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  1. Should I be the one on meds
  2. So sad wanted to share...
  3. Praise the Lord online: Major hymn book goes digital
  4. Please help me pray
  5. Please pray for my Mom
  6. If you have a minute...
  7. Please pray for safe travel
  8. Mormonism ? what are your thoughts,views and Opinions
  9. Open Heart Cross
  10. Good Vibes my way please........
  11. I have a question, can anyone shed some light for me?
  12. God of a Second Chance Book from Billy Graham
  13. Requesting prayers.
  14. 3 free sample Bible Bookmarks.
  15. Book Mystery of the Ages
  16. Please pray!
  17. Thank You - Prayer
  18. Please keep my kids in your prayers
  19. President of the LDS church has passed away
  20. Urgent prayer request
  21. When Catholicism was the target
  22. The Beast of Revelation 13 is Mahmoud Abbas
  23. Urgent Prayer Request
  24. Trend
  25. please pray
  26. sister-in-law
  27. Urgent Prayer Request for 3 1/2 year old
  28. Would someone like to tell me why the MEDS topic was closeed?
  29. Need a prayer for a miricle!!!
  30. Asking for prayers!
  31. Pray for michelle
  32. Angel Pin - Sisters of Charity
  33. Prayer request for my son
  34. Please Pray... Hubby is traveling to Africa
  35. unspoken request
  36. keep me in your prayers please
  37. Christian Ways To Reduce Stress
  38. Please pray for my sister-in-law
  39. Religious video
  40. New Non-Traditional funding source
  41. Free Christian Literature By the Fellowship Tract League
  42. This is an interesting comment on judging and how some are not aware that they do it.
  43. free bumper stcker one nation under god
  44. Child Support
  45. gift of scripture cards
  46. outreach comedy dvd-2hrs.of comedy from 19 comedians
  47. Unspoken prayer request
  48. Healing vibes for a friend please
  49. sick
  50. God does answer prayers!
  51. An Awesome Radio Station
  52. The Secret of Happiness - Billy Graham's book
  53. Beautiful...
  54. Speedy prayers! Lol My mom is on her way from Kentucky a 12 hr drive...
  55. YankeeMary's Son
  56. Lawsuit Over Prayer At Graduation Ceremonies In Texas Is Settled
  57. Say a prayer for a great actor..
  58. 3 Bible Bookmarks - Encourage kids to read the bible
  59. This is so Beautiful
  60. 30 Days To Live Challenge free bracelet
  61. Free Ten Commandment Lapel Pin and Moses Prayer Card
  62. Miracle of Easter CD
  63. Free Angel For Hope ...i can't spell crochet
  64. Please pray for my husbands sister
  65. ▒ The Legend of the Dogwood Tree ≡∞
  66. Please pray for my Dad
  67. Please Pray for Me - Recovering from Surgery
  68. a lil lighthearted read
  69. Please pray for Princessarkie's babies
  70. who here goes to a non denominational church ?
  71. Heaven got a beautiful angel yesterday
  72. WoW..promise to make you think
  73. Church Of Satan
  74. I know this may sound like a stupid reason but...
  75. Easter
  76. ElleGee, when you get time
  77. my dearest friend in the whole world
  78. My dad's best friend died today...
  79. pray for CJ's lips /mouth
  80. What we Christians did today when we went to Church
  81. Christians and anyone
  82. Christian videos.
  83. Prayers here please!
  84. 92 Year Old Preacher
  85. My Church
  86. Prayers Needed ...
  87. God Survey
  88. Prayers for my hubby please.
  89. Thought Of The Day...Questions
  90. Please pray for my Domestic Peace
  91. "the Pack Of Cards"
  92. Priests Business Card...funny.
  93. The Church of Oprah Anyone?
  94. Grandbaby is sick again
  95. So cute
  96. Please pray for my DH Daughter
  97. Free Romans 8:28 Magnet
  98. The Cracked Pot
  99. Why MOPS DVD (Mothers of Preschoolers)
  100. This is sad but nice also.
  101. Cute joke
  102. What a Message.
  103. Prayers needed, a 1 yr old baby enrolled here is so sick he was just life flighted to Wichita ...
  104. Carl's Garden
  105. The Brick
  106. Prayers for our troops please ...
  107. Watch the movie trailer from "Expelled"
  108. How many go to church?
  109. A poem my daughter wrote
  110. Please pray for Mr. Jake
  111. My ex-boyfriend passed please pray for his...
  112. Seems unimportant compaired to some prayer requests, but I have one...
  113. REMEMBER: Save your fork
  114. Pope Benedict XVI Loves Americans -- and Millions of Americans Love Him By Newt Gingrich
  115. Please pray me to have strength
  116. The cab ride
  117. Think I will go see this movie tonght---EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed"
  118. Prayer of the day
  119. Just a few drops
  120. Funny!
  121. Need prayers
  122. Guy Penrod
  123. Death in family
  124. I go to the Rock
  125. We need your prayers really bad
  126. In honor of my brother in law
  127. Would you hold me while I cry
  128. Prayer Request for Tornado Victims
  129. Let the Light Shine
  130. The Empty Egg
  131. I received this from a good friend
  132. Free Inspirational Pamphlets for Women
  133. Please pray for my DD
  134. The Window
  135. Free Open the Heart Cross
  136. A Simple Prayer
  137. He's my only son
  138. Vestal Goodman & Dottie Rambo
  139. Prayer request
  140. You Just Never Know
  141. How much does a prayer weigh?
  142. pray for my family
  143. Urgent prayer request
  144. Please join with Franklin Graham in Prayer
  145. Things Aren't Always What They Seem
  146. Please pray for my DS and DD
  147. I had an upsetting evening
  148. Urdent prater needed- heart attack
  149. Why Would God Want Me?
  150. Update to: Prayers for my hubby please.
  151. Is Your Hut Burning?
  152. Rules for this forum. PLEASE READ
  153. Questions
  154. A sign of the times
  155. Please drive careful
  156. Free Israel key chain
  157. Televangelist John Hagee apologizes to Catholics
  158. If I Had My Life To Live Over Again
  159. The Painting
  160. Gay Marriages - Just another sign of the End Times
  161. Gay Marraiges - another sign of the end times??
  162. Free Christian Publications and "End Times" Publications
  163. God's Simple Plan Of Salvation
  164. He knows my name
  165. My sister needs your prayers
  166. Need a small prayer for DD
  167. His name is Bill
  168. prayers needed. I feel empty. Depressed.Mixed emotions..
  169. Jesse Dixon
  170. Sunday morning
  171. Do you say Grace over your food?
  172. Brownies with a difference
  173. Angel on the highway
  174. From the desk of God
  175. My pastor sent this to me
  176. Something for the homeschoolers
  177. Urgent Prayer Request
  178. My cousin sent this to me!
  179. Letter to God
  180. Should homosexuality marriage become legal
  181. Prayers needed for Ashley
  182. Don't Worry
  183. Steven Curtis Chapmans daughter killed by son...(very sad)
  184. The Ant and the Contact Lens
  185. A Father's Love Letter
  186. Telling God To Get Out
  187. please pray for christoper, kidney failer
  188. Prayers, my deep secret feelings. Please Pray
  189. Your Sacrifice
  190. Prayer for Loved Ones in Iraq
  191. Dirt Roads
  192. If I ask God for forgiveness...
  193. When Ten Thousand Angels Cried
  194. A.D and B.C......hmmmmmm?
  195. The Geese and the Snowstorm
  196. A letter to my internet friends
  197. When I say... "I am a Christian"
  198. The Awakening
  199. To Those That Want To Find God And Can't
  200. The baby and the old man
  201. Please Pray For This Little Girl
  202. What a beautiful, yet tragic story
  203. What do you think the term "judging others" means?
  204. What I have learned
  205. Urgent Prayer Request for Dolores
  206. My plans for tonight and a question
  207. Memo from God
  208. The Cost of Raising A Child
  209. The Red Rose
  210. Please help me find this song.
  211. Church Humor
  212. free Bible DVD
  213. free sugar creek gang cassetts
  214. pick 3 good news items for free
  215. free franklin graham book Livign beyone the limits
  216. I Believe----
  217. I was just asked to be District secretary
  218. God's love has been my saving grace.
  219. An 8 yr.old explains God
  220. forrest gump goes to heaven
  221. From my pastor
  222. and received this from my pastor
  223. We just need prayers....
  224. Can I get Prayers for my son's safe return
  225. Prayers Needed
  226. How to Cope with Broken Homes & How to Cope with the Unknown
  227. My thoughts
  228. I need much prayers please.
  229. The Overcomer **Free Cassette From Brother Dave
  230. Prayer requests for my Mom
  231. Red Marbles
  232. Need Prayers Please
  233. hebrews
  234. Never Judge
  235. long prayers for my family.
  236. What religion are you?
  237. Who thinks the rapture is near?
  238. Israel Saturday!
  239. What Happens In Heaven
  240. Someone we know just got into a motorcycle accident-He may not make it. Please pray!
  241. please pray for my stepdad
  242. prayers for father in law
  243. If you believe in marriage restoration pray with me
  244. Urgent prayer request.
  245. Please pray for my husband
  246. Prayer request
  247. Has God ever given you a special sign?
  248. message from god
  249. Hubby applied for a job that pays $25/hr. Can I get some good vibes that he gets it please!
  250. My father in law passed away