View Full Version : Charmed ~5/2~Stormy Leather

05-03-2004, 05:26 AM
what did mr. wrong do as he looked at the sports car?
*smoked cigar

what did paige do when she had some time to relaw?
*summoned mr.right to her room

what nice thing did mr. right do for paige?
*conjured breakfast for her

how did the demonatrices try to kill phoebe & paige?
*chucking throwing stars at them

what was the first thing mr.right did as a real person?
*cut himself with a knife

what "bad thing" did chris do that landed him in jail?
*stole expensive sports car

what was paige doing while she looked at the map?
*drinking juice from a can

what did mr.right help phoebe do?
*make special potion

what did sigmund do to help piper?
*retrieved book from shelf

what did mr.right suggest paige & he do together someday?
*Not > fly to london

In a commercial during this show, what did an attractive, young woman do on a beach as the song "Summer Breeze" played?
*Pulled off layers of clothing
*Colorful summer tanks for layering

what did a woman who hailed a taxi, a woman embracing a man, and a woman eyeing a coworker during a meeting all do?
*thought about clothing
*NOT>is lightweight & breathable

What was the title of a new TV show, advertised during this program, in which untalented singers were told they were talented and vice versa?
"Superstar USA"
May 17

In a movie commercial during this show, what did Hugh Jackman fight?
Various monsters
"Van Helsing"

In a movie commercial during this show, what did two lawyers, played by Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan, do accidentally?
Got married
"Laws of Attraction"

In a commercial during this show, what happened to a man in a boat with his kids after he said the word "tentacles"?
Was pulled away by tug on fishing pole
Quaker Quakes Potato Stix
Baked not fried

in a commercial, what did a blonde woman in white do with a woman in black & a woman in red?
*>NOT>garnier lumia

05-03-2004, 09:11 AM
What did Mr. Right suggest Paige and he do together someday?
Take exotic vacation to Italy

What was Paige doing when Phoebe knocked on her door?
Kissing Mr. Right

What did Paige tell Phoebe she was doing to keep her spirits up?
Taking many catnaps

10-14-2004, 08:13 PM
In a DVD/VHS commercial during this show, what did a leather-clad Hugh Jackman do?
Fought various monsters
"Van Helsing"