the house and that they would see thursday night.

Jase talked again to Adria outside (alone) and started telling her that she wants her to join the 4 Horsemen…her and Diane. He said that the 6 of them could be the final 6. He said he has gained respect for them two and wants to join forces. She laughed and said she can’t be sure if he is playing her and she doesn’t know who to believe. He told her "You are not alone. Not anymore.”

08-04-2004, 11:06 AM
Nakomus counseled Diane and Drew
Drew asked her to summarize how Diane feels about the situation that happened last night (Di/Drew break-up). Nakomis said Diane has had a life of bad relationships with really selfish guys, so she's afraid to put her heart out there and find out she's been played. Nakomus told him that said Diane really likes him and she just wants to know that their is a potential to have a future with Drew outside of the house too. Diane said that was perfectly said.

Then Nakomis summarized Drew as a Taurus and how he keeps all of his emotions inside, but he also doesn't want to be played. Drew said he really likes Diane and today was his worst day in the house b/c of the break-up he and Diane had last night. Nakomus told Drew that, as a Taurus, he overanalyzes stuff when he's usually doing the right thing. Diane and Drew agreed that they are ready to be more open about what's going on between them and recognize that they still have to play the game at the same time.

After the above confrontations, Will, Diane, and Nakomus ended up in the HOH discussing what had just happened. Will was telling them that maybe they should keep Scott and vote out Marvin b/c he is starting to distrust Adria. He said he feels that Adria is looking out for herself and may just keep Scott b/c of a deal she may have made last week. Diane said that Adria will be digging her own grave by voting to keep Scott b/c they will know it was her. Will suggested they not to talk about it with her now and just wait and see. Diane said she hopes and thinks that Adria is just playing the guys. Nakomus said she thinks that Adria is playing the boys too. Nakomus said they need to talk to Adria and ask her who she thinks the leader is in their group b/c obviously the guys think it is Adria. She is concerned that Adria thinks she is the leader when in fact none of them think there is really a leader b/c they all make the decisions together.

Will then went on to say that he feels loyalty to the group and that he feels that every time that he talks to anyone from that other group that he feels the need to come and tell someone in their group. Karen walked in in and they ask her how she feels and Will answers for her and says Karen feels the same.
Diane began to say that Adria said something weird to her today... but couldn’t finish b/c Drew walked in.

Finally Adria joined the group. She was very giggly and talking off the wall. They asked her if she was drunk and she said she wasn’t. She said she just can’t believe how this night has turned out and how she was being attacked for no reason. She said she was just loving all this drama and how funny it all was. Finally Drew left the area so Diane and will brought up what was going on with the boys. Diane told Adria that the boys are using her. That they (the boys) are saying stuff to each of the girls and will about each other in order to turn them (the girls & will) against one another. A says that she's entertained by all of the drama. A is saying that until you've been up on the block, you don't understand how funny this all is. But A says that she doesn't feel that she is beholden to the guys. Will and Diane were confused by what Adria was saying. Will is trying to find out from A what the guys are saying to her. Adria told him that they are saying that someone on their side is ratting to the guys about Adria being the leader and a bunch of other BS. Adria said she is flatter but she is taking it as a grain of salt.

Adria then told them that Thursday's eviction is changing the entire house. Nakomus entered. . Diane told Nakomus that Adria is going crazy. A admitted that she's in the worse position b/c the guys are pushing her so hard. Will told A that the guys are doing a great job of tearing them apart; how last week, they told Will verbatim all of the stuff A said to stay in the game.

Nakomus said that with everything that the guys are doing to save Scott, it proves more than anything that he is the one that needs to go. They want A to just say to them that she's on the same page, but she just laughed and said how she has always been true to her original group. Karen entered and Adria kept droning on without really saying anything. Adria then said that she was tired of all the drama and that she just wasn’t going to say how she is going to vote b/c in the end it will be obvious to everyone how she voted when a person is evicted. That will tell them where she stands.

Religious talk.....
Jase entered the HOH room and hung out with Adria and Will. Religion was the topic and him and Adria went back and forth on the discussion.

08-04-2004, 11:07 AM
Later......Diane and Adria in the backyard
Diane tried to find out what the heck is up with Adria. Adria told her that Diane is the only one in the house who she trusts and Diane doesn't even have a vote this week and that it's all on her - she's the swing vote. Also that she needs to not commit to either side until she decides what is best for her.

Nakomis, Drew and Karen talking in another room on different feeds. But they are talking so quietly, that I couldn’t figure out most of what they were saying. Basically, they didn’t understand why Adria won't tell them where she's voting and they need to know before they vote tomorrow and about how crazy she seems to be acting.

Nakomis left, leaving Will and Karen whispering even more quietly. Karen just told Will that Jase was trying to make a deal with Diane to go to the end with her. Karen is thinking about telling Cowoby that she's voting for Scott to stay. That way, if Adria goes against them, it will look like Karen is the swing vote instead of Adria (something like that...they were whispering very softly and often times I couldn’t hear them at all)

Nakomus joined Diane and Adria outisde. Diane told Nakomus and Adria that she trusts Adria, Nakomis and Will with her life and Karen with her arm.

Adria apologized for causing so much dram amongst the group tonight. Adria then went off on Jase who is the one she really wants out. Adria is still refusing to say who she is voting out, but Nakomis is using a space analogy and just wants to be sure that the spaceship is not going to explode on them tomorrow. Adria assured them that there will be no exploding of any spacecraft. Adria told Diane to tell all of the guys that Adria is crazy tonight.

Diane left for bed. Nakomis stayed to talk to Adria. Adria said she wants the house to know where she is tonight so that people will be able to sleep tonight. Will just joined them outside. She is still refusing to announce her vote to him. Jase came out to see what they're all talking about and preventing any strategizing, breaking up the party. Will left and ran into Diane. Diane whispered to Will in the bedroom that everything should be okay.

In one of the bedrooms Nakomis, Will, and Karen were whispering....again very low and it was hard to catch anything. . Karen was saying she hates Adria for how she is acting and how she is afraid that she is turning against them. Nakomis is trying to reassure Will and Karen about the vote.

Adria came in and climbed into bed with Will. Will told her he was ready to walk out this damn door. Adria whispered into his ear for awhile and had Will giggling. Karen and Nakomus had walked the bathroom area and again they started whispering about how crazy Adria was acting. Nakomus tried to reassure karen that the plan is still on. Nakomus added that if Adria turns on them, Nakomus will come after her with a vengeance.
Karen said she is worried that A is going to make it look like the rest of them forced her hand in the matter. She suggests that if they don't win HOH, they can tell the guys that A was the mastermind behind Scott's going. Karen said she was really upset at Adria for pulling all of this right before voting. Nakomus again, said to keep with the plan and if Scott stays then they will know it is b/c of Adria.

Late Night with Diane and Drew in the HOH room

Diane told Drew that she did what his side wanted by putting up Marvin, but with Scott calling out Adria just to get one vote, Scott may have screwed himself out of the house. She told Drew to tell Scott this tomorrow. Drew told Diane that she can trust him more than she knows. He said he can probably tell her down the road. When clarified, he says he is referring to the game. He wants to tell her something really badly, and it is good. Diane wanted to know what it was but Drew wouldn’t tell her.

Diane then told her that she was a little upset with him b/c Drew just sat there and let the boys gang up on Adria. She told him he needs to get the f’k out of there when they're doing stuff like that b/c it makes him look bad. Diane said that at some point the two of them are going to have to sit down and really talk about the game . She said that there are three votes on either side and one vote that no one knows which way it is going.

Drew said he's not comfortable telling her some stuff right now, but he will tell her later.. Diane tries to draw it out of Drew. Drew brings up the Nakomos’s conversation where Diane doesn't want to feel like she's being played. Drew asks Diane if she trusts him. She said she did. He cryptically said that at some point down the road, he is keeping some stuff secret that he can talk to her about later, outside the game. Diane asked if he's going to be her knight in shining armor and save her from the block next week. She again told him that he can trust her. He says he trust her but he can't talk to her right now. Drew told her that it took that whole situation last night to make him realize how much he likes Diane. They talked out everything and they seem to be moving forward now.

And the day ended. (Lots of machinations going on...)

08-06-2004, 10:33 AM
From after Thursday night's show:

Natalie and Adria are still being questioned in the front room by the houseguests. Jase asks if Holly had a twin. Adria says that they dont know if there are more twists or not. Jase comments that the producers must have a safety valve if this twist didnt work and there must have been more twins playing. Jase and Marvin agree that Holly had a twin.

Jase, Marvin and Cowboy discuss the twin situation in the washroom. They are not happy about it. Cowboy: They got to rest. The conversation then switches to Holly possibly having a twin. They are convinced that Holly had a twin in the house too. Jase says that his hardcore attitude in playing the game is done. Jase: I want to walk out the door right now. Marvin says if he is sequestered and doesnt like it, he will forget about his money for being on the show and just haul ass home.

Marvin talks about the Horsemen hoping a twist would come along. Marvin sarcastically shouts out loud: Thanks, CBS! Marvin, Jase and Cowboy move to the kitchen. Jase and Marvin say they are going to chill from now on. Will joins the guys. Jase was thinking the producers were going to announce that he had a brother he didnt know about.

Will believes that Holly had a twin too. He agrees with Jase on that one. Karen is in the bathroom crying. Jase tells her that if she needs to talk to someone, he will lend an ear. Karen: Tonight, I might need a drink. Jase: It is not fair.

Will meets Karen in the bathroom. Will is elated. He pumps his fists quietly. Karen feels dumb about some of the things she said about Adria and not trusting her. Karen as she wipes the tears from her eyes: I am so happy. Jenn offered the HOH room to Natalie and Adria so they could relax and catch up on things. They politely declined the offer.

Cowboy and Marvin chat in the backyard. They dont believe the twin twist was fair at all. Marvin feels duped. Marvin thinks it wouldve been better for him if he was voted out. Jase announces to everyone that they can vote him out. He doesnt want to stay in the game. He wants to go right home. He says that Big Brother can keep the money. He doesnt want to be sequestered.

Jase, Cowboy and Marvin chat on the patio. Cowboy says the Horsemen can pull through this defeat. Jase: We dont have the votes. Cowboy insists they can stick together. Jase: Drew is shacking up with a twin too. Think about that. Jase says that before he leaves he will make sure that Cowboy is good in everyones eyes. Jase about the twins: They had a chance to talk to each other every switch for 15 minutes. I am done playing this game. Marvin: I am ready to break out of here too. Jase: Who says Will doesnt have a twin?

Marvin is upset that Big Brother stacked the deck when it is supposed to be a game show. Marvin thinks everyone should have been able to leave the property every two days like the twins. Marvin says he isnt going to be a hardcore gamer any more. He is just going to have a good time while he is still in the game. Marvin thinks the twins hogged all the television time on the series and everyone else was cut out.

08-06-2004, 10:35 AM
Marvin doesnt think he has any chance to win the game now. He just wants his stipend and to be able to go home if and when he is coted out. Drew joins the guys. Marvin says knowing that he cant win the game now, he would never have voted Lori out. Jase: I am ready to go. I dont have a snowballs chance at winning $50,000.

Marvin speaks with Diane alone. He claims that the Horsemen never had his back and Jase lied to him about wanting to keep him in the game. Diane: I take full responsibilty for Scott leaving this house. If they want to come after someone, they can blame me. Karen talks to Drew and Cowboy. She insists that when Lori was in the house, Jase wanted to put up Cowboy for eviction. Karen: In some sick way, I really liked Scott. Karen brings up the fact that Jase threatened her before she voted yesterday and thats why she voted to evict Scott.

Jase enters the room. Karen: Are you still soaking it in? Jase: I want to go home. The game is just part of the television show to get people to watch. Jase asks Cowboy, Drew and Karen if they think Holly had a twin. They do. Jase says that it is great that he got to be on a television show but why hang around and put himself through more crap. Karen says that she noticed that Holly slept differently at times and sometimes she was more affectionate towards Scott. She is sure Holly had a twin too.

Will is called to the Diary Room. Will: They want the gay take on it all. Diane wonders if it ran through the twins heads that if they were switching them that maybe the producers were swapping other twins in the house too. Before we can get an answer from Adria or Natalie, the feeds switch to Jase and Karen still chatting alone. Karen says her vote was emotionally based. Karen is crying. Karen admits she was mad at Jase when she voted. Jase says he will leave with good memories and that everything is cool. Karen sobs:...but thats not how I wanted to play. Jase says that Karen votes with the numbers in the house and that is fine. Karen denies that.

Karen to Jase: Yesterday, I felt you turned on me. Jase claims that Karen told him everything was cool after she voted when the Horsemen were not. Jase says that Karen isnt cool. Karen says her vote against Scott was just bad timing. In the kitchen, Adria and Natalie say they want to talk to Girl Power individually to explain things. Back in the bedroom, Jase says that Karen rides the fence. Jase: Scott like you and you betrayed him. Karen replies that Jase made alliances in the house with everyone saying he was going to the end with them. Jase: You guys have the biggest alliance in the house now. You float to whoever has the power. I hope it works out for you. Karen: All I am telling you is that I made a judgement as best as I could.

Jase hints around at some of the competitions being slanted. He says that in the endurance challenge, Diane has less further to reach to press her button and less weight to deal with. He also says that the pear question in tonights HOH challenge was directed towards Jenn who calls the pear...her care pear. Jase: I cant wait to get out of here. I came to play the game and I guess I suck at it. Karen: There is no rule book. Jase cant believe that Adria didnt vote to keep Scott. Jase: Talk about a hardcore betrayal.

The producers tell Karen that her necklace is hitting her microphone. Jase says that he is glad he chatted with Karen. Karen is just happy to explain things. Jase: If you need someone in this house, I will be there for you. As far as I am concerned, I am Jase off. No more playing the game. This week, I am just going to be Jase. Jase and argue about who will be sequestered or not. Jase is hoping because of the twin twist he wont be sequestered and get to go home. Karen says only the first four are allowed to go home and dont sit on the jury. Jase says thats when they thought there were only 13 people playing the game.

Adria tells everyone that she asked the producers in the Diary Room if she and Natalie were the only twist in the game. Thd producers told her to not assume anything. As everyone chats in the kitchen, Jase remains in the bedroom. Cowboy, Diane and Drew update Natalie or Adria about what happened during the night they got goofy around the pool.

08-06-2004, 10:36 AM
Adria and Natalie describe how they made sure they each knew which pig was which in the Veto Competition, the descriptions they gave each other and such. Natalie: We dont have agents. We arent actresses. The claim they went through the whole process like everyone else in the house. Cowboy wants to know who he spoke to first about his idea for charity work. The twins answer they dont know. They have no idea when conversations started. Will asks if the twins were switched in the middle of a chat with someone and the other had to finish it. They claim it happened many times. The twins say that none of the switches were easy. Karen says the twins have totally different sleeping habits.

Natalie: It is like auditioning for five weeks. I have never played this game for me. It has always been for her. Adria says there was pressure on each other not to screw up the game for the other twin. Karen: You guys sure have had a difficult time. Adria says with her cold, she was scared of losing her voice and what affect it would have on Natalie. Adria says the twins even checked each other for tan lines. Adria said she freaked out when she discovered that Karen was a portriat artist because they pay attention to details.

Adria tells the houseguests that they have not backed away from being personally invested in conversations and everything they have said in the house about their lives is true. Will confirms that Natalies things are in the storage room. The twins insist that all the relationships they created in the house were ones they both cared about. The twins say that they need to spend time alone to figure everything out and catch up with what is happening in the house.

The twins leave to go to the bathroom and get socks. Marvin jokes that he has a twin named Merv and he was worrying about him messing up the cooking. Jenn finally got her HOH items in her room. Marvin says he told the producers that tonight he either needs a drink or a shrink.

Will, Karen, Marvin, Diane and Drew chat in the kitchen. Will wonders if there are any more twists awaiting them. Marv jokes about being in the Big Brother house: If Martha Stewarts ass goes into club fed, I feel sorry for her. It aint no joke. Karen goes off again about how Jase threatened her. Will is not sure if Jase was serious about putting Scott on the block if he won HOH. Marvin says if Jase was serious about keeping him in the game then why is he so upset that Scott is gone?

Adria and Natalie chat privately. They feel that Jase is going this week. They are not sure if they trust Jenns plan of putting up two of the Girl Power members, winning the Veto and then putting Jase up...just to make sure he is voted out. Adria is worried ythat the other houseguests will think they are the stongest players in the house because of what they were able to accomplish. Adria says that Natalie looked so beautiful walking into the house. The twins agree that they arent going to talk about how they were switched back and forth because sometimes it wasnt a problem for them. Adria: I didnt have Scotts back for life. I never promised Scott. Natalie: You never told me that. Adria claims that the Horsemen intimidated her into making the promise to Jase. Adria sarcastically: I hope Jase goes to hell and back because it is good TV.

Adria thinks Drew is jealous right now because he doesnt have a twin in the house. Adria is mad that Jase called her the biggest liar in the house concerning the promise to Scott. Natalie says that the whole promise deal was very confusing for her when she entered the house. Adria advises Natalie to just tell people that she was in the house the whole time the last few days. Adria claims that Scott told her she wouldnt be nominated and she was.

Cowboy is in the hot tub. Cowboy is upset because he is in the game for his family. Will tells Cowboy he isnt leaving the game this week and that it is hard when your support system disappears. Cowboy: If I quit, what will people think? Will: Nobody knows which one of us is going to be sitting in the final chair. It is a luck thing. Will feels that he has more of a connection to Natalie because he noticed the scar. Cowboy feels the same way.

08-06-2004, 10:38 AM
Yeah, I saw that too. Julie Chen and the producers really need to work the geames much better than they do. I hope that their mistake didnt affect the outcome.

Cowboy insists that there will be another family twist. He is sure of it. Cowboy wonders how anyone in the house can claim to be close to both Natalie and Adria. He doesnt think it is possible. Cowboy knows it was Adria who he admitted to that he was divorced. He feels comfortable with that. Cowboy about the game: I am happy to have made it this far.

Adria, Natalie and Drew chat in the cloud bedroom about having a twin throughout life. Adria and Natalie tell Drew that they have two other sisters and brothers in their family but feel close to each other as twins. Adria and Natalie compliment Drew on how cute he is. In the front room, Karen tells Jenn about how Jases threat convinced her to vote for Scott.

Karen about Jase: I cant wait to vote. Jenn: I want to come up with a cool goodbye message. Karen: I already have one...dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Diane jokes about Drew being in the bedroom alone with Natalie and Adria. She threatens to burst in on them. Diane: What? Does he have a twin in there with him? Diane busts up the Drew, Adria, Natalie meeting. Jenn cant get into the HOH room. She locked herself out. Jenn: I want to get into my room Big Brother. I locked myself out.

Will joins Karen and Jenn in the front room. Will says about Cowboy: He is upset. Karen: Oh, well. Jenn: He shouldve stuck with little sister. Karen says this is the first time she has ever felt elated in the house. Karen: Tomorrow is a food competition and that is always fun. The HOH door is unlocked. Jenn heads back into the room. Natalie, Jenn, Karen and Will lounge in the HOH. Natalie says again that everything the twins portrayed was really them.

*** End of August 5th evening update ***

08-06-2004, 10:41 AM
*** Update August 6th, morning - afternoon ***

The houseguests are actually up early this morning and waiting to participate in the Food Challenge. Here is what transpired late last night.

Natalie is called to the Diary Room. Diane says it is so weird to hear that announcement. Diane jokes: Who the hell is Natalie? Will and Cowboy were at different hotels before coming on the series. Each saw who they thought was Holly therefore they deduce that Holly had a twin. In the HOH room, Will, Karen and Jenn weigh the twin twist. They agree that it would be unfair if the twins make it to the end because they didnt have to stay in the house the whole time while everyone else had no choice. Jase joked about the houseguests being on a television show NOT a game show. Jase admitted to everyone that he is not a firefighter. He is an actor who lives in Santa Monica.

Doing their faces in front of a mirror, Adria and Natalie chat about being sick. Adria says she has some cold meds for Natalie. Cowboy stand behind them and whistles gunslinger like music. When he leaves the twins comment that Cowboy is everyones favourite. They hope he wins an Americas Choice. The twins quietly talk about Jenn going through with her nomination plan. They hope she doesnt. Natalie says that it is weird but she wants to look different than Adria now. Cowboy returns and says he can tell the twins apart by their voices. Adria replies that is because she is sick and her voice hasnt come back.

Jase is flattening out cardboard packages and boxes and taping them together in one of the bedrooms. Not sure what is up with that. Jase is now spray-painting the words STARTING ALLIANCE JOIN TODAY with some kind of aerosol can on the boxes. Jase yells out that what he is using is not hair-spray and not flamable.

Jase begins carrying the sign around inviting everyone to join his alliance saying to each individual: Me and you to the end. Me and you to the end. Jase to everyone: I am doing this today. I have my sign. Wherever you see me today, I will have my sign. Cowboy: What does it cost to join? Jase jokes: Probably your eviction next week. The twins and Karen chuckle in the bathroom about Jasess joke. Natalie kids: Ah, it is too late, Jase.

Jase begins carrying the sign around inviting everyone to join his alliance saying to each individual: Me and you to the end. Me and you to the end. Jase to everyone: I am doing this today. I have my sign. Wherever you see me today, I will have my sign. Cowboy: What does it cost to join? Jase jokes: Probably your eviction next week. The twins and Karen chuckle in the bathroom about Jasess joke. Natalie kids: Ah, it is too late, Jase. Jase starts walking through the house shouting out...Join my alliance. Mine is the only true alliance. Jase says that so far he has signed up Cowboys hat and maybe one of the sharks in the fish tank. Jase walks through the house again with his sign shouting: I am playing for second place. Join my alliance. You will win the money. I will lose. Join my alliance.

Jase now has tied the sign around his neck. Jase: Join my alliance. I cant beat you. You will win the money. Think about it. Join now because I am only taking seven or eight other people into my alliance. Cowboy: What does the job pay? Jase: Half a million because we all know, I cant beat you.

All of the feeds are now on the fish tank. When the feeds return, the houseguests are outside ready for the Food Competition. There is a table full of custard pies. The idea is to eat through the pies and find tokens or plates which say EAT. The houseguests who are lucky enough to get the EAT item, will not be on PBJ. Jenn says there are also STEAL tokens which will allow the people who find them to take someone elses EAT token. The feeds cut to the fish tank.

The feeds return with Drew taking his turn. The table is moving. The houseguests are not allowed to use their hands. It seems that the competition has changed or something strange has happened. The houseguests are now sticking their faces into pies one at a time and pulling out tokens with food items on them with their teeth. Marvin did pull an EAT token though. The pies are all different flavours.

There are some disgusting pies like one with coconut, carrots and potatoes. Someone bites into a mustard pie. The houseguests have pulled such items as citrus, wine, steaks, creamed corn and beer. Down to the last few pies, the houseguests arent finding many more food items. Someone jokes that the producers switched the pies. The houseguests have found three EATS and one STEAL so far.

Marvin rips on the types of food items they are winning..stuff like...celery. He complains that Big Brother must be a really low-budget show with such cheap food prizes. Marvin: We are going to be eating cheese and bread all week. Marvin got an EAT and so did Karen. Some of the houseguests wonder why they are winning so many different kinds of cheese. Marvin: Is Wisconsin sponsoring this show? Jase: Maybe our ratings werent good last week.

08-06-2004, 12:15 PM
Thanks Kelsey1224!

08-06-2004, 01:25 PM
Thanks Kelsey1224!

Thanks melsh...I wasn't sure if anyone noticed I was doing this...or maybe didn't care...

Anyway...today's feeds continue...

Karen, Cowboy and Natalie stare at the photo wall. Natalie says the twins had different photo shoots. That is Adria in the picture. Natalie says it was scary when the houseguests would examine the pictures on the memory wall. Some of the houseguests have gone to bed. Jenn is in the HOH room listening to music. Adira, Natalie and Will are in the kitchen.

Natalie and Diane strategize in the HOH room. They are counting their numbers and weighing Jenns strategy of nominating Diane. Diane is worried Marvin might win the Veto. Natalie: I still want Jase and Marvin out. Diane: Jase needs to go first then Marvin and Cowboy. Diane waffles on whether Drew should follow Cowboy out the door. Diane tells Natalie that she thinks people will eventually target the twins because there are an alliance. Will says that there is a new woman in the Diary Room. She is sweet. Diane expresses her concern to Will about Jenns plan too.

Will says that if the plot bothers Diane, he doesnt have a problem with her not doing it. Diane comments that she is cool with it as long as Marvin and Jase are sitting beside each other on Thursday night. Will: We could go with the original plan of you and Drew. Diane: I am scared there is going to be some weird twist. Diane has no problem at all with Drew being voted out. Diane: That would be cool too. Diane frets over the producers taking away the Veto Competition as a twist. Karen: They cant do that. It is part of the strategy of the game. Drew comes in. He is told of the Girl Power plan and he agrees to play for them if he is selected in the Veto Competition.

Everyone in the HOH room starts watching the spy cam. When they come upon the fish tank...the jokes fly about the sharks being swapped out of the tank. Natalie tells the others she is still overwhelmed by all that is happening in the house.

Two feeds on the fish tank. Two on Diane and Drew cuddle under the blankets in the cloud room. Natalie enters the room and starts sorting out her clothes. Drew offers Natalie a drawer in the dresser. She declines. Natalie: Thank you for offering. That is so welcoming. Adria and Natalie jump in the opposite bed. In the HOH room, Karen and Will believe that with Jenn they can make it to the final three. Karen says that Drew floats to the side that has the power. Will: I just told Jenn, isnt it funny that we have a new fan all of a sudden? Karen sees Drew and the Jason of Big Brother 5. Will and Karen think that Natalie is more closer and open with everyone. Karen: Adria is more guarded and jaded. Jenn enters the room. Will, Karen and Jenn talk about running their nomination and veto plan next week too. Jenn: I think they are going to trip up the Veto soon. Karen thinks that Big Brother will change the rules soon too.

Will thinks there are 9 weeks of the show left. Karen and Jenn believe the series goes to September 25th. Jenn: That means there are seven weeks to kick eight people out? Karen says that she will never forget the Horsemen being booted all at once from the HOH Competition. Will: I felt like doing a victory dance. Karen says she was not as disgusted by Holly as she is of Jase. Karen: Thats because of how mean he is. Karen wonders why Jase is always concerned with making good TV.

08-07-2004, 07:07 AM
Thanks Kelsey .......i noticed and i need to stop coming in and peeking around..lol

08-07-2004, 07:58 AM
Thanks melsh...I wasn't sure if anyone noticed I was doing this...or maybe didn't care...


I care!!! Keep it up kelsey! I love this stuff :)

08-09-2004, 08:39 AM
This lists information which happened after Saturday night's show:

Diane let Marvin in on Girl Powers plan. Marvin is cool with it...as long as Jase goes up. The treadmill is back on the patio. Jase is happy after the nomination ceremony he tells Jenn she is in his cool book. Marvin and Diane have been nominated.

In the HOH room, Girl Power rips on Jase. Jenn recounts her conversation with Jase in the hot tub. Jenn says that Jase admitted that he isnt a firefighter, he is really an actor and he hung out with Scott to give himself an edge in the game. Diane comes in the HOH room. She is wearing the pink hat that Holly left Jase. Diane: Should I go and prance around in the house with it on? Jenn has a toy, stuffed cow in the HOH room. She says she has one at home but doesnt dress it up because animals shouldnt wear clothes.

Diane tells everyone there is a dart game set up outside. Diane wonders if it has to do with the Veto Competition. The houseguests go outside and take turns practicing with them. Diane: My mom works at a bar. All I do is play darts with drunk people all day.

Drew and Marvin are throwing dart alone. Drew says one of the darts is already broken. Jenn: Maybe my balance is off. I am used to holding a bottle and drinking while playing darts. Adria or Natalie complains about the food competition. She can still smell the hamburger and spinach that got up her nose from the pies.

Adria tells Jenn about how she created a kind of photo album at her wedding with pictures of her and her husband over the years. She says people enjoyed looking at the photos. Jenn tells Adria she got a picture of her dad in the HOH room. It was nice but not the photo she really wanted so she gave it to Cowboy.

Jase and Drew chat while playing golf. Jase says that Drew doesnt know how many times he has laid awake at night wishing Holly hadnt been evicted. Marvin and Jase joke about throwing pies at each other. Marvin comments that he is still pulling custard out of his ears. Marvin about the darts: You know tomorrow I am going to just act like I know what I am doing. Just throw them all fast.

Cowboy and Jenn chat in the kitchen about Jenns grandparents. Jenn to Cowboy: So, you have lots of aunts and uncles that wont talk to you. Drew and Diane chat on the golf course. Drew says that Jase was asking him questions about their relationship. Drew: I told him, when it comes down to it, the game is the game. Diane: That is what you should tell him.

On the patio, Adria or Natalie tells Jenn that Jase tried to pick her brain about what went down with the nominations. Adria told him she has no idea what Jenn was thinking. Diane, Jenn and Adria mock Drew for having claw toes.

Karen, Natalie and Diane are happy that Jenn has done so well at quitting smoking so far. Diane says that it is easier to quit when you are around people who dont smoke. Diane comments that the only place she smoked at was work because everyone else in the bar did. Jenn rejoins the women outside. Jenn is proud that she went over an hour without the patch on. Will comes out too. The houseguests complain that the turkey they had bore a fake meat taste and smell.

Marvin and Jase talk about the casting of the show. Jase wonders why the producers didnt hire that drop-dead woman they both say in the personel department. Feeds cut to the fish tank. Marvin asks Jase if the producers told him to play crazy when he entered the house. Jase says no, he is being himself and it is good TV. Jase tells Marvin that the producers in the Diary Room chewed him out for using the phrase Good TV on the live show. Marvin says the producers tore into him for thanking the production people on the live show.

Karen and Will talk some strategy on the patio. Will: For us, the next few weeks are going to be important. Karen: We have to be careful of the twins. Karen says that if Adria and Natalie could update each other in just 15 minutes, they are a tight unit. Karen and Will worry about being spotted alone plotting. They break things up.

In chatting with Marvin, Jase has figured out what Girl Power is up to. He knows that the Veto Competition will be stacked and that they are going to take Diane down and nominate him. Marvin is denying that. Marvin says that he is the target, not Jase. Jase and Marvin know that Drew and Diane are doing more than cuddling every night. They are plotting too.

*** End of August 6th, evening update

08-09-2004, 08:40 AM
*** Update August 7th, morning - afternoon ***

It is almost lunch time here and the houseguests are slumbering. This is what transpired after we left them late last night.

In one of the bedrooms, Jase and Cowboy chat. With Girl Power implementing their strategy, Jase thinks the only way he can wiggle out of their plot is to convince Marvin to pick him to compete in the Veto Competition thought they figure Marvin will select Will. Marvin tells Girl Power that Jase is only on the show for the publicity. Will says actors shouldnt be chosen for the series.

Drew plans on lying to Jase and saying that if he is selected by Diane to play in the Veto Competition it is because she wants him to save her and take her off the block. Jenn tells Girl Power that Jase has figured out their plan. Karen states that if Big Brother throws a twist into the Veto Competition to upset their plans, she will walk out of the house. She cant stand Jase any more. In the bathroom, Drew tells Jase that Diane will probably pick him for the Veto Competition...but...if he wins, he isnt taking her off the block.

The houseguests are awoken by Big Brother telling them they have two hours until the Veto Competition. Sitting in the bathroom, Jase tells Marvin and Drew that the sitution in the house is rigged against him by Girl Power. He is going home. It is all cool. Cowboy admits that he didnt take the psychological test to get into the house. Jase is called to the Diary Room and when he returns he immediately questions Drew about the selections for the Veto Competition. Jase then tells Marvin that Big Brother 3 sucked and that Big Brother 5 must have way better television. When the Veto Competition starts, the feeds go to the fish tank.

The feeds remained on the fish tank for three hours this afternoon. The Veto Competition possibly involved hitting balloons with darts. Drew won the Golden Veto. He is seen hanging on the hook under his picture on the memory wall. Drew tells Jase that he isnt using the Veto. Jase thinks Marvin is gone and Diane will stay for Girl Power. Drew claims he put on a show for Diane. Drew says: When I go down, I am going down as a Horseman. Will and Jenn cant believe how cheap the furniture in the house is.

*** End of August 7th morning-afternoon ***

08-09-2004, 08:43 AM
****August 7th evening****

While everyone was sleeping after the Veto Competition, the twins cleaned the house and plotted. They agree to spend lots of time apart so the threat they pose is decreased. When the Horsemen are gone, they want to target Will, Karen and Marvin. When they awake, many of the houseguests cant believe how nice the house looks. Marvin: It looks like a damn genie was in here. Karen tells the twins that she fears Drew might be offered money by Big Brother not to use the Veto. Jase claims to the others he was on the show Arrested Development playing a cop and was in an episode of Will and Grace too.

Cowboy and Drew talk outside as he does the laundry. Drew says he doesnt have much education. Cowboy comments that he got a B in theatre. Drew says he has been brought up and learned a business mind-set. Cowboy claims he would have no problem doing a sitcom. Drew recounts his conversation with Diane about the Veto. He claims he has thought about not using it because he knows Diane is safe. Drew says he hasnt been in the Diary Room in two days.

Cowboy says that he is man of his word and he wont vote Jase out ever. They still need him. Drew: I dont know how much longer Jase would be here though. Cowboy says that even it is just one or two weeks he could help them. Cowboy tells Drew directly that Diane is playing him. Drew: That is in the back of my mind. Cowboy begs Drew not to use the Veto. He says he might be put up instead. Drew has thought about that. Cowboy says that the odd might even out. Cowboy: It hurts that Savage isnt on our team any more. Drew: I know. Drew: I am scared, man. Cowboy: We still have a chance. It is still pretty good odds.

Cowboy says that the Lord was helping them during the Veto Competition. Drew says it was cool that Diane got him out of the penalty box. Drew and Cowboy go back into the kitchen where everyone is getting ready for dinner. Karen and Will chat outside about not trusting the twins. Jase comes outside. Karen says he shouldve brought his alliance sign into the Diary Room. Jase says he already has.

Jase is called to the Diary Room. Karen, Adria and Diane chat about appendixes and wisdom teeth. Adria says her appendix burst. Diane: Look at Jase. He is so excited to go into the Diary Room. Karen and Adria rip on Jase some more. Natalie joins the hot tub conversation. The twins say that Jase is trying to convince everyone that the twins are a threat. The twins mention it might be smart if they, Drew and Diane watched each others back. Every one of them being twins and all. Adria says that Will, Jenn and Karen dont talk strategy with them much.

Marvin starts playing some solitaire. Drew complains again that he hasnt been called in the Diary Room...and he won the Veto. You wont believe this one, folks. Two feeds on the fish tank and two on Marvin playing solitaire. No joke.

Now two on fish tank and two on Jase, Drew putting. Jase asks Drew if the producers asked him about the sign he made. Instead od saying producers, he uses Cowboys name. Drew says no but it should be funny on television. Jase says that the house lost its hot tub cleaner in Scott. He wonders if anyone has cleaned it recently. Girl Power says that Marvin did. Drew or Jase says it cant be too hard since Scott was able to clean it.

Cowboy joins the twins and Karen in the hot tub. They start goofing around. Cowboy tries to dunk some of them. Jase jokes that Cowboy isnt engaged any more after that. Cowboy and the twins start talking about jumping in ponds back home in the country. Wll talks to Karen about his former room mate and how things went bad. Will decided then and there that he wanted to live alone. Karen: You dont mind coming home to an empty house? Will: Not at all. Will says that he will lose his seniority at work when he goes back. He will go back on the night shift. Karen says her parents got divorced because her dad worked at night for the post office.

Will tells Karen, Diane and Jenn that he is homesick and kinda depressed. They joke about more players being put into the house and Big Brother lasting a year. Diane: I would vote myself out. In the bathroom, Cowboy chats about softball back home. Two feeds on the fish tank. Two on one of the twins taking a shower.

When one of the twins finishes in the shower, Cowboy is there. He notices the bruise on her leg where she fell. The twins chat in a bedroom alone. They plan on feeling out Marvin and Cowboy. The feeds switch to three on the fish tank, one on the twins. The sound on the twins feed is that of the fish tank.

The twins are talking about not taking Karen into the finals. She wont commit to anyone or anything. The twins agree that Diane is the person they want to align with. The twins have the feeling that people think the twist was unfair. The twins agree that they would sacrifice themselves to allow the other to stay in the game.

Adria to Natalie: That Cowboy asks the stupiest questions. The twins chat about Marvin having weak points. He is easily upset. Natalie: The ones who dont lose their top, you gotta worry about. Adria: We are the Scott and Jase of the house now. The houseguests now have booze. Will joins the twins with a bottle of wine. Will tells the twins that when he looks back, he can remember which one he was talking to.

*** End of August 7th evening update ***

08-09-2004, 08:45 AM
*** Update, August 8th morning - afternoon ***

In the cloud bedroom, the twins try to convince Will that they should be considered individuals not a team. The conversation switches to Holly. Will thinks Holly is a good person outside of the house. Being in the game turned her bad. Will thinks that Holly wasnt as dumb as she let on. Outside on the patio, Karen, and Jenn have a heart-to-heart. Karen admits she snowed the psychological exam to get on Big Brother. Karen admits to past problems. Jenn says she had anger problems at one time. They both agree they have treated some people in the house kinda badly.

Jenn says she worries about her 16-year-old sister back home. She is going to have a bbaby in November. Will tells the twins that he is sure he spent much of the interview process with Dianes twin. He believes they were in the same hotel for a time. Drew tells Diane they should stop sleeping with each other at night. He thinks people are considering them a threat. Diane is okay with that. Diane relates her plan of teaming up with the twins. While Drew is in the bathroom, Diane smashed her knee on one of the concrete beds. Cowboy gets the first aid kit and helps her with her knee. Adria is have an acid reflux problem. Jase sits beside her and tries to comfort her. Adria says the producers are getting her some medication.

It is almost lunch time. The houseguests are still off in Dreamland.

The houseguests awake. Jase jokes Big Brother got them up just for the Internet viewers. Adria is really sick today. Natalie thinks she might be dehydrated. Will tells Karen he had a dream in which snakes coiled around him and attacked. Karen sees the symbolism about having a snake dream in the Big Brother house.

08-09-2004, 08:48 AM
*** August 8th, evening update ***

Sitting around the pool this afternoon, the houseguests talked about Holly possibly having a twin again. Cowboy and Diane have a heart to heart about Dianes relationship with Drew. Diane says that she finds it difficult to avoid him. Cowboy says it was cool to see Drew cry because it was so nice to see another guy who does without reservation. When Cowboy leaves, Drew talks with Diane. Drew tells her he is putting himself on the line tomorrow at the Veto Ceremony. Drew says he thinks it is good strategy to set Jase up for eviction...but...doing so might hurt him in the long run. Drew: It is like I am shooting myself in the foot. Drew agrees with the plan, he just thinks there is a high price to be paid.

In the kitchen, Jase and Cowboy talk about modeling shoots. Cowboy wonders if you get more money for night shoots. Jase says that doesnt happen. Jase goes outside with his peanut butter sandwich. He compliments Will on his clothes. Everyone says they like Wills sunglasses. Will tells them the Diary Room always makes him take them off.

In the bathroom, Diane asks Karen if she has some nail polish remover. She does. Karen says that Diane can use as much as she wants and tells her where she keeps it. One of the twins mentions to Karen that it is okay for her to cook if she wants to even if the others are on PBJ because people will think Karen is weird if she doesnt cook. The twins reminds Karen that she could be on the diet next week so she better keep her nutriants up. Karen in reference to the Veto Meeting: I cant wait until tomorrow. I cant wait until tomorrow. The other houseguests are sitting on the patio chatting. Will talks about two of the stars from the movie Center Stage having memberships at the gym he goes to in New York.

Back in the kitchen, Karen tells one of the twins that Big Brother gives them alcohol at night to keep them active. The talk switches to everyone having trouble sleeping in the house. Marvin enters the kitchen. He wants to cook some rice. One of the twin says she doesnt have time to cook rice in the week. Twin: It is like throw a load of laundry on while you are cooking the rice. Jenn wants beans and rice. The twin wants corn bread. Marvins says the corn bread at Morrisons restaurant rocks. Outside, Cowboy tells the others that he gets turned on watching the movie G.I. Jane.

The outside banter switches to Bad Boys. Cowboy loves that movie. So does Diane. Cowboy says he made a deal with his fiance. She would see Bad Boys 2 with him if he would go with her to see Gigli. Jenn tells Marvin that her and some of the other housguests who made the semi-finals of getting on Big Brother 5 had to wait in a parking lot for three hours. Cowboy says it is almost 8 oclock. He cant believe it. Marvin: Thank God. Jenn says it is just three more hours before she changes her patch. Jenn about using the patch: It has been three days in the hole. Marvin: You go girl! Cowboy: Congrats.

Outside, the conversation switches to men holding doors open for women. Jase says he doesnt hold a car door open for a woman but he will open the door to the restaurant and walk on the outside while strolling down the street. Cowboy wonders if it is okay to let a woman get in a cab first because she has to slide over. The consensus is...you let the woman get in first. Will says in a manners book he once read, a guy should allow a woman to go in front when walking up the stairs but the guy should go first when walking down. Some are puzzled by that fact.

Jase enters the kitchen. Marvin is cooking. Jenn is eating. Marv wonders where Jase has been all day. He has been sleeping. Marv and Jase joke about not seeing someone in the house for a few hours and it seems like forever. Marv: I played putt-putt with one of the twins, relaxed and fell out of the hammock. There, now we are caught up. Cowboy: ...and you made dinner. Marvin: Oh, yeah. I am making dinner. Jase laughs. Adria tells a story about her husband and starts getting teary-eyed and loses her voice. She goes inside to the bathroom. Cowboy follows and meets her back in the kitchen. Cowboy asks if Adria is okay. She is. She loves the fact that Cowboy talks about his fiancee with such fondness. Cowboy says when he sees Diane and Drew cuddle, it makes him miss his woman.

Adria says that she knows the son of Cowboys woman will be proud of him. Jasei s on the treadmill. Diane slides into the pool. Jenn says to Will she hopes the producers give them wine tonight. She is tired of beer. Cowboy and Marv join Diane in the hot tub. Marv thinks that women can take a warmer hot tub than guys.

In the HOH room, Karen says to Adria she doesnt set up massive plotting because everything changes when someone wins HOH. Karen believes the bad guy (Jase) had a pick-off plan and it didnt work out. Natalie says when you weigh things out, Marvin hasnt done anything wrong to her. Karen remarks some more about her insurance problems. Karen likes the fact that her family is in Florida for support. Adria says about the twin twist, she wasnt even sure they would make it past the first switch. Karen says that she repeats herself in the Diary Room. She was so mad when Jase urinated on the towels. Adria: I dont know what he is doing now. Karen says that Jase was in the HOH room with the monitor watching them all and that made her sick. She says it probably fed into his ego.

Adria comments that if that didnt happen, it wouldve been a different Jase in the house. Adria tells Karen she is the one person she feels she can talk to in the house. Karen hopes that Jase calling out the twins as an obvious alliance who hang around each other all the time didnt upset her. Adria plays it off as her and Natalie being totally different people trying to find their way.

Karen and Adria cry as they chat about the pressure of the game. Karen says the Diary Room asked her about bloodlines being the strongest bonds. She was upset at that, especially if the Diary Room was saying such things to feeble-minded players. Karen calls Jase Satan. Will enters the room. Karen calls her and Adria the cellblock sisters. Karen says that the next time she is nominated, she will sit in the chair naked. Karen tells Will they were just talking about being married and being on the block. Karen: It will be fun now that you are here. Will: Everyone is getting home sick.

Adria says she has been too busy trying to play the twin twist that she hasnt thought much about missing home. Now that it is over, everything is hitting her all at once about missing her family and husband. Karen is forgetting the simple things like how her home smells and sounds.

Cowboy chats to Jase about almost being an extra in a movie. The part had no lines. It was a bar scene. Cowboy says he has connections he can work back home. Jase gives him advice on getting a headshot done. Cowboy says that if he doesnt get a sitcom out of Big Brother, he will go back home to the theatre school. Cowboy: I know now, I can get a schoolarship. Jase says he wouldnt mind getting a letter from home. Cowboy would love a video instead. It would mean so much. Cowboy thinks that everyone should get a video. He would feel bad if he only got it. Jase: I want you to win an HOH. I think your week is coming. Maybe next week. I believe that. If you can pull one off, I know I got another one in me and Drew too. Drew enters the tub. Jase tells Drew that he feels Cowboy will win the next one. Jase to Jase comments on the last one and the metal pear insinuating that it was rigged for Jenn...and Cowboys reign coming next seems natural for television.

Jase tells Cowboy and Drew that he was only saying he wanted to quit the game because he was upset at the time. Drew had a dream last night that he got home and saw differences in his family. Jase says the first time he went on a military leave, he was gone for a year. Jase: Even my mom looked different, it was I never looked at her that way. It was like she was a stranger. Jase says as the weeks go on, the house will get more hushed. Jase: I said this from the beginning, I love you two guys. I care about you. Jase says that he loved Savage but they varied on how to treat women. Jase says his former girlfriends wouldnt have wanted Scott around...ever. Jase says it was too bad there wasnt a girl in the house for Scott then Holly wouldnt have gotten between them. Drew says he cant think of any friend he has ever had that would resemble how Scott acts.

08-09-2004, 08:48 AM
Jase says he grew up fast n the army because at 19 he was working on material that went on multi-million dollar aircraft. Jase says the army helped him evolve as a person on his own. Jase: It made me a better person and gave me a jump start on figuring my life out. Jase sees Big Brother as a growing process. Cowboy says he didnt join the army but at 18 he was working at the fire department in the search and rescue department and dealing with life and death situations. It made him grow up real fast too. Jase: Other than the acting what are you into where you could cut down on one job. Cowboy says at college he is taking pre-med because he has always wanted to help people and enterain. Cowboy says if this entertainment goals fail, it is peoples safety that he wants to be successful at. Cowboy admits that when he moved as a kid, the state held him back in Grade One.

He knew his first wife since Grade One. He started noticing her in Middle School. He was 16 as a freshman in high school. Cowboy says he had his first kiss with his first wife on his 18th birthday. Cowboy: I cared a lot about her as friends in high school. Cowboys wife is the one who asked for the divorce. Cowboy met his fiancee because he worked with her mother and she introduced them. Cowboy says his friends laughed at his fiancee but now realize he is a lucky man. Drew says he puts his personal goals above having a relationship. Drew says he doesnt get too serious with women because he doesnt want to be tied down yet. Drew: I just know that when you let yourself go, it is hard to come back. Jase: If a girl likes you on the first date, she starts planning the wedding. Drew laughs and agrees.

*** End of August 8th, evening update ***

08-09-2004, 10:02 AM
*** Update August 9th, morning - afternoon ***

At almost 11:00 a.m. ET, the houseguests are sleeping. While we are waiting for them to wake up and get ready for todays crucial Veto Ceremony, this is what has happened since we visited with them last night.

In the HOH room, Girl Power thought about all sorts of ways they could twist the knife in Jases back when he leave the house. One plan is to cheer as he walks out another is to shout out "Thats good TV!". Jenn jokes about going to the bathroom in his suitcase. In the hot tub, Marvin and Jase ripped on the HOH Competition. Jase says the producers have relied on trivia far too often. Both agree the twin twist was unfair and that viewers of the series know it. Jase believes that if one of the twins win, that situation will damage the series. Girl Power play a game of Truth Or Dare with the spy cam. They dare each other to do things in the house while the others watch on the spy cam. Jenn runs out and humps Jase on the couch. Diane goes into the kitchen and pinches Cowboys chest. Will puts on a thong and dances in the house.

It is after 11:00 a.m. ET and snores continue in the Big Brother house. At just after 12:00 p.m. ET, all of the feeds switch to the fish tank. It could be that the houseguests are being given their wake-up call.

The houseguests are getting up. Apparently they played another song to wake them up. Diane says they are using songs from the music list she gave to Big Brother. Will says waiting to hear which song Big Brother will play to wake them up is starting to be one of his favourite moments of the day. Will: Thats the bomb. Will goes off to brush his teeth in the bathroom. Big Brother announces that the Veto Meeting will be in two hours. Will to Jenn: Theres your chance to shine.

Diane tells Marvin in the bathroom that she still has scabs on her nose from the pie-eating/food competition. Marvin: You mustve dived into those pies hardcore. Marvin is shaving. Jenn, Will and Diane sit on the patio. Diane and Will ponder what kind of songs Big Brother could play in the morning. Will: I would like to hear... Jenn: ...Nine Inch Nails. Will: Maybe Closer or Baby Boy. Will and Diane talk about Britany Spears songs.

Diane says she is going to be nice at the Veto Ceremony but might hint that someone else deserves to be on the block rather than her...hint...hint. Diane thinks that they should play Christina Aguileras Fighter in the house. Diane: Because we are all in here fighting. Marvin steps outside. Diane is sure that Big Brother wont play some rap or hip-hop songs because of the lyrics.

Marvin says he cant believe that Big Brother gets them up early for a ceremony that only last four minutes or so. Will: We should be able to get up when we want to get up. Marvin: Damn straight. Drew joins Jenn, Will and Marvin. Will wonders why Big Brother didnt finish playing Eye Of The Tiger the other day. Diane: Because it sucks. Will: Its a good song. Drew: Yeah, it is.

Will and the other houseguests chat about Cowboy getting a little too excited last night. Marvin: Doesnt he know his ass will be all over the Internet by now. Will: His woman warned him not to walk around in boxers. Drew about Cowboy: You dont find a lot of guys who are married twice at 22. Marvin: In the country you do. Jenn says it is her sisters birthday today. Drew: Jases birthday is Wednesday. Marvin claims that Jase was trying to make Cowboy cry about it. Marvin praises Cowboy for dedicating himself to raising a child who is not his own. Everyone agrees. Jenn has never considered having children. Marvin says that when Jenns hormones kick in she will change her mind. Jenn: I will get a dog.

08-09-2004, 10:22 AM
Thanks again Kelsey1224! :)

08-09-2004, 10:28 AM
Yes! Thanks Kelsey!!! PLEASE come back with the veto ceremony results! LOL

08-09-2004, 11:50 AM
Thanks for all the updates!! :D

08-09-2004, 12:01 PM
Thanks a million Kelsey :D Yes, please come back with veto results..lol ;)

08-09-2004, 12:10 PM
yeah, I can not wait for the veto results!

08-09-2004, 02:07 PM
Marvin says that one of his friends called when the producers were doing their backround check on him. His pal told him that Big Brother asked him questions like whether the car Marvin drove fit with his personality. Karen is in the kitchen with Jase. They are both making breakfast. Karen doesnt say a word to Jase at all. Jase leaves and goes outside. Now all the houseguests are on the patio chatting and eating. Karen says she is late for her period. Marvin jokes to Karen she shouldve been excited seeing Cowboy expose himself last night. Marvin kids Karen that she might be pregnant. Karen says that is impossible. She was on her period when the producers came to her house, announced she was on BB5 and shipped her off to Hollywood.

Cowboy joins everyone outside. He looks sullen. Some of the houseguests ask Cowboy if he is okay. He says he is. Diane: I wonder what I should wear for my camera time today? As the houseguests chatter on, one of the feeds focuses on a spider spinning a web on the patio.

The houseguests apparently were on a lockdown outside. Big Brother announces it is over, they can raise the blinds and go back inside. Talking with the twins in the kitchen, Cowboy says he feel embarassed about streaking in the house last night. He is sorry. The twins say it was funny. Cowboy thought it would be humourous but afterwards he felt bad. He hopes Big Brother wont air his antics on television. The twins tell Cowboy they dont make fun of him. They love the fact that he is a class clown. Natalie: We arent just women, we are Big Brother houseguests and we are all family in here.

Jase and Karen do talk on the patio. Karen feels like there should be a Luxury Challenge soon. Jase tells Karen about Cowboys idea that everyone should get a video from home like on Survivor. Karen would love that. Karen is interested in seeing how everyone on the show handled being evicted and what their comments were afterwards. Back inside, one of the cameras focuses on Hollys picture on the memory wall. In the bathroom, Drew tells Cowboy that he is worried about giving his speech during the Veto Meeting. It scared him to address everyone as HOH too. One of the feeds follows Drew around as he sorts out his clothes.

In the wood bedroom, Jase is working on his straw hat. He is putting a bandana on it. Drew is in the bathroom doing his hair. Diane and Karen sit in front of a mirror and do their make-up. They talk about the cuts on their noses from the pie competition. Jase is trying on clothes and looking at himself in the mirror.

All feeds go to the fish tank. Only two return with Jase and one of the twins cleaning their faces in the bathroom. Drew talks with Jenn in the HOH room. Drew tells her he is going to say he is using the Veto to save Diane. Jenn states to Drew that many of Girl Power wanted the speeches at the meeting to be mean to Jase. Jenn doesnt want that to happen. Drew is just wary of Jase thinking he is smarter than everyone. Drew wants everyone to keep the storyline going at the meeting so Jase doesnt realize what is happening to him. Drew: He is playing the whole nice guy thing. He pretends to care about what you are saying but you know he doesnt. Jenn says that Jase just wishes Scott was still in the house. Drew says he has been telling Jase he is not using the Veto. Drew: He is going to go off on me. Jenn tells Drew of Girl Powers plan to mock Jase when he leaves the house. Kick the door shut on him and yell out...Now Thats Good TV.

Two feeds on the fish tank. Two on the twins doing their hair and make-up. Everyone is gathering for the meeting in the front room. Jenn is called to the Diary Room. As the houseguests wait, Jase comments that the game would be so much better if they had booze all the time. If so, nobody would care who was nominated or anything. The twins plot in the bathroom. The twins are not happy that Big Brother is maybe pointing out that they are a threat because they are sisters. Minor chit-chat in the front room as everyone waits for the meeting to start.

When the Veto Meeting starts, the feeds go to the fish tank for almost a half hour now.

Drew removes Diane from nomination. Jenn nominates Jase. (It all goes as it was planned!)

Diane is angry. She is storming around in the house. She says that someone is attacking her. Marvin takes her into a room and tells her to calm down and keep it together. Diane says she doesnt take that crap from anyone. In the cloud bedroom, Cowboy, Drew and Jase talk with the door closed. Jase says he is going home and doesnt care if anyone in the house hates him. Jase repeats that if Holly wasnt voted out, things wouldve been different for the Horsemen. Jase to Drew: Maybe you can make it to end, yourself. Jase: We made a pact. I was loyal to the end. I dont want to be here any more. It is over. Cowboy: I agree with that. Marvin comes into the room. Jase says that he wants to go home. He wants to make a deal with Marvin to let him get voted out. Marvin says that people will vote how they do. Jase doesnt want to be sequestered because Hollywood would forget about him then.

Jase and Marvin mock Drew for his relationship with Diane. Jase to Drew: You wouldnt date her outside of this house. Marvin compares Drew and Diane to Boston Rob and Amber. Jase and Marvin think that the media will portray Drew as being used by Diane. Betraying the Horsemen for her. Jase tells Drew that in the Diary Room, he told them that he would save Drew if he was in that situation...but there is something cool about saving the girlfriend. The meeting breaks up with Jase saying: Good talk. Good talk. Good times. Jase promises again he is going to go wild this week. Cowboy thinks that Jenn and Diane are making signs to mock Jase. Jase marches into the kitchen. He asks Karen about it. She doesnt know.

Diane is primping in the bathroom and staying away from Jase. She goes into the bedroom to speak to Drew. Diane complains that she doesnt need to take such crap and that Drew didnt protect her. Diane: Why doesnt anyone protect me when I get attacked? Drew tells Diane to chill out and calm down. Diane: Why is it okay for Holly to be saved but not me? Diane agrees to keep her mouth shut until Jase is gone.

08-09-2004, 03:18 PM
I hope his Edited is outta there!! I got news for him on the hoolywood tip...he AIN"T no Brad Pitt...lol He sucks and everyone knows it! Cowboy needs to pull his nose outta Jase's Edited and start making some alliances if he wants to be around any longer...like it'll do any good at this point!!

Your account has been suspended for three days, due to attempting to get around the profanity filter.

08-09-2004, 03:37 PM
The following is from another board:

The girls are outside saying Diane is upset.
(apparently Jase went off on her inside but no one was around and that was when the feeds were on)

Diane said she just got attacked in the living room and then again in the kitchen. She coplained that no one is ever there to stick up for her....ever.

Nakomis said she is thinking of telling Jase tonight that Diane is just following and if you want to get pissed with anyone, it was my (Nakomis) plan....."Me Mastermind, They Pawn. Talk **** to me cuz I'll hit you with a vase."

Meanwhile, Marvin has joined Jase and Jase is going on about how he is ready to go home anyway and how he got screwed by his own friends (alliance members). He said he doesn't want to sit in sequester and then be forgotten about by America. He wants to get out now so he can pursue his acting career further.

Diane cried to Drew and he comforted her and told her to put it all behind her and that everything would be okay

While Drew was conforting Diane in the HOH room, Jase walked in. Diane told him that she didn't want to talk to him and that she didn't want an apology. He told her, "I don't want to apologize. I just wanted to say you can kiss my ***." and he slammed the door! She told Drew, "I want to tell him to **** off." She continued to cry. jase walked into the kitchen and told Marvin that he had just made some "good tv" and explained what had just happened. Marvin then went into the HOH room and him and Drew were trying to calm her down.

Jase & Cowboy have a chat.....

Jase told him that he is sorry that he got involved with them (Drew and Scott. He added, "Obviously they not as smart as he thought."
Cowboy suggested that maybe they (4 horsemen) got too cocky. (Do you think Cowboy???)

Jase added that taking out Holly was a mistake. He said that the turning point for them was when they turned on themselves. He added that he hopes they keep Marvin b/c he’s ready to go.

Cowboy added that he’s probably now going to be on the block every week. Jase reminded him that he could get the HOH next week. He told him that he does have his sister and that could be good. He then said that with twins in the house, who are obviously together, that is 9 people in the house, 1/9 chance of winning. That gives the twins double the chances. He added that they had their moment in the sun but that changed and that is that. He said he is going home.

Cowboy sighed and said he felt like he has lost two brothers in two weeks.

Jase reminded him that he lost Scott b/c he took out Holly. He said had Holly stayed, A would have gone and they would only have one A in the house. He added that he wants to talk to her and say its no hard feelings at all on his part. Jase told him to get rid of Diane to avenge Scott and Jase. He told him that it would be smart to put up Drew and Diane together.

Jase said that Drew is nothing but a rich little fraternity boy and himself (Jase) had to go to the military to get his education paid for...the hard way. *cue violins*

Later outside, jase wondered out loud that if he cheated on the PB&J diet, if he would not receive his stipend. He plans to ask the DR later when he is called in.

08-10-2004, 09:01 AM
Ok whats with this sign that drew made? What did it say?

08-10-2004, 11:12 AM
I must have missed something. I'm not aware of Drew making a sign. Jase made a sign that he wore which said something like, "Come join my alliance." And he would announce to everyone that whomever joined his alliance was bound to win because no one would vote for him.

Here are the feeds from where I left off yesterday:

*** August 9th evening update ***

Diane is upset that she cant make a PBJ sandwich because there is no more bread. Diane: Thanks a lot, Big Brother. Jase advises Cowboy to put Drew and Diane up if he wins HOH. Jase: You cant trust either of them. Jase calls Drew a rich little fraternity boy whose parents pay for everything. Jase joined the military to pay for his education. Big Brother reminds Karen who shared some of the honey-mustard sauce that those who are on the PBJ diet cannot eat condiments. Jase wonders if Big Brother will take away his stipend if he cheats on the PBJ diet. Jase gives some advice to Jenn in the HOH room. Jase says he wants her to win Big Brother 5 and that he has no hard feelings about anything that has happened. He thinks it would be wise for Jenn to align with Cowboy.

When Jase goes back outside, he tells Marvin he is going try his best to get under Drews skin. It might be fun to make him snap. The houseguests chat about Internet questions they are being asked. Marvin warns Diane that Big Brother told them not to talk about the Internet questions.

In the hammock, Marvin tells Diane to be cool. They are going to have a party when Jase is gone. He tells her not to let him get under her skin.

Will claims he made it to the Survivor semis once. The people from Amazing Race called too and wanted him and his mom to be on the show. His mom declined to partipate. Jase heads over to the memory wall, he takes the Veto necklace off Dianes hook and places it on Hollys. The houseguests are told they will be allowed music tonight for two hours. Cowboy says it is for the house and not the Internet. The houseguests are put on a lockdown outside. They think Big Brother might be getting the house ready for a party of some sort.

Diane thinks the party is because BB5 has such a great cast. The party starts at 6:30 there which is 9:30 here in the Eastern Time Zone. Right now, all of the feeds are on the fish tank and if what Cowboy said is true they could remain that way for two hours.

A half hour with all the feeds on the fish tank, folks.

The feeds are back. There are some empty pizza boxes in the kitchen. Diane: They are going to have to give us a half an hour to wind down. Kapow. The feeds go back to the fish tank.

The twins, Drew and Diane are eating pizza in the kitchen. Will is laying down in the bedroom. They chat about how dirty thr hot tub is. Karen joins the others in the kitchen. Karen says she had some cake and feels dizzy now. Marvin is called to the Diary Room. Cowboy says that he was working seven days a week so his woman packed his stuff to bring to the house. Adria says she would never let her husband pack any of her bags. Adria says she has one of her husbands shirts in her bag.

Diane: If they dont let us outside, I am just going to go to bed. The talk switches to how late clubs close in their hometowns. Drew talks about his trip to Mexico or someowhere. Natalie is chatting about her aerobics and dance work. Natalie starts teaching Diane dance steps. Drew and Cowboy mope in the bathroom. Not sure why. Cowboy: I ate too much. Drew: I dont know how things are gonna go. Next week will be a big week. Cowboy: I dont know where you stand in this game. Drew: I am just scared. I dont know what is what. Cowboy: Did you do today because of them? Drew: No, I dont know, man.

Cowboy keeps asking Drew if the other side made him use the Veto. Drew denies that. Drew: Marvin wants to go. Cowboy knows Girl Powers plan worked. Cowboy: You fell in the trap. Cowboy is mad because Drew didnt tell him what was going on. He felt close to him in the game and now he feels betrayed. Cowboy: We were so truthful with each other in this game. What you did hurts. Cowboy says that he believes a word is a mans bond. Cowboy says he would respect Drew right now if he admitted he has an alliance with Girl Power if he does. Cowboy: Come clean with me right now. Did you make a deal with them. Drew: No, I did not make a deal with them. Drew hugs Cowboy. Cowboy half-heartedly hugs him back. Cowboy says he better not find out later that Drew did have a deal. If he would admit to it,he would forgive him on the spot but not later. Cowboy says he wont vote Jase out. He made a promise and will live by it.

Cowboy says that Drew got up in Jases face about Holly and then he turned around and did the same thing this week. Cowboy says that Diane was 100 per cent safe. Cowboy says Drew needs to learn lessons about being honourable. Cowboy: I just dont want you stabbing me in the back. Drew: I know. I am good for that. Cowboy: I have been lied to all my life. After Cowboy talks to him, Drew stares at himself in the mirror for a long period. Diane is quick to chat with Drew in the bathroom after Cowboy leaves. Big Brother tells the houseguests the lockdown is over. Marvin and Karen enter the bathroom. Diane and Marvin rip on Cowboy for questioning Drew so much. Cowboy isnt around.

Marvin and Cowboy open up the hot tub. Marvin says he just lives week by week in the house. The houseguests start playing a new game. Tossing golf balls and trying to get them into a hole on the putting green.

Will thinks the cake they ate made them all sick. Karen is massaging Wills back outside. Karen says they should try not to win HOH this week.

*** End of August 10th, evening update ***

*** August 10th morning - afternoon ***

At 11:15 a.m. ET. the houseguests are still in bed. What did the houseguests get up to when we last left them? Lets see.

After asking the twins if they can teach him hip-hop dancing, Cowboy heads inside and speaks with Jase. Cowboy wonders if Drew was in an alliance with Girl Power all along. Jase says it is clear he was. He saw them plotting together. Cowboy leaves and Karen enters. Karen advises Jase to tone it down and not alienate himself. Jase asks Karen to vote him out. He doesnt want to be sequestered. Jase says that if he sequestered, people will forget he was on Big Brother. Jase tells Karen all of his antics were just acting. He was trying to make good TV. He is not really that way at all. Diane and twin chat more about their alliance. Diane says they should focus on Marvin and Cowboy then turn on Will, Karen and Jenn.

Sitting alone, Jase, Cowboy and Drew talk about the integrity of the Big Brother game being compromised by the twin twist. They agree that making their alliance public and being cocky about it doomed them. Cowboy tells Drew that they cant win the game now so they should put up people they dont want to win the game if they get HOH.

Jase says to Cowboy and Drew that he made it known during the interviews with the producers that he was an actor and had a SAG card.

08-10-2004, 11:16 AM
Both Adria and Natalie were seen on the feeds eating pizza. Adria is on the PBJ diet with Diane, Drew and Jase. That is what happened at the end of the Food Competition. It should come as no surprise that Big Brother plays fast and loose with the rules of the game. They make rules and then break them constantly. The only things they really seem solid about is they dont want houseguests chatting about their Diary Room sessions (for obvious reasons concerning possible manipulation) and any houseguest putting the others in danger. Jase was right when he said the other day that the producers view the game as just a way of forming soap opera plots. The game itself means very little to the current producers it seems which is why maybe it is time for some new blood to bring back the integrity.

No wake-up call for the houseguests at almost 1:00 p.m. ET.

The houseguests are finally getting up this morning. Marvin is in the bathroom shaving. Karen and Jenn are in the kitchen getting their breakfast. Karen goes off into the Diary Room to ask about something or other. Will appears in the kitchen. Jenn wonders if the music Big Brother played this morning was Joan Jett. Will and Jenn talk about the movie she made with Michael J. Fox called Light of Day. Karen: Joan Jett is God. Will says Jett was in the broadway production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Karen says she didnt see the Rocky Horror Picture Show because her sister would go see it every week. Marvin complains that the ants are back. Marvin: Maybe they came back just to say goodbye?

Marvin starts working out on the patio. Karen, Will and Jenn watch him. Will cant understand why Marvin work outs in the morning. He could never do that. Marvin says he is a creature of habit. It is what he does at home. Will asks Marvin about cardio work. Marvin mixes up bike and treadmill workouts. Marvin admits taking Tai-Bo classes for no other reason than to check out the women.

In the kitchen the twin cant believe Marvin is working out already. Twin: He is up and at em. Diane comes into the kitchen. She had a dream that one of the twin got a whole lot sicker in the house. Diane says that she mentions the Twin Alliance to Drew and he is all for it. She suggests that they get together today and talk. The twins think that is a good idea. Adria says that she drank some Pepsi and Big Brother gave her crap over it. Adria jokes: So, how did you get kicked out of the Big Brother house? I had a sip of Pepsi while on food restriction.

08-10-2004, 12:05 PM
Adria says that she drank some Pepsi and Big Brother gave her crap over it. Adria jokes: So, how did you get kicked out of the Big Brother house? I had a sip of Pepsi while on food restriction.

Man i would never make it if i had my PEPSI taken away...i would be biting heads off left and right.....lol

08-10-2004, 01:19 PM
Diane and the twins talk about how they fight with their siblings. Diane said she had a huge fight with Lindsay and had to call her mother. The fight began when Diane was worried about leaving Lindsay and her friends. Diane about Lindsay: She doesnt go out of her way to do anything for me. The twins say they both knew they would be on the series beforehand but flew out separately. Diane says her sister didnt give her a card, wish her well...nothing.

The houseguests are put on a lockdown outside. Jase, Drew and Cowboy are brushing their teeth and shaving in the kitchen. Marvin comes into the bathroom. He wants to use the toilet in case the fish-man takes too long inside the house today. When Drew exits the toilet room, Marvin says: Cover me! I am going in!

Now, all of the houseguests are outside on the patio sitting in the sun and talking. Jase, Karen, Diane and Adria talk about their dogs and how they go to the bathroom. There is talk about why dogs eat their own feces. Karen says that she gives her dog a bath once a week and even uses hand-wipes on his butt. Karen says her dog is going to be a mess when she goes home. Diane: Can we change the subject already?

Jase jokes that he had a dream last night of getting it on with a hot woman when Cowboy popped up out of nowhere and offered him a taco. Marvin: We own you. Marvin says has barely had enough energy to be a workout today. Diane talks about painting her nails again. Diane says that she puts on clear nail polish and it turns pink. Diane: Maybe it is the hot tub.

Marvin and Jase talk about car parts and BMWs. The lockdown is over and the houseguests head back inside. Some line up to go to the bathroom. Karen chats to Cowboy in the storage room. Cowboy asks Karen who everyone is going to vote for this week. Karen says she is not sure about who she is voting for. She advises Cowboy to vote the way he thinks is right. Cowboy replies that if the majority votes out Jase and he doesnt he will make more enemies. Karen says that Big Brother tells them not to chat about how they voted to protect the integrity of the game.

Cowboy corners Drew. Cowboy tells Drew that Karen said this week is a toss-up vote. They should vote for Marvin. Natalie enters the room. Cowboy asks Natalie if she know who the majority is voting for this week. Natalie doesnt know. Cowboy says that is the answer he is getting from everyone. Natalie says thats because nobody wants to commit right now. Knowing Jase is behind her, Natalie states that she is voting out Jase for sure. Jase laughs. Jase tells them he is not sure if he really wants to go or not now. The chat switches to Holly. Natalie swears that Holly had moles and then lost them. Switching in and out of the house, Holly looked the most changed. Jase: Holly slipped up at the pool one day and said she had a twin.

Jase speaks to Cowboy alone. He says that by using reverse psychology, people believe he isnt a threat because he keeps saying he wants to leave. He thinks he may have a chance at staying. Some of the houseguests are going back to sleep. As Natalie leaves the room, Jase tells her he has a plan. He wants to talk to her alone later. She agrees.

In the bathroom getting ready to lay outside, Natalie says that her brother and sister all get along. They dont fight with each other. Marvin and some of the women lay by the pool. Will is on the treadmill. Jase is sleeping. Diane is upset that they dont have mats to lay in the sun. She is ticked they have to lay on towels on the grass instead. Diane asked Big Brother if the mats were taken away as a punishment. Big Brother denied that. Will, Marvin, the twins, Diane and Karen sit by the pool and talk about haircuts.

*** End of August 10th, morning - afternoon update ***

08-11-2004, 09:02 AM
At the pool, Girl Power and Will think it would be a good idea if Big Brother gave them a spa for a day. Cowboy speaks with Drew. He doesnt want to be surprised on Thursday night but nobody is being truthful with him. The houseguests improvise their own spa day with Jase and Will doing the mud mask thing. Jenn speaks to Karen about Americas Choice. She says it might involve a video or call from home as long as the people signed the release forms. Jenn is sure that her mom and dad wont do it and that her sister is only 16. Jenn claims that her parents didnt find out about her being on the show until they were sequestered before entering the house.

Jenn has named all the cameras and is putting name tags on them. Right now, Drew is working out on the patio. Cowboy and Jase appear to be sleeping. Karen and the twins are talking in the kitchen. They kid Will about him owning a lot of neon coloured clothing.

Jenn, Karen Will and Cowboy sit in the hot tub. They keep singing Oasis songs and the feeds cut away. Jenn says it has been three days since she has been in the Diary Room. Karen is proud of the fact that she complained and got her Diet Coke. Cowboy: I need my Dr. Pepper. Karen: You gotta have a nervous breakdown.

Cowboy starts ad-libbing a love story. He states that he saw her slipping her coffee and he thought that he knew her all of his life. Karen starts laughing. Jase acts as the director, introduces Cowboy and the scene. Cowboy starts ad-libbing a scene about some guy named George who cant buy his own groceries because he misses his girlfriend. So, Cowboys character flies all the way to Italy and talk sense into her. When the scene ends, Jase becomes the heavy and throws some of his drink at Cowboy. Jase then ad-libs some lines about stealing Cowboys girl. Jase jokes to Karen that she should take her top off so Cowboy can focus. Karen: I am trying to teach him to think on his own.

Cowboy heads into the kitchen to get a sandwich. Karen is whistling some song. Marvin in a Big Brother voice: Karen, stop whistling. Will chats with Marvin in the kitxchen. Will asks if there is any flour in the storage room. Marvin says he cussed Big Brother out so they wont give him such things any more. Marvin: I dont care. I am just about out of here any way.

Will, Marvin, Drew, Cowboy and Karen are eating in the kitchen. Marvin says the newest thing where he is from is fried pickles. Karen says she fried Oreos. Karen: It is like an Oreo in a donut. They put ice cream on it. It is the sickest thing I have ever tasted.

Will, Marvin, Drew, Cowboy and Karen are eating in the kitchen. Marvin says the newest thing where he is from is fried pickles. Karen says she fried Oreos. Karen: It is like an Oreo in a donut. They put ice cream on it. It is the sickest thing I have ever tasted. Natalie and Cowboy talk about jumping over the boxing dummy. Cowboy says that the producers finally got him some cold medicine. Natalie goes inside. Marvin tells her there is some chicken and fries left if she wants them.

Some of the houseguests are playing their throw the golf ball in the hole game outside. While Karen and Diane chat about their tans in the bathroom. Karen thinks there will be nothing left after the show...just freckles. Jenn jokes with the cameras in the kitchen. Jenn: Whats up, Pie. How are you doing? Karen starts goofing with the cameras and they point down. Karen says that means they are talking to the cameras too much. Thats against the rules.

Talking to Karen and Will, Jase says he better be gone this week. He wants out of the house. Karen: What if there is a twist? Like there is 68 Jases. It is week 634 in the Big Brother house and there 98 people in the house. Jase and Will head off to play the golf ball game with Marvin.

In the bathroom, Karen tells Adria or Natalie that this is the calm before the storm. Karen says she trusts the twins and they understand her. Karen: I would be happy as a clam to make it to the final four. The conversation then switches to what kind of make-up they wear for TV.

Karen says that she wouldnt be worried if Marvin won HOH because he would put up COwboy. Karen says that Cowboy has been driving everyone crazy this week. Karen says she doesnt want to play too far ahead because you mess yourself up that way. Both agree thats how the Horsemen lost the game. They were arrogant and couldnt adapt.

*** End of August 10th, evening update ***

08-11-2004, 09:05 AM
*** Update August 11th, morning - afternoon ***

The houseguests remain snoozing. It is 11:12 a.m. ET. (8:12 a.m. Big Brother time.)

Jase messed with Drew and Dianes photos on the memory wall. He used tape to put horns on Dianes head and a halo on Drews. Jase then went outside and tried to throw some used food container lids over the wall. Adria and Drew spoke alone in one of the bedrooms. Drew agrees to the twins - Diane - Drew alliance. Adria says that she and Natalie trust Diane, Drew and havent spoken to anyone about the proposed alliance. After the houseguests got some booze, Jase meets with Cowboy on the putt-putt course. Jase warns Cowboy about Drew. He cant be trusted. There is some disagreement about the twins. Cowboy would like one of them to win if he doesnt. Jase says the whole twin twist was unfair to the other players.

Jase advises that Cowboy he should align with Jennifer. Jase then speaks to the twins. They ask him why he wants to be voted out. Jase maintains that he was just on the show for media exposure. He never intended to do well at the game. Jase says they shouldnt vote for Marvin because he is a floater who can be manipulate and Marvin wants to be sequestered.

08-11-2004, 11:40 AM
In the cloud bedroom, Jennifer and Karen compare blisters they have from their sneakers. Karen: It is **** shoe syndrome. Marvin is struggling to get out of bed and so is Jase. In the kitchen, Will, Drew, the twins and Diane talk about different kinds of cheese cake. Cowboy is in bed with his eyes open. Jase is dead to the world in the bed beside him. Marvin is shaving in the bathroom. On the patio with Jennifer, Diane and Karen, Will says watching Jase is like seeing a lame comedy show you want to shut off. Diane: I hate certain words he uses. The conversation turns to the oral sex chat the houseguests had last night. Diane is offended that Marvin wanted Diane to demonstrate something she mentioned. The Girl Power members chat about what nice things they could say about Jase when he is evicted. Diane: If he died, we could donate his body to science. Jenn: Use it as a paper weight.

Will, Jennifer, the twins, Diane and Drew chat about The Don. They think it would be funny if he found a Get Out Of Eviction card in his suitcase and could come back into the house. Cowboy and Jase continue to sleep in. Big Brother now warns them to get up.

Talking in the bathroom, Marvin, Jase and Cowboy mention that BB producer did the documentary Scared Straight about prison life. Cowboy is under the mistaken impression that Shapiro created the Big Brother concept. Jase says the series prize should be a million dollars. Marvin: Hell, yeah. Drew is shaving in the mirror. Marvin jokes that his twin brother Harvin should enter the game. (Note: Marvin doesnt have a twin.) Marvin: He would be good at the trivia challenges. Jase says Marvin should do that skit in the Diary Room. Jase: Hi. I am Harvin, Marvins twin.

Jase kids about Scott not taking a shower in the house. They joke about Scott having become a championship boxer since leaving the house. Marvin doesnt think so. Marvin: Holly was his fuel. Jase laughs when he remembers Hollys nickname for Scott was Gorilla. Marvin leaves to check the chemicals in the pool. Cowboy asks Drew if he has voted yet. Drew hasnt. Drew: What do you want me to do, Jase? Jase says he would like Cowboy and Drew to vote him to stay. Drew thinks that is a good idea. Drew about Girl Power: I dont know what those *****es are doing

Outside, Marvin and Jase try throwing some more food container lids over the wall. Some of Girl Power are wearing bandanas when they are called to place their votes in the Diary Room. Cowboy sits in the front room. Jase is laying on one of the couches. Diane, Adira and Natalie are taking about how they layout their clothes in their closets back home. Jase sits in the eviction chair he will be in Thursday night and starts mouthing what he will say. Jase walks in the cloud room where the twins and Diane are. Jase says he is thinking about the first night they were in the house. It feels like a lifetime ago. Cowboy is sleeping in bed. The camera operators focus on his face and then the picture Jennifer gave Cowboy of her father. Jase is crimping his hair in a crazy manner.

08-11-2004, 02:59 PM
Thank you so much for these updates. I usually forget when the show is on and miss it so its nice to be able to read about what happened or didn't happen. lol

08-11-2004, 06:23 PM
Just wanted to remind you Kelsey.....


08-11-2004, 07:56 PM
I hope I made it clear that I'm not writing these, but rather copying them from another site. Not only wouldn't I pay for 24/7 feeds...but I wouldn't have time to watch them either.

I've tried to make sure that bad language is starred out, but if it slips through...please understand that they aren't my words.

08-12-2004, 07:31 AM
Cowboy asks Jase what he is going to do today. Jase is going to cut his hair and chill. Jase: Since this is my last day in the yard. One of the twins shouts out: You never know. Jase laughs. Two feeds on the fish tank. Two feeds on Jase cutting his hair. Cuddling in bed wearing a bandana, Diane says to Drew that sometimes she feels like she is the only one playing the game. She mentions targeting Will and Karen.

If Cowboy or Marvin win HOH, Diane and Drew want to push them into putting Karen and Will on the block. Drew is mad that Marvin was drinking three beers in front of him yesterday. Diane and Drew chat about getting even with Marvin. Diane: I would like to see how Marvin would be if he couldnt eat and I cracked a beer open in front of his face. Diane says she is terrible at school. She failed many exams. Drew: It seems like weve been here forever.

The twins are in the kitchen washing fruit. Cowboy is thinking of making a hamburger. The other two feeds are on the fish tank. Cowboy is feeling a little low because his fiancees son went to his first day of school today. Adria says it must be cool for the kid to tell everyone that Cowboy is on television. Cowboy hopes that his woman got a job at the school. Cowboy says they need paper towels. Natalie is chopping up some oranges.

Cowboy to Natalie: Is anyone in your family starting school today? Natalie: No one in my family is in school. They are done. Cowboy: I thought you had a 17 years old sister? Natalie: I do but I dont know if she has gone to college or not. Jase says that when he went to college they started their year in August. Natalie says it was always September where she comes from. Cowboy wonders if his woman took her law school test again. Cowboy ponders what the boy got for his birthday. He is upset that he missed that too. Karen, Will and Marvin lay out by the pool. Marvin says that his side-biz is designing Web sites and making CDs to sell on the Net. Marvin: Most people dont want to buy CDs on the Internet because they can get that stuff for free. Marvin thought it was cool that he once got an order from India.

Marv and Karen chat about the music industry. Karen compares Britany Spears and other pop star to what they did with the Monkees in the sixties. Marvin thinks some pop stars record live versions of their songs in the studio and then lip synch the songs in concert. Karen: The public just eats the **** up. Karen thinks too many stars bow down to MTV. Marv says that in the old days, artists had to work hard to make their money by touring and stuff. The talk turns to game shows. Marvin chats a bit about his stint on The Weakest Link. Marvin says that everyone thinks they could do well sitting at home and playing along but it is a far different thing to be on a stage with lights and cameras shining in your face and trying to answer questions.

The twins move outside to play poker. Two cams on the fish tank. Two cams on the twins playing cards.

*** End of August 11th, morning - evening update ***

08-12-2004, 07:33 AM
*** Update August 11 evening ***

Fleshing out their alliance, Diane and Natalie ponder the need to win HOH this week. Karen is a target in their minds. They see Karen as insecure. At the hot tub, Cowboy tells Jase that he is resigned to the fact that he will be voted out soon. He just wants to leave as an honourable person. When Marvin joins the chatter, Cowboy says the house will be boring without either of them around. It just wont be the same. Cowboy doesnt feel comfortable speaking to Drew any more after what he has done. Jase says that because Drew screwed over the Horsemen, he would put up both Drew and Diane if he won HOH. Thats what he advises Cowboy to do. Jase heads inside and starts packing some of his things up.

The houseguests got a shuffleboard game in the backyard. They wonder if it is part of a challenge. Some of the houseguests start sharpening their shuffleboard skills.

Natalie practices. She isnt doing so well. Marvin: Head up. *** down. Marvin comments that Natalies booty is throwing her off. Adria talks about carnival games being rigged. Jennifer tries a few shots. Jenn: Thats all the fun I can handle. Geriatric game.

Some of the houseguests are competing in an impromptu tournament. Drew is the champ thus far. Natalie decides to switch hands and see if she does better. Diane takes her turn. Marvin calls her Dirty Diana. Adria: At least if this is out here tonight we might have a decent game tomorrow. Diane: It is just a matter of what kind of game they throw at us. Two feeds on the shuffleboard game. Two on the fish tanks.

Jase calls everyone to the hot tub so they can see some clouds in the sky. They observe them. Some say it is nice to see clouds because they are always hidden by the Green Monster wall. Karen tells Will and Jenn that as some of her favourite games, she put down shuffleboard on the Big Brother application. Jenn is doing well. Karen: I knew there was some reason I hate you. Jenn: I am only good half the time though.

Chatting in the kitchen, Diane tells the twins, Drew and Cowboy that her friend calls birth control pills baby killers. Jase tells Drew and the twins that he has a plan for the live show...but it is not bad, it is nice. Diane: Now, I am scared. Jase says he doesnt want to spoil the surprise. It is something he thought up today. When Jase leaves, Diane says she is worried about Jases mouth. Karen: I think shuffleboard is fun. Diane: I have been getting TV time since I walked in the door.

Will and Diane go into the Diary Room to ask for booze. Marvin is amazed at how the editors can put together each show. Survivor has seven days. Big Brother has two. Will is rolling a chop stick on a wooden table to see which notch it will land in. It is his new game.

Big Brother gives the houseguests booze. Diane tells Marvin, Jase and Drew that they should sell some of the stuff they brought to the Big Brother house on E-Bay. Marvin: If someone wants to buy my dirty old Spider-Man shorts for $150, cool. Jase: America thinks we are idiots. The talk switches to the twins. The guys think Adria has the better looks. Marvin: If I had to kick one of them to the curb it would be N. Will and Jenn talk about threesomes and parties held by swingers.

Marvin says he is staying the hot tub because he thinks it will increase the effect of the beer he is drinking. Marvin: I am trying to make a six pack out of a two pack. Marvin was reading the rules and it says that the HOH cant nominate themselves for eviction. Marvin: What fool would do that? Marvin talks about the producers walking a fine line so that the housguests dont walk out. Marvin says nobody has walked out of the game but they have tried. Marvin says Josh and Marcie quit. Jase says it would be a good idea to threaten someone and get kicked out if you want to leave the house. Marvin says that they have to change the prize money. The longer you stay in the game, the more money you make. He says there is no incentive to do well or stay. They now rip on the twins. Jase: One looks they went to a Christmas party and the other looks like she stole Christmas.

Drew and Cowboy play the throw the golf ball into the hole too. Big Brother: Drew, please put on your microphone. Diane is walking through the house. A camera follows her. She snarls at it and says: Leave me alone. Two feeds of the bathroom where Jase is examining his hair in the mirror and Diane is taking a shower. Two on the twins, Will and Jennifer chatting about trouble with some clubs.

*** End of August 11th, evening update ***

08-12-2004, 08:12 AM
I've tried to make sure that bad language is starred out, but if it slips through...please understand that they aren't my words.

It's cool. I've caught some where they tried to bypass their filters, and starred them out. And a couple where our filter didn't catch it. No biggie. We know you aren't intentionally trying to get around our filters lol.

08-12-2004, 09:27 AM
It's cool. I've caught some where they tried to bypass their filters, and starred them out. And a couple where our filter didn't catch it. No biggie. We know you aren't intentionally trying to get around our filters lol.

Thanks Katt!!! At least the site from which I am copying this stuff is relatively PG rated. I go to one site where they replicate all discussion going on in the house. It can get pretty naughty in the BB house (these people are really bored) and the "sex" discussions are quite explicit.

People interested in the really raunchy stuff can do a search of their own and find it. I'm not about to copy that stuff here...LOL!

08-12-2004, 11:54 AM
*** Update August 12th, morning - afternoon ***

Almost 11:00 a.m. ET here. Everyone is sleeping in the Big Brother house. What happened after they got booze late last night? Lets see.

The twins and Will spoke about how Karen wont let anyone else touch her hair. They think she needs a haircut. Will says they need to get Karen a total makeover when the series is done. Big Brother had to announce to the houseguests that the lights in the house were being turned out in an hour. Diane and Drew believe that Marvin has to go. Diane thinks they should work to keep Cowboy because he is a follower and not a leader. He is easily manipulated. In the HOH room, Diane, Will and Karen rip on Cowboy. Karen cant stand Cowboy any more. She thinks he is a whiner. Diane frets that if Marvin wins HOH he will put up the twins and that Jase may pull some stunt on the live show. Will says if Jase does anything dumb they just wont play along or acknowledge what he did. In the wood bedroom, the twins are concerned that Diane will blow their alliance with her big yap.

It is 12:00 p.m. ET. (9:00 a.m. Big Brother Time) All snores in the Big Brother house. Big Brother has turned the lights on in the house. Not many people are moving though. Finally, Jennifer, Marvin, the twins and Drew are getting washed and brushing their teeth in the bathroom.

Diane enters the bathroom and says last night was the best nights sleep in the house she has had so far. She woke up three times thinking she was back home. Big Brother: Good morning, houseguests. It is time to get up for the day. Drew says that most people cant tell the difference between him and his brother...even people who grew up with them. Marvin tells Diane he has the hots for her sister. Diane says she is married or dating a universal banker. Marvin: I guess I will just have to make do with Halle Berry.

Cowboy tells Karen he wishes he didnt have to get up so early. There is nothing to do. Karen says there usually isnt on Thursday until cleaning time. Karen to Cowboy: You dont want to disappoint the fans. In the kitchen, Will and Marvin talk about attractive women. They both agree that Holly isnt. Diane tells Marvin that she doesnt mind lending money to her boyfriends...as long as they dont steal from her. Marvin: Man, you went out with some friggin losers. Diane: No kidding.

Diane is sitting with Marvin, Cowboy and Drew getting her breakfast ready. Will and Jenn are at the kitchen table. Will says that the coffee club has moved today. Diane says she will join them in a minute. In the HOH room, Karen and Jennifer talk about the twins. They both feel they are making themselves targets by doing everything together and not being alone with the other houseguests more often. They dont see them as a threat just yet though.

Jenn and Karen speculate about Big Brother not wanting the easy out every week. The feeds cut to the fish tank. Karen: Everything is like the star have to be aligned. Jenn: I am very good at plan of attacks. Karen picks Jennifers brain about who should go next. Jennifer: Cowboy. He just bumbles around and picks his nose. He is not a threat. Jennifer thinks there are good things to however things turn out this week. If Marvin wins, the twins might go up and they will be taken care of. Karen is not sure if she is safe with Marvin as HOH. Karen comments that Cowboy tells everyone that he cant put them up. Karen: I would like to win something in this friggin thing. Jenn is packing up her things in the HOH room.

Jenn and Karen agree that Marvin has been the underdog during the whole series. Jennifer: I just dont want to put him up three weeks in a row. It just isnt right. Jennifer is still angry that the Horsemen put her up as a pawn. Jennifer says at that time, she came up with the six finger plan. Karen: You are so devious.

Karen talks about a dream she had. Karen: I am a @*#^$** moron. I am a mental midget. Jennifer: If we are going crazy it is because Big Brother isnt giving us another oxygen. Jennifer and Karen think that when Adria had her crazy day, she was faking. Karen: The twins always demand an answer. They were put in here to decieve people otherwise they didnt get to play. Karen brings up the fact that the twins lied to Scott. Jenn and Karen agree they are not to be trusted because of that. Karen says that the twins are like the female versions of Scott and Jase. They are bullying people in the house. Jennifer thinks so too.

Jennifer offers Karen a candy bar. Karen says she hasnt had breakfast yet. Jennifer chomps down on the candy bar and exclaims: Breakfast. They rip on Jases reverse psychology plot about wanting to go home. Karen: That so offended me. Jennifer: I wish they had more activities for us. Karen is glad there will be another bed available with Jase gone. Karen helps Jennifer carry her things out of the HOH room.

Jase is finally up and brushing his teeth. Jenn, Will and Diane starting doing opera-like notes. Diane: They cant stop us from humming, can they? Right. I bet they can. Jase stares at the photos on the memory wall as he drinks something or other. Cowboy says he will wear Jases shirt as a tribute to him when he is put on the block. Jase: I will be watching for you, Cowboy. The houseguests are cleaning up the house. Diane, the twins and Karen are doing most of the work.

All of the feeds go to the fish tank. It could be that the houseguests are practicing the HOH Competition.

08-13-2004, 07:59 AM
*** Update August 12th evening ***

After the live show. Jase is evicted and Adria wins HOH.

Adria is hoping that she gets the Tim McGraw CD she asked for in the HOH room. Some of the houseguests discuss Jases eviction. Adria thinks Jase is seriously insane. Marvin sees him as just a good liar. Drew: There is a difference between a liar and an actor. There is some banter about Jase lying about the fact that he really lives in L.A. Drew and Cowboy have a heart to heart in the bathroom. Drew says he worked to get Holly and Jase out because he thought they would turn on the Horsemen eventually. Cowboy says he makes his decision based on honour. Drew didnt like Jase questioning his decisions. Adria is not sure if she can eat now that she is HOH.

Diane says to the others that she wants to smash the kitty Jase gave her. She wants to wait though until she is sure it will be on national television.

Marvin and Diane are sitting at the small table eating. Cowboy is off on his own at the dining room table. Diane doesnt think the producers buy the CDs they play in the house. They probably get them off the handlers. Diane, Adria, Jenn, Will and Karen are in the HOH room. Adria calls her momma sweet. Diane: Shes a hot momma. Karen to Adria: Maybe they will show you looking at her picture. Everyone compliments Adrias husband Lenny as being so cute.

Drew and Diane talk in the bathroom. Drew disses on Jase. Diane: I cant wait to smash that cat tonight. Drew: That was pretty sweet though. Adria comes dancing into the bathroom. Adria tells Diane that she was glad she didnt cry when she saw Lennys picture. Adria is going to check with the producers to see if she can eat now. Natalie dances with the headphones on in the HOH as Diane claps along.

Diane talks to Adria about who they should nominate. Diane calls Cowboy stupid. He is not a threat. They agree that Jennifer is fine now too. Diane: The same three people I am thinking of are the same three you are. Adria doesnt understand why Cowboy walks around the house like a security guard all the time. Adria tells Diane she thinks that the other houseguests will never see her and Natalie as separate people. Diane says being HOH is great. The people kissing ass is fun. Diane relays a conversation she had with Will. He asked: Who do you think THEY will nominate? Adria says that proves her point of people not seeing the twins as two players.

In the shower, Will talks to Karen. He thinks that Jase is going to be mortified to see the way he has been portrayed on television. Karen is stripping the beds and washing the sheets. Talking outside, Drew and Diane chat about people seeing twins as a unit. Drew: I hate that. Diane: Adria is not scared. She will put anybody up. Drew says that Marvin should be next because he still has pull over Cowboy. Diane: I just hope we can eat tomorrow. Karen is still washing sheets in the bathtub at a frantic pace.

Diane is being egged on by some of the houseguests to break the kitten Jase gave her. Karen is wringing out the sheets now. Diane asks Jennifer if she wants to play poker tonight. Jennifer would, if they had real cards. Cowboy and Adria chat in the HOH room. Cowboy is glad he got to see a picture of his father. Cowboy: It has been 24 hours. It is awesome. Adria says you cant hold the past against someone. Cowboy says he wants to hear his fathers side and then talk to his mother too. Cowboy: I think my mother was protecting me from some things. Cowboy is thankful for the opportunity to know of his dad. Cowboy: There is one perfect man in this world. Adria: Who? Cowboy: God. Adria notes that God may not be a man. Adria then says she is just joking. Cowboy asks Adria who is going on the block. Adria says anyone in the house but her could be nominated. Cowboy laughs and so does Adria. Adria: Do you want me to put you up? Cowboy: No.

Cowboy heaps the praise on Adria for pulling off the twin twist. Cowboy and Adria talk about who should be nominated. Cowboy picks Marvin. He talks too much smack. Adria says that Marvin has treated everyone fairly and ripped apart everyone equally. Cowboy proposes the twins, Cowboy and Jennifer as the final four. Adria wants the people who she saves to follow up next week and not nominate the twins. Cowboy: I have been stabbed through this whole game. I shouldnt, but I swear on my family that you and Natalie are safe next week. Cowboy says he will respect Adrias decision but he doesnt consider the twins a threat. He has other people he wants out first.

Diane, Drew, Marvin and Cowboy played some poker. In a game of Truth or Dare, Diane and Drew kissed, Cowboy and Marvin mooned the others on the spy cam and Jennifer flashed the spy cam too. Adria and Karen plotted. Karen hopes that Jennifer wont be nominated because she put the plan together to rid the house of Jase. Adria believes that Jase laid some bad seeds about the twins before he left. When Karen leaves, Natalie and Adria confer. Natalie would like Marvin to leave. She terms him as a pervert. Natalie thinks it would be good to nominate Marvin and Will. The twins figure that if Marvin is vetoed, they will put up Karen in his place.

*** End of August 12th, evening update ***

08-13-2004, 09:14 AM
****August 13 - Friday Morning ***

The houseguests have already been awoken in preparation for the food competition today.

The feeds all go to the fish tank with the houseguests sitting and waiting for the Food Competition to start. As the housguests sit in the kitchen and have their breakfast, we can see some sort of tables being set up outside by the producers. Big Brother: Just a reminder. If you win the half million dollars, you wont have to eat peanut butter and jelly again. Diane: Tell us something we dont know. The houseguests wonder what they should wear for the food competition.

When they return, some of the houseguests are doing their make-up and preparing for the competition. Drew: Did they say shortly? Karen: You know what that means. It will be two hours or something. In the cloud bedroom, Will, Karen and Jennifer chat. Will thinks that he and Karen are going up. Karen about the twins: You cant say a thing around them. They are their own team. Karen tells Will that when she spoke to Adria last night she didnt mention suggestions for eviction or anything like that. Karen about the twins: They are worse than Jase. There are two of them. Jennifer puts on her bathing suit for the competition. Will is going to do the same. Cowboy and Will chat in the bathroom.

Cowboy and Will rip on the first edition of Big Brother. Cowboy repeats the story of how America voted out the houseguests at that time and how Chicken Georges hometown flooded the phone lines to keep him in the house. Cowboy: A one-legged dude won the first Big Brother. Will says he didnt watch Big brother until the end of season two. Drew , Diane and Marvin have gone back to bed. Cowboy said he liked Robert because of the love he had for his daughter. Cowboy: I think he was a good father. Big Brother: Drew, Diane and Marvin...I said it is time to get up. Drew: Did we tick them off. Cowboy: Because you laid down.

As Cowboy chats in the bathroom to Adria about her husband the musician, Diane whispers to Karen that Cowboy should win the award for the biggest kiss ass in the Big Brother house. As Karen, Will and Jennifer put their swimsuits on for the food competition, Karen says about the twins: They are like Jase but worse because there are two of them. Karen claims that in her conversation with Adria last night she didnt mentioned who she wanted to be nominated. Karen warns Will and Jennifer not to say too much to the twins about their strategy.

Adria comes out of the DR and tells the houseguests that they have to break up into two teams. Diane: Well, me and Drew are going to be on the same team. Adria says they have to be haves and have nots. There is much debating over who is going on which team. Team one is Will, Jennifer, Cowboy and Karen. Team two are Marvin, Drew, Diane and Natalie.

On one of the feeds, we see some food sitting on a table. When the houseguests step outside, they see the game laid out before them with piles of hamburgers and ingredients. The idea is that the teams must compete in catching ingredients to make a hamburger. The team that wins will get a BBQ grill and lunch. The losers will eat peanut butter and jelly for the whole week. The feeds have all gone to the fish tank.

When the feeds return the throwers are tossing ingredients to the catchers. Things like big foam pieces of cheese..etc. The catchers are using big buns to capture the ingredients in the air. The catchers must go from ingredient station to ingredient station. Big Brother calls time and is checking to see who won.

Since the hamburgers were kinda dumped after they were made, Adria has to sort through the piles and put all the finished burgers back together so she can count them to see who won. When the feeds return, Adria had to remove two burgers from the blue team (Will,
Jennifer, Cowboy and Karen) because they broke the rules. Three are taken away from the red team (Marvin, Drew, Diane and Natalie). The red team finishes with 10 complete hamburgers. The blue team scores 11. Will,Jennifer, Cowboy and Karen dont have to eat peanut butter and jelly. Marvin, Drew, Diane and Natalie do.

After the counts are made, some of the players are not too happy with the result. The dont think Big Brother caught all the violations. In the cloud room, Natalie apologies to Diane for losing the competition since she was the catch. Diane: I just want to say to Big Brother that was the stupidest $@%^#^$# competition I have ever seen. I feel like I was in kindergarten. Drew says it was all luck. Diane: I am just upset because I cant lose any more weight. Jennifer: I won and I am upset. Drew screams into a pillow over and over again. Drew: Now, I feel better. I want REAL food. Diane to Drew: At least weve got each other.

The houseguests notice that on the plasma screen television it says that nominations are today. Will is eating peanut butter and jelly though his team won the challenge.

Will goes into the HOH room to pick Adrias brain about the nominations. Adria doesnt offer much information. Adria: The noms might be shocking but I have good reasons for the people I am picking. Marvin and Diane chat. Marvin says that Karen kisses everyones ass. Diane: Dont worry. She is a target. Marvin says he wishes he could vote twice for Karen. Marvin thinks the twins are running the game now.

In the concrete bedroom, Marvin corners Adria about the nominations. Adria says that everyone at this point has a chance to win the game. The conversation switches to pops. Marvin loves Canada Dry ginger ale. Adria likes Pepsi and nothing else. Diane, Drew and Will chat in the cloud bedroom. Adria and Jennifer scrutinize the fish tank. They wonder if any of the fish are pregnant. Natalie and Jennifer continue playing chess. Two feeds on the fish tank. Two on the game Natalie and Jennifer are playing.

Most of the houseguests have gone back to sleep. Marvin is sitting up though. Two feeds on the fish tank. Two feeds on Adria eating in the HOH room.

Adria and Natalie rip on the food competition. Adria thought it was a load of crap. Adria claims that Natalies team was scammed. Their mat was further away and that they had an obstacle in their way. It wasnt fair in any way. Adria says that those on the PB and J diet will grow closer as will the eaters. Adria says that if they dont win HOH next week, one of them is going home. Adria is not putting Drew up. Adria: Plus, I feel that Drew is on my side. Adria is cool with Jennifer. Adria: She is a good player. She doesnt like to be wheeled and dealed. She wont put up Cowboy but would vote him out. Adria about Diane, she is a spitfire who would turn against her in the jury house but they need to keep her at this point. Adria: Will is a consideration.

Adria is thinking about putting Will up and he will choose Jenn for the Veto and that leave the option for putting Karen up. Adria says that Will is liked by everyone. Adria: Karen is the only one who came to me and talked bad about Will. Adria believes that maybe Karen wouldnt save Will. Adria believes that she has to think about two houses now. The Big Brother house and the jury house. Natalie is okay if she gets voted. Natalie and Adria think Marvin is a bigger threat in the jury house. Natalie is sure they cant put up Jennifer to vote her out because everyone credits her with kicking Jase out. Natalie tells Adria: I would never put you on the block. I shouldnt even have to say that. I would like to see people in the game who I want to win. I would like to see Diane win.

Natalie says that the housguests see them as the new Scott and Jase. Natalie: Karen is clinging to me like a Bounce sheet. Adria plots out putting up Will and Marvin together. Adria and Natalie chat about what Adrias reasons could be at the meeting for nominating Will and Marvin. Natalie: I think people want Marvin gone. I dont think he is here to help me. I want him out too. Natalie says this strategy buys the twins more time in the house.

*** End of August 13th, morning - afternoon update ***

08-14-2004, 10:18 AM
I just read that Will and Marvin are on the block this week... Marvin I understand, but Will going up threw me off!

08-16-2004, 07:53 AM
After the nomination ceremony, Will and Marvin gripe about being put up on the block by Adria. Jennifer doesnt seem pleased by the news either. Marvin about Adria: I helped keep her in this house! Marvin says when he is part of the jury he would never vote for Adria to win BB5. Will says he saved Adria when Holly and Adria were nominated. Diane praises Adria for her nominations. Adria tries to calm Will down in the HOH room saying that he has nothing to worry about. Marvin is gone. Adria claims she put Will up because of what other people have said about him in the house. Will says he is just shocked and didnt expect it at all. He wouldve liked some warning. He wouldve done the same for her.

After speaking with Adria, Will reports everything to Karen, Jennifer, Drew and Diane. He doesnt think Adria was being sincere in her explanations. Jennifer tells Will and Karen she is going to go into the HOH and mess with the twins.

Jennifer questions Adria about Will being pawn. Adria calls him a pinch hitter with a strong bat. She says Will is in a great spot to be in. Jennifer tells Adria that everyone is worried that Adria didnt tell anyone about her plan. According to Jennifer, since neither is a pawn, Adria wants either Will or Marvin to leave. Adria calls her nomination hard love. She claims that nobody trusts her and she feels lonely. Jennifer: Heres the deal. People think they know you and then they dont know you. Jenn states that she trusts the twins because they followed her six finger plan.

Adria: I dont understand why Marvin is sucha shock to people. Jennifer: It is not who you put up. It is how you did it. Adria: I couldve warned people but I am not going to lie. Adria says that there are only two people outside the team: Cowboy and Marvin. Adria complains that Girl Power isnt on the same page. Jennifer agrees. She feels they everyone should be in the loop.

Adria says that Girl Power should be more close. Tears flow from Adria. She claims that she hasnt had time to make bonds with everyone. Thats why they dont trust her. She is just buying time. Jennifer says because of the twin twist, the rest of the house is trying to trust them on individual levels. Adria: I think that people need to sit on things for awhile. Jenn: I think we need to talk. Adria says that she didnt know who she was going to nominate until she was in the HOH. Jennifer doesnt understand why if half the house wanted Cowboy gone and half Marvin...why is Will up? Jenn is confused by it all. Adria wont meet with people individually. She would like to talk to everyone as a team. Adria claims that she is still learning about everyone and the house.

The meeting ends with Jennifer saying she is going to talk to the others. Adria still wants to meet with everyone together and explain things. Jennifer gives Adria a hug and says she did a good job. When Jennifer gets back to the hot tub, she says she misunderstood what Adria was doing. She claims it was all a miscommunication. Will tells Jennifer that he might have a drink tonight. Jenn will too.

The hot tub conversation switches to who has moles and where. Marvin asks Cowboy if he will fire up the grill. Cowboy might but he thinks that any hamburgers he makes would taste better cooked on the stove than the gas grill. Marvin says he has a gas grill at home but uses wood chips.

Jennifer and Adria chat some more in the HOH room. Adria thought that there were strong people in the house who could handle her nominations. Adria doesnt understand why Will has a problem being put on the block. He is a team player. Adria: There are different reasons for putting people on the block. Adria still doesnt get it.

Marvin and Will sit on the patio and chat about being nominated. Marvin says he is chilling. If he isnt leaving this week, it will be next week. He just doesnt want to get stuck in the jury house with Cowboy talking about television all day. Marvin says that Drew has the personality of a handrail or a soap dish.

Marvin and Will agree that Lori got the best deal in the house. She took the money and left. Marvin: She got the sweet deal.

*** End of August 13th, evening update ***

08-16-2004, 07:58 AM
With the houseguests still snoozing, here is what they got up to last night. In the HOH room, Adria told Diane that she cannot understand the reaction her noms are getting from the other houseguests. Diane gives her a hug. Outside on the patio, Will calls Adria a *****. If she wouldve nominated Cowboy, Girl Power would have supported Adria. Will promises that if he isnt booted and wins HOH, Adria and Natalie are going up on the block. Jennifer joins the conversation and says the more she thinks about Adrias reasoning, the more it doesnt make sense at all.

Natalie steps outside to talk to Jenn and Marvin. She starts crying as they explains that everyone is acting strange around her just because of Adrias noms. Natalie claims Adria was fair. Will responds that the noms would have went over a lot smoother if Adria had just warned Girl Power. Will says that the teams in the house have changed. In speaking to Jenn later, Will says if he is bounced, he will tell the twins to remain seated on the live show as his true friends walk him to the door. In bed alone, Drew and Diane contemplate switching sides and abandoning the twins. They dont really like how the nominations went down. Diane views Will as a really good person and shouldve been treated better. Diane: Nik hasnt lied. Will hasnt lied. The twins lied for five weeks straight. Diane says they should re-join Girl Power if they win HOH next week and work with them to dump the twins.

Once the houseguests finally woke up, Natalie and Adria discussed the current atmosphere in the house. Adria clues Natalie in that people are not warming up to her. She needs to tone down herself and her voice. Adria tells Natalie she understands because she lives with her and all their brothers and that girls needed to speak up to be heard but...Natalie has to drop that approach in the house. In the clous room, Will makes an offer to Diane. The twins need to be cut out of the alliance. Girl Power needs to change. Diane nods her head as if in agreement.

Big Brother announces that the Veto Competition will be held in two hours. Many of the houseguests suggest that in Big Brother time that is like 4 or 5 hours.

Some of the houseguests are in the kitchen making lunch. They are on a lockdown inside the house. Jenn says it is weird that they all eat at the same time. Will replies that is because they do not do anything to expend energy. Adria and Jenn complain that they won all the cheese last week but only got half of it. Drew is making soap with beef boullion, ketchup, bread and some spices. Diane is mixing some honey and some mustard. Jenn kids Diane about over sweetening everything.

Diane and Karen chat about breaking the ceramic kitten Jase gave her. Diane wants Marvin to conduct the funeral after she wraps the kitty in a pillow case and smashes it outside. Karen wonders if her appearing on the show will prove to women that they dont have to weigh 70 pounds to be attractive. Will says that in his normal life, he doesnt eat much.

The feeds go to the fish tank during the Veto Competition. When they return, Drew is fiddling with what looks like a hand-held camera. On one of the feeds we see that one of the HOH room has been made into a movie theatre with posters of the film Without A Paddle. Karen and Drew talk about how to use the digital camera. There is mention of creating a slide show. Adria seems to have won the Veto Competition as Drew took a picture of her wearing it.

** End of August 14, morning - afternoon update ***

08-16-2004, 08:02 AM
*** Update, August 14th evening ***

In talking about the Veto Competition, it seemed to have a X-Mas theme with many stockings about and a sled. The houseguests took some goofy pics with Drews camera. Sitting in the kitchen, Marvin and Karen chat about Jennifer exploring her artistic side. Karen thinks that painting motorcycles could work out because it pays so much. Drew and Diane are sleeping. Cowboy goes into the kitchen to get something to eat. Marvin: I hate spending my last friggin week in here on PBJ. The houseguests complain about being on a lockdown inside the house once again. Jennifer: Being kept inside makes me anxious.

Marvin says that CBS probably cant show his audition video because he made a quick joke about someone famous. Karen kids that the FCC made up new rules just for Marvin being on BB5. Cowboy asks Jennifer if she did an audition video to be on the show. Jennifer: I guess. Jenn says she was interviewed. Jennifer said she called the producers and they told her she didnt have to film an audition tape or send one in. Feeds cut to the fish tank and remain so for ten minutes or more.

Still on the fish tanks. Almost half an hour now.

All of the houseguests were held in a bedroom until Adria calls them into the front room. Everyone is cheering. Adria says that the winners of the Luxury Competition tonight will be able to watch Without A Paddle. The houseguests are allowed to watch the trailer in the front room.

The houseguests will play in teams of 3. Marvin, Karen and Cowboy are on one team. Will, Diane and Drew are another. The other is Adria, Natalie and Jennifer. The houseguests head outside to the backyard to compete. Diane says she wants to win because she needs food. Marvin points out that the film is done by Paramount which is part of ViaCom like CBS.

Marvin: Maybe Jase is in it. He is in everything else. The housguests joke that Jase got a job quick. On one of the feeds we see a huge bowl of candy, big bags of popcorn and theatre seats. There are lighted flim strips too and red curtains laying on the ground.

The houseguests sit down in the theatre seats outside and await for Adrias instructions. In order to win, teams must complete three tasks. Two members on the team must complete puzzles made with the curtains. When the carpet puzzle is complete, the lights will signal that the third houseguest on the team can sort through the huge candy bowls to find a golden M+M. Once all three members of the team are seated, they win the Luxury Competition.

The houseguests pick which of their members are doing what tasks. Adria, Cowboy and Will are the M+M finders. All the rest are putting the puzzles together for their teams. The puzzle people are in place trying to sort things out. Will scores big for his team and finds the M+M quickly. Will, Diane and Drew get to watch the movie.

We hear Big Brother tell everyone...even the PBJers that they can eat M+Ms. Adria asks Marvin if he wants some. Marvin: I have lost my appetite. Karen is still trying to solve the puzzle.

In the bedroom, Will talks to Marvin. Will says that Diane and Drew seem to have had a head start the way the pieces were laid out. Marvin just replies that is has been a crappy week for him. (Editors Note: It appears that Big Brother might have told the houseguests which seats the teams were to sit in when they came out to start the competition.)

We see a shot of the theatre room as Drew dresses up for the movie. Diane starts making fun of him, so he starts dressing down. All the feeds now go to the fish tanks.

Marvin and Karen talk in the bathroom. He is sorry everyone on his team lost. He says this is the worst he has felt in some time. First the Veto Competition and now this. Marvin: Thats life in the big city. Karen starts crying when Marvin leaves the bathroom. The other houseguests are just sitting around the kitchen. Not much is being said.

*** End of August 14th, evening update

08-16-2004, 08:05 AM
*** Update August 15th, morning - afternoon ***

When the lockdown was finally lifted last night, Karen and Jennifer spoke about the nominations and the twins. Karen mocks Adria for crying so much when she is backed into a corner. Karen cries. She feels for Marvin being nominated so often. She thinks the twins are targeting him this week. Jennifer feels Adria shouldve nominated Cowboy...even though he is her brother. Karen mentions that Marvin helped Girl Power kick Jase...but the twins dont care abot that it seems.

In reference to Adria as HOH, Karen says: It is like a Hitler thing. I wanna rule the world. We have got two more players like Jase in the house. Karen confirms to Jennifer that if she wins HOH, the twins are going on the block. Jennifer fears that the twins may be contemplating doing to her what she did to Jase.

With the movie over, Marvins steps out and talks to Jennifer and Karen. Marvin: If it is any consolation, they say the movie sucked.

Diane plots with Adria and Natalie in the wood bedroom. Diane hopes that the twins appreciate the fact that Drew and Diane are turning on all of the others. Cowboy joins Adria and Natalie. He announces that he is going to change his middle name to Cowboy from Douglas. The twins talk about not letting Big Brother down. They say the producers talked them into being on the show.

Once they awaken, Will and Jennifer rip on Adria. They feel that she doesnt think they worked to keep her in the house when she was nominated. Will tells Jennifer that the MP3 player he won has just classical music on it. He asked Big Brother for more current music but has gotten no reply. In the kitchen, Marvin, the twins and Karen talk about how Big Brother is now marking down every time they talk about things they shouldnt be in the house...like their Diary Room conversations. Karen is called into the Diary Room a handful of times by the producers. She refuses to go until Will convinces her to.

Marvin and Adria argue in the kitchen. Marvin says he liked Adria the most out of everyone but that has changed somewhat because of the secrecy of the nominations. Marvin: I know I am not one of your boys. Marvin claims he has no allies and is twisting in the win. Adria: Why cant you create an alliance for yourself? Marvin: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Dont be so naive. I didnt come here for no damn stipend. I came here to win the money. Give me half a million right now and I will walk out of this house.

Adria says that Marvin had a fair chance in the competitions. Adria: You still have opportunities. Marvin raising his voice: Do you work for CBS? Adria: Hell, no! Marvin: Because you are saying things like the producers do. Do you work for CBS? Adria: No.
Marvin says that when Adria nominated him, he felt like she stabbed him in the back. He felt close to her in the house. Adria says that the twins didnt have time in the house to figure things out. The HOH win came as a surprise to her. Marvin: When I won HOH, I made a strategic decision. Marvin says he told Lori the score when he nominated her.

In the cloud bedroom, Jennifer is laying in bed and intently listening to the Marvin - Adria debate. Adria says Marvin can still campaign. Marvin replies that he has worked hard in the house. He has cooked for everyone and he does chores like the dishes too. He doesnt have to remind people of that fact and he doesnt have to kiss anyones ass. Marvin says the advice Adria is giving him is like what the producers tell him in the Diary Room. Adria: Oh, come on. Adria says that maybe it is best that Marvin finds out now which people support him in the house and who doesnt.

Marvin: I came onto Big Brother knowing it was a television show first and a game show second. I knew that from Day One. Marvin doesnt care if production gets angry at him for not walking around and handing out fliers that say...Will Sucks! He wont do that. That is not how he plays the game. Marvin says that he knows the producers want lies and backstabbing but he wont do that. Marvin calls Adria on saying that Jesus influenced who she nominated. Marvin takes exception to that. Adria gets angry and says that Marvin keeps attacking her faith. Adria: My faith leads my life. Marvin says he accepts his fate in the game. He shakes Adrias hand and walks away. Adria: I am glad we had this conversation. Marvin walks away without acknowledging Adria and goes off into the bathroom.

Natalie enters the kitchen. Adria: You know some people just make up their minds about things and you cant change that. Adria thinks many of the houseguests have just kinda given up. Marvin heads outside and talks to Will. He relays the conversation he just had with Adria.

He promises Will that he will not campaign against him. Marvin says that the producers can book him a flight and send him home. Marvin: I dont give a damn. Marvin and Will agree that they are going to put the twins up if they win the HOH. Marvin says he had a good chance to win the Veto and he didnt. He isnt crying about that. Marvin repeats to Will that BB is a television show first and a gameshow second. Marvin about Adria: She is just used to everyone liking her. The great softball player. Marvin: She says she has no allies and her sister walks into the kitchen on cue. Cowboy enters the kitchen. Adria is confused at Marvins reaction. Adria mocks people who wont campaign for votes. She equates that with quitting the game.

Natalie chats with Cowboy in the kitchen. She says there is no rule book to the game. Natalie tells Cowboy that Girl Power wanted him up but Adria wouldnt do it. In the bedroom, Diane, Drew and Jennifer discuss Adrias comments that she wants to be the tie-breaker vote. Adria heads back into the kitchen with Cowboy and Natalie. Natalie tells Adria about Cowboys thoughts: He is like us. Which one (Marvin or Will) do we keep? Will comes into the kitchen. He disagrees that by not campaigning, he and Marvin are not playing the game. He wont run a negative campaign either. Adria and Natalie double team Will in the kitchen. Adria: I just want to know who wants to stay. Should I just lay the veto down then? Will says that he wont ask Adria to use the veto on him because that would be like saying he is more valueable than Marvin.

Adria tells Will she is a target. Will has learned that everyone is really playing the game as individuals. Will says that being nominated, has put everything in a whole new light for him. When Adria leaves Natalie tries to smooth things over with Will saying that Adria is taking a hit for just trying to find out how people feel.

*** End of August 15th, morning - afternoon update ***

08-16-2004, 08:09 AM
*** Update August 15th, evening ***

As another work week looms on the horizon (ack!) the Big Brother house is in mild chaos with most everyone giving Adria the evil eye and Karen spending around 2 or 3 hours in the Diary Room.

In the cloud bedroom, Diane, Drew and Jennifer tear apart the twins. Diane says she wouldnt be surprised if the twist was that the twins are really from an insane asylum. Diane jokes CBS sent the twins in to drive them crazy. Jennifer says when she found out that Adria said she was talking crap behind Wills back, she wanted to punch her in the face. Diane says that the only person who supports Adria is her own sister. Jenn replies that Adria wont give anyone a straight answer. Diane: She twists things a hundred different ways.

Karen finally ends her almost three hour Diary Room session. Karen says that they had to find the right doctor for the help she needed. They have regular doctors on call but not specialized ones. In chatting with Adria, Drew advises that either Will, Karen or Jennifer should go. They have to bust up that alliance. Will tells other houseguests at the hot tub that the producers told him they are going to download some new music into the player but that nobody can make requests.

Outside on the patio, Will tells Karen and Jennifer that if they win HOH, they should put up both the twins and not mention who everyone is voting for. He would love for them to sweat it out. Looking at the treadmill, Will says the producers didnt bust their budget on it. Karen says sarcastically: The producers are working really hard and you can have everything when you want it. Will: Especially a visit from a psychologist. Will says they probably will take one of his DR sessions and make it into an MM commercial.

Will walks through the bathroom with Cowboy, the twins and Diane in it singing...Another one bites the dust. The twins are washing some of the towels. Cowboy offers to help carry the heavy load for the twins. Outside on the patio, Karen speaks to Jennifer. Karen and Jennifer agree that they arent attracted to women at all. Jennifer admits that she has kissed other women but has no sexual feelings for them at all. Jennifer: Women are *****es. I hate women. Jennifer and Karen admit to not having many female friends.

While Diane, Karen and Jennifer diss on the twins, all the feeds go to the fish tanks. Not sure why.

When the feeds return, everyone is in the house. The houseguests could be on a lockdown. Diane and Marvin are getting something to eat. Marvin and Diane mock Hollys voice in the kitchen. Marvin keeps saying in a high-pitched voice: Jase! Jase! Others join in and mock her for holding her drink like she was gonna spill it any minute. Marvin: Sorry, Holly. You know I love you. Will jokes: You all are sickening. Marvin asks Drew what kind of cookie he is eating. Drew: Peanut butter. Marvin: Oh, I thought you lost your mind for a minute.

The twins chat in the HOH room. They chat about one of the twins going next week because of the angry people in the house and that Drew could also be on the chopping block. Adria claims that Diane is playing both sides of the fence for them. Adria and Natalie are shocked that Marvin and Will are angry at them. Natalie: I have never seen Will so ugly. Natalie and Adria are hoping for a tie so Adria can choose who goes. Drew and Cowboy enter the room. Natalie tells them about the tie they are hoping for. Adria: I am prepared to deal with the tie. Cowboy: The people I have talked to, it seems like a tie. Natalie: You have been taking a ton of heat this week. Adria: I have.

When the lockdown is over, some of the houseguests go outside to play golf. Will is in the HOH room listening to music.

One feed on Will. Two feeds on the Two Ball game.

Karen enters the HOH to talk to Will. Karen is certain that Adria wont use the Veto. They are sure Marvin is gone. Will tells Karen of his plan to win HOH and then nominate the twin then make sure they dont find out who is going until Julie Chen announces it. The feeds on Karen and Will go to the fish tank. The other two feeds on the Two Ball game.

*** End of August 15th evening update ***

08-16-2004, 12:24 PM
Kelsey~~~~Thanks for posting this info!!! Keeps me updated as well as others ;)

08-16-2004, 02:11 PM
Your welcome JWWB2000..

*** Update August 16th morning ***

Diane dropped her ring down the sink after the Two Ball game outside last night. Marvin and Cowboy fiddle with the sink in the bathroom and get it back for her. Diane hugs Cowboy and Marvin. Talking in the concrete room with Will and Jennifer, Karen says that the music player on the treadmill is pretty cool. They chat about turning on the twins and working hard to get them both out of the house. Jennifer regrets sharing the six finger plan with the twins. Will says if he makes it through this week and is put up next week by the twins, he will leave the house on his own.

Will, Karen and Jennifer meet with Adria. Will says everyone wants to make sure Girl Power is still strong. Will says that if he stays this week, Adria is safe next week. Adria tells Will she was surprised at the reaction of the house but now she will leave the decision of who leave to those who are voting. Diane spots Natalie and Marvin chatting in the kitchen. She goes back in the bedroom with Drew and expresses her concern. Drew says not to worry, the twins wont make it to the end anyway.

The houseguests are finally getting up this morning. It took two wake-up calls. Big Brother reminds the houseguests that the Veto Ceremony is in two hours.

Most of the houseguests are sitting outside on the patio. Karen tells a story of how her former principal in high school was one of the actual female baseball players portrayed in A League Of Their Own. She didnt find that out until years later when she saw the woman at a book signing. It blew her away. Drew, Karen and Adria chat more about the movie and class reunions. Marvin is listening to Wills MP3 player. Natalie, Will and Jennifer sit on the other side of the patio chatting about the clothes they should have bought and brought into the house with them.

The houseguests are on a lockdown in the backyard. Everyone is just sitting and relaxing. Not saying much. Jennifer is showing Drew and Karen a card game she plays. Jenn: It is good to pass the time. Drew shows Jenn a card trick involving kings, queens and jacks going to a hotel or something.

Some of the houseguests are now playing poker outside. All feeds go to the fish tank. The houseguests must be having the Veto Meeting.

After the Veto Meeting, Adria and Natalie talk in the HOH room. Adria is glad she said what she did at the meeting. She says she wanted to see people for who they really are. Adria hopes that what she did doesnt come back and bite them in the butt. Adria leaves the HOH room and head into the kitchen. Jennifer is there. Jennifer says she is sleepy. Adria is thinking of taking a nap. Outside, Will is on the treadmill and Marvin is washing clothes.

With Jenn lacing on her leather boots in the kitchen and Drew fixing something to eat, Adria says she knows why now the houseguests call the dishes...Ikea dishes. At first, she didnt get it then she read something about it in the house. Diane is sleeping in bed. Karen is laying on the hammock with something around her head to block the sun. Marvin is still doing his landry and Will is running on the treadmill with his MP3 player on...so there is no chatter. Cowboy is shown sleeping too. Adria and Drew are still in the kitchen talking about home-made noodles.

Marvin comes into the kitchen to eat. Marvin asks Drew if as a twin he can see differences in other twins. Drew: Nope. I am just like a regular person when it comes to that. It take me awhile to see the difference. Adria comments that it is the same for her. Marvin finishes eating goes back outside.

In the HOH room, the twins confirm that Adria did not use the Veto. Adria is upset that Marvin brought up the fact that the twins are always complaining about having such a hard time connecting with people in the house.

*** End of August 16th morning, afternoon update ***

08-17-2004, 07:32 AM
*** Update August 16th evening ***

Talking about Diane and Drew, Jennifer tells Karen that Drew is probably the last guy who will get voted out. Karen believes that it was unfair of the twins to get to leave the house every so often when they were involved in the twist. She thinks they got to stay in a hotel room. Chatting with Marvin, Will calls the twins liars. First they said they had no idea they were playing the game together until they were sequestered and then they said they knew before coming on the show because their loved ones were giving them advice. Will doesnt know which story to believe.

Marvin hates Adrias holier than thou attitude. He says she doesnt give him any credit at all for helping get Jase out of the house and keeping her in. He is angry that she wanted Will and Marvin to fight it out to stay in the game. Marvin says the twins have no right to say they had it so hard when they got to stay in a hotel room. Marvin is called to the Diary Room. Will jokes that they will call him in next.

Diane speaks with Drew about her seeing Marvin talking to Natalie last night and how they both split when they saw her. She doesnt trust the twins as much as Drew does. She brings up the fact that Will and Jenn dont lie. Diane believes that Natalie is pulling all of Adrias strings. Diane: Dont you think we have a better chance of winning with Will, Jennifer and Karen?

Heading outside, Diane talks to Jennifer about the twins. They agree with the fact that neither are to be trusted at all. All of the houseguests are outside and most are playing cards. Karen is running on the treadmill.

Two feeds on the fish tank. Two feeds on the card game (just card talk going on) and Karen exercising.

Karen, Diane, Will and Jennifer chatter at the hot tub. Diane thinks that Americas Choice will be some getaway for the day. Marvin and Diane start playing Two Ball. Karen and Will discuss the music they listen to while using the treadmill. Karen hopes the producers will download some cool music. Will says he has to remind them.

Cowboy, Marvin and Drew start a Two Ball game. In the bathroom, the twins joke about Adria wearing a Venice Beach T-shirt and Marvin hinting at she might live in California. Will walks to the shower wearing a towel. Will starts the shower and then removes the towel. The cameraman zooms in as he does so but he is wearing shorts. (Editors note: Seems like some of the cameramen are not afraid to goof around on occasion.) Karen and Jennifer talk in the kitchen. They agree that Drew and Diane have to eat next week for sure. Karen says Drew sleeps all day and is looking thinner. Karen: So, how can we make it happen? They are being such good sports about it. My conscience is starting to bug me. Jennifer: I am so bored here. I dont want to go outside. It is so loud out there.

Jennifer and Karen talk about art. Karen gives Jennifer some advice on how to make a living off of art. The Two Ball game continues. Will finishes his shower and joins Karen and Jennifer in the kitchen. Will thinks that Diane is a shoe-in to vote for Marvin. Karen: I dont think there is any reason why the girls would keep Marvin in the game. Karen about Marvin and the twins: He is not in with them. Will says that the anger Marvin is expressing is real. Karen: He hates them.

Will thinks that Diane is coming around and he will talk to Tweedle-Dee (Drew) tomorrow. Karen and Will agree to double-team Drew tomorrow about voting for Marvin. Karen says that she will mention to Drew that Marvin has been calling Diane a stripper for like a month now. Will talks about how the twins take even the card games they play very seriously. In his mind, they are too competitive. When Will goes outside, Jenn tells Karen of her conversation with Diane. Jenn states that Natalie is the brains behind the whole operation.

Karen: I cant believe you are saying that. Thats exactly what I thought too. Will returns. Karen: Natalie is the button pusher for sure. Will: Those two girls are uber competitive. They are the most competitive by far. Karen thinks that if the twins lost and were sequestered, they would be so pissed off. Will says there is no way the twins could make it to the final two. They have too big a target on their heads and cant win enough HOHs.

All feeds return to the Two Ball game.

Cowboy and the twins are in the kitchen. One of them wonders if they should drink the rest of their beer. The other says: Ready, set, go! Sitting at the patio table, Drew asks Jennifer if she wants to play cards. Jennifer replies that she doesnt have her contacts in. Diane says that one of her fingers hurts. Jennifer jokes: That is a thumb, darling. Diane: Okay. It is a digit then. Drew thinks the houseguests have it easy. There is food, beer to drink and good people to talk to. Drew: It is like we are getting paid to breathe. Jennifer agrees. They chatter about possibly playing the card game Speed. Jennifer says you cant do that with the cards they made. Diane: Yeah, they kind of all stick together.

Jennifer admits it has been about a year since she had sex. For Diane, it has been nine months. Jennifer says she has had two relationships that lasted two years each. One ended because the guy cheated on her. The other because the guy changed. Jennifer: It is like he woke up one day and became a totally different person. Drew: That sucks. Jennifer doesnt think she could ever get married. She could stay with someone forever but not marry them. She says there comes a time when either she changes or they do and it changes the whole rotation.

Diane: I am running low on my fuel. My MMs. Karen is talking about some sort of hay ride for kids in the hot tub to Diane, one of the twins, Cowboy and Marvin. She then goes into how she makes all her own decorations from things she picks up at garage sales. Diane, Drew and Jennifer agree they get mellow and funny when they are drunk. Marvin chatters about his hot tub at home. Marvin says his is smaller at home. It fits only about six people...if that. Marvin says it is often only him that uses it. Marvin: Poor me. Poor me. Poor me. Pour me another one.

*** End of August 16th evening update ***

08-17-2004, 08:42 AM
I didn't know there are some conversations you can't have in the big brother house, like discussing what is said in the diary room. What are other things and why can't they be discussed? Like the diary room conversations, what is wrong with them? :confused:

08-17-2004, 09:31 AM
I didn't know there are some conversations you can't have in the big brother house, like discussing what is said in the diary room. What are other things and why can't they be discussed? Like the diary room conversations, what is wrong with them? :confused:

I didn't know that either :confused:

Last year I know that when a house guest would sing, they would ask them to stop.. something to do with the promotion of the music or something. Stupid if you ask me. They are locked in a house 24/7 no outside contact and they should be able to sing if they want!

08-17-2004, 11:04 AM
Supposedly the houseguests can't discuss their diary room sessions, nor are they to discuss how they voted.

I guess the producers don't want that information out there until it is 'aired'.

They also aren't suppose to sing in the BB house because that would mean that the producers would have to pay someone royalties for using their song on a show that was broadcast. So...whenever the HG's burst into song...the camera's go to the fish tanks!

They have a bunch of other rules. In the first seasons, the HG's could go to the Diary Room whenever they need to talk or have a problem or concern.

Now...they can only go to the Diary Room when they are called there or if they need medical attention.

08-19-2004, 09:01 AM
sorry I haven't posted what's happening...but frankly it's been really boring.

Will/Marvin: I hate Adria...I want to leave the game now...I want to stay in the game...I have played with integrity...etc...whine...whine...whine.

Adria/Natalie: Everyone hates us but Adria was just doing what needed to be done in the house...yada...yada...yada

Diane/Drew: Should we stay aligned with the twins...yes...no... I really like you but this isn't reality in the house. Maybe we should split up and sleep separately...yes...no...cuddle...kiss...I miss you but I can't trust you...what will we be like out of the house...etc...YAWN...

Everyone else: I have got to win HOH this week so the evil twins can be put up! I hate them...they cannot be trusted...I am the only one playing with integrity...blah...blah...blah...

08-19-2004, 09:16 AM
I was beginning to wonder where the spoiler was. :)

I guess it is to be expected when they live in the same house that nothing would really happen of interest.
I wonder, is Marvin more miffed at the fact that he is on the block for eviction or that he knows no one will save him? :confused:

08-19-2004, 09:49 AM
lol~it's always so funny to me that all these people are like you were my friend~phhhhhhh~okay you all went there to win~so why fault people for doing what they have to do to win?

08-19-2004, 03:50 PM
*** Update August 19th morning ***

At almost 11:00 a.m. ET., the houseguests remain in bed. What did they get up to after the domino, hackey sack and Two Ball games last night? Lets see.

Will and Jennifer discussed the twins. Jennifer finds it odd that the twins only talk to people one-on-one. She wonders what is up with that. Will thinks he can rely on Drew backing him this week but he is unsure of Cowboy since he seems to be hanging around the twins so much...then again...Cowboy dislikes Marvin. After trying to figure out the domino game, Diane complains to Natalie in the bathroom. Diane: All of things they can give us we get dominoes? They could have at least given us #@$*#* checkers instead.

The twins meet in the HOH. Natalie thinks that Diane is just stringing Drew along in the game and in their relationship. Natalie tells Adria that she is going to pray before voting on Thursday. Natalie says to Adria that Marvin told her if he is kicked out on Thursday night, he is going straight home. He doesnt want to be sequestered even if it means he gives up his stipend. In speaking to Diane, Will suggests that she sell the ceramic cat Jase gave her on Ebay. Big Brother took back the domino game.

While in bed, Diane tells Drew that she cant trust Marvin. She feels he would put them up if he won HOH. Diane thinks that Girl Power would rather put up the twins than her and Drew. Their chances would be better with Girl Power rather than the twins when it comes to the final competitions.

At just after 11:00 a.m. ET., all is hushed in the Big Brother house.

Though the houseguests are still snoozing, you can read all about the first Americas Choice challenge in the Big Brother section on Jam! Showbiz. In short, the winner will star on an episode of the Young and the Restless. Though that news has been around for awhile CBS now has details about when the challenge will run and how it will all work out for the winning houseguest.

All HouseGuests are still in Dreamland at 1:15 p.m. ET. Finally...some life in the Big Brother house. Karen is up doing her make-up in the kitchen. Karen hears one of the cameramen sneeze behind the wall. Karen: Bless you. Karen finishes in the bathroom and goes into the kitchen. She is the only one up at present.

Drew and Diane kiss each other good morning. Drew says he wanted to make sure that Diane started the morning right. Drew is mystified that his flag is on the ground again. He has to keep taping it up every single morning. Adria is in the kitchen brushing her teeth. Drew: Are you sick of the clothes you have brought here now. Diane: Yeah, I have nothing to wear. Cowboy informs Diane and Drew that it is 11:00 in the morning. Drew: Great! Now we only have half the day to waste!

Drew tells Diane that he buys all of his music CDs off the Internet. Well, the blank CDs that is. Diane claims to buy all of her music CDs. She doesnt download. In the the wood bedroom, the twins complain that Big Brother never plays any country music to wake them up. They find that strange since many of the country artists live in L.A. The twins talk about watching DVDs at the hotel room. The twins think Sea Biscuit was better than Spider-Man.

Chatting in the kitchen with Will, Diane: I dont care about a carrer and I am 22. Will wonders if the producers will give them the dominos game back. Will: We should play extreme dominos. Bring it on, *****! Karen starts vacuuming the house. Drew and Diane start cleaning up the wood bedroom. Most of the houseguests are tidying up for the live show tonight. While the houseguests clean, some are singing. Because of that we are rocketed to the fish tank again...and again. Some kind of sound mustve went off while the feeds were on the fish tank because the houseguests chatter about Big Brother playing some effect by accident. The feeds go to the fish tank and have remained there for quite some time.

Still at the tanks, folks. Been about an hour or more.

When the feeds return Cowboy and Drew are talking about what to wear on the live show. Cowboy: You are considering wearing white pants? Drew has selected a lime green shirt too. Cowboy asks Drew if they are still on the same page. They are. Feeds cut to the fish tanks again as Cowboy asks Will if he will iron his shirt later.

More fish tank footage, folks. Jennifer, Diane and Will chat on the front room couch as Karen vacuums. Diane says that Drew could be coming around to not trusting the twins. He saw the twins plotting in the hot tub last night just like she did. Diane about the twins: They gotta go. Jennifer agrees. Diane: I am pissed off to see Marvin around me all day. Marvin says **** to me all the time. Diane goes off to iron her blouse. Will continues packing. Karen continues vacuuming.

Will sits in the front room alone. Cowboy is reading Bible verses to himself in bed. Jennifer is ironing a shirt. Drew follows Jennifer and starts ironing his pants. He stares at the photos on the memory wall as he does so. Karen to Natalie: This is like a velcro floor. Everything sticks to it.

*** End of August 19th morning - afternoon update ***

NOTE FROM Kelsey: It appears as if Will will be going tonight. Cowboy, Drew, and Natalie have indicated that they will vote for Will. Jenn, Karen, and Diane will vote for Marvin. That means that Adria will need to cast the tie-breaking vote. She has indicated that if it's a tie...she will vote for Will.

08-19-2004, 08:25 PM
poor Will :(

08-20-2004, 08:37 AM
*** Update August 19th evening *** After the show....

After the feeds return, Drew hugs Diane. Diane says that she is upset that Will is gone and that hugs wont make up for it. Natalie and Adria try to puzzle out what Will meant by his Karma statement. They dont know what the word Karma means. While Karen exercises on the treadmill, Jennifer admits that she didnt really want to win HOH again. When Jennifer goes to the cloud bedroom, Diane sticks her head in and asks Jenn if she will be nominating both the twins at once. Jenn: Yes. Diane: Good. At least we are sure one of them is going.

Jenn begins reading passages in the Bible about betrayal. Jenn tells Diane that she wants to speak to Marvin and figure out where he fits into everything. The conversation switches to Cowboy. Jenn: He is such a henchman. He cant even wipe his own butt. Diane tells Jennifer if one of the twins wins the Veto and takes herself off, Jennifer should put up Drew. That will teach him for voting to kick Will.

Laying in bed, Diane tells Drew that Adria was lying about having such a hard week. Diane comments that everyone who has had to be HOH deals with stress. The twins are no different. Diane says she wouldnt be surprised it Drew ended up on a soap opera and falling in love with one of the actresses. Drew plays with the front of Dianes shirt. Drew: I am horny, horny, horny, horny. Diane tears up when thinking about Will. Drew hugs Diane and gets her a tissue. Diane: Thanks. It is like losing one of your best friends. I hate this house. I will win this #^$#^$ game, just you wait and see. Drew and Diane think the Americas Choice prize should go to someone who wants to act. Diane: I would hate to burst Cowboys country bubble.

Marvin and Cowboy rehearse their own soap opera scene. Cowboy: She is mine. She was in love with me first. Marvin: Just because you are white, dont think she wants you. She is into jungle love. Once you go black, you dont go back. The twins and Karen have a good laugh at the scene. Adria jokes: You guys gotta finish that later. Karen says if she wins the soap opera role, they stylist people there can do anything that they want with her hair. Marvin jokes that if he wins it, he will have to rub it in Jases face. Karen: The publicity machine behind this appearance is probably huge.

In the kitchen, Marvin start goofing on Karen. He would like to show her one of his favourite soap opera scenes. Marvin pulls out some honey from the fridge, warms it up in the microwave, takes off his shirt and starts spraying the honey all over his body as he dances trying to impress Karen. Karen, Jenn, Cowboy and the twins howl with laughter at Marvin. After the gag, Marvin heads to the shower. Cowboy talks to the camera in the kitchen. Cowboy: I will just leave things there. I got the votings America.

Diane and Drew chat some more in bed. She thinks that her and Drew are the only ones who have a chance at winning Americas Choice. Diane: I mean seriously. Cowboy? Please. Nobody wants to see $^#*$* Cowboy on the soap. Nobody wants to see Marvin. Nobody wants to see Karen either. Diane thinks the producers will ultimately select who goes. Diane jokes that she hates Drew for voting the way he did. Drew reminds her to keep the game separate from their relationship.

Drew is called to the Diary Room by the producers. He has to leave Diane in bed. All feeds go to the fish tank.

When the feeds return, Drew confirms that the producers just chewed him out in the Diary Room...big time. Drew: They dont like me today. Jennifer is in the room with Drew and Diane. Jennifer to Drew: So, you are being considered? Drew hushed Jennifer. Diane to Drew: Dont leave me when you go to the soap. Diane, Drew and Jennifer eat M and Ms.

The twins and Marvin chat about possible Luxury Competition and leaving the house. Adria says she doesnt know if it would be worth it. All feeds go to the fish tanks again.

Back in the bedroom with Diane, Drew and Jennifer. Diane says Drew is in the dog house after the way he cast his ballot today. Jennifer and Diane ponder nick-names for Drew like...Drew Dog. The conversation switches to Wills comment about Karma. Jennifer is explaining it. Diane: How ironic was that statement. Drew: It was supposed to be.

All feeds go to the fish tank again. When they return, the twins and Karen chat in the kitchen. Karen says sleeping in the house is like napping in an office because they cant turn the lights off. Two feeds on Diane and Drew laying in bed silent. Two on the fish tank. Two feeds back to the twins and Karen in the kitchen. Adria is talking about how bad her moms coffee is.

Marvin, Cowboy, the twins and Karen chat about being sequestered. Some think everyone is. Some think only from this week on. Marvin says he read the contract and that the rules about sequestering are not in the rule book located in the house. The feeds cut to the fish tank. When they return, Karen is apologizing to the cameras. Karen: I am sorry. I am sorry. I get a feeling I wont be on the Young and The Restless any time soon.

Karen says she doesnt watch the Young and The Restless. Karen: Is it any good? Adria replies that it is one of the best soaps out there. Karen: Is that the one with Susan Lucci? Cowboy says that Jase must be angry at seeing the Americas Choice. Marvin thinks Scott is off somewhere drunk and wouldnt care. The talk switches to shopping at Wal-Mart.

Jennifer calls the houseguests together. She says something is set up outside. Marvin: I might be able to eat now. Thank you producers. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus. The houseguests wonder aloud of they need running shoes for what is awaiting outside. Seems like it might be a Food Competition tonight.

When the feeds return. The houseguests are sitting at a dinner table outside. Jenn explains that they have to lift up their trays and reveal their meals in front of them. Not sure what the object of the competition is but each houseguest represents what they will eat that day. When the meals are revealed, they are all sorts of things. Steak, some ice cream, I think. Jenn is not playing but will share their fate. The feeds cut to the fish tank. When they return, Cowboy is about to start eating. He takes a big swig of water. The producers put things on hold they have to wait...fish tank. When they return, Cowboy is playing for Fridays food.

Jennifer to the houseguests: Big Brother is full of twists this year and heres another one. She reveals a food processor. Jenn: It is smoothies from hell. (Editor Note: This fame has been done before on BB). Cowboy has a Chinese dinner to gulp down with his favourite soft drink. Cowboy: It smeels so good. Thank you, Big Brother. Cowboy drinks his meal. Cowboy: Fear Factor, here I come. The twins seems to be doing most of the cheering. Cowboy finished his.

Marvin is next. He seems to have a fried shimp dinner, french fries and a beer. Marvin is looking forward to it. It is a timed competition. Marvin is playing for Saturday. Cowboy yells out: It aint that bad. Like a chocolate milk shake. Cowboy tells Marvin to take big gulps. The housegusts remind Marvin of the crap he was eating on PB and J. Karen: I cant even look. The producers say Marvin has 10 seconds. The producers let him go over the time. Marvin fails. Marvin: It was too thick. Sorry, guys. They have PB and J for Saturday.

Adria is next. She has salad, some pasta, chocolate cake and red wine. The houseguests are eating their favourite meals they told Big Brother about. Adrias is completely liquid. Adria is drinking hers quick. Adria: We are eating on Sunday. I got this. I may be a little drunk after this. Adria: I cant taste the chocolate cake. Adria is successful.

Drew is up. He has chips, fillet minon, baked potato, apple pie and a beer. Everyone talks about how big Marvins lobster was. It really wasnt fair. Drew does well. The houseguests get food for Monday.

Karen is up. Karen has burritos, tacos and a pop. Karen: I will prove my loyalty to the taco club. Karen downs hers very quickly. She sticks out her tongue like a bad food challenge on Survivor. Karen: That was disgusting. Food for the houseguests on Tuesday.

Natalie has steak, vegetables and some booze coffee. Jenn adds some water as it is too thick. Marvin jokes that he doesnt want to be the only one who didnt make it. Someone kids that Natalies drink has nice colour to it. Natalie is victorious. They have food on Wednesday.

Diane is last. Hers is a chicken dinner with water. Diane says her smoothy smells great. Marvin says he doesnt want to be the only one with an X on the board. When she starts drinking she says it tastes like horse food...like hay. Diane: I am pretending to be at the bar and drinking a beer. Marvin: Maybe one of us will get lucky. Marvin: Go to a happy place in your mind. Diane is done. The houseguests win food on Friday

Jenn rehashes the days the houseguests won and lost. The only PB and J day is Saturday courtesy of Marvin.

After the food competition, all of the houseguests were told they were allowed to eat again. In the hammock, Natalie and Adria point out that Diane is playing all sides. They are resigned to the fact that Jennifer will be nominating them. Jennifer was finally let into the HOH room. She got some letters from home and pics of her family too. Her boyfriend sent her a bracelet too.

In the HOH room, Diane and Jennifer joke about the twins kissing up to Jenn after the Food Competition. Diane: They are going to love you even more tomorrow when you put them on the block.

*** End of August 19th evening update ***

08-20-2004, 11:26 AM
****August 20th morning/afternoon Update****

At almost 2:00 p.m. ET., the houseguests are finally awake. To wake the sleepy housguests, Big Brother says: The bedroom lights must remain on! In the bathroom, Marvin tells Natalie that it was interesting to see Julie Chen without make-up on. Marvin: She is beautiful any way. Marvin says he wants to eat eggs after seeing the other houseguests cook them all week while he was having bowls of water. Marvin complains that the houseguests need new food supplies. This morning, he is having a bag of chips and a pop for breakfast. The twins and Jennifer joke in the kitchen that there is nothing in the storage room except hamburger. Adria: Maybe I will have a hamburger for breakfast. Jennifer: There is enough hamburger in this house to choke a horse.

The feeds go to the fish tank as Big Brother demands the other houseguests get up. When they return, Cowboy, Jennifer, Diane and others are talking about what star fruits are and eating breakfast.

Natalie, Jennifer and Diane sit outside on the patio. Jennifer wishes the house had more couches. Jennifer: I love couches. The talk switches to how Jennifer would furnish her joins them. Jennifer asks Karen if her grandmother is straight-up Catholic. She is. Jennifer wonders if she ever put metal bars in and around the house to ward off evil spirits. Karen says no. Karen tells the women about a good luck gesture her husband does. If one of their friends buys a new car, he throws spare change into the backseat for luck. Adria: If you get enough friends to do that, you might make some money that day. Cowboy, Marvin and Drew play poker. The women chat about dog troubles...especially driving around with them. Diane says her one dog jumped out of the window of her car while it was moving once. Natalie says that her dogs always stay in the backseat. She is so afraid of them causing an accident.

Diane confirms that the houseguests are on a lockdown outside. Diane believes that the producers are cleaning their kitchen and stocking the cupboards. Jennifer: I cant understand why they dont let us do that. Diane: Probably because they dont want us to walk off with anything. Jennifer: They have a million cameras everywhere. Diane: Oh, yeah. Right.

The lockdown is over. The houseguests go back inside. It seems like the producers made the kitchen table smaller and taken away some chairs. The players havent noticed. The cameraman keep zooming in and out on the table. Nobody has figured it out though. (Editors note: Usually the houseguests see the table deal right away each and every year.) Big Brother delivered food to the houseguests and Marvin is ready to fire up the BBQ. Marvin is going to throw something on the grill for everyone in the house. Karen: This is crazy. Diane: I know. Jenn has finally seen that the kitchen table is smaller. Drew: I cant believe how much food we have. Diane is excited there are strawberry pop tarts.

*** End of August 20th morning - afternoon update ***

08-21-2004, 09:31 AM
Jen put the twins up!!!! I had to look because I won't be home tonight lol

They also showed a nice pic of Natalie flipping jen off after nominations. :)

08-21-2004, 09:37 AM
Jen put the twins up!!!! I had to look because I won't be home tonight lol

They also showed a nice pic of Natalie flipping jen off after nominations. :)

08-21-2004, 10:56 AM
I cant wait to see tonights show now !

08-21-2004, 12:14 PM
Anyone wanna tape it for me?? LOL

I watched a bit of the live feed today and the twins were whispering up a storm... I heard jen's name a lot, but I couldn't make out everything that was said.

I know Natalie talked a lot about trying to get drew on their side (riiiiight) by making him feel guilty.. .. I don't know about what though.

08-22-2004, 07:16 PM
HERE IT IS !... POV Spoiler Sun. 8-22 Competition Winner is...
...one of the twins, Adria.
This is the second week in a row she has won the POV. But this week she is also up on the block to be evicted.

What will she do!? Save herself OR save her sister, Natalie??
And Who will Nakomis put up in place of whoever comes off the block?
POV ceremony should be on Monday, 8/23.

08-23-2004, 11:59 AM













A took herself off and now CB is up with Nat

08-23-2004, 12:15 PM
I watched live feed for a bit last night and the twins were trying to decide which one wanted to stay and which one would go.. they did a pro's and con's list basically.

If they were smart.. which they have proven not to be lol.. A should have saved natalie. I think they house is mostly pissed off at A .. I know thye will both eventually be gone, but I think natalie stands a better chance in the house... as little as it is lol

08-23-2004, 12:57 PM
Those twins, were messed over from the begining. When you have identical twins in a game, then they are an obvious target.

Can anyone honestly say how they could have played the game better? Except maybe try NOT to get HOH or POV so that they don't stand out as much.

It may come down to Jenn and Diane.

08-23-2004, 12:58 PM
wow how interesting!!! Man- I need to stop looking in here LOL

08-23-2004, 02:30 PM
Those twins, were messed over from the begining. When you have identical twins in a game, then they are an obvious target.

Can anyone honestly say how they could have played the game better? Except maybe try NOT to get HOH or POV so that they don't stand out as much.

It may come down to Jenn and Diane.

I agree... I think once nat came in, it was only a matter of time before they were booted.

I do however think that had A let diane and jenn be apart of the nomination decision, she would have lasted a lot longer in the game. Her going off on her own like she did, basically just cut her own throat. Unless she wins HOH this week, she will be on the black next week as well.

I'm rooting for jenn to win, shes my fav :)

Its getting to the point now that no matter who the HOH puts up, someone is going to be mad and out for revenge.

08-24-2004, 05:57 AM
I do however think that had A let diane and jenn be apart of the nomination decision, she would have lasted a lot longer in the game. Her going off on her own like she did, basically just cut her own throat.
I'm rooting for jenn to win, shes my fav :)

Wait a minute, Diane recommended Will to be nominated. Look in the spoilers.

Plus, the twins eliminated a great competitor in Will, so what is the big deal if he's nominated and bumped off?

He had a secret alience with Karen anyway.

08-24-2004, 07:10 PM
Yep, Diane wanted A to nominate both Will AND Karen a while back. I don't think she can make up her mind. :rolleyes: Well, she COULD, as long as it wouldn't come back on her.

08-25-2004, 08:12 AM
Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I was out of town for a few days. Isn't it interesting that Jenn says that Adria went back on her so-called 'pinkie' swear? Didn't Jenn promise Cowboy that she would never nominate him? Hello Kettle...meet Pot!!!

Here is what happened after the POV ceremony:

Following the Veto Ceremony, Cowboy appeals to America once again to send him to the Young And The Restless. Adria used the Veto on herself. Cowboy was nominated in her place. During the Americas Choice announcement, all of the feeds went to the fish tank. (Editors note: The producers usually let the Net viewers watch any Americas Choice contest) When the feeds return we discover that Marvin has won.

Marvin heads out through the door. Everyone walks him there. In the kitchen after Marvin heads off, Cowboy says that he thinks the top order for Americas Choice was Marvin, himself, Jennifer and then Drew. Cowboy fetches Jases old alliance sign and starts carrying it around the house exactly like Jase did. Cowboy: You and me to the end. You and me to the end. In the hammock, Adria tells Natalie that she got the last laugh on the houseguests because now she has taken away the houseguests choice of which twin to vote out. The twins chat about calling Diane out and how she betrayed them.

When Marvin returns, everyone wants to know the details. He says he did an interview for Inside Edition too. Marvin tells the houseguests he had four simple lines. He says all of the cast were quite wonderful and welcomed him. He thought that was cool. Marvin says his role was that of an attendant at a health club. He got to crush up a characters water bottle and spot her while she lifted weights. Marvin says some of the actors asked questions about the Big Brother show but he was told by his handlers that he couldnt talk about the show with anyone. Marvin thanks all the Internet voters for selecting him. He appreciates it so much.

*** End of August 23 morning - afternoon update ***

08-25-2004, 08:12 AM
*** August 23rd, evening update ***

Cowboy continues to question Marvin all about his trip to the soap. Marvin tells him he was blindfolded and driven in a limo. He signed one autograph for a fan. Marvin tells him that they were filming the Price Is Right too when he was there.

Marvin explains more to Cowboy in the bathroom about how he ad libbed some of his lines on the soap and the director was cool with that. Marvin says he spoke to Kristoff St. John (he plays Neil Winters on the show) before he did his scene and St. John was kind enough to give him some advice. Marvin says in the scene he was a health club attendant bringing some water to the a female member of the club when a male character rudely interupted. Marvin: It was the coolest thing. Marvin about the soap actors: They get paid to do this and see these chicks? Marvin whistles. Cowboy asks all sorts of techical questions about what happened on the set.

How Marvin was told to stand. How the director played things. Cowboy asks Marvin if he was asked anything from the people there about the houseguests and the show. Marvin says he gave generic answers because he wasnt permitted to talk about the game. Marvin tells Cowboy it was inspiring to know that people voted for him. Marvin: It was like a letter from home for me. Marvin says when they brought him back to the limo, he hollered that he didnt want to go back to Attica.

Diane, Karen and Jennifer strategize in the Head of Household room. They chat about getting the twins out and then Marvin and Cowboy. Jennifer says in her goodbye message to Will that she told him the twins would be coming to visit him next in the sequester house. Karen tells Diane and Jennifer that before today should would have felt bad about kicking Marvin. Karen: ...but now that he has had his fantasy day? Today probably meant more to him that this whole game. Jennifer and Diane agree. Jennifer advises that if the producers mess with the rules and they cant put up a twin next week, it has to be Cowboy and Marvin. Jennifer about the producers: They can do anything they want here. Jennifer speculates about what would happen if the producers took away the veto or held a special competition that excluded the winner from everything...including being nominated.

Karen: We gotta get the @#^$%* HOH. Diane tells Karen and Jennifer that she is talking strategy more and more with Drew. Diane made Drew swear that he was voting Natalie out this week. Karen: Drew is close with Adria though. Jennifer: Bible study. Jennifer says she noticed that when Marvin was explaining his trip at the dinner table, the twins were always pointing out the fact that they are the ones who kicked Will out so Marvin could stay. Like the twins were taking credit for Marvin staying and winning the walk-on role. Karen and Diane agree thats what it seemed like to them.

Cowboy talks to Adria outside. He says that if he is voted out this week, he wants the twins to kick ass. Cowboy: You both have done me no wrong in this game. Cowboy says that he knew about being nominated before the ceremony but didnt say anything because he wanted to make sure that Adria used it. Cowboy: You dont know who you can trust in this game. I know that when I give my word to something, I mean it. My family is going to be having a cow watching this tomorrow. I think my family will understand how I played this game. I did the best that I can. Adria says that Marvins win gave her hope that there will be opportunities outside the house. Cowboy: The thing about me is I am so homesick and I dont want that to hurt me in this game.

Adria says that the note she got from her husband when she was HOH tore her to pieces. Natalie has Drew cornered on the glof course. Natalie says that she isnt sure if she can trust Cowboy. Natalie also says that Diane is playing the game for herself and nobody else. Natalie to Drew: You know me and A have got your back. Natalie says that Diane never talks to her even though she at one time wanted to be aligned with the twins. Drew: Diane scares the **** out of me. Natalie: She is all over the place. Drew: Yup. Natalie: When you are the only guy left in the house, you cant be protected. Drew: Thats for sure. Natalie: You have got to think of who has a good chance at winning this game and how you can survive. Natalie hopes that Diane isnt taking Wills eviction seriously. Drew says that she definitely is. Natalie: I am just trying to remind you of the options.

Karen and Jennifer are in the hot tub. Jennifer is explaining either a weird card game or how to tell peoples fortune with a deck of cards. Natalie joins them at the hot tub. They chat about how often or not Big Brother calls them into the Diary Room. Karen says she is going to be all over the producers at the wrap party. She wants to know how the show is put together and what they do. Natalie, Jennifer and Karen speculate they will be having the wrap party in the backyard of the Big Brother house. Jennifer asks Karen to send questions to the deck. Karen: Is this like Tarot cards? Jennifer: A poor mans version. Karen asks if her husband is in bed. Jennifer lifts a card: Yes. Karen: Is everything going to go well this week? Jennifer takes another card: Yes. Marvin comes and sits down. Karen: Is Marvin going to get a soap opera job? Jennifer laying down a card: Yes. Marvin repeats again how the soap opera experience was awesome.

Marvin says that someone asked if he can act naturally or be himself with all of the cameras in the house. Marvin told the person...Yes...because they cant see most of the cameras and they get so used to them, they dont even notice them much any more. Natalie chats with Diane in the bathroom. Natalie says that she is just trying to survive. Natalie: I am a player. My vote counts. They review Diane seeing Natalie chatting with Marvin one night. Natalie says it was a misunderstanding. Natalie explains that she and Adria agreed not to put Drew up because they thought about Dianes feelings. Diane says that Drew never talks game with her but she controls him. Adria enters the conversation too. Diane: I can go out there and tell him to do something and it gets done. Natalie to Diane: I am playing the game now.

Diane speaks to Drew outside as he uses the treadmill. Drew says if both of the twins stay in the house, the targets are still in them. Diane: If the twins stay, they are going to put us up. Drew: No, they wouldnt. Diane: Yes, they would. Drew says he thought about a deal with the twins but he doesnt take it seriously. Drew: All I am scared about is Marvin next week. Drew says he trusts Girl Power but maybe not Marvin. Diane says that Natalie is spouting garbage and lies. Diane: It is the biggest ******** I have ever heard in my entire life. Drew: You are the only one they can trust. They wont put you up next week. Diane: Yes, they would. Drew has thought about taking the opportunity to kick Cowboy but not seriously. Drew explains again how there is no way the twins are making it to the end together. Drew and Diane agree to chat in the hammock later tonight.

Karen, Diane, Jennifer and Marvin talk in the hot tub about how their hometowns are reacting. They agree that they were probably really hard-core viewers at the start but may have backed off on the show by now. Karen says that where she lives in Florida, people dont watch television much at all. Marvin tells Jennifer that because she is HOH, she should talk to Big Brother about getting them some booze. Jennifer is going to check the storage room and if nothing is there she is going to the Diary Room and speak with a producer named Mindy.

Drew, Cowboy and Marvin are playing Two Ball. The women are chatting in the hot tub about how much they break nails (Editors note: I am not kidding.) in the Big Brother house. Adria: Why does a beer taste better in the hot tub? Jennifer is going to play the Tarot game with the women.

The BB5 women are playing a drinking game instead. One person starts out saying a word and everyone else has to say a word that rhymes with it. Whoever is the first to fail must guzzle. The Two Ball game ends and Marvin slides into the hot tub. Jennifer explains the game they are playing to Marvin. In the kitchen, Drew is telling Cowboy that he has nothing to worry about this week. The votes are going to the twins...at least he thinks so. Drew joins the others in the hot tub. Marvin jokes about there being nothing to do in Texas but come up with drinking games. The game continues.

*** End of August 23th evening update

08-25-2004, 08:18 AM
*** Update August 24th morning ***

As the drinking game disolved into conversation last night, Jennifer spoke again about her desire to go to Canada. Straytegizing, Diane insists that their best option is to vote out Natalie this week. Drew says he doesnt feel he could stab Cowboy in the back. Cowboy explains to Natalie that it is his finacees birthday on Sunday. He wants to do something special for her in the house. Cowboy tells Natalie that if any of the twins make it to the finals, he will vote for them to win.

In the wood bedroom as they get ready to turn in for the night, Adria insists to Drew that it is time he made a bold move int he game. Adria: It is like how I got rid of Will. I didnt want to boot him but I needed to. Adria offers Drew the twins support since he cant trust Diane. Adria: Wouldnt you rather have two votes behind you than one? Adria: Diane is spreading herself too thin right now. Drew is worried about Marvin.

Di and Drew have their talk. Diane tells Drew that if he doesnt vote out Natalie this week and Adria wins HOH, she will go on the block and will be voted out of the house. Drew swears that wont happen. Diane is not convinced. Drew talks about what would happen if they send Cowboy out and that the twins would still be a target. A frustrated Diane tells Drew to do what he wants to do. Drew wants to sleep on any decision. He might have a better idea in the morning.

At 1:20 p.m. ET, Big Brother has told the housguests to get up. Marvin and Jenn are in the kitchen getting breakfast. The twins are brushing their teeth and such in the bathroom. Jennifer goofs with Marvin about how she would look after someone elses kids. No one else has gotten out of bed yet.

Natalie relates her talk with Drew to Adria. How she told Drew that if the twins are kicked it is a numbers game for Drew...and he will be outnumbered. They talk about Diane and how they want her to believe that it is best they kick Cowboy. Natalie says that she told Diane that she has never told her which way to vote or anything. She just wanted to lay out the options of joining up with the twins. Adria comments that Diane likes the fact that she is straight-up with her. Natalie: I told her, if you like your boyfriend, I got his back. Natalie and Adria agree to keep putting the pressure on Diane using the theory that Jennifer is a sitting duck next week and that Drew, Diane are bound to be nominated sooner or later.

Cowboy steps outside. The twins stop plotting. They welcome Cowboy with hearty good mornings. Cowboy says he woke up at 8:00 a.m. and he was trying to go back asleep when the producers mistakely played the wake-up music. It took him forever to catch some more sleep. Natalie says she has to sit outside for awhile. She can smell Marvins cooking and it is making her feel sick. Not that his food stinks, she just hates smelling cooking food in the morning when she has an empty stomach. When Cowboy leaves, Natalie and Adria see a ray of hope in Drew. That he will turn on Cowboy and vote him out. Natalie says that she told Drew he is like a brother to the twins. The twins arent sure why they keep believing in Drew but they do time and time again. Adria: I told Diane she is better off going with a guaranteed alliance. Natalie about Drew: He is scared and thats the problem. Natalie: You either play scared or you play smart.

Cowboy comes back outside. The twins ask him if he is joining them for a workout later. Cowboy wants to. The twins say they will wait until he is ready then. The twins head inside and make breakfast. When they are out of ear-shot, Diane says to Marvin that she cant stand how the twins dote over each other. It makes her sick. Diane: I cant wait until Thursday when Natalie is gone. Marvin: Sweet Jesus, yes. They laugh about how Cowboy is shaking in his boots now that he has been nominated. Big Brother orders the houseguests on a lockdown outside of the house.

As the houseguests sit outside, Cowboy explains how his finacee looks after his heatlh by buying healthier food for him. Marvin stands up and walks over to the other side of the patio to sit down. Diane teells Jennifer that she woke up in a bad mood this morning. She thinks it has something to do with Drew telling her about his old girlfriends last night. The chatter switches to the twins. Diane is sure Natalie needs to go first. Diane: Maybe I am just tired and grumpy. Jennifer: Maybe. Diane: I guess this house is getting to me, slowly but surely. Jennifer: Yeah. Diane: Maybe I had a bad dream last night. Jennifer explains she had a weird dream last night.

She was in a recording studio with her friends. They were trying to figure out what the people behind the glass were doing. Jennifer: It was just really weird. Jennifer and Diane decide to switch over to a cooler part of the patio. Jennifer: My little black shirt is on fire. Jennifer picks up a pack of cards and starts shuffling them. Jennifer: I hate Tuesdays. Diane: Me too. Jennifer: There is nothing to do.

Jennifer shuffles the cards some more. Diane lays holding a pillow across her chest without saying a word. Marvin asks Adria and Natalie if they are going to have a spa day today. They are thinking about it. Marvin: Maybe you could do something about Cowboys toe-nails. Cowboy: No. One of the twins: You want us to fix those toe-nails? Cowboy: No. You cant cut my toe-nails, girl. The twins, Drew, Cowboy and Marvin laugh about people using regular scissors to cut nails. Marvin: You better hope you aint a diabetic. Drew says he hates when a woman in his office files her nails at work. The sound drives him insane.

The lockdown is over. Drew and a twin brush their teeth. Diane remains outside swinging in the hammock alone with her eyes closed. Drew wets his hair in the bathtub. Cowboy asks Drew what the heck he is doing. Adria hands Drew a nice clean towel to dry his hair. Karen says they need better paper towel. Adria agrees that they smell. Karen: It is like they have absorbed some cooking smells or something. Diane continues to lay in the hammock alone. Marvin is playing some Two Ball by himself outside.

Marvin tries a shot from on top of the hot tub. Cowboy shows off to the twins and Karen while lifting some weights. The twins and Karen move some of the lawn chairs around. The twins have a nail kit and other spa stuff. Cowboy, Marvin and Drew are playing Two Ball. The twins and Karen are laying outside. The twins chat about it being hotter back home...even at this time of year.

*** End of August 24th, morning - afternoon update ***

08-25-2004, 08:23 AM
*** Update August 24th evening ***

Diane moved into the HOH room from the hammock and buried herself underneath the covers. Drew meets Diane when she moves into the wood bedroom. He asks Diane if she has spoken to the twins today. She hasnt spoken much strategy with anyone today. Drew asks if she shared their plotting session last night with anyone. Diane takes offense at that question.

Drew catched a dragonfly in the backyard and the houseguest try the string trick on it. The same thing they did with the June bug. This time though, it works. The dragonfly flies around on its string leash. The houseguests give the dragonfly a tour of the Big Brother house.

The houseguests are ordered to go on a lockdown in the backyard. All of the feeds go to the fish tank. Feeds are still on the fish tank, folks. Not sure why. It could be that something is being set up in the house. Not sure.

When the feeds return, Cowboy and Drew are playing bucket basketball. Jennifer is blowing bubbles in the backyard. Karen talks to the others about CBS probably airing the Young and the Restless footage. From the conversation going on, it sounds like the houseguests got to see Marvins apperance on the soap. The houseguests rip on the Young and the Restless country club set. They thought it looked phoney. The lockdown is over. Marvin to Jennifer: That was awesome. Jennifer: I am glad you got it rather than me. Marvin says he wants the Soap Digest people to give him a call so he can give them a low-down on what happened on the set. Diane to Marvin about the soap opera scene: That Phyllis looked like a man with a wig. Marvin: Low blow. Low blow.

Cowboy and Drew play catch. Drew is the catcher, Cowboy is the pitcher. One of the twins is calling Cowboy pitches...if they are strikes or balls. Cowboy to the twin: Referee, you dont know what you are talking about. It is Drews turn to pitch now. Marvin is in the kitchen cooking. Diane heads into the shower.

Two feeds on Marvin cooking in the kitchen. Jennifer says she doesnt understand why Big Brother wont give them flour to cook with. Marvin: I must be missing out on my devious skills because I cant think of anything dangerous to do with flour. Jennifer: Make cement. Maybe choke on it? Cowboy is exercising in the backyard with the twins.

Cowboy tries to follow the twins as best he can.

He exercises with the twins...

...and exercises some more. Cowboy is getting winded though. He threatens to quit the workout several times and wishes the twins the best of luck...but he continues on.

The twins really encourage Cowboy along and give him some pointers. Two feeds on Cowboy exercising with the twins. Two on Marvin cooking supper.

Jennifer and Karen strategize in the HOH room. They talk about Drew using Girl Power. The lights are off in the HOH room. Big Brother tells Karen, Jennifer to put the lights back on. Jennifer thinks that Marvin would put up Adria and Cowboy if he won HOH. Karen says that Marvin commented that Adria is a whole different person when Natalie isnt around. Karen scoffs at that. Karen: He is on this never-ending Young and the Restless high. I am happy for him but on Thursday someone else is in this room. Jennifer says that Marvin never talks to her much but when he won the walk-on role he hugged her and then later kissed her on the top of her head.

She takes that as a good sign. Diane joins the conversation. Karen says that in sequester, the houseguests are not allowed to talk about the game. Karen: They dont see Diary Rooms. They dont see what is going on in the house. Karen jokes about Diane and Drew talking in the hammock last night. Karen: Anything juicy? Any wedding plans? Diane laughs. Karen says Drew is finally loosening up. Diane says that she has told Drew how she feels. He draws the words I Love You on her. She admit he is a dork but that is sweet. Diane and Drew are going to see if they can get the same flight home because they both live in Ohio. Diane says they have spoken about messing around in the bathroom on the flight. Diane thinks it is disgusting that both twins slept in the same bed last night.

Diane explains Drews speculatory strategy of keeping the twins and kicking Cowboy. Diane says that Drew was just pondering the idea. Diane: I think it is best that we get rid of one of them now. Jennifer asks Diane: Drew for sure is voting Natalie out? Diane: He said he is going to vote how I vote. Karen: Just tell him what would happen if Ben walked through that door. What chance would everyone else have?

Karen: Blood is thicker than water. Diane: I once gave my sister my blood for X-Mas. Karen doesnt understand why Drew would worry about being safe in the house and then vote out Will. Karen says that Adria and Natalie are good speakers. They are very convincing. Karen about Drew and the twins: They have that Bible stuff in common. Diane thinks she got through to Drew about the twins last night during their talk.

Karen says that ever since Will was kicked out, Marvin doesnt call Drew pretty boy any more. It is always...my, man Drew. The talk goes to how Drew played so hard for the veto. Jennifer: He played so hard for it because the twins told him to. Diane and Karen agree.

Diane tells Jennifer and Karent that she told Drew that the twins wont visit him after the show is over. She wanted him to open his eyes to the game. Diane is angry that every time she comes around Drew when they other houseguests are there, he freaks out. Karen heads to the bathroom. Karen: I am thinking myself into a hole. Jennifer harps on the twins breaking the pinky promise again. Jennifer says that Will figured he might be sequestered alone with a twin. He said he would ignore her and just wear his MP3 player all the time. Diane: Cowboy is out there doing a workout with the twins. Jennifer: I know. Thats why I came in here. Diane: It makes me sick. Jennifer and Diane chat about putting up Cowboy and Adria if Girl Power wins HOH this week. Diane says that Cowboy knows she hates him.

Diane says that if Cowboy wins HOH, it is herself and either Karen or Jennifer going up on the block. Karen says she will find out from Marvin who he would put up. Karen: If he doesnt answer me, I will worry. Diane: I would put up Cowboy and Adria for sure. Definitely. Thats just so you know where I am at. Diane is glad about the way the Veto is working now. Diane: Its like you have to pick people who are on my side now. Drew has awoken. He comes into the HOH to tell the women supper is ready. When Karen leaves, Diane tells Jennifer: I dont want to say it to Karens face but if Marvin wins HOH, he will probably put her up. Jenn agrees. Diane says that if Karen wins HOH, they need to stress to her that she needs to put Marvin up and get him out. The talk breaks up. Dinner is served.

The houseguests are sitting around the fireplace outside chatting about movies and such.

*** End of August 24th evening update ***

08-26-2004, 04:27 PM
I'm just swamped at work and don't have time to post updates...sorry.

But...looks like Natalie is gone tonight.

08-27-2004, 01:31 PM
*** August 26th, evening update *** AFTER THE SHOW

When the feeds return after the live show, Drew and Cowboy do some more putting outside. Diane tells Cowboy that she heard Natalie was evicted when she was in the Diary Room casting her vote. Big Brother or Julie Chen mustve not switched off the sound when they were supposed to. Talking with Jennifer, Diane is fearing the worst. She recalls how Marvin targeted Holly and Lori last time. She realizes that was because of the sexual harrassment allegations but cant help but wonder about Marvin. When Diane leaves, Marvin speaks to Jennifer and tells her she is safe.

Two feeds on the fish tank. Two feeds on Marvin, Cowboy and Drew playing Two Ball. Cowboy to Marvin: Okay, HOH. You shoot first. Marvin leaps on top of the hot tub and shoots. Speaking to Karen in the front room, Jenn says she wishes she had a pen so she could write down all of her T-shirt ideas. Karen would love to draw sketches of all of the houseguests. They would come out great since she knows everyones personality now.

Drew and Cowboy talk on the patio without Marvin around. Cowboy insists that Marvin likes Drew otherwise he wouldnt have picked him to walk him to the back door during the Young and the Restless deal. Cowboy cant believe that Marvin goofed with him about the house aligning against him and not Natalie. Cowboy says he has completed one of his goals in the house and that was escape eviction once. Drew and Cowboy agree that they answered Julies question about losing the Americas Choice challenge very well. Drew says that Marvin was the best choice since he knew all about the soap. Cowboy: How did you like my nomination speech to Julie? Drew: It was good. It was well articulated. Cowboy: Well, I put some thought into it.

Cowboy says that the producers screwed the twins. Drew says he told Adria ahead of time about how he was voting. Drew tells Cowboy he told Adria that he couldnt break his promise to Cowboy. Drew: The thing is, I see Adria as an ally. Cowboy: Well, she isnt a threat. She isnt coming after us. Drew calls Marvin scary when it comes to the game. Cowboy: ...so is Diane. Drew agrees. Drew: They are two of the biggest talkers in this house. Cowboy says he is glad he gave a shout out to his loved ones. Cowboy: They are the reason I am here and I wanted them to know that. Cowboy about Marvin: I get closer to him every week. He is a great guy. He really is. Cowboy about Marvin: He wouldnt be the one to go if we won HOH next week. Drew agrees. Cowboy thinks Marvin is going after Karen. He predicts Karen and Jennifer are going up. He might also put Diane up too because he doesnt like her. Drew: The thing is, you never know what Marvin is thinking.

Drew is scared to talk to Marvin before nominations. During his last stint as HOH, Marvin seemed to go it alone. Cowboy: If he puts me on the block, I will take it like a man. Cowboy says there is always the Veto. Drew: I feel that way too.

Marvin talks to Karen and Jenn in the front room. For giving them good television by jumping around in the backyard, he wants one of the CDs he brought with him while the houseguests were sequestered in the hotel before the game began. Jenn agrees that it isnt an over-the-top request. Feeds cut to the fish tank. Diane joins Karen, Jennifer and Marvin. Karen says there is no Food Competition this week. She hopes that means there is another Luxury Competition on the way. Marvin tells Diane she looked great on TV tonight...even though she hates ggolf. Adria and Cowboy are in the wood bedroom in separate beds. Cowboy is trying to call asleep. Karen is called to the Diary Room. Karen: Here comes the big loser. Karen kids Marvin that she let him win the HOH Competition. She felt sorry for him. Adria closes her eyes too.

Marvin sits on the hammock outside by himself. He looks to be lost in thought. The video is of Marvin, the audio is of Diane and Jennifer. Jennifer is so happy but she cant sing. Diane: It is so wonderful to stare at fish all day. They are sitting and looking at the fish tank. Diane keeps calling to the fish. Jennifer says she better stop. She is arousing Dory.

Two feeds on the fish tank. Two feeds on Jennifer and Diane chatting about how much food is left in the storage room. According to them, there is tons. Jennifer and Diane wish they could play 20 questions with the camera-people behind the wall. Diane: Are you a male? There is no response. Diane: Ah, you are no fun. It appears that Marvins HOH room isnt ready yet. Karen comes into the front room. Karen: Where is everyone? Diane: Sleeping. Diane hopes that Marvin gets some cool tunes. Diane will be pissed if they dont get alcohol tonight.

Diane joins Drew in bed. She hopes they got called into Marvins room so there is something to do. Marvin is chatting to Adria in the concrete room while he is reading the Bible. They both agree on an early night tonight. Marvin is wondering what Competition is in store for the houseguests since the Food one is cancelled.

Marvin says to Adria he is glad there is no food competition. Marvin: The game is stressful enough without starving people too.
Marvin and Karen chat in the concrete room. Karen says that Marvin did well. Marvin: It was fun. They brought in stress and pressure. I was impressed with Cowboy after not being evicted and still competing. Marvin says he likes the solitude of the concrete room. After this week as HOH, he is going to move back into it. Karen: You are crazy. Karen says the producers need to take some of the exercise equipment back. It doesnt work properly and is always breaking. Adria speaks to Drew in the backyard. Adria wants the evening to be calm and quiet. Drew: That is the general consensus. Adria says she has been thinking of what it is like to kiss her husband. It kinda just popped into her head.

Drew and Adria talk about the HOH Competition. They question whether Marvin should have won. Drew says that the producers reviewed the tapes. Drew: It wouldve been crazy if Karen wouldve won it. Adria: She keeps getting second. She is doing good. Drew and Adria talk about their family and friends looking at the same stars as they are.

Cowboy, Diane, Karen and Jennifer talk about CBS. Diane: So CBS has all the kick ass reality shows? Cowboy: Except for Fear Factor. Cowboy gives his financial advice if anyone of them should win. Living off the interest of the winnings and whatnot. Cowboy thinks it would be cool if everyones family could be flown in for a dinner with the houseguests. Diane tells Drew they should keep their distance from each other tonight in case it makes a difference in Marvins nominations.

Marvin invites everyone into the HOH room and shows them a pic of his family. He is going to read his letter from home. Marvins family wishes him well and they are proud of him. The letter talks about the family business at home. Marvin says they got a new hearse. Marvin: Thats what they get when they dont pay me. The entire embalming room has been re-done. His uncle bought a house in Panama. He was stationed there for some time. Land down there is really cheap, according to Marvin. Feeds cut to the fish tank. The letter is dated from thre 6th of August. Marvin says that it is great knowing everything is well at home.

Karen is out of shower. She sees everyone in the kitchen. Karen: What did I miss? Marvin tells her to come see his pictures and his letter from home. Karen is folding up some of her clothes. Booze has arrived and the houseguests flock to the kitchen.

Adria doesnt want any alcohol. She declines th beer and the wine. Diane says to Jennifer: Wanna get *$#%$* up? Drew: I tell you. I am going get drunk tonight. Diane, Jennifer and Drew talk about playing a shooters game. Adria sits at the kitchen table alone and eats. Diane and Jennifer agree that the producers like them. They asks for things and they are delivered pronto. Nobody talks to Adria as they walk through and out of the kitchen. She is left alone to eat.

Karen joins Adria at the table. Adria says that she has respected everyone that was voted out. She found something special in each of them. Seeing her sister go was hard though. She sobs. Adria talks about the wood room absorbing the food smells from the kitchen. Adria says that the wedding anniversary on the weekend is going to be a killer. Karen said she missed her anniversary and her husbands birthday. Adria: It is just not good timing. Karen: No. Karen: Yeah, I dont know what is going to happen tomorrow. Adria: I dont mind. Karen: I didnt win it so I dont know. Adria: Thats because you didnt win it. If you dont win HOH, you aint safe. Karen thinks they are in for a long lockdown if the producers are serious about building the gym. Cowboy enters the room. Adria: I wish I had some good soda.

** End of August 26th evening update ***

08-27-2004, 01:35 PM
*** Update August 27th, morning - afternoon ***

Last night, once the booze was divided up, Marvin went into the HOH, put the headphones on and had a beer or two. In the cloud room, Diane frets some more with Drew. Diane thinks that if Marvin is going to make strategic nominations, he will put up herself and Drew. If he doesnt go with that approach, the noms could be Cowboy and Karen. Karen talks with Diane. Karen says she is going to hang out with Adria just to cheer her up. Diane comments that after everything that has happened, Adria probably wont ever speak to her again. Karen comments that when both twins were in the house, whatever you told one would be blabbered to the other. Diane mentions how the twins deflected blame on one another. Savage Junior is cremated in the outside fireplace.

Marvin makes a deal with Diane. He wont put her up if she promises that he is safe if she wins HOH next week. Jennifer, Diane and Drew have a pillow fight of sorts.

Just so everyone knows, at 1:53 p.m. ET, the houseguests are still snoring. No action or movement yet.

Last night, Karen and Marvin were called into the Diary Room to discuss the HOH Competition. Apparently, the producers reviewed the tapes and declared that Marvin was the winner. I guess that closes the book on the controversy.

The houseguests are finally getting up. Karen and Jennifer are seen getting ready in the bathroom. Marvin, Diane and Jennifer get something to eat in the kitchen. Diane apologizes to Big Brother for being drunk last night. The houseguests chat about the wake-up music Big Brother used this morning. Marvin asks Big Brother to play the song again so they can watch Pretty Boy (Drew) dance. Feeds cut to the fish tank.

Adria does her face in the bathroom. Cowboy heads outside to check the hot tub. All feeds cut to the fish tank again. Jennifer bounces the big blue ball outside while Drew and Cowboy are setting up the volley ball net again. It appears the houseguests are on a lockdown outside the house. Marvin doesnt think it will take the producers more than an hour to do what they need to do inside of the house. Adria is laying out in the sun alone. Jennifer asks Marvin if he knows how to use a Bow-Flex. He doesnt...but...would be glad to do a commercial for them. Adria puts some sun tan lotion. Drew would like some too so Adria rubs some in all over Drews back. Jennifer, Diane, Marvin and Karen sit at the patio table and chat about some kind of hot and spicy food they had for dinner.

Drew joins the group at the table. Adria isnt talking to them. She is off on her own on the other side of the yard. Drew and Diane talk about how much they drank last night. Drew: What do you expect? We are straight out of college. Jennifer kids that Diane is going to suffer from liver failure. Drew, Diane and Jennifer joke about the wrestling matches they had. Drew was surprised Jenn could pin him. Jenn: I may have boobs but I dont fight like a girl. Jennifer says she has fought boys back home. Diane starts blowing bubbles outside. Diane: This is so gay. Jenn: I like how everything is so retarded with Diane.

Adria has gotten into the pool. Marvin starts lifting weights. Karen is crashed out on a lounge chair. Jennifer is sunning in the hammock. Cowboy is still examining the volleyball net.

On one of the feeds, we see that the concrete bedroom has now been made into a gym. There is all sorts of exercise equipment there.

08-27-2004, 03:28 PM
Thanks Kelsey!!! If you want to share the link you get the spoilers from, we can all check that out while you are swamped.... :)

don't know what I am doing to do since BB isn't on tomorrow! :eek:

08-27-2004, 03:42 PM
I'm glad to share...


08-27-2004, 04:56 PM
Thanks!! And if I haven't said it before.. thank you for all of the posting that you have done, I really do appreciate it!!! :)

08-27-2004, 09:16 PM

Dont read below if you don't want to know

Adria and Cowboy

08-30-2004, 01:07 PM
Karen won the POV and (today) chose not to use it. It looks like Adria will be gone this Thursday.

Cowboy won America's Choice and got a phone call with his family.

08-30-2004, 01:44 PM
COOL!! Thanks Kelsey!! Even though you gave the addy for the spoilers, I still come back here hahahahah

08-31-2004, 11:19 AM
Just helping Kelsey out here....


Drew, Diane, Jennifer and Karen mess with the shock game again. They play a shock dare game using the device on various body parts. When the game breaks up, Diane tells Karen and Jennifer that she thinks Marvin will be leaving next after Adria. When they go to bed, Drew apologizes for not speaking up when Diane was arguing with Adria. Diane tells him he shouldnt be so guarded about what he says. Marvin and Adria are going to be gone soon any way.

Everyone is rising for the day. Cowboy complains to Drew and Adria that he wishes Big Brother wouldnt wake him up so early. He jokes about the producers delaying the Internet feeds or replaying them so that the houseguests can sleep in. Adria and Drew say they didnt feel good after eating the hamburgers last night. Neither believe it was Cowboys cooking. It was just eating supper so late. Adria talks about the good Bible reading she did last night.

Adria comments that the passages made her feel good about who she is. Outside on the patio, Marvin, Karen and Diane complain about the producers playing The Jackson Five and Michael Jackson to wake them up this morning. Karen says the producers are recycling the same music. Marvin: Cant they go to the #^#$ record store? Karen says that the producers took the special Veto she won. Karen mentions that she hurt her knuckle in the competition. Karen comments that Big Brother is pretty good at granting her requests. Karen claims Big Brother gave her a pregnancy test and helped her smuggle it out of the Diary Room so the Internet viewers wouldnt find out about it. Karen relates a story of watching a friend use a suction device to remove snot from her babys nose. Karen thought it was gross. Marvin says parents have to do that because babies cant blow their own noses. Diane: Kids are gross. Each and every one of them.


For as long as she has been freaking out over "being late" I am surprised it took Karen this long to ask for a PG test :rolleyes:

08-31-2004, 01:39 PM
FYI...I just read that there will be two evictions this week...one on Thursday and one on Saturday.

That makes sense since Natalie's joining the game added one player which meant that there had to be two evictions one week...or the show would have gone another week longer.

08-31-2004, 02:25 PM
oohhh glad i will be home this weekend lol

Thanks kelsey!!!

08-31-2004, 02:54 PM
Here is more information on the two evictions this week:

During House Calls this morning (Aug-31), Allison Grodner, one of the BB producers, was on and said that there will be 2 evictions this week. There will be the normal eviction on Thursday and an accelerated eviction on Saturday. She also said that between Thursday and Saturday they will go through the normal routine of HOH competition, Nomination Ceremony, Veto Competition, Veto Ceremony, and Eviction. It will be like "BB on speed" according to Allison. She also said to tune in Thursday to find out how it will work.

08-31-2004, 08:34 PM
Here is more information on the two evictions this week:

During House Calls this morning (Aug-31), Allison Grodner, one of the BB producers, was on and said that there will be 2 evictions this week. There will be the normal eviction on Thursday and an accelerated eviction on Saturday. She also said that between Thursday and Saturday they will go through the normal routine of HOH competition, Nomination Ceremony, Veto Competition, Veto Ceremony, and Eviction. It will be like "BB on speed" according to Allison. She also said to tune in Thursday to find out how it will work.
:eek: Very cool and exciting!! Thanks for the info! :D

09-02-2004, 09:05 AM
Here is more information on the double eviction this week:

It is double trouble for the 'Big Brother' houseguests.

Already blindsided by the introduction of swapping twin players Natalie Carroll and her sister Adria Klein, the houseguests will learn on tonight's live eviction broadcast (CBS, 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET.) that there will be two houseguests voted out this week not just one.

Either Adria Klein or Michael 'Cowboy' Ellis, put on the block by this week's Head of Household Marvin Latimer, will be evicted from the 'Big Brother' house tonight. It is almost assured that Adria will be joining her twin Natalie in the sequester house as part of the game's jury. Natalie was voted out last week.

In a surprise twist, the houseguests will be told that another player will be voted out this week. On Saturday's episode, (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET), the new Head of Household will choose two nominees, the Power of Veto competition and ceremony will be held and the houseguests will cast their eviction votes. A competition for the new HOH will also be held.

It is likely that these events will be seen or mentioned on the live 24/7 'Big Brother' Internet feeds before they air on Saturday's episode.

The double eviction will allow the series to end with the usual two finalists squaring off against each other before a jury of evicted houseguests who will vote on the winner of 'Big Brother 5'. The addition of the twin twist added an extra player to the game. The winner of 'Big Brother 5' takes home $500,000 U.S. while the player who comes in second wins $50,000 U.S.

09-03-2004, 07:27 AM
.....Just trying to help out and keep everyone updated. BTW, since they are in the last month of the show, you could subscribe to the one month live feed subscription for the remainder of the show......

The "Big Brother" nominations are in.

On the "Big Brother 5" live Internet feeds, Drew Daniels, the new Head of Household, made his nominations for eviction. He put up Marvin Latimer, the mortician from South Carolina and surprisingly his own girlfriend in the house, Diane Henry, the cocktail waitress from Kentucky.

"This has been tough for me," Drew said to Marvin and Diane at the Nomination Meeting. "The first time I was HOH it was hard but this time I had only three hours to do this. Marvin and Diane, you have been nominated by me and I want to be straight up with you guys why I did that because I think you guys deserve straight up answers."

Drew gave Marvin his explanation first.

"I nominated you, man, just because I see you as a threat in this game. You said it yourself: you are a salesman. You are very good with jokes and questioning along certain lines to make a lot of people think a certain idea. For me, I see that as a threat and I see that as a threat for other people in this house. You are athletic. You have a good chance to win stuff. So, that's that," Drew said to Marvin.

"Thanks for being straight up. I appreciate that. Thanks a lot," replied Marvin.

Drew then addressed Diane.

"I talked with you earlier tonight and for me, I put you up because I felt as though you are somebody to trust in this game and it kinda hit close to home and made me realize that some people in this game that you feel you can trust, sometimes you can't trust them. It kinda put me on my heels and hit close to home," Drew told Diane.

Before the Nomination Ceremony, Drew and Diane argued extensively about a proposed joke that Drew says Diane didn't warn him about. Drew insists that Marvin was going to nominate him last week as a gag because Drew has never been put on the block and Adria was sure to be voted out. Diane adamantly denied ever knowing about such a plot. Following the meeting, Drew told Diane alone in the HOH room that he didn't warn her of the nomination because he wanted her reaction to be natural. He inferred that it is his plan to make the other houseguests think they are not a couple any more and therefore not a threat in the game. Diane hoped that Drew's plan won't backfire on her.

During the Head of Household Competition, Drew won a true and false quiz about the competitions in the 'Big Brother' house. Once the celebration was over, Chen informed the houseguests that Drew would make his nominations in a few hours and that in 48 hours another houseguest would be voted out.

On Thursday night's live eviction show, the wonder twins were deactivated. In the first of this week's two evictions on 'Big Brother 5', Adria Klein joined her twin sister Natalie Carroll as a member of the jury. A second houseguest is set to be booted this Saturday as per the double eviction week twist.

By a unanimous vote, Adria was voted out thus ending the twin twist which had Adria and Natalie swapping in and out of the 'Big Brother' house without being detected for five weeks straight before they won the right to enter the game together.

Utterly shunned all nomination week by Marvin, Diane and Jennifer, Adria's parting words to the houseguests sparked an angry debate with Marvin.

"I have been totally blessed and I have had a great time here and I am most proud of the person I have upheld being who I am and who I have dedicated myself to in this game. I wish all of you the very best of luck and I want to just say that you all have been in my prayers and God bless you all," Adria said as she gathered up her bags speaking for herself and her twin sister.

"Don't forget", she added. "I am on the jury and so this week I learned a lot about who I do and don't want to vote for now."

Marvin took exception to Adria referring to her and Natalie as voting the same when the twins insisted they wanted to be treated as two totally different players in the game.

"You uphold the Bible so much and then you won't admit how you deceived us. Come on. I mean the way you came into the game and now you are trying to throw the Bible up in everybody's face," spat back Marvin.

As she left the house, Marvin complained to the other houseguests that Adria has a "whole lotta mouth".

When asked by host Julie Chen who she would not vote for now, Adria replied Marvin, Jennifer and Diane.

"I am rooting for Cowboy, Drew and Karen. Those are my top three right now. I would to see any of those three standing there at the end," said Adria.

Adria stated that she wasn't surprised to be evicted right after her sister Natalie. She had expected it would happen.

"It is not surprising we left back to back. That's how we came into this world and that's what I expected was going to happen today. It is not a re-run, America," she said insisting that she supported the Twin Alliance but they weren't there for her or Natalie.

On Saturday's episode, (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET), Drew's nominations will air, the Power of Veto competition and ceremony will be held and the houseguests will cast their eviction votes. A competition for the new HOH will also be held. Most or all of these happenings should be revealed on the live 24/7 Internet feeds before they air on Saturday's episode.

09-03-2004, 08:25 AM
Thanks MOM2B2003...I was going to post that same article.

Here are more detailed happenings from last night after Adria's eviction.

Drew is in the cloud bedroom reading the Bible. He says to himself that he is sweating like crazy. In the front room, Diane tells the others that Drew probably wont want her around tonight. That is just the way he is.

Cowboy comes in to see Drew. He asks Drew if he is okay. He is. Cowboy: Am I safe? Drew: Maybe, I dont know. Drew promises to tell him when he decides. Cowboy says that things couldnt have worked out more perfectly. He leaves Drew to think. Cowboy meets Diane in the bathroom. He tells her that Drew wont discuss the nominations. Diane: I think I am going to be sick. She needs to eat something. Drew gets something to eat from the kitchen and then stands in front of the memory wall looking at all the pictures there.

Everyone gathers in the front room to play some cards together. They decide to move to the kitchen table instead. Marvin comes out with a basket of left over candy from his stint as HOH and hands them out to those who want them.

Two feeds are on Cowboy, Marvin, Diane and Jennifer playing cards at the kitchen table. The other two are on the fish tank. Drew and Karen are nowhere to be seen. Karen returns from the storage room and goes into the kitchen to make something to eat. The card game continues.

Drew invites everyone into the HOH room. They all scramble there. Drew got a picture of his parents and a new music CD. Drew: We have it for 22 hours, guys. We gotta live it up. Drew got a letter from home too. His mom is watching on the Internet. Everyone laughs. Drew: Hi mom! Drews mom has been watching so much she has been confused about night and day. His family had a BB5 party the night it debuted. Drew and his brothers law school something or other was approved. Drews mom says she loves that she is seeing the true Drew on television and the Internet. His family has been recording all the BB5 shows on their new DVD recordable. His mom writes that if Drew is having a bad day not to worry. His family is supporting him with their prayers and love.

Drew says the letter is from the start of August because it mentions a local fair starting. Drew: Dudes, this is like awesome to get this letter from everyone in my family. Drews brother said he went to a concert and there were some people there who recognized him. Marvin: My letter sucked after reading yours. I am depressed.

Drew tells Cowboy that Marvin has rubbed him the wrong way. Cowboy doesnt want to be a pawn again. Drew laughs: I will never put you up, Dude. Cowboy says he would nom Marvin and probably Karen. Drew is thinking about putting Karen and Jennifer up though he wants Marvin out. Drew: Marvin and Diane are tight, dude. If I put up Diane there, Marvin will win the Veto and it screws up my whole plan. Drew doesnt want to nom Karen and Jennifer but in that way Marvin has less of a chance of winning the Veto and then he can nom Marvin and kick him out. Drew: I think Marvin is a threat in this game. It might be good to keep a strong male around.

Cowboy disagrees. Drew says that he will tell Marvin he is safe with the backdoor plan of nominating him when Veto is won. Drew is worried about a pawn being voted out and the backlash he could suffer. Drew and Cowboy agree they can trust Diane because they can tell when she is lying. Drews second option is...fish tank. Drew: I cant stand the way Marvin reacted to Adria. She was leaving with dignity and he ruined it.

Drew says that Jennifer and Karen copped out of the HOH Challenge. He is sure of it. Cowboy says it is crucial that they win the next two HOHs. Drew says that the numbers 12/12 mean something special to his family and the fact that Cowboys birthday is 12/12 is unreal. Drew thinks that Cowboy just might win the whole game. Cowboy says that he was shaken up and that why he didnt do well during the HOH but tomorrow night he will be fine. Drew: Karen is a threat. She is an awesome player. Drew says that Karen throws everything in the game, including the card games they play. Cowboy and Drew shake hands as he heads off to the bathroom. With Cowboy gone, Drew reads his letter again.

The houseguests (except for Marvin) are gathered in the kitchen talking about the game. Diane said she wouldnt leave the house unless the producers offered her 40 grand. Karen is cooking. Cowboy and Diane leave the kitchen talking about the cars they own. Karen tells Drew and Jennifer that Adria was a good person. Her game was just tainted. Drew says there are a million things going through his head. Jennifer asks if Drew heard the voices of his family in his head as he read the letter from home. He did and it was awesome. Jennifer: It is better than a telephone call because you can read them again and again and hear their voices.

Drew talks to Karen in the bathroom. He says he needs to warn her of his plan as Head of Household. Drew appreciates that Karen wanted to give Adria sympathy votes. Drew and Karen agree they wanted to rip on Marvin for his comments to Adria. Karen: She was biting her tongue. She was trying to be the bigger person. Karen about Marvin: I cant handle him any more. He is so disrepectful. Drew says he wants his plan to be totally hushed and Marvin cannot know what is being planned. Drew: Here is the deal, I want Marvin out of here. Karen says that Jennifer was going to put up Cowboy and Marvin because no matter if one was taken off the block, the other would go. Karen and Drew agree that Diane hanging with Marvin is weird. Drew: Marvin would only have a one and six chance in winning the Veto. Karen: What if Marvin wins the Veto? Marvin comes into the bathroom and the plotting halts.

Drew checks in with Diane who is laying on a bed in the cloud bedroom. He asks her what is wrong. She is in a funk. She has mixed feelings about a lot of things. Drew goes into the HOH room and starts eating some candy.

Cowboy is called to the Diary Room. Karen enters. Karen says there is no way to do a backdoor this week. Drew wants Karen and Jennifer to know his intentions. Drew: I dont want to put Diane up. Marvin would play harder for the Veto because of his thing with Diane. Karen: Marvin is freaked out. It is all over his face. I was thinking...you were just on a soap opera...shut up! Drew: I want Marvin out of here. Karen: I want Marvin out of here. He is so billigerent and arrogant. I cant take it any more.

Karen says that if Marvin wins the Veto, he wont use it and she and Jennifer would be screwed. Karen says that Diane talks to her sometimes but not a lot. Karen tells of Jennifers plans to nom both Cowboy and Marvin so one of them would be kcked. Karen: Marvin rubs Diane the wrong way. I dont think she is flirting with him or anything. Karen says she would have done Cowboy and Marvin too. Karen: If Marvin wins the Veto with your plan, everything is upside down. Drew: I dont want to do that to you guys. Drew finds it suspect that Marvin made him a sandwich today.

Karen says that it is a weird predicament for Jennifer if she had to nominate Cowboy again. Karen: To tell you the truth, she cant stand him. Karen: Cowboy thinks that he is safe from everything. Karen explains how she couldnt give Adria a sympathy vote. It broke her heart. Drew: She is the most wonderful girl. Karen says that Marvin and Cowboy only care about themselves. Karen mentions again how awful it was for Marvin to kick Adria when she was down and walking out the door. Drew: He is so bitter all the time. Drew: For her to stand there and not say anything rude back show just how much character Adria has. Karen tells Drew that Marvin has been complaining about Drews letter and that he is jealous. Drew doesnt want someone to be put up as a pawn and knocked out. He thinks that wouldnt be fair at all.

09-03-2004, 08:26 AM
Karen explains that things can backfire on a pawn. They could be voted out because of something stupid in the house that happens. Karen says Drew should speak to Jennifer. Karen assures Drew that she wont mention anything to anyone. He can speak to Jennifer if he wants to. Karen: Thats what I would do to keep everyone out of harms way. Karen: Diane doesnt talk anything game to me. She talks to Jennifer about that. Drew: I am just thinking what I want to do tonight. Drew thinks he might talk to Diane about the nominations. Karen is called to the Diary Room.

Drew calls Diane into the HOH room. Diane: Is it time for me to kiss ass? Yeah! I am just kidding. Diane tells Drew that she never knows what he is thinking because he doesnt want to talk game with her in front of other people. Diane says that now she trusts Cowboy more than Karen and Jennifer. Diane: I dont like the way Jennifer stares at my every move. I dont trust anyone. Well, I trust you. Drew asks Diane what she thinks. Diane: Obviously, everyone wants Marvin gone. Drew says he is not going to stress about the nominations like he did last time. Drew to Diane: How did Marvin know that I am mad at him? Diane says that Marvin isnt mad at hime. Diane: Where in hell did you hear that? Drew: I just made it up. Diane dives off the bed. There is a spider there and it jumped. Drew kills it. Drew says that Diane shouldve told him about the joke last week about him going in the place of Cowboy.

Drew: If anyone should have told me, it shouldve been you. Diane tells Drew she heard it from Jennifer and Karen. Drew knows that Diane and Marvin hoked about putting him on the block. Diane denies that Marvin ever said that. Diane claims she convinced Marvin not to put up Drew. Drew: Everyone in the house knew about it. Diane: Put me up tonight then if you dont trust me. Diane says that Drew doesnt tell her anything...like the items that are missing in the house. Drew: If I heard a joke going around the house about you being put up for a laugh, I wouldve told you right away.

Diane: I dont talk to Marvin about the game. Diane tells Drew that if she thought he was going to be put up she wouldve mentioned it to him. Diane kids: You are about to get my fist in your face. You are about to get my foot up your ass. Drew says that everyone knows that Diane changed since she spoke to Marvin. Diane: Thanks for telling me that. Drew: I did the other night. Drew: I am scared of you because I saw how you changed with Marvin last week. Diane: Yeah. I can vouch for kissing his ass, maybe once. Diane: If I am standing next to you at the end of the game, I wont win. You have nothing to be scared about. Iwould never get you out of this house. Drew says that Diane didnt stop Marvin from hugging her.

Diane: Kissing him is water under the bridge and down the river. If you dont trust me, I dont care any more. Put me up and I will leave the house. You cant trust me because of a joke. Drew: The whole situation reminded me that this is game and you will do whatever it takes to get to the end.

Diane denies again she knew anything about the joke of putting Drew on the block. Diane: I am seeing a different side of you now. Drew: Something like that is big. Diane says now she didnt hear anything about it at all.

Diane: You are crazy. You are absolutely insane. You are way too smart for me plain and simple. Diane: My goal is to have your back. Diane promises that she would never put Drew up. Diane: I half way out that door because I dont want to play any more. Drew claims that three people came to him and told him about the joke. Diane thinks it was Jennifer and Karen. Drew wont name the people. Diane: Obviously I have amnesia in this house because I cant remember anything. I cant remember what I did 10 minutes ago. Diane: I am not using or abusing people to get myself further ahead. Diane says that dshe is sure that Karen and Jennifer might have mentioned the joke about Drew in passing. Diane: Once again, Drew is calling me out on something I have no memory of. Diane accuses Drew of never talking to her about the game.

Diane: I cant tell you what to do. Put me up if you dont trust me. Diane says she wants to walk out the door knowing she has Drew after the series is done with. She doesnt care if she is booted soon or not. Diane comes outside and cries. She says Drew is blaming everything on her. She will remember the way he has acted when she is HOH. Diane: I cant handle it any more. I am ready to go any way. I cannot win with that kid. Jennifer: Every time I see you cry, it is over that boy. Karen: He is one of those guys who is hard to communicate with. Diane: I dont care any more.

Diane: I am glad Adria is gone. She said stuff about me to him. Karen: She said a lot of stuff about a lot of people. Karen: I stayed with her at the end just to keep her off of everyones backs. Karen claims that the joke was Marvin and Cowboys gag. Diane: I dont know what to do any more. Drew has his own plan of action. Diane says that where she comes from, if something is bothering you, you bring it up with that person. Karen: Just tell him the truth. Diane: I do.

Karen about Drew and the gag: It has freaked him out and it didnt even happen. Diane starts crying again: I am sorry. I am not like this out of the house. People, like Adria, just get on my nerves. Diane says she told Drew to put her up because she doesnt want Cowboy up again. Diane: It hurts me because Drew is hurt by a joke I wasnt even involved in. Diane rips on Drew for not telling her that things were missing in the house. Marvin and Cowboy are playing Two Ball. Diane: This game is so psycho. Karen says she warned Drew about the backdoor plot. Karen: I told him if he wants to put me up, I trust the jury. I offered it. I wouldnt be shocked. Diane thinks Drew will nominate her. Karen: If he puts up up, dont be angry about it. Your voters have your back. Diane promises she wont use the Veto. Karen: He is going to be in there for two years. He has said two peeps to me in two months. Diane wonders if Drews twin is single. Jennifer: Two weeks until we are free.

Drew has the nomination box in the HOH room. He stands in front of the memory wall for a few minutes and then takes the keys to the HOH room.

When Drew gets to the HOH room he shouts to the producers...So what do I do now? The feeds cut to the fish tank. When they come back, Drew has the keys on top of the box and is staring at it. Drew to the producers: Do you want me to keep doing stuff? Feeds cut to the fish tank again.

When the feeds come back they are all on the houseguests waiting on the patio. Diane says she doesnt care if she goes. She will be with Will. Diane about the twins to Karen and Jennifer: I know they love their husbands but you dont have to talk about them 24 hours a day. Karen: I hugged Adria twice. I should get an extra stipend.

All of the feeds have now gone to the fish tank. The feeds are back and Drew calls the houseguests into the kitchen for the meeting.

Karen says her stomach is bursting as everyone gathers around the table. Karen wishes everyone luck. All of the feeds cut to the fish tank again.

Drew is shown praying at the nomination box in the HOH room.

Drew is getting ready to carry the box into the dining room. The ceremony begins. He explains how the meeting is to be done. Drew: I had some special circumstances in making his decision. He had only three hours. He hopes they respect his decision. Karen is safe. Michael is safe. Jennifer is safe. Drew says the decision was tough. Marvin and Diane have been nominated. Drew says Marvin is a threat in the game and manipulating people. He has a good chance at winning competitions. Marvin appreciates Drew being straight up with him. Drew says he put up Diane because his trust has wavered in her. The ceremony is over. Cowboy shakes Drews hand and Diane does some fake crying.

So, once again: Diane and Marvin have been nominated.

Jennifer and Diane chat. Jennifer says Drews reason was a cop out. Diane and Drew chat in the bathroom. Drew to Diane: Are you pissed at me? Diane: Basically, you dont trust me. Is that it? Diane goes into the toilet room.

Diane goes into the kitchen, she sees Drew there and leaves. She goes back to the bathroom. Drew leaves the kitchen, goes into the HOH and turns on the spy camera so he can watch the kitchen. Diane says the viewers at home wont believe what Drew just did.

In the HOH room, Cowboy says to Drew that Marvin thinks Diane is just a pawn. Drew says there is much more to it than that. Diane is in the HOH room. She tells Drew that she doesnt want to go into the Diary Room and talk about stuff before she knows the truth of the nominations. Diane says that Drew spoke a long time in the HOH with Karen before the nominations and in the bathroom after the nominations. Diane: If I need to act, I need to know what kind of performance it is. Diane tells Drew to tell her what he wants to say. Drew says that he and Diane need to stop sleeping together and being...whatever...for game purposes. He nominated to throw people off. Diane: You dont trust me. Drew: I do trust you. Diane explains about what Karen and Jennifer said about the Drew joke. Drew: It is not like I dont trust you. I didnt want to tell you beforehand because I wanted your reaction to be natural. Drew wants Diane to bad-mouth him to the other houseguests.

Diane: Why should I? Drew: Beacause I dont trust you. Drew hugs Diane. Drew: Just hate me okay. Diane: You dont have to tell me not to sleep with you because I dont want to. Drew to Diane: I want to talk to you tomorrow some time. Diane: If I win the Veto, I wont use it. Diane says if Marvin saves himself, she will go home. She will be voted out. Diane says that the only fighting chance she has is against Cowboy. Diane: I think I understand what you are doing. Even if I dont, I dont care.

09-03-2004, 09:12 AM
In the backyard, Marvin tells Cowboy that he believes Diane knew she was going up as a pawn to get him out of the house. He vows to win the Veto and HOH so he can get Drew out of the house. Marvin says he saved Drew twice. Jennifer and Karen talk about the veto Competition being tomorrow morning, the ceremony at 11:00 and the eviction at 3:00 in the afternoon. Marvin begins packing his stuff up. Cowboy relates all the info from the backyard to Drew, including that he doesnt think that anyone will use the Veto. In the concrete room, Diane cries with Karen and Jennifer, she says if she wins HOH, Drew is gone.

*** End of Sept 2. evening update ***

*** Update Sept. 2, morning - afternoon ***

The houseguests are woken up and told that the Veto Competition will be at 9:00 a.m. Big Brother time. All of the houseguests are milling around the kitchen waiting for the Veto Competition to start in about five minutes or so. Karen and Jennifer chat about running a business. Cowboy, Jennifer, Karen and Diane are sitting at the kitchen table and Marvin is sitting on a counter away from them. Karen details to Jennifer how she works painting peoples motorcycles for a living.

Diane tells Jennifer that she would love to be a historian. She loves old houses and such sites. Karen that there is a famous tombstine in the Florida Keys that says...I told you I was sick. Jennifer and Diane laugh.

Diane won the Veto. She has it hanging around her neck.

When the feeds return, Drew is complaining to Diane that someone threw the game on purpose. Drew says it isnt co-incidence that Karen won the Golden Veto last week. Drew: Karen is super smart. Diane: They think I am going to use it but I am not.

Drew and Diane hatch a plan. Diane is going to take herself off the block with the Veto so that Girl Power really does think that she and Drew are no longer an alliance. Drew says he will probably put Karen up in Dianes place.

09-03-2004, 01:18 PM
Just before she leaves the HOH room, Drew tells her to act cool. Walking into the kitchen, Diane still has the Veto necklace on. She says to Cowboy: Doesnt it match my outfit?

Just before she leaves the HOH room, Drew tells her to act cool. Walking into the kitchen, Diane still has the Veto necklace on. She says to Cowboy: Doesnt it match my outfit? Cowboy visits Drew in the HOH room. Cowboy asks that he not be put up again. His heart cant take it. Cowboy: Please dont put me up. Big Brother announces to Drew: Drew, I need you to turn the music off. Drew: Okay. Drew says that after he nominates Karen, he is afraid that she and Jennifer will come after himself and Cowboy. Drew asks Cowboy if he is definitely voting out Marvin. He is. Cowboy: I would hate to say this but one of those girls are going to win this game. Drew says that the game was always in favour of the women because there has been more women than men in the house from the very start.

The feeds go to the fish tank. When they return, Cowboy says that he has noticed that some of the things taken from the house for the HOH competition by the producers have been returned. He thinks that he and Drew still have a chance at the HOH competition. He talks about the game going as per Gods plan. Feeds cut again. Diane revs up the Girl Power troops in the kitchen saying that if the guys wanna mess with them, they are going to get it now. Jennifer and Karen discuss the best way to clean the oven. Jennifer begins scrubbing while Diane lazes in a chair in the front room. Cowboy tells Drew in the HOH room that he thinks it is 35 minutes before the Veto Meeting. Drew turns on the spy cam when Cowboy leaves the HOH room and watches the other houseguests. He says to the screen: Which is the best strategy in this game? Who should I put up of you guys?

Marvin tells Jennifer and Karen that he knows he is gone. He is aware nobody will use the Veto. Marvin: A nice flat Coke is all I got. Marvin meets with Cowboy in the wood bedroom. Marvin: By the way, you are safe Cowboy. She is not going to use it. What burns my ass is I trusted her. Cowboy and Drew meet with Diane in the cloud room. Diane says that Marvin is cussing her out. Drew asks why. Cowboy says that Marvin believes his eviction was all set up by Drew and Diane beforehand. Diane to Cowboy: I am not sure what I am going to do. Diane says that Marvin believes that Cowboy and Diane would vote to keep him in. Cowboy about Marvin: He has made a promise to everyone in this house. That is why Marvin is a wild card.

Cowboy says he would not vote for Marvin to stay because he put him up last week. Diane says she is confident that on or off the block she will be fine. Cowboy: We all know that you are safe. Drew jokes about them even needing a Veto meeting in the first place. Diane and Drew allude to something in the Diary Room but cant talk about it. Diane is called to the Diary Room. Drew says he is going to enjoy the HOH room before he has to pack up all his stuff and leave it. In the concrete room, Marvin rants to Karen that the women need to band together and kick Diane because she cannot be trusted.

Diane leaves the Diary Room and goes directly into the concrete room and says to Marvin: You better shut your #@^#-ing mouth and stop talking trash about me. Diane and Cowboy meet in the cloud bedroom. Diane says that she is going to use the Veto so that Marvin thinks that he is gone. Cowboy wishes Diane good luck at the HOH Competition. Diane says that if Cowboy wins it, he deserves it. Diane tells Cowboy that the women dont support her like Cowboy does. Diane says that Jennifer, Karen should learn how to take risks. Jennifer is called to the Diary Room. Diane and Cowboy chat about Karen throwing competitions. Diane: Whatever the case, Marvin is going tonight and I am taking myself off the block. Diane tells Cowboy she trusts him to boot Marvin. Cowboy reaffirms that he wont vote for Marvin to stay.

Cowboy goes to Drew in the HOH room and explains his entire conversation with Diane. She is using the Veto so that Marvin will understand in no uncertain terms that he is done in the game. Drew leaves the HOH room and heads into the kitchen. Karen is cooking. Drew informs Jennifer and Karen that Diane might use the Veto and if she does, he will put Jennifer up...just as a pawn. He impresses upon them that his whole entire plan is to get Marvin out of the house. Karen tells Drew that she doesnt think there will be a Food Competition because there is all sorts of stuff in the storage room...like big steaks. Karen, Drew and Jennifer dont want to tell Marvin about the food. All of the conversation is shown on the feed through the spy cam Cowboy is watching in the HOH room.

Diane stands in front of the memory wall and laughs. Diane: Oh, the irony. All of the feeds go to the fish tank. The Veto Meeting maybe be going on now. The feeds return for a brief moment and Marvin is walking through the front room. He runs into Jenn who drops something and apologizes. The feeds cut out again. When they return, Drew and Karen are in the HOH room they complain about the way Marvin goes off on everyone. Drew says he thinks Marvin is cool. Karen states to Drew that she or Jennifer will be fine if he puts them up as pawns. Karen thinks that Marvin will take his eviction well as the cameras are on and he doesnt want to be portrayed badly.

Karen goes back to the cloud room where Jennifer is. Jennifer: Someone goes today and someone goes Thursday. Aint that a trip? Karen and Jennifer plot but Karen is whispering so low, it is hard to hear what in the world she is saying. Diane and Jennifer sit in the front room. Jennifer says it would stink if the HOH Competition involved the houseguests playing a game as individuals and not knowing how they fared. Diane to Jennifer: I cant believe that they are going to give us stuff from the house at the end of the show. Jennifer asks Diane if she knows how to pack. Diane says that Cowboy does. Jennifer: I dont trust him.

All of the feeds have switched to the fish tank.

09-07-2004, 07:57 AM
*** Update Sept. 5th, morning - afternoon ***

Once they got booze last night, the houseguests sat outside, ate and drank talking about moles and...ummm...farting. Diane, Cowboy and Drew talk privately. Cowboy asks Diane if she really will save one of them if she wins the Veto as she promised. Diane: Yes, I will save you, Cowboy. Cowboy says making the final four is one of his goals. After that, whatever happens...happens. Diane: I swear. I will save you. Diane says the only possible way things will work out is if she wins the Veto. If Cowboy or Drew does, she is going up on the block.

As Cowboy listened to the CD in the HOH room, Drew came in and spoke to him. Cowboy claims that everyone in the house is scared of him. He needs to survive his nomination and win HOH. Cowboy says that his conversation with Karen in the hot tub tipped him off that he has a good chance with the jury and the others know that. Drew: Karen tells people what they want to hear. As everyone goes to sleep, Drew asks Diane if she really wants to see him outside of the house. Diane says she is in love with Drew. Drew kids: No, you are not. They chat about possibly being the final two.

Once they had woken up this morning, Karen and Jennifer examine the fridge. Karen says much of the fish has gone bad and wonders if she should toss it out. Drew and Cowboy chat. Drew says he slept badly last night. He doesnt know if he can trust Diane to carry through with her plan to save him and Cowboy.

Drew looks out the window while they are on a lockdown for the Veto Competition. He sees huge cages outside in the backyard. Thinking it might be an endurance challenge, Drew goes to the bathroom. When the competition occurs, we are fish tanked. When the feeds return, Cowboy and Drew are happy as can be. Diane won the Veto. They are hoping she keeps her promise, takes Drew off the block, Karen gets nominated and Karen is voted out. Diane joins Cowboy and Drew. Cowboy says that at the Veto Meeting he is going to ask Diane to use it on Drew. Diane says by the time Jennifer and Karen figure out the plan at the Veto Meeting it will be way too late. Diane admits that the only person who wont hate her on the jury is Will. Diane says that Karen paints pictures of famous people. She cant believe Karen doesnt have any money. She doesnt believe that for a second. Diane says she made no deal with Karen so it is no problem for her to vote Karen out.

Alone, Diane speaks to the photos at the memory wall. She thanks Jase for inspiring her to really go all out in the game. In the kitchen, Diane jokes to Jennifer that she can will the Veto but not HOH it seems.

*** End of Sept 5th morning - afternoon update ***

*** Update Sept. 5th evening ***

My. My. Some nasty shifts in the Big Brother house over the last 24 hours. Dianes gonna betray Karen and Jennifer? Well, I guess she has burned most of the jury votes...why not the rest, eh? Smart strategy on one hand. Dumb as a box of rocks on the other. Before we get started with the updates, lets check out what you are pondering this evening.

Karen asks Diane about how her Veto speech will go tomorrow. Diane: I havent given it much thought other than...I am sorry, Cowboy. The houseguests eat the steaks Cowboy made for dinner but it took him forever to cook them.

Jennifer says that at her high school if you did anything else besides accept your diploma (like cause a scene) you didnt get one. Diane tells the others that one kid in her class brought coffee laced with booze and got caught for it. Karen wonders if what she said a few minutes ago about a former classmate could be termed as slander. She is really fretting. She goes into the Diary Room to ask about it. Diane: Could that happen? Jennifer: Oh, yeah. If they broadcast that there could be a big fat law suit. (Editors note: The feeds were at the fish tank during Karens conversation, I believe.)

The feeds cut to the fish tank. When the feeds return Jennifer says to Karen: So it is fine if it is only a rumour? Karen: Yeah. Drew to Karen: So everything is okay? Karen: Yeah. Diane and Karen start doing the dishes.

Cowboy, Diane, Jennifer and Drew sort out the booze situation and how to divide it up in the kitchen. Cowboy says he would like to exercise first. Drew: You want to life and then drink? Cowboy: Yeah. In the bathroom, Diane and Karen brush their teeth. Cowboy and Drew enter. Karen: I have some hairy ass legs. Cowboy: Lets compare. And, they do. Jennifer, Diane and Karen chat about going into the hot tub. Jennifer and Karen might just put their feet in. In the hot tub, the houseguests chat about accents and how Karens Jersey ones comes out sometimes. Cowboy doesnt think Jennifer has one because they come from the same part of the country.

Jennifer makes HOH CD requests from the hot tub. She says Big Brother has all of her stuff and could just give them to her in the HOH room. Jennifer mentions how she would like to hear Sweet Home Alabama from Lynyrd Skynyrd or The Joker by The Steve Miller Band. Jennifer asks Karen if she has heard of The Cramps. Karen looks like she was just asked if she speaks Russian.

Diane and Jennifer speak about senior skip day at school. Cowboy says that he was 18 in his final year of high school. He wishes his parents were more involved in his schooling. He said that he could sleep in all the time and they did nothing. Cowboy: If I was a troubled kid, it would be different. Karen says she had to be in school all the time but would get back from partying with her future husband at 4:00 a.m. Karen says she didnt miss a day at school.

Diane says she was on the honour roll in high school and then in college failed every course she took. Karen talks about how much debt college and university kids pay. Jennifer says the finals for Big Brother were three days before the finals for school. The houseguests chat about the New York Strip steaks they just ate. Diane terms them as stuff you see on a menu that you cannot afford. Drew: Thats what those were? Cowboy comes back from the Diary Room. Big Brother got them some items they needed to refill the first aid kit.

The houseguests chat about how to best kill ticks. The general consensus is that olive oil works well. The guys move inside as the women move to the patio chairs. The women put a log on the fireplace. Diane: I am about to get my period, just so you all know. Cowboy comes outside and starts taking about Saved By The Bell: The College Years. Cowboy about the series: That was a good one. Diane: That was a waste of air time. Cowboy: I thought it was a good one. The women were hot. The conversation switches to Mighty Mouse and The Flintstone Babies.

The houseguests chat about their favourite shows like ALF, Married With Children and Unhappily Ever After. Jennifer asks the others: Okay. It was a show that was cancelled quite quick. It was called Doctor, Doctor. Karen: Gimme the news...? Diane and Cowboy loved Family Ties. Karen says she used to have a crush on Mallorys boyfriend on Family Ties. Diane says that her ex-boyfriends sister looks like Tracey Gold. The houseguests jabber about a television series starring Joey Lawrence called Brotherly Love. Cowboy: There was a hot chick on the show with big breasts. Karen: What was that show Johnny Depp starred in? Diane: 21 Jump Street.

The houseguests are so pre-occupied with a spider on the patio.

*** End of Sept. 5th, evening update ***

09-07-2004, 08:04 AM
** Update Sept. 6th morning - afternoon ***

The houseguests are still sleeping at 10:10 a.m. ET. Last night, Karen and Jennifer sat on the patio. Karen says she hopes that Diane doesnt use the Veto. Jenn says she will speak to Diane later. Speaking with Drew, Jenn asks him about the Veto situation. Drew says he doesnt mind taking one of the team and staying on the block as long as Cowboy is voted out. Jenn confronts Diane about using the Veto. Jennifer reminds Diane that if she does, Karen must go up on the block. As Drew and Diane goof around under the covers, Karen and Jennifer meet in the kitchen. Jennifer says that Diane told her to her face she wouldnt use the Veto and that Cowboy should be voted out this week. Karen: She promised both of us she wouldnt use it.

Karen tells Jennifer that any time she has voted someone out, she has warned them. She wants the same respect in return. Karen says that when Diane gets power in the game, she becomes corrupt. Karen calls Diane a little brat. Karen says she doesnt mind being on the block but if she is sideswiped out of the house, she will be pissed. In bed later, Diane tells Drew that Karen is leaving on Thursday and that takes one more piece off the board.

Big Brother has asked that the houseguests get up for the day. Jennifer is already up and walking around the kitchen. Diane and Drew smooch some. Drew: Okay, Ill get up. Karen is in the bathroom. Diane talks about getting free rent where she lives. Cowboy is still sleeping and hasnt moved a hair. To wake up the houseguests, Big Brother played the Americas Choice theme. Diane wonders if there will be another one soon. Cowboy is up and replacing the batteries in his microphone.

Cowboy asks Karen how she slept. Karen got up in the dark this morning and walked into a wall. Karen jokes: How embar-asking! Cowboy: Not at all. Jennifer gets something to eat in the kitchen. Diane is doing her make-up in the bathroom. Cowboy brushes his teeth.

Karen and Jenn talk on the patio. Karen: I look like such a fool with my husband watching. I just need to make a sign that says jackass. Jennifer says that it isnt over for Karen yet. Karen: Even Marvin didnt get backdoored. Even Adria didnt get backdoored. I feel like an idiot. Jennifer: It might not happen. Karen: Yes, it will. Karen: I guess I deserve it if I didnt see it. Jennifer: I dont think you are getting backdoored. I really dont. Karen about Drew and Diane: Without me around, they dont have to honour the promises. Jennifer is mad because she doesnt understand why Diane is sneaking around and just cant be honest about what she might be planning. Karen: It is a smack in the face because I have always looked out for her. Karen about Drew and Diane: She has been caught in lies. Her word means nothing to him. Karen: I am going to go get my make-up on so I can look good for my shining moment of ass #$@*#$. Karen heads inside. Jennifer plays solitaire on the patio table.

Diane is making eggs. Cowboy is eating a Pop Tart. Jennifer is having another cup of coffee. She heads back outside to the patio. Karen, Cowboy, Dianre and Drew are in the kitchen area. There is a tense silence. Nobody is talking much. Drew, Karen and Cowboy chat about the different kinds of coffee. Karen said she had a coffee-slurpie like deal. It made her nuts. Drew is drinking a coffee drink of some sort. He reads the date on the bottle. It has expired. Drew: Yech! Karen: Thank you, Big Brother. The houseguests chat about how many of the fruits and veggies are almost no good once Big Brother delivers them into the storage room. Cowboy talks about his phone call from home and how he asked to speak to Chason and he couldnt get anything out of him. Cowboy is proud that Chason called him Daddy. Cowboy says the first time Chason called him Daddy, he broke down and cried.

Cowboy chats about possibly going to Chasons class and showing off the stuff he got from Big Brother...like his house key. Drew goes to throw something out and says the trash can is leaking. Drew, Diane and Cowboy talk about whether they have gone back and watched their high schools football games.

Cowboy, Diane and Drew discuss the cameras in the house. Cowboy informs Diane and Drew that there is one behind the bathroom in the mirror. There is one at the hot tub and one in each bedroom. Diane hopes the Internet doesnt see into the HOH room. Cowboy seems to think that not all of the cameras in the house broadcast to the Internet. He talks of watching the series on the Net and on television.

Drew is trying to shave in the mirror. Diane buds in front of him to brush her teeth. Diane: I just couldnt take it any more. Drew looks perplexed. As she stands in his way, she apologizes.

Cowboy thinks that on the Internet, the viewers dont get to see the major parts of the game. Just them eating and sleeping. Karen sits in the bathroom and doesnt say a word to anyone. Jenn comes in to get washed. Diane is called to the Diary Room. Diane: What?!? Gawd! I am not ready! Gawd! Diane goes into the Diary Room. She comes running out. Diane: I asked them for five minutes and they are giving me three. They know better than to time me on anything!

Everyone except Diane is on a lockdown outside the house as Diane prepares for the Veto Ceremony and speaks with the producers in the Diary Room. Drew plays some solitaire. The rest sit in pretty much dead silence. The houseguests start describing their solitaire experiences.

All the feeds are at the fish tank. The Veto Meeting must be happening. When the feeds return Karen is in the kitchen. Diane is crying in the bedroom. Cowboy tells Diane that if he was in that position he wouldve done the same thing. Diane: It is a relationship thing. Diane crawls into bed with Drew. Diane: I feel like crap. Drew kisses Diane. Karen and Cowboy chat in the bathroom. They kid about creating an alliance. Cowboy: You and me to the end. Karen:..but neither of us can vote. They laugh together.

Jennifer is in the HOH room listening to her music. Diane and Drew chat about her speech. Diane: Did I say it is just a game? Drew: Yes. Diane: Did I say I made two promises? Drew: Yes. Drew: It doesnt matter. They are going to be coming after me now. Diane: When Jennifer comes to me and asks if I am going to vote Cowboy out, I am just going to lie. It is the end, right? You have to lie. Drew: They will probably ask me who I am voting too. Diane: I have to lie and say we are keeping Karen. I have to lie there is no way around it. Diane tells Drew he has the perfect excuse. It was a girl versus guy thing since the very start. Drew is going to maintain that he is going to say he is voting to keep Cowboy in because if not, it will be him against three women. Karen comes into the bedroom. The strategy talk ceases.

Cowboy goes back to bed. Drew leaves the bedroom. Karen and Diane are alone. Karen talks with Diane. Karen: I have trusted you from the start. Diane confirms that she and Drew are voting out Cowboy. Karen says that she understands what Diane had to do and trusts her. Diane tells Karen to speak to Drew and make sure he is on the same page and is voting out Cowboy like her. Karen leaves the bedroom. Cowboy sit up in bed in the wood room and stares at Diane through a window. It is not clear whether Cowboy heard the discussion between Karen and Diane or not. Karen meets Drew in the bedroom. Karen: It sucks that I have to pack. Karen tells Drew she trusts him. Karen says that it doesnt matter if she or Drew were up. Karen: You get the shiny necklace on your picture now. Karen heads off the check out the meat situation in the storage room.

Karen and Jennifer chat in the bathroom. Karen tells Jenn that both Drew and Diane told her that nothing has changed and Cowboy is gone. Drew relates his converation with Karen to Diane. Drew says he had to promise Karen that he would tell her if his vote changed. Drew to Diane: You saved me. What do you want from me? Diane: I want a fly back to Dayton with you. Did you hear that Big Brother? Diane tells Drew to just keeping pushing the three women versus him deal if Cowboy were voted out. Diane and Drew kiss. Diane: I have never kissed anyone on national television before. Drew goes into the wood bedroom to have a nap leaving Diane in the cloud bedroom. Karen and Jenn are outside. Karen says that Diane is probably going to honour her final four with Drew and Cowboy. Karen: I am going home or sequester, whatever it is. Jenn says that if it is a tie vote, Cowboy is leaving. Karen tells Jennifer not to be naive. Karen: I am going home.

*** End of Sept. 6th morning - afternoon update ***

09-07-2004, 08:07 AM
*** Update Sept. 6th evening ***

Cowboy, Diane and Drew plot some more in the bedroom while Karen and Jennifer are on the patio. They agree that the only possible hitch in their plan is if Jennifer wins the Veto otherwise it is smooth sailing. Drew jokes to Cowboy that Jennifer wont vote him out but has worked behind the scenes to push him out the door. Cowboy says he promised to never vote her out but after all this, he isnt so sure any more.

On the patio, Jennifer comments to Karen that she is hoping for a tie then she can say to him: Our blood is thinner than alcohol. In the late afternoon, everyone takes a nap.

Cowboy sleeps on as Diane and Drew yawn in bed. Drew says he might work out. Diane: Ewww! Diane: If I get up, what am I going to do? We are going to be the most rested people when we get out of here. Diane tells Drew she has no tendons in one of her fingers. Drew keeps yawning. Karen comes in. Karen says she got half an hours sleep. There was too much noise behind the walls and then they called her into the Diary Room. Karen comments that it is too cold in the house for her to sleep. Karen: I am so bored. Diane: Thats why I dont want to get up.

Karen to the producers: Give us something. Anything! Even Sea Monkeys! Karen and Diane go off into the kitchen. Karen goes out to the patio table and shuffles the cards around. Karen and Diane rip on Cowboy for taking so long with the expensive steaks yesterday. Karen tells Diane, Cowboy is thinking of cooking pork chops tonight. Karen to Diane: You need to win HOH next week...or I do, unless you are voting me out because I am a skank. Diane jokes: You are a skank. Karen and Diane speculate that Big Brother might break the rule surrounding the current HOH having to sit out during the next HOH competition.

Drew starts playing Two Ball alone. Diane and Cowboy chat in the bathroom. Cowboy thinks by him being on the block, it takes heat off of Drew and Diane. Diane is angry that Karen has thrown the pinky-swear deal in her face. Diane: She is just trying to make me feel guilty. Cowboy, Karen and Diane chat on the patio about how bored they are. Karen says she is unmotivated. The food is boring. The atmosphere is boring. Diane and Cowboy agree.

Jennifer is up and joins the others outside while Cowboy goes in to brush his teeth. Karen is examining her split ends. Diane and Drew play a game of Speed with the cards as everyone else watches. Jennifer is trying to figure out what competitions were in Big Brother 3. They each got to watch that season while they were sequestered. Diane: I am so bored. I dont know what to do with myself. It might be an early night tonight.

Cowboy and Drew are now playing Speed. Drew: You know what I was thinking about? I have to do another goodbye message for Cowboy. No offence, Cowboy. Cowboy: None taken. Cowboy, Diane and Drew start playing cards together. Karen and Jennifer are watching.

Diane, Drew, Jennifer and Cowboy are now playing cards while Karen watches. Drew makes a comment that Diane is the one to look out for. Diane clutches her chest and laughs. Karen: Is your heart breaking? Because mine is. Ouch! When the hand is done, Karen takes Dianes place.

The foursome are still dishing the cards, folks. Karen is promising to do better. Two feeds on the card game. Two feeds on the fishes. Diane comes back from the Diary Room. Cowboy and Dreew are the only ones who havent gone into the Diary Room today. Diane says she asked the producers for something other to do than play cards and watch the spiders outside.

Drew is called into the Diary Room. Diane leaves too to take a shower. Karen and Jennifer are sick of playing cards. Karen: I am really bad at it. Cowboy: No you arent. Karen tells Cowboy that she and Drew are all meated out and probably wont have the pork chops tonight. Cowboy is going to cook them any way and put them in the fridge. When Cowboy leaves, Karen relates her conversation with Diane earlier to Jennifer. Jennifer says if Cowboy is in the house next week, she will choke him. Jennifer: I cant stand to be around him any more. He makes me sick. He is turning into my Jase. Jennifer: I am tired of this whole $^##$ thing. Karen about Diane: This is all her power trip. Karen rips on Diane for her speech at the Veto Meeting saying she had to be true to a promise. Karen: There was only one promise.

Jennifer says that Diane told her was going to vote to keep Karen. Jennifer complains that Cowboy doesnt talk to her at all. Karen: April and Chason. April and Chason. Jennifer doesnt want to be alone in the house and be outnumbered. Karen: The final two both get to win. Jennifer. I would love to hang out with Drew and Diane but Cowboy wont go away. Diane comes outside and says that Cowboy is following her around. Karen thinks that when Cowboy sleeps he sucks his thumb. Jennifer: You know what I noticed is that Diane is the person you can influence the most in this game. Jenn says when she spoke good about Cowboy, Diane loved him too. Now that she cant stand him, neither can Diane. Karen says Diane has no self-esteme and no confidence.

Jennifer tells Karen she spoke to Drew about who he was voting out. Drew told her Cowboy because he is a shoe-in when it comes to the jury vote. Jennifer says that if any of the competitions are endurance, Diane will lose especially if it something to do with cold because she has very little body fat. Inside, Drew and Diane argue about the jury. Diane says she feels bad about backstabbing Karen and Jennifer but doesnt like the chances of two battling two. Diane and Drew discuss how they are going to convince Cowboy to vote Jennifer out if it comes to that. Drew is going with the fact that Jennifer wants him out this week instead of Karen. Diane: It is just a game, right? Drew: Right. Diane says that it will be easy because Karen wont know what hit her and they would only have to deal with Jennifer for one week. Diane: Maybe if you win HOH, you should put up me and Jennifer? Drew: Thats what I was thinking. Drew and Diane get ready to work out.

In the kitchen, Diane, Drew, Jennifer and Karen complain about having to eat much of the same food all the time. They wish Big Brother would bring them Chinese food or fast food. Cowboy joins Drew and Diane as they work out.

*** End of Sept. 6th, evening update ***

09-08-2004, 05:35 AM
Thanks for all of the updates, everyone! :)

09-08-2004, 11:02 AM
*** Update Sept. 7th, morning - afternoon ***

At almost 11:00 a.m., the houseguests are snoring. This is what they got up to last night when we left them. After their workout, Diane tells Drew that she is concerned about how her betrayal of Karen and Jennifer will be portrayed on television. Once everyone nods off, Diane and Cowboy have a rough night sleeping. They are up constantly during the night.

It is almost 1:00 p.m. ET. Big Brother is letting the hamsters snooze on. At 1:30 p.m. ET, the houseguests are up. Jennifer is in the kitchen with Drew. Karen is sitting outside on the patio while Cowboy roams the backyard. Karen heads inside. Diane is doing her make-up. Karen and Drew talk about Drew saying...Wow!...in his sleep last night. Drew: I wonder what that was all about? Karen: We are getting weirder and weirder in this place. Drew: Who? Us? Drew takes out the garbage. Karen and Drew get something to eat. Cowboy is having some cereal. Drew and Karen comment on how the microwave in the house sucks. Karen is going to eat a banana but wants to make sure the one she is going to have isnt the one Cowboy wrapped in a condom as a prank last night.

Jennifer talks to Drew on the patio about being called into the Diary Room half asleep yesterday. Jennifer: They (the producers) were like...Can you say this? The feeds cut to the fish tank.

Diane, Cowboy and Jennifer join Drew and Karen on the patio. Diane has just figured out that she and Drew have gotten their Chap-Sticks mixed up. Diane to Drew: Keep your Chap-Stick away from mine. Drew to Diane: So, I really said...Wow!...last night, Diane. Diane: Yes. Drew: I wonder why I did that? Diane says it took her two hours to get to sleep last night. Diane has learned a trick to stop her sister from snoring. She just hits her and she rolls over and stops. The houseguest chat about how loud Marvin snored.

After eating their breakfast, the housegusts chat about how the people they knew in high school have changed. Drew wonders if they will ever be able to do what Nick Cage and John Travolta did in Face/Off. They traded faces. Cowboy: They probably can. Jennifer says she thinks it would be fun to go and see a plastic surgeon who offers free estimates and see what they suggest should be altered about her. The conversation switches to reality shows involving plastic surgery. Karen: They are working on another Indiana Jones. Drew: They are? Yeah! Diane says she misses Alley McBeal. She loved that series. The Jennifer, Karen and Cowboy agree that they are probably the only people Diane and Drew have met in their lives who will immediately be able to tell the difference between them and their twins. Diane and Drew agree.

Karen wonder if all houseguests act like they do at the end of each series. Everyone knows each other so well that the conversations repeat themselves. Drew is playing solitaire. Drew: The day goes by quicker if you think about the things you want to do. Like today, I am going to workout, each lunch... Karen: Thanks Big Brother for all the fun. Diane, Karen and Jennifer pretty much sit in silence as Drew plays cards by himself.

The houseguests talk about dental injuries. Karen relates a story about how her sister whacked her in the mouth by accident with a plastic baseball bat and chipped her tooth. The women chat about the purfume or the lack of it they brought into the house. Karen didnt bring any in case someone was allergic. Jennifer says that Diane can borrow some of hers. Diane complains that her body wash spray got turned into the bathroom spray. Diane: Now I will never use that scent again. The conversation dies out. Cowboy is sleeping on a patio chair nearby.

Jennifer goes in the shower. Everyone else goes back to bed and sleeps.

** End of Sept. 7th morning - afternoon update ***

*** Update Sept. 7th evening ***

When Jenn finished her shower, she headed to the treadmill. Karen got up and spoke to her. Karen tells Jenn she isnt safe no matter what Diane says. Jenn says she is mega angry...in a less polite way. Karen says that she heard Drew and Diane plotting in bed last night. They make her more sick than the twins ever did. Jennifer wants to confront Diane about the plan. Karen warns her not to. Diane might get angry and vote her out. Karen meets with Drew and says that he has to think ahead in the game. She would speak to Diane but she might get peeved at her. Drew and Karen agree that the upcoming Veto will probably have new rules attached to it.

Karen has made some supper. Drew loves the meat deal Karen has made. Everyone is sitting down to dinner. Karen is doing the dishes. Diane isnt sure what she thinks of it. Karen says that if Diane doesnt like it, things are cool. Her feelings wont be hurt. She can have something else if she likes. Diane does eat what Karen cooked up. Cowboy is having a second helping. Drew jokes about how he got home from school one day and fell asleep. He woke up and saw it was 7:30. He went crazy trying to get ready to catch the bus for school. His parents looked at him like he was insane. They told him it was only 7:30 at night.

*** End Sept. 7th, evening ***

*** Update Sept. 8th, morning - afternoon ***
After playing cards for awhile, the houseguests turned in for the evening, the party animals that they are. Diane and Drew cuddle and discuss their future plans. Diane tells Drew that she will be quite nervous the first time they have sex because she had never made love to someone she truly cares about.

When the houseguests get up this morning, Cowboy tells Diane he is thankful there is only one more day to do Diane is glad. She is not scared any more. On the patio, Karen speaks to Jennifer about how people dont talk to her much any more. Jennifer says the house tends to shun the person they are gonna kick next. While getting something to eat in the kitchen, Diane tells Drew and Cowboy that she has enough friends at home and didnt come on the series to make new ones.

Karen, Diane and Jennifer talk about 9-11. Karen says everyone she knows had a family member or friend who was in the World Trade Center on that day. Jennifer rips into C-Span for showing people leaping out of the towers to save their lives. She thought airing that on TV was cruel.

The houseguests are put on a lockdown outside. They talk about playing cards as everyone moves to the patio table.

09-09-2004, 07:47 AM
*** Update Sept. 8th, evening ***
When the houseguests were put on a lockdown outside, Big Brother had some more fun with the houseguests. Sunning himself, Cowboy scratched his butt. Big Brother said: Michael, stop that! The houseguests share some wine and beer in the late afternoon.

In the kitchen, Diane and Cowboy chat about Big Brother giving them loads of food and them not eating it. Cowboy checks the storage room and returns. Cowboy: I guess I am not going to get my chili stuff. Cowboy goes into the Diary Room. Karen, Jennifer and Drew chat on the patio. Drew asks Jennifer where she lived before Texas. She lived in Louisiana. Karen tells Jennifer she should move to Florida. Karen: If you are not into commercialism and are all artsy-fartsy, you will love Florida.

Jennifer opens another bottle of wine. Drew and Diane wrestle around using the big blue ball. Jennifer joins them too. Diane is kissing Drew all over on the floor. Diane: I got Drew drunk! Drew: Okay. Get away from me. Jennifer pulls Diane off of Drew. Jennifer: Come here, drunk Diane. Diane asks if there is more alcohol. Drew says he has only had one drink. Diane scrounging for booze: We gotta get #$%$#$ up! Drew is checking out the alcohol content on all the wine they have. Jenn asks Diane to stand behind Drew. Jenn to the cameras: Watch. It is funny. Jenn tries to pull down Drews shorts but they just come down a little.

Karen says she is dizzy from one glass of wine on an empty stomach. Jenn offers Karen more. Karen jokes: I dont want to get plastered. This is peer pressure! The conversation switches to the Coors twins and how disgusting they are. Jenn, Diane and Karen raise a toast to Florida. Jenn: Another toast? Karen: No more for me. My mouth is burning like a drank gas from a diesel engine. Karen: I was gonna make something but nobody seems to want to eat. Jenn: I am cool. Cowboy is going to try to make tacos with the meat dinner (called Ooops!) Karen made yesterday. Jennifer: So what else are we doing tonight? Karen thinks the producers will put them to bed at midnight. Karen asks Cowboy if he will help her pack. Cowboy: I would be happy to help you pack. Drew is singing the lines to some song. Jennifer: Who is that? Karen: It is a Carley Simon song. Remember her? The old broad with the big lips.

Some of the housguest share some of left-overs from Karens Ooops! dinner. Drew to Big Brother: If we could get some alcoholic drinks in this place, everything would be fine. Jennifer admits she is intoxicated. The women chat about how much weight they have gained in the house. The cameras zoom in on Jennifers. Jennifer pats her stomach. Jenn: My beer gut.

The houseguests talk about Marvin peeing in the shower at home. They wonder if he did that in the Big Brother house too. Drew is gonna fry himself a tortilla. Jennifer comes over to show him how it is done in the frying pan. Drew already has some butter in it. Jennifer spins the tortilla in the fry pan. She flips it and spins the other side. She says it should be crunchy oon the outside and soft on the inside.

Diane and Jennifer head outside to the fireplace. Jennifer: I should ask Big Brother for my cigarettes back. Diane: No. Someone at Big Brother is smoking and it is pissing me off. Jenn puts something on the fireplace and burns it. Karen joins Jenn and Diane outside. Cowboy and Drew talk in the kitchen. Cowboy complains about one of the women making fun of him. Drew: Tomorrow is a big day. I dont need to remind you of that. Drew: If you are gone tomorrow, I will see you next week. Cowboy says that Jennifer told him he has an easy week coming up. Cowboy says he denied that is true because he isnt sure he is staying. Drew and Cowboy get ready to go outside. Drew sits down at the fireplace with the women: We need a firelog, Big Brother. The houseguests hear commotion outside. They think there is drag racing going on outside. The houseguests all scream together. Someone shouts back. Jenn: Dammit. This firelog sucks!

There is lots of smoke but not much fire in the fireplace. Jennifer: Our firelog is a smokelog. Drew: Big Brother, can we get a real firelog? The houseguests talk about how much they think the twins could bench press. Karen thinks the twins could give some men a run for their money. Diane: Any woman who can give a man a run for his money is disgusting in my opinion. Drew says that if Jennifer can bench press 100, he will be impressed. The houseguests decide to have a bench off and see how can press what. Drew is going to spot for Jenn. He asks her to stretch first so she doesnt get hurt. Jenn tries 100 and cant do it. Karen does better but only really holds the weight above her chest. Jenn tries it again and cant.

Jenn does just the bar. Drew says it is about half the weight. Jenn does 30. Karen does 50. Jenn wants to do 51. Karen says she doesnt have to. She just did 30 of them. Jenn tries any way. Jenn says her shoulder is hurting. Jenn did 23. The houseguests want Diane to try. She wont. Jenn: If my shoulder falls off, i am going to get 51.

Cowboy is trying now. Cowboy does 80. The women clap for him. Jenn: My arms arent tired. It is my @#^%$%^ shoulder. It is Drews turn. Jenn says she is going to beat Drew. Drew does 125. Cowboy: Good job, dude. Karen: Wow.

Diane finally tries. Diane is laughing and does two with Drew help. Diane tries again and does 10. Diane: Thats good enough. Karen gets a pitcher of water and puts out the fire. Drew sits behind Diane and hugs her. Diane: Please dont obstruct my microphone.

The houseguests get ready to sit in the hot tub. Diane and Drew chat and kiss in the bathroom. Diane is upset that she couldnt do the presses. Diane: They cant take a hint. Diane complains to Karen and Jenn in the kitchen that she is having one of those days where she just wants to be alone and cant. Jenn to Drew outside as they head to the hot tub: I know that my make-up is going to run down my face but I dont care because I am going to be getting drunk in the hot tub. As Jenn tries to undo a leather bracelet around her arm, the cameramen zoom in on her two belly piercings.

Everyone relaxes in the hot tub. Since Karen is just getting her feet wet, Jenn jokes that she can be her drink ***** and get her booze when she needs it. Diane complains that the hot tub isnt very hot at all. Karen looks up into the sky: I would love to see stars right now. Jenn: I will be going to sleep early tonight. The rest agree they will too. Karen says if she forgets anything when she packs, she doesnt care. She is not worried about a two dollar toothbrush. Karen comments that they sometimes insert past players into the game. Diane: It is too late for that though. Karen: You never know. Diane: Imagine if Jase and I made it to the end together? I would kill him. Karen says the worst thing was when she was in the shower and he spit apple at her. Diane: Being super intelligent didnt get him far in this game. Karen: Because he hurt too many people.

*** End of Sept 8th, evening update ***

09-10-2004, 07:19 AM
After the live eviction...

*** Update, Sept. 9th evening ***

Diane is angry at being blamed once again for someones eviction. Diane: I am tired of feeling guilty. This is just a game. Everyone walks out of here mad at me. Diane cant understand why Marvin and Karen are pissed at her. Diane goes looking for some booze to drink. Diane asks Big Brother again and again if she can go to the Diary Room. She wants to explain how people should leave the game.

Diane joins Jenn outside on the patio. Diane tells Jenn she has prepared all week so Jenn can ask her any question she wants about Karens eviction. Jenn asks her why she did it. Diane says that she didnt stand a chance against Jenn and Karen in the final there. Jenn: That works. Diane notices that the producers cleaned up a little bit in the backyard.

Diane claims she didnt tell Karen about the impending eviction because she would have worried all week. Drew comes out and sits beside Diane. Diane to Drew: That was a quick Bible read. Jenn: I wonder what is going to happen tomorrow? Diane: I hope it is a luxury clothing competition. Diane to Jennifer: At least we dont have to worry. We dont have competing fashion styles. The talk switches to Cowboy. Diane: His Wranglers do nothing for his ass except make him look funny. Diane is worried the jury will hold grudges against her. Drew doesnt think so because...it is just a game.

Diane cant believe that Drew got all the questions right. Drew: I told you, I remember everything. Diane: I cant even get lucky in this game. Drew pleads for beer to be delivered. Diane said it is lucky that the producers elected to just bring her into the house because her sister couldnt last a day in the house without her boyfriend. Diane thinks that her sister is always looking for something more than the boyfriend she has.

Big Brother is calling the houseguests to the Diary Room. Drew and Cowboy were playing Speed. Drew says they should finish the game first. Big Brother calls Drew again. Drew is going to go to the bathroom first. Diane comes out. Diane to Cowboy: What were you guys playing? Cowboy: Speed. Diane picks up Drews cards: Well, he aint playing no more. Cowboy and Diane play the hand as Jennifer watches on. Diane: Isnt there a comic book called Four something. Jennifer: The Fantastic Four. Diane: Yeah, the Fantastic Four. Diane wins the game. Diane to Cowboy: You cannot be the Speed master. You can beat Drew but not me. Cowboy: Come now. I came close.

Diane to Jennifer: Well, how do you feel about having the cloud room to yourself this week? Jennifer: It is awesome. Diane: Big Brother, will you please give us three beers a piece? Cowboy: Two more weeks. Diane: Crazy, I know. I hope we have something to do tomorrow. Jenn: It would be cool as hell if we got a Luxury or a party with music. Diane and Cowboy play Speed again.

Cowboy describes what the final jury vote is like and that the jurors can ask the finalists one question each. Diane: Thats weird. Thats a scary thought. Cowby says that last year got ugly. Diane reveals that she lied to Marvin about the deal she made with him. Diane says Marvin will probably say something different. Drew comes outside and tells the houseguests they are going to be on a lockdown outside. The feeds go to the fish tank.

The lockdown is over and the houseguests go in to check out Drews room. They feign excitement. Diane: You got a new plant. Diane: Lets get to the new CD quick. Drew got a Counting Crows CD. Drew says his mom sent him the fake plant.

Cowboy after they have looked at Drews T-shirt, plant and CD: Yeah. Lets all go to bed now. Jennifer suggests they play cards. The houseguests do exactly that. They go outside, sit at the patio table and start playing. And...the card game rolls on and on. Drew is doing quite well. It is Drew, Cowboy against Diane and Jennifer.

The lockdown is over and everyone heads inside.

The lockdown is over and everyone heads inside. Drew and Cowboy chat about the lockdowns and why cant Big Brother announce a time frame. The houseguests divide up the alcohol. Diane insists that Cowboy have the good beer because he just came off the block.

The houseguests empty out the ashes from the fireplace. They sit around it and share some drinks. Cowboy talks about how the producers told him to hose down where he peed in the backyard during the lockdown. Jennifer wonders how evictions go next week. Diane thinks a straight up eviction live on the show. Jenn: That kinda sucks. Jenn wonders if they air the wrap party. Cowboy says that doesnt happen. Diane doesnt like the fact that the jury can ask questions live. The houseguests think the series ends on the 25th. Jenn confirms that there is no Food Competition this week.

*** End of Sept 9th, evening update ***

09-10-2004, 01:27 PM
While everyone sat around the fire last night, Cowboy got up to go to the bathroom. When he did, Jennifer was quick to remind Drew and Diane that everyone loves Cowboy and he is sure to win the jury vote. Drew complains that he would his digital camera back. He says that Big Brother really doesnt give a crap about them. All feeds go to the fish tank.

*** Sept. 10th, Morning/Afternoon Update***

Diane, Drew and Cowboy chat in the kitchen as they get something to eat. Diane and Drew agree that they are going to try their hardest to win the final HOH. In the HOH room, Diane listens to the Counting Crows CD as Drew watches the fish cam on the spy screen. Diane asks Drew why the heck he is watching that. He finds it interesting...but is not sure why. The houseguests all nod off.

Cowboy, Diane and Jennifer are sitting in the kitchen waiting for a competition of some sort to start. Diane: There is just four of us left. Thats crazy. It is beyond boring in here. Jennifer and Diane agree that they are going to take two naps a day. Diane complains that Drew stole her pillow last night right from under her head. Diane: Come on. Lets get this party started. What are we doing? What are we doing? Maybe it will be a movie or video or something. Jenn: I dont know.

Drew comes out of the Diary Room. He has a Luxury Competition for everyone. They have to draw balls first for their positions on the mat. Drew: This is going to be one hell of a fun game.

The houseguests step outside and they are shocked and surprised. There are racks outside with their clothes on them. Drew: It is time for Trashing the Fashion. One at a time they will grab clothing from the other houseguests racks and walk up to a wheel. The wheel will be spun to determine that piece of clothings fate. The fates are Spared, Deep fried, Sling Shirt, Tar and Tailered and flaming Fashion. There is also Houseguest Choice on the wheel as well. If the houseguests land on that one, they can choose that article of clothings fate. Spared means the item is safe. For each article of clothing saved or destroyed 10 seconds is added to a special shopping spree. Drew seems to think that if they save or destroy all the clothing, the max they can get is two minutes for the shopping spree.

Jennifer goes first and selects items from each persons rack. The first item to go is Cowboys shorts. They get sling shirt and Jenn soaks them and uses a large slingshot to fire them over the wall. Next up is Drews shirt. Drews shirt gets the same Sling Shirt treatment but it doesnt go over the wall because it is too heavy. Jenn: It doesnt want to leave.

Jenn dips Dianes peach pants in batter and then puts them in the huge deep frier. Cowboy laughs that Dianes pants are being turned into a funnel cake in the frier. Jenn uses tongs to flip them in the frier. Diane: Oh, my gawd! Jenn: I think they might be burning.

Jenn pulls the pants out of the frier. Jenn: Home cooked pants! She then dumps them in a serving dish. Diane is next to select clothing. She takes something of Drews and says whoever bought it has poor taste. Diane says she told Jenn to burn the black pants. Jenn: Ooops. I am colour blind. Drew: Your pants smell good Diane. Diane spins for Drews Goonie shirt. The wheel lands on the deep frier again. Diane dips Drews Goonie shirt in batter and throws them in the frier.

Diane pulls Drews shirt out of the deep frier. Next is the yellow shirt that Jase left Cowboy. Diane spins the wheel and gets Houseguests Choice. Diane: Okay. Tell me what the fire procedures are. Feeds cut to the fish tank.

Drew: That shirt sucks. Diane reads the label: It says flame-able on it. Diane drops it on the fire place thingy and it ignites into a smouldering heap. Drew: It looks better than it did before. Next are Jenns ripped up jeans. They get the slingshot treatment over the wall. Diane: I feel so horrible. No, I dont. Drew and Cowboy help Diane use the slingshot because the jeans weigh so much. They wont go over the wall. Jenn: Yeah! The revenge of my pants. Diane: Damn these pants.

Jenn goes over to use the slingshot since the houseguests have tried three times to slingshot them over the wall. She will send her own pants out. Jenn is successful. Jenn: My pants! I love you! Diane: Those pants wanted to stay. Jenn: I had to send them out. It is Drews turn to go. Drew lets Cowboy to keep his snowman pants and picks a sweat shirt instead. He selects Dianes Good Girls Finish Last shirt. Drew picks Jenns skeleton shirt missing the sleeves. Drew spins and gets Houseguests Choice on Dianes shirt. Diane: That shirt got me to where I am today. Diane: Pick safe! Pick safe! Drew is gonna Tar and Tailor the shirt.

Drew uses a huge paddle to dip Dianes shirt in tar. The white shirt is now black. Cowboys sweatshirt gets the deep fried treatment.

Drew spins Houseguests Choice for Jenns skull shirt. Drew is gonna burn it. He throws it on the fire. Jenn: I hate you Drew. I am going to suffocate you in your sleep too. The shirt goes up in a huge fireball.

Cowboy takes Dianes Texas shirt. She begs him not to burn it. Jenn: She is from Kentucky! Drew: Decide where you are from. Diane: My mom is gonna hate you! Cowboy doesnt select the items that Drew and Jenn dont want burned. He takes Jenn pants over another one of her skull shirts. Diane: You listen to everyone else but you take my Texas shirt. Cowboy spins and it is Tarred and Tailered for Dianes shirt. Diane: I was born in Texas! Save the shirt for my mom! Cowboy spins for Drews sweatshirt. Cowboy gets Houseguests Choice. Drew tries the sweatshirt on one more time. Cowboy is gonna burn it because Drew fried his sweatshirt. He drops it on the fire.

Next up are Jenns pants. The wheel lands on Houseguests Choice again. Cowboy picks the slingshot for Jenns pants. Jenn says those arent her pants. They are her boyfriends. Jenn: Sorry, Donald. Drew: Lets sling them all the way home. Jenn: They were a pain in the ass to wash any way. The pants dont make it the first time. The second they do. Cowboy: Two minutes of shopping spree. Good team work.

Drew announces that they all get two minutes for the shopping spree. Everyone cheers. Cowboy wonders if there will be some Western wear. The houseguests believe that the shopping spree is being set up inside. Drew says they should just grab everything and sort it out later. Jenn: Grab guy clothes, girl clothes. We will sort them out.

The feeds cut to the fish tank. When they return, Drew says that everyone has one item left hanging on their racks so they can go rescue them if they like. Diane: I dont like my piece of clothing that is left.

The feeds cut to the fish tank. Drew announces a twist to the competition. If they take their clothes off and destroy them as they see fit, they will each gain another 15 seconds for the group. That means, if they all do it, they would gain another minute for the shopping spree. Jenn wont because it is her sister pants and her moms shirt. Diane isnt sure what she wants to do. Drew and Cowboy will get rid of their clothes. Jenn apologizes but she cant. She wont have any pants left any way. Big Brother told the houseguests that in the shopping spree they have to actually put the clothes on to claim them. They cant just grab them off the racks and carry them away.

Diane decides she is going to get rid of her clothes like the guys. The feeds go to the fish tank. When the feeds return, Drew slingshots his shirt and his shorts over the wall. Diane: I like those shorts. Cowboy is next. Drew is walking around in his boxers. Diane: Oh, gawd. What am I doing? Feeds cut to the fish tank. Cowboy takes off his shirt and shorts. He is gonna let Diane fire them over the wall. Cowboy: This is for all the ladies out there. Cowboy says his son will probably hate him right now but he gives his shorts to Drew to fire over. Diane: Ah, screw it. Diane is going to burn her clothes. She pulls off her pants but she is wearing shorts underneath. She takes off her shirt and is wearing a red bra now. Diane: Lucky I wore these clothes today. Diane: Hide me, Drew! Drew: I will hide you. The houseguests now have 2 minutes and 45 seconds for the shopping spree.

The excited houseguests go to the backdoor to get ready for the shopping spree. They are cheering. Drew to the producers: Was that good? The feeds cut to the fish tank, When they come back, the houseguests sit outside formulating a strategy for the spree. Cowboy hopes that the clothes they shot over the wall will go to charity or something.

Everyone is still sitting outside and waiting. The feeds cut to the fish tank.

When the feeds return, the houseguests are standing in the sun. They go to stand in the shade. Big Brother orders them back into the sun. Big Brother: Drew, I want you to say... Feeds go to the fish tank. The houseguests are let into the house and start mauling the shopping racks there. They rush outside with their stuff.

The houseguests stand on the backyard lawn and go over the clothes they won. It seems the clothes on the racks fit in with each houseguests personal style.

Diane is glad she ran out with the purses she has. She would have been happy to walk out of the spree with just them.

*** End of Sept. 10th, morning - afternoon update ***

09-14-2004, 08:13 AM
(Sorry folks for not posting anything...I've had a migraine.)

Here is a summary of what happened over the weekend. Cowboy finally won a competition...the Power of Veto. He obviously won't use it because if he took someone off the block...that would leave him as the only other person who could be put on the block in their place. (Drew is the HOH so he doesn't go on the block.)

Actually Cowboy is also the one with the most power this week as he is the only one who will vote on Thursday. (The HOH doesn't vote, nor do the people nominated.)

At first it looked like a no-brainer...that Cowboy would stay with his alliance with Drew and Diane and vote off Jennifer aka Nakomis. However, Jenn (aided by much alcohol) had a MAJOR breakdown on Sunday. She got tremendously upset...sobbing...screaming at the producers etc. She completely broke down. People who saw the live feeds feel that it was real and not a strategy play at all.

Cowboy was very concerned and comforted her a lot! He was really there for her.

As a result...it is now the feeling from the various sites that Cowboy may actually vote to evict Diane. If there is one thing you can say about Cowboy is that he has a strong sense of family and Jenn's breakdown really brought home to him that she is his family as well.

Tonight is the 'live' POV ceremony...but it is a given that Cowboy won't use it.

Thursday will be interesting.

09-14-2004, 09:54 AM
I think that tonight is not only a live POV competition, but also a live eviction as well. From everything that I have read, it appears to be that way. They are going to start accelerating things now.

Also, there is no show on Thursday due to the premiere of Survivor: Vanuatu (sp?). There will be a special show on Friday, but it appears that there also will not be a show on Saturday. The next show after Friday will be the finale next Tuesday, September 22.

CBS's website does not reflect the programming changes as of yet, but they are usually lagging behind a bit. We shall see if they announce those programming changes on tonight's show.

I would love to see Cowboy and Jenn win it. I do not care who gets 1st or 2nd place, but those two seem to need the money more than Drew or Diane.

09-14-2004, 10:37 AM
I think that tonight is not only a live POV competition, but also a live eviction as well. From everything that I have read, it appears to be that way. They are going to start accelerating things now.

Also, there is no show on Thursday due to the premiere of Survivor: Vanuatu (sp?). There will be a special show on Friday, but it appears that there also will not be a show on Saturday. The next show after Friday will be the finale next Tuesday, September 22.

CBS's website does not reflect the programming changes as of yet, but they are usually lagging behind a bit. We shall see if they announce those programming changes on tonight's show.

I would love to see Cowboy and Jenn win it. I do not care who gets 1st or 2nd place, but those two seem to need the money more than Drew or Diane.

Yes, you are right. I've checked my sources and they agree with you. It looks like there will be a live POV and eviction tonight as well as a final HOH competition. All three remaining players will be able to compete in this last HOH competition.

Then, there will be another eviction on Friday with the final show being next Tuesday.

09-14-2004, 10:38 AM
I think that tonight is not only a live POV competition, but also a live eviction as well. From everything that I have read, it appears to be that way. They are going to start accelerating things now.

Also, there is no show on Thursday due to the premiere of Survivor: Vanuatu (sp?). There will be a special show on Friday, but it appears that there also will not be a show on Saturday. The next show after Friday will be the finale next Tuesday, September 22.

CBS's website does not reflect the programming changes as of yet, but they are usually lagging behind a bit. We shall see if they announce those programming changes on tonight's show.

I would love to see Cowboy and Jenn win it. I do not care who gets 1st or 2nd place, but those two seem to need the money more than Drew or Diane.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Thanks a bunch Kelsey!!! Even though you gave us the site where you get the info from, I still come here... no pressuer lol

Hope you are feeling better! :)

09-15-2004, 06:49 AM
well Jen is out....the last I saw on tv was drew, cowboy and diane doing the last hoh competition...should be good!!!

09-15-2004, 07:56 AM
After the show aired...

The feeds are still on the fish tank, everyone. When they are off, I will let you know. When the feeds are back on, Diane says that is some heavy duty shaking. Everyone is still holding on. Cowboy wants to ask Big Brother a question. Cowboy asks if both feet fall off can they survive if they hold onto their key and hoist themselves back up. Big Brother: Yes, if you can manage to do that. Cowboy wants to know if the Internet is watching. Big Brother: Yep. Diane says her sister must think she is crazy.

Cowboy:...and then there were three. Diane: There were three. Cowboy says to Diane that Drew didnt even know what his decision was earlier this evening. Cowboy says he had to make the decision for himself. Cowboy: I seriously dont know if she wanted me out or not. I had to go with my gut feeling. Cowboy says he felt bad for Jenn breaking down but he didnt base his decision on that because everyone has their bad moments in the house.

Everyone is still holding on and no other quakes yet. All the feeds have gone to the tank. When they return, Cowboy is out. Diane is apologizing to Cowboy. He is pacing around the block. Diane says that she is sorry she asked Cowboy to help her with her hair. Diane: I dont want to be up here right now. I am so sorry Cowboy. Cowboy: It is not your fault. Diane: It is 50 per cent my fault. Diane says she will break an arm falling off. The feeds go to the tank again. (Editors note: It could be the feeds are going to the tank every time the quakes rattle.) Once again, folks, Cowboy is out of the competition. Diane says she cant believe she did that. She cant look at Cowboy now. The quakes shake Diane and Drew. Diane: I am so sorry, Cowboy. I will have nightmares tonight. Drew: Man, it shakes like crazy but that wasnt as bad as the first one.

(Note from Kelsey: Diane asked Cowboy for help with her hair and he lost his balance.)

Diane apologizes some more to Cowboy. Diane: I should have left my hair up. Diane to Cowboy: You will go down as the guy who threw his game for me. Cowboy: It is okay. Accidents happen. When Cowboy goes inside, Drew and Diane talk. She says she feels like crap about Cowboys loss...but she will deal with it. Drew asks Diane if she promises to take him to the finals. She says she will. The shakes begin again. Diane: This is crazy. Cowboy is back outside cheering them on. Diane: This is so goofy.

Diane and Drew put lotion on their hands earlier tonight and regret it. Diane jokes to Big Brother: Can we push and shove? Diane asks if the camera is going to hang out with them for nine hours. Drew: Do you have it in you? Diane: Do you have it in you? Another rattle comes. Drew: Is that all you got? Diane: Gives that to me. The platform is lowering too. Diane: Cameraman, dont be getting my ass.

Diane and Drew ask if they can hold onto the platform with the other hand. Apparently they can because when there is another jolt they are. Diane: It is like a big vibrator! Drew and Diane survive that quake. Diane to Drew: You wish you had never met me later tonight. Drew to the producers: Bring it!

Diane is dancing around on the platform. Another quake comes. Drew: That was an easy one. The quake stops and then starts again. Diane: Drew! The quake ends. When Cowboy leaves, Drew says he will throw the game if she promises to take him. Drew: Promises. Promises. Promises. Diane says she doesnt care if she breaks Cowboys heart. There is another rattle. Diane: I am the queen of endurance. Diane slides and falls off. Drew has won.

Again...Drew has won the first part of the final HOH. That means he moves on to the third portion while Diane and Cowboy must battle it out in part two. The feeds are now on the fish tank. When the feeds return, everyone is in the kitchen. Cowboy wants to play poker and just enjoy their time in the house. Cowboy says he is looking forward to facing off with Diane tomorrow. Diane: The next part wont be endurance, will it? Cowboy: No. Diane: Good. Cowboy claims that he isnt mad at Diane for what happened. It was an accident.

The houseguests sit in the kitchen and have a bite to eat. The houseguests chat about the wrap party. Cowboy says the producers told him it doesnt go all night and former cast members will be there. Cowboy jokes about what his Diary Room session will be like. Cowboy: So, how does it feel to lose to a girl? It aint the first time I have lost something to a girl, Bob. The houseguests guess that the third part of the competition will be Thursday before Fridays live show.

With Cowboy in the Diary Room, Diane says she cant wait to get rid of Cowboy. She wants to be able to talk to Drew alone without worrying about Cowboy coming around the corner. Diane about the competition: I hope they pick a competition to my liking tomorrow. Diane: I have to win after everything he put me through this week. Diane and Drew argue about who is going to win the game. Diane claims that she is going to win by a 4 to 3 margin.

Diane: Cowboy is going to hate me after this. I am going to have to put him out. Diane says she had no choice but to lie to Cowboy. He backed her into a corner. Diane says that Drew will have Cowboys vote when he leaves. Drew: That was a freak accident out there. Diane confirms that she really fell off. She didnt throw the competition. Diane and Drew keep kissing. Cowboy comes out and the talk switches to if Cowboys Diary Room session was bad or not. Diane: I feel horrible. Do you see his hand come off? Drew: Nope. They kiss some more.

Cowboy speaks to Drew alone as Diane is in the Diary Room. Cowboy says this week will be hard on him because Drew and Diane have each other and he is all alone. Diane speaks to Cowboy as Drew is called in the Diary Room. Cowboy says that he had a hard decision to make. He thinks that Jenn wont respect it now but maybe she will later on. Diane says she is a communications major and knows that the Diary Room asks loaded questions. The both agree that maybe Big Brother is trying to make them look bad on the series. Cowby: So, we live here for four days with two people. Diane thinks the wrap party and all will be on Tuesday. Cowboy: I wonder if the lockdown is over.

Drew is sorting through his clothes, Cowboy is playing solitaire. Diane appears to be washing a piece of clothing in a pot in the kitchen. Drew and Cowboy go outside to see that a bunch of tables are set up outside. They begin playing ping pong with a ball and their sandals.

Next, Diane challenges Cowboy to a game of the improvised ping pong. Diane admits that her interview in the Diary Room tonight was uncomfortable. She wanted to just leave the room it was so bad. Diane: Wheres my Ralph? Drew says that it is hard to do backhands with the sandals. Diane is going to watch now as Drew plays. Cowboy to Drew: I would hate to see you with a real ping pong paddle. You would probably tear it up. Drew: You are good too.

*** End of Sept 14th evening update ***

09-15-2004, 09:36 AM
Thanks Kelsey!!! I'm DYIN here! LOL

09-16-2004, 07:24 AM
Nothing much happened in the morning. They just sat around waiting to find out when the second leg of the HOH competition would start.

*** Update Sept. 15th evening ***

After the card game ended, the houseguests made some lunch. Big Brother announced: Remember houseguests, if you win the half million dollar prize you will never have to eat peanut butter again. The camera scanned the memory wall taking shots of all the former players in the game. In macaroni on the floor, Drew spelled out a message to Diane which read: Diane, I think you are hot!

All of the feeds have gone to the fish tank. Not sure why. It could be the second stage of the HOH competition is on. Feeds have been on the fish tank for some time now. It is now 7:40 p.m. ET. When the feeds return, Diane and Drew are laughing in the bedroom. Diane: You know I was going to lose today, didnt you. Diane says that Drew has to win tomorrow. Diane says she thought she knew all the answers. Diane yells: Do you know who was morphed with the twins? Drew: I know now.

Diane to Drew: I am so sorry I let you down today. This is my bad karma. Drew: No, it is not. Diane about Cowboy: He wants to play cards now? #$%^ him! Let him play cards by himself. Drew: I will tell him that. Diane called the second stage of the HOH Challenge dysfunctional. Drew: I would have been horrible. I would be still out there figuring it out. Diane: No you wouldnt. Diane: I asked for a miracle and I didnt get it. Diane says she is upset at the stupid questions. Diane: The producers were probably thinking I would know it because I was always talking about it. Diane: Good game. Stupid question.

Diane says the producers should check the tapes. She is sure she put the morphing question in the right order. Diane: I am ready for this to be over. God, Drew. I wont be able to sleep tonight. Drew: Dont worry this was meant to happen. Diane puts her head down and asks Drew to hold her. Diane: I am such a @#$% up! Drew: No, you are not. Diane begs Big Brother for her letter from home. She thinks she deserves it for making it this far in the game. Diane: I am mad at myself because of my stupidity and retardation. Drew kisses Diane.

Diane doesnt want to have to go into the Diary Room and talk about her stupidity. Diane: I am really lucky because I have someone like you in my life. Drew was surprised that Julie didnt ask him about putting Diane up on the live show. Diane: I dont care. Whatever happens...happens. Diane jokes that there will be a hell of a jury question waiting for him. Diane keeps going over the morphed face she messed up. Diane says that a DNA strand was involved. Diane asks Drew what DNA stands for. He doesnt know. Cowboy comes into the bedroom. Cowboy: You dont hate me, do you? Diane: No. I am mad at myself. It has nothing to do with you. Congrats for winning.

*** Reader Alert: Cowboy has won the second part of the final HOH challenge. He will now square off with Drew in part three tomorrow. ***

Cowboy and Diane go over the competition and the answers to them. Diane says her pieces were hard to fit in. Michael says he pealed off one of his questions and that messed him up. Diane: I feel like I just took a test at college and failed. Cowboy says the producers didnt praise him on the win so he wonders if they are looking at the tapes. Drew is sure they arent. Diane says that she got so upset when Cowboy won the producers probably just forget to announce that Cowboy won.

Diane tells Drew she is going to be everybodys punching bag after Cowboy leaves the bedroom. Cowboy bounces the yellow ball in the kitchen. Diane hopes that only her sister and Drews brother come to the wrap party not either of their parents. Diane: I cant wait to see your brother. Cowboy walks around the house bouncing the yellow ball everywhere he goes.

Once Diane falls asleep, Drew and Cowboy celebrate his victory in the second leg of the HOH competition. Drew and Cowboy head off to the gym to workout. Cowboy tells Drew that his victory was Drews too. Diane wakes up and joins the boys on the patio.

Diane talks about how much she hates spiders. A plane flies overhead. Cowboy: We will be on one of them next week. Drew: It will be so weird driving around Ohio. Diane wants to make sure that she and Drew can fly home together. Diane says that she and Drew live 40 minutes from Dayton. Cowboy, Diane and Drew are waiting for Big Brother to tell them how many people they can bring to the wrap party. Cowboy says his brother is in L.A. and ponders whether he can attend the party too.

Drew is about to play solitaire. Cowboy says they should play a game together. Cowboy: I really dont feel like sitting here and watching you play solitaire. Diane: Whatever.

Diane mocks Cowboy in the kitchen with Drew. She makes fun of April telling him to step up his game in the Americas Choice phone call he got. Diane: He is in for a rude awakening very soon. Drew cant believe how Cowboy and Dianes personalites clash. Diane: Because he is a moron and I am not. Diane: Like my dad would say, he is a sorry sack of s**t in my book. Diane and Drew talk about how Cowboy snapped in the last endurance challenge. Diane says that tomorrows final HOH challenge might be an obstacle course. Drew and Diane review who won all the HOH and Veto comps.

Cowboy comes out of the Diary Room and back into the kitchen. Cowboy eats some of the rice Diane made. He says it is good. Drew is away. Cowboy says he is tired. Diane: I am ready to go to bed. Diane asks Cowboy if he questioned the producers about where the wrap party will be. He didnt. Diane and Cowboy assume it will be in or outside the house.

Cowboy walks around and eats. Diane is in the bathroom. Diane sits in front of the fish tank. Diane: You weird fish. Cowboy and Drew chat in the bathroom with Diane outside. Cowboy to Drew:...and now it starts. Drew isnt following it. Cowboy: Our only competition is Diane. Drew: You think so? Cowboy thinks that America loves it that the Horsemen will be in the final two. Drew thinks what they pulled off was a miracle. Cowboy: I guarantee that America is loving. Cowboy says that he promises he is taking Drew into the finals. Cowboy: I aint changing my mind. Drew: Your word is good as gold. Cowboy: I know that of you too. Cowboy says that friendship is more important than a sure win. Cowboy: Friendship means more than a girl. Cowboy about the competition tomorrow: I am going to go out and win it. I have kept my word through the whole game and I am not changing my mind.

Drew: Same here, dude. Cowboy: My family will be happy with the decision I am making. Cowboy: We are going to be the best friends outside of this house. Drew: I know, dude. Cowboy says he wont ruin the friendship. Drew: I am thinking the same thing. Cowboy: You should trust me. I voted out my own sister last week. Drew says that the Diary Room is trying to mess with their minds. Drew says if he wins tomorrow, it will be harder for him but he will choose Cowboy. Cowboy wants to win the competition so he has to be the bad guy and kick Diane. Cowboy: If it is an obstacle course tomorrow, you know what you gotta do. Drew: Keep my shoelaces untied. Cowboy: I will tie them together for you. Drew laughs.

Diane comes out of the Diary Room. The game talk ceases. Drew and Cowboy ask Big Brother for something, anything to do. Cowboy thinks they should make a ping pong table. Cowboy is moving tables around in the house. Cowboy: Some music would be nice. Drew to the producers: Come on. You get to go home every night. Cowboy doesnt think so. Cowboy starts putting the stuff back because they arent supposed to move those things around.

Drew and Cowboy head outside with his rope and are trying to figure out how to make a basketball net of sorts. They grab a bucket and want to cut a hole in the bottom. Feeds cut to the fish tank. The feeds return and apparently Big Brother told them they cant cut the bucket. Drew: Holy s**t! What is wrong with cutting a hole in a bucket? They decide to check out the spiders instead.

Diane goes to sit in the hot tub. Drew and Cowboy try and decide what game they want to play. Changing inside, Drew jokes that Big Brother probably doesnt care that he is mad. They aint scared or anything. Cowboy thinks that the producers turned the Internet cameras off when Jenn had her breakdown the other night. Diane sits outside alone drinking.

Drew and Cowboy set up some buckets so they can use the yellow ball as a basket ball and make shots. Drew and Cowboy use his rope to tie a box to the kick boxing post outside to use as a basket.

*** End of Sept. 15th evening update ***

09-16-2004, 01:38 PM
*** Update Sept 16th morning - afternoon ***

After securing their makeshift basketball net last night, Drew ended up winning the game against Cowboy. The houseguests then decice to play cards. Diane had a little bit too much to drink and was feeling sick. As she goes to the bathroom, Cowboy switches places with Drew in bed. Diane doesnt notice it is Cowboy even as she cuddles close. Drew is hiding on the floor. When Diane leans in for a kiss, she realizes who it is and screams. Cowboy and Drew laugh and laugh. Diane has had a bad morning thus far. She has woken up twice and then gone back to bed.

At almost 11:30 a.m. ET, the houseguests are still sleeping.

At almost 2:00 p.m. ET, the houseguests are still sleeping.

The houseguests are now awake. They joke about the prank they pulled on Diane last night. Drew says he couldnt see much because he leant Cowboy his glasses for the prank. He cant wait to see it on television.

The houseguests think the third stage of the final HOH challenge wont be until tonight. Cowboy and Drew complain about the food they were served before going into the Big Brother house. Cowboy says the CBS handlers had a way better selection at their table. Cowboy and Drew say that before the show all of the guys were together at the same hotel and were driven to the same places. Cowboy chats about the interview process. Diane says the woman interviewing her said she didnt look like she belonged on a show like Big Brother. Cowboy and Drew said they were asked how a nice person like them could place such a devious game. Cowboy was asked if he would wear his wedding ring on the show. Cowboy had strep throat before the finals. Cowboy says he was interviewed three times. He was asked the same questions though.

As Cowboy and Drew take showers and get ready in the bathroom. Diane remains in bed. Cowboy to Drew: There is so much we are going to do outside of this house. Drew: I know, man. Drew jokes about faking a cramp during the final HOH challenge. He stumbles around the bathroom and Cowboy laughs. Cowboy predicts that the HOH room will be ready with their personal stuff probably right after the competition ends. Drew thinks that if the challenge were today, they would already be on lockdown in the house. Cowboy says the final one might be something they can set up easily.

Cowboy says he couldnt sleep last night. Cowboy dreamed last night that he killed someone and a family member came back and stabbed him to death. Cowboy: It is weird because I would never do something like that. Diane and Drew chat in the cloud bedroom. Diane: I feel like I drank a whole bottle of cheap ass wine. Drew kids to Diane that he will go through her underwear drawer unless she gets up. Diane does. Drew has no idea why women are so sensitive about men looking through their underwear drawer.

Diane, Drew and Cowboy play cards on the patio table. They yack about songs they like. Cowboy about the Internet fans: Why would people pay to watch us play cards for the last month? Cowboy says his in-laws paid for the live feeds for April to watch. Diane says her family couldnt afford to pay for something like that. When Diane goes to the bathroom, Cowboy says that when Diane goes tomorrow night, Drew can have the HOH bed and he will sleep on the floor. Drew thanks Cowboy for the invitation but the HOH bed hurts his back. When Diane comes back, Cowboy thinks that the Internet was completely shut off during the final HOH competitions. Cowboy: The world will not know until tomorrow night what happened but the Internet fans will. Drew wants his digital camera back so that he can take pictures during the wrap party.

Cowboy about how Big Brother treats the houseguests: I feel like we are being slapped around like red-haired step-children. The card game continues. Diane goes inside again. Drew says he is going to have to give up his pride today and lose the final HOH Competition. Drew: It is putting a lot of trust in someone. Cowboy: You can trust me. Cowboy says that if he betrayed Drew, he couldnt live with himself. Cowboy talks about how he gave up his putter during the Veto Challenge to Diane. Drew: We couldnt have made it this far without each other. I love this, dude. Cowboy: I like that it is two best friends. Drew: So do I. It is so great.

Cowboy: I have learned much from you and you have learned much from me. Drew: Yep. Thats so true. Cowboy: You will be able to go out in that world and be an awesome man. Drew: Thanks, man. Cowboy talks about his upcoming wedding and how he wants Drew to come for sure.

According to the plan Drew and Cowboy are discussing, Drew will throw the third and final leg of the HOH competition. Then Cowboy can evict Diane and she won't be upset with Drew.

*** End of Sept 16th, morning - afternoon update ***

09-17-2004, 07:58 AM
Ok, I am confused... I was reading the spoliers this morning (from the link you gave... I am impatient to see who won hoh lol)

anyhow, the guy who does them stated that the trick that cowboy and drew played on diane (where cb got in their bed) happened yesterday and that it would air tonight :confused: I SWEAR I was that last week ... Is it because the guy who does the spoilers is in Canada.. I know that dosen't make much sense, but thats the only thing i can think of lol

09-17-2004, 08:08 AM
Ok, I am confused... I was reading the spoliers this morning (from the link you gave... I am impatient to see who won hoh lol)

anyhow, the guy who does them stated that the trick that cowboy and drew played on diane (where cb got in their bed) happened yesterday and that it would air tonight :confused: I SWEAR I was that last week ... Is it because the guy who does the spoilers is in Canada.. I know that dosen't make much sense, but thats the only thing i can think of lol

Actually, this is the second time that they did this to her...but she really freaked this time and they died laughing at her.

So, you are right. It did happen last week and then again on Wednesday night. Hey...the houseguests are so bored at this point that they are doing whatever they can to amuse each other...LOL!

09-17-2004, 08:49 AM
Thanks for clearing that up Kelsey :)

now... did they have the 3rd comp yesterday?? I am DYIN here and need to know!! LOL

09-17-2004, 09:39 AM
I was reading another spoiler board and they said that the 3rd part of the HOH will be live tonight along with the eviction of one of the housemates, and this board seems to feel that Drew is confident that he will beat CB and that he is taking Diane with him to the finals because he knows that against her he will win the money.

09-17-2004, 10:09 AM
I was reading another spoiler board and they said that the 3rd part of the HOH will be live tonight along with the eviction of one of the housemates, and this board seems to feel that Drew is confident that he will beat CB and that he is taking Diane with him to the finals because he knows that against her he will win the money.

I've read that too. Yet, another board thought the competition had been held yesterday but that the HG's had been instructed not to discuss the outcome.

I find it hard to believe that they could keep up that kind of pretense for very long.

If Drew is smart...he will definitely take Diane with him as he is a sure win with her.

With Cowboy...it is 50/50. Some people just didn't like him and pretty much everyone likes Drew!!

09-17-2004, 01:26 PM
*** Update Sept. 17th, morning - afternoon ***

The houseguests are starting to get up for the day. While they get themselves ready, here is what they got up to last night when we left them. The houseguests were put to bed early by Big Brother last night. In bed, Diane told Drew that if the jury tries to shame her for the way she played the game, she will just say if she gets second it will be more than any of them made at the game. Diane claims that everyone on the jury except the twins hates Cowboy. Drew goes over his eviction speech for Cowboy saying that in essence he doesnt have a chance in front of the jury against everyones favourite Cowboy.

Drew gets cleaned up and sits outside alone reading the Bible. Cowboy is in the shower. Diane is doing her morning make-up routine. Diane joins Drew outside. Diane said she had to get away from Cowboy. Drew says he hates the fact that he is always following people around. Diane: I hate him. There is nothing I like more than watching you praying. Drew speaks about talking with God in the morning and how that makes for a better day. Drew: It is good to keep that line of communication open. Drew says he cant stand so much noise in the morning. That is why he came out to pray. Diane says that the houseguests have 15 minutes until something occurs. Not sure what.

Diane and Drew make some breakfast in the kitchen. Drew is cooking the eggs like he always does each and every morning. Diane: One of these days, I am going to take a picture of you praying. Diane says she will then use Photo Shop to put big angel wings on Drewss back. Diane says Photo Shop is awesome. Drew mentions that Jenn and Karen talked about that computer program all the time in conjunction with their art work.

Diane and Drew talk about attending Bengals football games back home. Cowboy feels crappy. His head is all stuffed up. He has asked the producers for medicine. Cowboy says he feels so darn tired. Back outside on the patio, Drew, Diane and Cowboy chat about credits in school. Drew used many of his sports ones to get through school. Drew took horseback riding. Drew says that he can tell Cowboy is sick. He can hear it in his voice. Diane is sitting in the hammock listening. She is pretending she is sleeping. Cowboy says to Drew that if he is going to vote him out, he wants to know. The houseguests are on a lockdown outside of the house. Drew and Cowboy suspect that Big Brother might be getting the HOH Competition ready.

Cowboy, Drew and Diane are asleep outside. Diane and Drew are in a hammock. Cowboy is sleeping in one of the lounge chairs.

Cowboy and Drew lay beside each other on separate lounge chairs. Cowboy says it would cool if they were both on David Letterman. Drew: That would awesome. Cowboy: We could teach David Letterman how to ride. Cowboy and Drew close their eyes and snooze on.

When the houseguests awake, Drew and Cowboy are tossing around the yellow ball. Diane says that this is one of the longest lockdowns they have ever been on.

The houseguests chat about needing to urinate. Cowboy says he wont do that again. He got in trouble last time. Diane doesnt care if she catches heck or not. Drew, Diane and Cowboy play cards at the patio table. The feeds go to the fish tank at about 20 minutes into the card game. When the feeds come back, the card game is still on. The houseguests admire a plane that is flying by. Diane: They have such pretty planes out here.

Drew wonders how many times they have played cards in the Big Brother house. Cowboy says they only have the cards thanks to Jenn. Drew asks Cowboy what her Native Indian name means again. Cowboy: Daughter of the moon. Drew: Oh, yeah. Right. When the lockdown is over, the houseguests are allowed back in the house. Feeds go to the fish tank. When they return, Drew and Diane are staring at the fish tank. Diane is ticked that the producers wont tell them when the live show is today. Cowboy says it was surprising to find out that the third part of the HOH Competition will be run today. Diane to Cowboy: We could all go to sleep and refuse to get up for the live show. Drew lays down in one of the bedrooms with his eyes open and staring at the ceiling. Big Brother: The live show will begin in 30 seconds. Diane: That is pretty funny, Big Brother. Cowboy: Is that for real? Diane: No, they are just being jackasses.

09-18-2004, 08:56 AM
Can you believe that I forgot to watch last night's show? Here's what happened...

With the final HOH Competition complete, 'Big Brother 5' now has its two finalists.

Two of the original Four Horsemen Alliance, Drew Daniels - the recent college graduate from Ohio - and Michael 'Cowboy' Ellis - the security guard from Oklahoma, will face the 'Big Brother 5' jury next Tuesday night to see who wins the grand prize of half a million dollars and who takes second place and $50,000 U.S.

In the last round of the final Head of Household Challenge, Drew beat Michael in a competition that involved the answers the current jury members gave to particular questions. Oddly, many of the questions and answers reflected negatively on Michael indicating that he might not have that much support amongst the 'Big Brother 5' jury. Over their four-year run on the series, the producers have been accused by fans and ex-players alike of coaching the cast and telling them what to say during their confessionals in the Diary Room by asking them leading questions as well as possibly manipulating the actual competitions themselves.

In the first two portions of the final Head of Household Competition, Drew won part one's endurance challenge and in part two, Michael defeated Diane Henry in a trivia contest involving a DNA strand and questions about the series itself.

As the final Head of Household, it was up to Drew to decide whom he would evict and who stay to face the 'Big Brother 5' jury with him. Drew cast his vote live on the show but both Michael and Diane had a chance to plead their case first.

"Drew, I know you got a tough decision tonight. We had a word since Day One and I know that and I know that you are close with her (Diane) so whatever decision, I love you. You are a brother to me," said Michael.

"Drew, I wish I had something great to say to you but I care about you more than anything in the world. You know that and whatever decision you make, I respect you. If you voted to evict me today I will still respect you. I would still care about you as much as I do. You are the reason why I am still here. I want you to know that. I want to thank you for that," Diane told Drew.

Drew was then instructed by host Julie Chen to stand up and make his selection known.

"This is obviously a very tough decision for me, I have to choose between a girlfriend and a best friend. This is definitely the hardest decision I have had to make in this house. I want you guys to know that this week I have had to keep both my words with you so right now it is going to shock one of you but I am sorry. I hope you understand this is just a game and this is just strategy," he said. "Right now, Diane, you and I had a talk last night and you told me about some things that if you and I were in the final two that scared me, in terms of numbers and people on your side in the jury so at this time, I choose to evict you, Diane."

As a tearful Diane exited the house, Drew explained that she had told him in a conversation she would get four out of the seven jury votes.

"I didn't say that to you," replied Diane as Drew hugged her goodbye. Viewers of the live 24/7 'Big Brother' Internet feeds witnessed Diane expressing that notion to Drew not last night but several days ago in the house.

"I am very shocked but I understand why he did it for strategy purposes, I guess. I don't know," Diane told Chen during her interview segment. Diane claimed again she had no recollection of making that statement to Drew in the house.

"Are you saying that he made it up?" asked Chen.

"No, I am thinking he just knew it. He is smarter than I am so he probably counted the numbers and knew what he was getting into," Diane answered.

Despite being evicted Diane had great hopes for her relationship with Drew outside of the 'Big Brother 5' house.

"He was very close to me and we want to do the same things and we want to go do them together," she said.

When asked by Chen if she would've done anything differently in the game, Diane who had made numerous enemies on the jury by paving the way for their evictions, Diane joked that she should have got Drew booted too. Diane was also disappointed with Drew's goodbye message to her.

On the 24/7 live Internet feeds after the show had concluded, Drew admitted to Michael that an agent from a twin casting agency made him aware of the opportunity to be on 'Big Brother 5' and he probably owes her 10 per cent of his winnings. Die-hard fans of the series have complained in the past that too many of the 'Big Brother' contestants aren't "everyday people" but amateur models and actors who have agents under their employ.

The finale of 'Big Brother 5' airs next Tuesday night on CBS during which the jury of evicted houseguests will vote on the winner

09-18-2004, 09:06 AM
Here is what happened after the show:

*** Update Sept 17th evening ***

Right now, the feeds are on the fish tank. In the backyard, Cowboy and Drew throw around the yellow ball. Cowboy says he thinks that Drew has the game won. Drew: Dont say that. They agree not to talk about the jury vote and just chill. Cowboy: Two Horsemen riding to talk to Julie. Cowboy and Drew are trying to figure out from the footage where the jury house is. Cowboy says that Marvin made the comment that he would be shocked to be related to Cowboy when he was in the house. The feeds go to the fish tank.

Cowboy: I am pretty sure a guy is gonna win it. Drew and Cowboy chat about how the women wanted to boot all the men early on. Drew: Not this year. Drew and Cowboy continue to play Two Ball in the backyard.

Drew confirms that he learned about Big Brother through a twin agency who got the job for him. He believes that he has to share some of the money with the agent who worked as the go-between with CBS. Drew says that the email said that 10 percent for the agent wouldnt come out of his stipend...only if he got first and second. It would come out of the prize money.

Drew: I am so pumped after all that drama. I just want to chill. Cowboy: Me too. I wonder what America is thinking right now. Going inside, the boys have some champagne. They toast the other two Horsemen who couldnt make it, their family and friends who supported them. On the memory wall, Cowboy moves Drew and his picture together and so that all the evicted houseguests photos surround them.

Drew: We wouldnt be here without Jase and Scott. They supported us. Drew: Can you believe this? The Pretty Boy and The Cowboy? Cowboy: Never in my wildest dreams. The guys go into the storage room and find all sorts of food and drink in there. Big Brother has provided a catered meal for them. They sit down to eat.

As they ate dinner, Drew says the viewers must think he is an ******* for making a woman cry on national television. Cowboy says he felt the same way when he voted out Jennifer. Drew and Cowboy chat about the possibility of them being on Letterman and Regis. Drew reads the Bible as Cowboy strolls around the house. Cowboy gets into the bed beside Drew. He reads his own Bible too. There is silence in the house as they do.

Drew and Cowboy lay in separate beds not saying a word.

Cowboy and Drew continue to snore with the only noise being Cowboy rolling around a bit. Cowboy gets up and goes to the bathroom. Cowboy goes back to bed.

Cowboy gets up, heads outside to slip into the hot tub and drink some water. Drew remains asleep. Cowboy takes a stroll around the house. He goes back inside and Drew is awake now. Drew is surprised the producers havent called them in for a Diary Room session. Cowboy hopes for a Luxury Competition tomorrow.

Cowboy to Drew: Sorry I wont be a good sight to see when you roll over in the morning. Drew: It is okay. Drew agrees with Cowboy that having a girlfriend in the house was a hinderance and a help. Cowboy says that he is glad April isnt in the house. He doesnt know whether they would get along good or fight. He is happy he never found that out. Cowboy: You know. Pizza would be good. Drew: Oh, yeah!

Drew and Cowboy stare at the memory wall. Cowboy talks about his friends at home. Drew wonders if Diane thinks their relationship was a farce. Drew says it sucks that he had to do it on national television. He questions if Diane was real or playing him in the house. Cowboy says he didnt see a reason why Jenn put him up one of the two times. Cowboy says that if he had kept Jenn, he feels that Drew would be mad he kicked Diane instead. Cowboy thinks that Diane kissing Drew was all strategy. Cowboy doesnt know if Diane meant to slam the door or not. He thinks it was the wind. Drew agrees. Drew feels bad and thinks that Diane knew what his decision was before he cast his vote. Drew: I hated to make her cry. Cowboy thinks Jenn was putting a guilt trip on him about her pregnant sister.

Cowboy thinks if Jenn was in his shoes, she would have done the same. Cowboy and Drew believe the wrap party is two days after the series is over. Cowboy asks something about the Early Show. There is no response. Drew and Cowboy wonder if all of the producers have just left. Cowboy: Two horsemen. Cowboy would like the Early Show to interview them together.

Cowboy says that he is tired and just wants to see his family. Cowboy thinks they should be proud because only 10 people have made it this far in the game. Cowboy is reading the houseguests manual to see how long they are required to stay around after the game is over. By what it says in the manual, he thinks he will get his camera back after the show is over. Drew and Cowboy said they read over the manual two or three times in the hotel room.

Cowboy talks about the manual saying the producers can wake the houseguests up at any time they want to. Drew: It is so weird we are reading this now. We made it, dude! Drew reads: What is a lockdown and what I do? Leave the house in an orderly fashion and wait for further instructions. Cowboy admits that it pissed him off that he took his hand off his key in the endurance competition over a woman but everything worked out fine in the end.

Drew: I wonder why Alison and Arnold are doing right now? Cowboy under his breath: We arent supposed to talk about them. I dont know why. Everyone knows who they are. In the manual it says the jury will see the competitions and evictions but not the comments in the Diary Room or private conversations. Drew: It was weird to see them on television.

Drew reads from the manual that if the producers dont want the players to goof with the cameras because it annoys the viewers. They talk about the daily chores they have in the house. Drew didnt even know they had plants in the house. Cowboy says Jenn watered them before every live show. Drew says the manual tipped him off that there wouldnt be a basketball court but a golf course in the backyard this year. Cowboy and Drew head out to play Two Ball some more.

Drew tells Cowboy that the most he has ever had in his bank account is a couple thousand. Drew and Michael do the Horseman ride through the entire house. They run and laugh. Big Brother jokes: Drew and Michael, stop that. The boys settle down for a game of chess. Drew says he cant believe he had to decide who won $50,000 and who didnt. While they get ready for bed, Drew tells Cowboy he is certain his girlfriend back home hads dumped him but they did agree they were having a break from each other before he came into the house. Cowboy and Drew describe how the Horsemen Alliance was so strong to last so long. They then go to dsleep.

*** End of Sept. 17th, evening update ***

09-20-2004, 08:49 AM
I'm not posting anything because there is absolutely nothing going on in the house.

The guys sleep, get up to fix something to eat, and then go back to bed. They are bugging the producers to give them a game or some music or something to pass the time.

They play cards and two-ball...and that's about it.

09-20-2004, 09:36 AM
I can imagine they are bored out of thier skulls lol

09-21-2004, 07:12 AM
I can't wait for tonights show!! :D

Thanks for all of the updates! :)

09-21-2004, 09:12 AM
I can't wait either. It has been an interesting season. Everyone is coming back for this show...but only the jury will be able to vote.

I want to see how Jase and Scott act around each other because apparently they had a major falling out and have nothing nice to say about the other.

Jase and Holly, however, are even closer than ever!!!

09-21-2004, 01:19 PM
should be interesting cause Jase and Scott aren't even talking.