View Full Version : I Hate Searches

02-23-2003, 05:49 PM
This is my first time in vent and whine. I have needed to say this to someone who knows what Im talking about. Allright when I sign up for these GetPaidToRead programs I literally am thinking click and read. But NOOOOO they are mostly Searches!! I FREAKIN Hate searches. I get the fact that they generate money for the group but we get b*tched out because we dont make searches. Well I admit sometimes I click and dont make a search but alot of the time I do. There are just too many searches. And another think I have signed up to be an affiliate with searchtimes and half of the time it didnt count my clicks as valid even though I let the pages load and even sat there a min. or two on the page...actually reading it. ANyway, I like GPTRs but I HATE SEARCHING!!!