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02-28-2003, 08:45 PM
grrrr, I could just spit. In january I ordered the lenox little gems mothers day ring. It's sterling silver and has a heart on it with the kids/my birthstones on it......

anyway, I send off for this thing because *finally* I have found the ring that I want. Weeks go by, and then finally I got a request in the mail last friday that they need my ring size. So i email them my ring size and guess what?!?!?! They said that they sent me notice (which I never got) that my address was wrong because I moved with no forward so they could not contact me and that they cancelled my order of my pendant.

UHM o.k. I emailed them back and stated that first of all I have NOT moved. Second I ordered a RING not a pendant and third that they grossly misspelled my address on the letter asking for my ring size. I ended up cancelling the order (well sort of) but they never bothered to contact me back to apologize or anything!!!!!! I am so disgusted with them, what piss poor customer service. I would be afraid to order anything personalized from them now considering all of the screw ups in the order etc...but I would think that if they truly wanted my business or any recommendation I might give that they would have at least sent a small letter of apology (they do have my email) sorry for the stupid vent. :rolleyes: I am now on the hunt for another mothers day ring!!!!

Believe me, I will be contacting planetfeedback.com :mad:

03-01-2003, 01:21 AM
Thanks for the warning. I am looking to buy a mother's ring myself. Good luck finding the one you like! Here is the one I am currently considering...

03-01-2003, 04:51 PM
i got the necklace from them. i had no problems with the order and it is beautifull! sorry you has a bad experiece with them.