View Full Version : yet another eBay vent- buyers who don't frelling read!

02-27-2003, 02:44 PM
Maybe I'm just having a bad week, but in the past couple days I've had two buyers who apparently can't or don't read.

First one: emails me a day or so after the auction ends to ask if I accept Paypal. Because apparently the fact that there was a Paypal logo on the auction page, and an invoice stating that I accept Paypal weren't clear enough. Then when she did send payment, it was .20 short. I just let that go, but still- if you're not going to use the Paypal link in the invoice, at least add it up correctly!

Second one: Got an envelope in the mail today with a payment. First, the buyer sent over $20 in cash, which I think is too risky (not to mention illegal). If I wasn't an honest person, I could claim that I never received it, and she'd have no proof. It's not like money orders are very expensive. Second, the auction page clearly stated that I was requiring the purchase of insurance because the item was breakable and not replaceable. She deducted the insurance charge from the total on the invoice, and sent a note saying "no insurance necessary." Grr. Well, I'm not responsible if anything happens to this package!

Is it so hard to read and follow simple instructions?! :confused:

And if you were buying a breakable collectible for over $20 with shipping, wouldn't it be worth it to pay the extra $1.30 for insurance?

02-27-2003, 04:36 PM
((((Syrinx)))))) Sorry this happened.

Gotta ask though-- do you watch Farscape by chance?

02-27-2003, 04:46 PM
If I were you I would go ahead and put insurance on it that way she cant blame you if it is broken. Cuz something tells me thats what she is going to do.... and then she can "legally"(in her mind) leave neg feedback.

02-27-2003, 07:16 PM
miccit- yes, I'm a huge Farscape fan. Frell is such a good all purpose curse word :)

I'm debating between just insuring the package anyway, or emailing the person to put in writing that I am not responsible for anything shipped uninsured. I do have that stated at the bottom of all my auctions (I normally make insurance optional and only require it for breakables), but I am rather leery of this person now!

02-27-2003, 10:17 PM
LOL, I was wondering about the Farscape bit my self!!! Love the show, that Ben Browder------yummy!!

02-28-2003, 06:25 AM
You may want to consider making a fixed shipping charge on those auctions that you require insurance on. For instance, if the total shipping was 3.85 and you REQUIRE insurance on that particular auction, you could always say "fixed shipping charge of $5.15". If the person inquires about additional insurance tell them that it's not necessary, it's figured into the fixed shipping charge.

My problem with paypal is the opposite of yours. I have a BIG problem with ebay putting the paypal notice all over all of the checkout notices, "end of auction" notices, etc. I DON'T take paypal (clearly stated), yet at least once a week I have someone trying to pay me that way because ebay puts it in their notice to "pay immediately with paypal".

I agree that people sometimes don't read, but I tend to give them a break...for all the 500 thousand different sellers on ebay, there's 500 thousand different ways to do something...it's easy to get confused. Also, (and NO finger pointing) you MAY want to look over your listings...if they are REALLY cluttered with rules, personal notes, pictures, "cute sayings", etc. etc, etc. that have little or nothing to do with "just the facts", then you MAY want to de-clutter these listings. I've seen a TON of listings that have pictures of people's pets, quotes from different books, dancing teddy bears, musical interludes, etc. that have NOTHING to do with the auction, but only serve to distract me from the "nitty gritty".

Just my 2c.

02-28-2003, 07:57 AM
Originally posted by jadegentle
LOL, I was wondering about the Farscape bit my self!!! Love the show, that Ben Browder------yummy!!

Me too! That man is hot!

02-28-2003, 09:31 AM
I agree too! So disappointed that SciFi is cancelling Farscape- there are so few really good sci-fi shows on anymore.

SilverKittyNH- I know exactly what you mean about cluttered auction pages (my peeve is the really fancy backgrounds that take forever to load), I try to keep mine as short and to the point as possible. But I keep having to add things, like I had put that I accept Paypal and money orders. Then someone sent me a check, so I had to add "No personal checks." Etc. The thing that gets me is that I've been selling off a collection of Precious Moments figures, have sold at least 20 so far and this is the first person who has refused to pay for insurance. All the ones I've already sent have arrived just fine, but watch this one be the one that the post office drops! I think I'll do that, start including it in the shipping charge instead of listing it separately.

02-28-2003, 12:11 PM
silverkitty, I hate that about Paypal also. Ebay really gets on my nerves trying to shove paypal down everyone's throat. I do use paypal, but some of the fees are starting to get me to rethink if I should use them.

Syrinx, I think the first one is not that big of a deal. Buyers email me all the time asking questions about paypal, but I figure it's better that they are asking instead of running. It's better that you don't have to chase them down. LOL.

On the second one you should include insurance on it. One time I didn't put insurance on an high end item, and the buyer claimed that it was damaged. I did make insurance available and told the buyer that you need insurance because of the value of the item, but the buyer didn't wan't to pay for it. So I packed it up real well, and I did not understand how it got damaged. Well, the buyer kept emailing me, then they tried to do a chargeback through paypal saying the item was damaged. But they forgot that in my auction I put, Insurance is optional, seller not responsible for post office mishaps. Insurance is encourgaged, and seller cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items after intial shipment.

So, after I printed out and highlighted the original auction terms accompanied with a postal receipt and sent them both to the buyer, and paypal then they decided that the chargeback was invalid. I'm just glad I transfered my paypal funds to my account before all the drama went down.

So, I learned from that to include insurance in shipping charges if I'm dealing with a high end item. Also, I learned to never keep more that $5 in paypal when dealing with auctions. You never know what might happen with paypal.