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03-03-2003, 10:22 PM
I HATE insurance companies! In this case I am speaking of my health insurance....let's see where to start...I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 31 years. I went 2 weeks ago to see a new dr who actually does pump therapy in the small town I live in. He did some lab work on me...cholesteral, tricegylcerides, glucose, and HA1C. Well they are all messed up. I checked my bloodsugar before I left for the dr and it was 98. The blood test revealed it was actually 238. This means my glucose monitor is not functioning correctly anymore(I guess using it everyday for the last 3 years just wore it out) So I call my health ins carrier to see how they would cover a new monitor...get this they will not until I get a letter of medical necessity from the dr. WTF they have been buying insulin, pump supplies, and covering drs visit to regulate my bloodsugars. So I called the dr got the letter and they tell me I have to wait 3 weeks! 3 weeks, I can't wait 3 weeks to check my bloodsugar. My HA1C was a little too high, so my pump perameters need to be changed, but since my monitor is not functioning correctly I have nothing to check my bloodsugars with. So I call them again and get a fax number so I can get them the letter of medical necessity faster and ask what brand of monitor my ins will cover. (We have a little left of our income tax and because I desperatley need to monitor my bloodsugars, I was going to buy one and wait to recieve the money back from ins co). Well I was told they did not know what monitor they would pay for...they will let me know when they review the letter and my case. WTF. Just tell me which brand the ins would cover, no dice would not tell me anything. And to top that off last March my son aspirated a foriegn body into his lung and needed surgery. I am divorced from his Dad, but he keeps ins on son. Well his ins has paid and there is still an outstanding balance. The hospital filed on my ins. They put a hold on the account until I gave them accident details...no big deal, filled out the paper work and mailed into them. Then they hold the case to know what my divorce papers say about who has to have ins on son...they send me papers, I fill them out and mail back, 2 months later the claim is still not paid. They say they never recieved papers. I repeated this process twice and the last time I sent the papers return reciept requested. I KNOW they received them. They received them in Jan. Well as of today the claim has not been paid. So I ask about this when I talked to rep about the monitor. Well now they want to see my divorce decree. Why did no one contact me to give them this info 2 months ago??? It was finalized over 16 years ago. I have no idea where they are. So now they inform me I have to go to the courthouse and get a copy of them. My hubby has always had health ins on my son, and NO ONE has ever asked about the divorce decree. EX's ins paid and usually hubby's ins paid what was left. This ins co is driving me insane. It is through my employment at the cost of $75 weekly. It seems to me they are spending more money to get out of paying a claim than it would cost to actually pay the claim. What do you guys think it will take to get all this settled? Any advice greatly appreciated.

03-03-2003, 11:36 PM
I have no idea, but really sorry you have to go through this. {{{mjh341}}}

03-03-2003, 11:37 PM
(((((hugs)))) I don't have any great wonderful advice but I wanted to give you a hug. Insurance companies are awful to deal with. You pay mucho bucks into them and then it is like squeezing blood from a turnip to get them to cover you when you need it. Ack. I hope this work out for you. They really have no excuses considering you got a recipient receipt from the post office. It just seems like a money racket to put you through this hassle (the late charges, interest etc...)I have never been asked for a divorce decree that is insane.

03-04-2003, 05:40 AM
First of all, I think they are being entirely too nosy! I think in my next conversation I would mention calling the state insurance commision if they can't get their heads out of their butts.

Second of all, what brand of testing strips are you using? All of the diabetic supply companies offer free meters with the purchase of their strips. The strips are where they make their money so they give the meters away to get you to buy their strips. I used to work in Customer Service at a medical supply company. I gave away literally hundreds of meters a week. It should really be replaced every year. Are you using the control solution to check the calibration of your meter with each ner container of strips? Even your local pharmacy will have free meters, just ask when you fill your prescription for testing strips. Most of the boxes that the meters come in have a coupon to get it free when you buy the strips. Good luck!

03-04-2003, 11:50 AM
Check your battery on your monitor. It just may need to be replaced. Also call your local Diabetes Association and see if they don't give them away. AccuCheck does all of the time. Check out their website. In the meantime, you shouldn't need a letter of medical necessity. Call one of the companies that supplies medical equipment and let them bill your insurance company for the cost of the meter. The idiot who said that you needed a CMN was ignorant to say the least. Looking at your medical history would have given them a big clue.