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  1. If you can spare a few
  2. Thoughts & Prayers Please...
  3. Do you believe?
  4. I am worried about dh
  5. Update On My Son Inlaw
  6. Free Amazing Bible Cd
  7. I need prayers please
  8. Anyone know about Rainbows?
  9. Our Family Needs Prayers
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  11. Jesus I Trust In You - Divine Mercy Wristband
  12. My Aunt had surgery & uncle is recovering after cancer found.
  13. A newborn's conversation
  14. James Dobson Terrified by President Obama
  15. I have never understood---I am spiritual but not religious
  16. Please pray for my brother
  17. prayer request.
  18. Think you know where you stand on Abortion?
  19. How many churches did the VBS Outrigger Island??
  20. 'Purpose Driven Life '
  21. ok, usign god gets to me
  22. Our family just cant catch a break..we need prayers.
  23. Heart is hurting
  24. cardboard testamonies
  25. It may be a vain prayer...
  26. Send some good thoughts please
  27. FREE BOOK Bible Basics
  28. YHWH Allah
  29. We need prayers, candles lit... whatever it is you do... please
  30. Your help is needed
  31. This looks like it might be a good movie
  32. Mother in law is back in the hospital, more prayers please!
  33. please pray for my family
  34. Free Gospel CD from Homecoming Radio
  35. Bible Basics - A Study Manual
  36. Free Blessed Images
  37. prayer for my marriage
  38. prayers (and help) needed please!!
  39. Revelation XIII by W.O.Ephraim
  40. Prayers please..
  41. Prayers, good thoughts, whatever you believe in.
  42. "Donkey Ollie" DVD for kids
  43. Our son, car wreck
  44. Can you pray for my dog?
  45. Christian One Liners
  46. Subject: FW: Vote for God...NBC poll
  47. All Beliefs Aside
  48. Unspoken Prayer Request Please...
  49. Stupid comments by 'Christians'
  50. Little girl singing the Lord's prayer :) too cute
  51. 'Princess' Abby Recites the 23rd Psalm
  52. American Bishops Respond to U.S. Speaker of the House
  53. Say a Prayer Tonight.....
  54. If you can spare a couple of seconds..
  55. So Adorable! I just wanted to share!
  56. Please keep my husband in your thoughts or prayers
  57. prayer please
  58. My mother in law passed away last night...
  59. Just thought I would pass it on...
  60. Having a hard time
  61. Is this black liberation theology he buys into?
  62. Healing Prayers
  63. Stupid "Muslims"
  64. Jesus 2020
  65. 40-Day Prayer Guide For Our Nation
  66. Could you please do me a favor?
  68. Somebody's Raising Their Kid Right!
  69. Subject: Fw: prayer for Sarah.........
  70. Are you a Catholic? Work part time or full time
  71. christian books, cds... choose one free
  72. if you die
  73. Ladies Retreat
  74. Christian Films
  75. Could you keep me in your prayers today?
  76. I have a incurable nerve disorder
  77. Please pray for me
  78. my friend needs prayers
  79. if you do prayer chains we need one.
  80. I wanted to post this on 9/11 but just found it
  81. The Great and Enduring Heresy of Mohammed
  82. Islam, Peace, Violence
  83. Please pray for my son Robby
  84. Unspoken prayer request
  85. Try to support this movie
  86. Please pray for a friend of mine
  87. Prayers for my Grandma
  88. Prayers needed...horrific accident in my area
  89. pray for Megan
  90. I am so sad- Message from Renrut
  91. Can you say a prayer for this litttle darling?
  92. Back to the Bible 2009 Scripture Calendar *Call-in
  93. Pray For My Daughter
  94. please pray for my aunt
  95. The Shack
  96. Prayers needed
  97. Please pray for my Dh
  98. Please say a little prayer...
  99. Prayers for my dad, please.
  100. Liberation theology----this is where we are headed with Obama
  101. I am needing some prayer...
  102. prayer request
  103. Prayers for Dad...Cancer
  104. good thoughts please...
  105. 2009 Catholic Sacred Art Calendar
  106. Prayers needed for my mom...
  107. He is a good god....
  108. Worship CentersCalendar
  109. Prayer needed and, do you know what this could be?
  110. Modern Day Esther?
  111. My Favorite Song at the Moment
  112. My mom goes for a CTscan...
  113. Judgemental, Fact or Assumption?
  114. Sister may have Lupus
  115. children and school mornings,grrrr
  116. I never thought I would start a thread here.
  117. more prayers needed...
  118. buy gifts from the Holy Land
  119. Why I am not voting for Obama---from a black Christian
  120. Atheists plan anti-God ad campaign on buses.
  121. Religion should be banned
  122. Are Christians the "Salt of the Earth"?
  123. Let's exercise our religion.
  124. Video on Youtube
  125. Free movie
  126. Catholics, are you okay with this?
  127. Can a person truly be both Christian and Pro-Choice?
  128. Are all religions good?
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  130. Free Christian Greeting Cards Gift
  131. Any Christians care to join me in a reasonable fast?
  132. Happy Samhain!
  133. Here is a Good Prayer for the Elections
  134. Kids On Mission Magnet
  135. Dear friend of the unborn:
  136. It's all about God
  137. Praying for Election Day miracles
  138. This has me worried
  139. Idiotic Religious Rivalries
  140. Children's CD
  141. Obama spells 'persecution,' warns Focus on the Family
  142. The Theology of our new President
  143. Free Jesus 1ST. Pin
  144. Prayers please ..
  145. Does anyone ever get the feeling??
  146. "An unmissable TV event."--
  147. Sex, Lies, and Videotape
  148. Shoes in Church-something to think about
  149. Finally a Pastor that gets it right
  150. Can you believe this is happening?
  151. Heaven's Grocery Store
  152. Positive thoughts, prayers, whatever it is that you do
  153. An abortion doctor in Russia
  154. my sister
  155. Should Pro-Choice Catholics be allowed to take communion?
  156. Looks can be decieving
  157. Just Checking In
  158. What are you drawing?
  159. A message to all Christians and Non-Believers alike
  160. can i get some prayers for my family?
  161. Faith and Grace - Are the reason's I am here today
  162. America Needs Fatima stickers and address labels
  163. Happy Thanksgiving
  164. 2009 'Unity' Calendar (Christian)
  165. Wierd occurance but could be a good thing.
  166. Pleas pray for my son and Family Please
  167. Please Pray For James
  168. Prayer Request...
  169. What "Church" should Obama go to now?
  170. Living in the Presence: The Promise of Christmas 2008
  171. Please keep my husband in your thoughts or prayers
  172. Prayers for my brother please.
  173. Two Religious freebies
  174. This is my sister's neighbor----Caring Bridge
  175. Silencing the Christians
  176. Please help me pray for his healing
  177. Could use a good thought/prayer
  178. Please pray for my daughter and her school...
  179. Prayers Please
  180. FREE Calendar and Amazing Grace DVD
  181. Please say a prayer...
  182. Can I get some good thoughts for my cousin and her baby
  183. Is Christmas Christian?
  184. A Christmas Invitation (please read this)
  185. Moral relativism - the 'troubling' future of America's children
  186. The First Christmas Gift
  187. A little kindness at Christmas
  188. Teach the Children
  189. Baby Dedication
  190. Celine Dion---"Oh Holy Night"
  191. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jesus...
  192. The Legend of the Candy Cane
  193. May God bless us all and may we try to be a blessing to him.
  194. Passing it on: God works in the Dead Letter Unit of the US Postal Service
  195. My dad died yesterday.
  196. The False Prophet: who and why
  197. This is a little late......
  198. If you consider yourself "Christian", what are you willing to sacrifice for Christ?
  199. "i Canít Pray?Ē
  200. Needs Washing (grab a tissue)
  201. Can I get a positive thought
  202. I need prayers and good thoughts for my Daddy.
  203. This Truly is Proof
  204. new
  205. prayer for new business.
  206. Free End times books (2)
  207. A boy named Tommy
  208. My son needs surgery :(
  209. Shirley & Marcy...
  210. Answered Prayer
  211. pray for this family please
  212. Need prayers please...
  213. My Friend Needs Your Prayers
  214. Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit testifies the Bible is true
  215. Please say a prayer for my dad
  216. Please keep this family in your prayers
  217. Atheist Holy Day
  218. Pro-Life Nation (Please Read)
  219. Prayers for 12 year old girl
  220. Cell Phone VS The Bible
  221. Bible Question
  222. We need to continue to pray for Nanajoanie?
  223. A little Christian humor--- Funny!
  224. If you need a laugh today, then this should do it!
  225. Free Love Never Fail Christian Heart Necklace
  226. For nanajoanie
  227. Asking for prayer
  228. powerful message
  229. Pls say a prayer tomorrow..
  230. Can I ask for some prayers
  231. Looking for a particular religious book
  232. You can creat a prayer circle or pray for ones already started
  233. Please keep my Aunt in your Prayers.
  234. My sister
  235. prayers for dh job
  236. Lenten Help Wanted - Immediate Openings---Catholic
  237. 50 Million red envelopes
  238. Silencing the Christians
  239. Prayers for my family
  240. Prayers for my family please
  241. I'd appreciate prayers or good vibes
  242. my daughter
  243. Just a reminder.....
  244. Prayers for mbpnursy
  245. pleease pray for me church
  246. Pray the Rosary online
  247. Prayers for a friend
  248. Please pray for my friend
  249. curious about a miracle
  250. Prayer Request