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05-13-2004, 07:05 PM
My Wife and Kids 5/12 8:30

What was Michael doing when Franklin went to see him?
Playing pinball

Why did Franklin go to see Michael?
Sought advice on how to be like other kids

What did Michael do to make Franklin fit in easier at the park?
Messed and dirtied him up

What did Michael tell Junior to do in recognition of his exemplary behavior?
Hug himself in approbation

What did Michael say made him proud of Junior?
Was acting “like a grown man”

What did Franklin say after he hit a baseball?

What bothered Franklin about riding in the car with Michael?
Had to ride in child’s seat

What did Franklin do to help lower the price of what Michael wanted to buy?
Spoke to sellers in native language

What did Junior say he wondered about as he chatted with Vanessa?
If their baby would go to the moon

How did Junior attempt to make some extra money for his child's college fund?
Sold his car

What kind of car was it?
Chevy Impala

In a commercial during this show, what did Americans across the country do as they wore supportive tee-shirts?
Ate chicken
Tastes good

In a commercial during this show, what did synchronized swimmers discuss as they performed?
Pays you if you're injured and cannot work

In a commercial,what did family members enjoy after they went horseback riding?
Breeze from a ceiling fan
Stylish ceiling fans at low prices

In a commercial during this show, what did a detective do after interrogating a robbery suspect?
Ran to his car and drove away
Mazda6 Sport Wagon
Feels like a sports car