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  1. Nice stories
  2. Please pray for my son
  3. Looking for Prayers,good vibes or just goodluck
  4. LOL this isnt a whine or a vent but a happy dance
  5. Young Teen Died, Family Needs Prayer
  6. Flooding...say a prayer for us
  7. prayers urgently needed...............
  8. Foster child needs your prayers
  9. My Friend's Husband May Be Dying
  10. Abortion Clinic Escorts Sexually Abuse Praying Pro-Life Activists
  11. So I have a question...
  12. Ok... here we go... the big "C" word... good vibes, prayers, whatever you want to throw this way.
  13. Amazing Grace
  14. Prayers For Hubby's Hip Surgery
  15. Amazing Grace
  16. Theology Website
  17. Back Pain
  18. would like some prayers and good thoughts for my dad
  19. can you still have discussions?
  20. need urgent prayer for my mom
  21. bible study ???
  22. prayer request
  23. My twin Sister
  24. Urgent Payers Needed For Baby
  25. Cancer cure
  26. New Again
  27. Why is this so significant? Why is it making news across the US?
  28. How to save your family book
  29. What is Easter---
  30. Where did "Passiontide" go? (interesting Catholic article)
  31. Why Holy Saturday is Our Lady's Day
  32. free finger rosary
  33. Prayers Please ...
  34. Andre Rieu - Il Silenzio (Maastricht 2008)
  35. Bible literacy
  36. FREE Prayer Blanket- Religious
  37. Petition to sign---
  38. prayer for cure of Cancer
  39. Just a little help
  40. Pray for my sister and my brother
  41. National Day of Prayer on May 7
  42. Please pray for baby Sammy
  43. Bill
  44. please pray for my boyfriend
  45. Great inspirational site
  46. Billy Graham's Prayer for the Nation
  47. did anybody else notice that the president didn't observe national day of prayer?
  48. My brother has been...
  49. Do you think Preists should be allowed to marry?
  50. Again I come to you all with a prayer request...
  51. Question for those who believe all religion should be abolished?
  52. daughter has done it again, and the wonderful Er doctor.
  53. It's getting too close
  54. I am just sitting here keeping it together with a very fine thread
  55. asking for prayers
  56. Why I don't believe in "Same Sex" marriage.
  57. Prayers for my dad please
  58. Church hands out cash in ‘faith stimulus’
  59. 'Bring Your Handgun to Church
  60. The good news and bad news about randy's cancer
  61. Beyond the Dark Valley
  62. Prayer Request
  63. Prayers for my niece Arianna!!!
  64. Prayer request for my ex MIL
  65. In the words of Ben Stein
  66. Prayer of the Day---For All Those Who Face Abortion
  67. My marriage
  68. Prayer for Job
  69. Most Gays Are Spiritual
  70. Free copy of Sinner Take All book by L. Ron Hubbard
  71. Please PRAYfor Tonya
  72. Pope:Scientific analysis done on St. Paul's bones
  73. If you could...
  74. What happens in heaven
  75. Need a little prayer
  76. Interview with Caviezel---The Stoning of Soraya M.
  77. prayers for marriage
  78. Please say a prayer for my dad.
  79. Jimmy Carter Leaves Church Over Treatment of Women
  80. prayers...or whatever you can send our way please
  81. prayers for my mom please
  82. John Travolta wants to quit Scientology
  83. With a heavy heart...
  84. Prayers Please
  85. stressed out driver
  86. Free Book
  87. Christian Band's Tour Bus in Deadly Crash
  88. Need your prayers please....
  89. Educators May Face Jail Time for Prayer
  90. Some thoughts please?
  91. Need prayers, well wishes, etc.
  92. Can u send me some good vibes
  93. Prayers for a stranger please
  94. After many yrs of searching I found my step son,another new grandbaby.
  95. Christian films
  96. Nostradamus
  97. Prayers please...
  98. My Friend lost her baby
  99. Son in Hospital again.
  100. please pray for my local boys...
  101. my step dad =(
  102. Prayers needed
  103. Prayers please my step dads having a heart attack
  104. Prayers please......
  105. We May be Screwed
  106. Pray for Families
  107. Prayers appreciated
  108. prayers needed for my dad
  109. Rediscovering God In America.
  110. need prayers
  111. Church Ordains Sex Offender as Minister
  112. On Alan Colmes: "Jesus Would Like Today’s GOP?"
  113. Shroud of Turin Debunked?
  114. New translation of Bible uproar
  115. Praying Parents Get Jail for Child's Death
  116. If you could...
  117. prayers
  118. More prayers and good thoughts/vibes needed
  119. Free gift if you are taking RCIA classes
  120. A Simple Deck of Cards
  121. Muslims Flock to See Miracle Baby
  122. just out of curiosity...
  123. book report on the Bible
  124. N.C. church plans to burn Bibles on Halloween
  125. too sexy for Mormons? Hot muffins calendar debuts
  126. Serious questions about being Muslim
  127. Pray for JerseyBarb
  128. NEW School prayer: as written by a 15 yo
  129. Sign up for free tickets
  130. Your prayers will be appriciated - renal failure
  131. Prayers for our soldiers!!!
  132. Any one familiar with Billy Joe Daughtery? Pastor passes away...
  133. The Manhattan Declaration
  134. TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND animals to be killed in ritual
  135. Health care bill
  136. Please pray for my son
  137. "The Twelve Days of Christmas"
  138. A Child is Born
  139. separation of church and state: then why can you claim taxes on your tithes?
  140. A Dozen Christmas Roses
  141. Founder or ORU dies...Evangelist Oral Roberts at age 91
  142. North Carolina councilman may face lawsuit over his atheism
  143. Mary Did You Know?
  144. Joseph and Mary's Boy
  145. Virgin Mary sighting a glimpse of hope for Egypt Christians
  146. Moving Prayers>>>>
  147. asking for prayers
  148. Irish Atheists Challenge Nation's Blasphemy Law
  149. Please pray for my sanity
  150. a quick prayer please
  151. Prayers, happy thoughts, +++ vibes, whatever you've got
  152. God Survey
  153. Religious Light Bulb Jokes...
  154. Did Noah Get Around in a Circular Ark?
  155. Agnostic Thread?
  156. please pray for my daughter
  157. What's the wierdest religion you've heard of?
  158. prayers/thoughts needed
  159. Earth religions get worship area at AF Academy
  160. Do you believe in posessions?
  161. Archaeologist sees proof for Bible in ancient wall
  162. my change of address
  163. pray for kimberly
  164. Beautiful Scripture site
  165. Please remember my husband in your thoughts or prayers
  166. my sister and breast cancer
  167. pray for JERRYS salvation please
  168. Prayers for my cat please
  169. Pray for our Nation
  170. This is on TV right now---
  171. Upate 3/31 Wed on Cat
  172. April 1 update on cat
  173. Hobby Lobby - Celebrating the true meaning of Easter with America
  174. Prayer Request
  175. Judge rules: National Day of Prayer, Unconstitutional
  176. I Minute 41 Seconds
  177. Please Please, if you pray...
  178. Elton John Banned in Egypt Over Remarks About Jesus
  179. Pope blames church's own sins for sex scandal
  180. Prayer Request for a 4 yr old
  181. Questions about God: Don't assume all religions offer similar answers
  182. Prayers needed - mom
  183. Please Pray
  184. Please pray for my family
  185. I need prayers
  186. My BFF's sister needs all the prayers she can get
  187. Prayers for a Jersey Girl
  188. Please pray for My Mom
  189. Whatever your religion, please say a prayer for me, I have had a loss
  190. too religious?
  191. Free 2011 Joyce Meyer Calendar
  192. "Conversations with God"
  193. book about the Bible
  194. Really need prayers
  195. Prayer Request
  196. prayer request for my work schedule
  197. need some prayers for my sister and her family
  198. I need prayers for my health.
  199. Urgent Prayer Request
  200. Prayers for my dad please
  201. Are we living in the Holy Bible's prophecy on the End Times?
  202. Prayer request for my family
  203. Bible Protects Against Global Warming? Energy Chair Hopeful Tells Us So
  204. Does a New Life Form Mean God Is Dead?
  205. Where's the Line to See Jesus
  206. Christmas in New York..............
  207. prayer request
  208. Pope John Paul II to Be Beatified May 1
  209. Cyprus Church thanks Boy George for icon's return
  210. Prayers for Chad
  211. Fox Rejects Super Bowl Ad Featuring Bible Verse John 3:16
  212. Catholic Church Issues Guide on How to Convert Witches
  213. Free Christian Book- 'Walking in Faith' by Tim Greenwood
  214. Free Christian Book - "Himself"
  215. Prayer request for my DS
  216. 2 free love stickers
  217. 9/11 Cross: Should Christian Symbol Be Removed?
  218. Would you lie to your church and pastor?
  219. This is funny---about confession
  220. Three in a Tornado
  221. Crack In Washington Monument A Sign From God?
  222. Could ya'll help me pray about something?
  223. Keep my husband in your prayer
  224. Pope names 3 new saints
  225. Please say a prayer for my sister
  226. 2012 Mission Calendar *Religious*
  227. Please say a prayer for my Mom
  228. Free 2012 "PORTRAITS OF ISRAEL" Wall Calendar
  229. Please pray for my mom
  230. Please Pray For My Grandson
  231. Please Praay for my Family!
  232. Please Pray for my Family!
  233. Please pray for my mom
  234. Joyce Meyer 2012 Calander--Free
  235. books to help deal with grief?
  236. The Beast Revelation
  237. Sainthood next year for 2 from NY's Mohawk Valley
  238. Free bible basics...
  239. Psalms for Depression
  240. My Father...
  241. Please keep my family in your prayers,
  242. Lesbian Woman Denied Communion at Mother's Funeral
  243. ‎8 Ways to Instill Faith in Your Kids :
  244. Please keep my husband in your thoughts and prayers
  245. Breast Cancer
  246. Hollywood bashing the church again---
  247. My husband has two cataract surgies scheduled
  248. What's with the Bunny?
  249. Girl Scouts under scrutiny from Catholic bishops
  250. boyfriend with head trama