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  1. Free Pray For Our Troops Bumper Sticker!
  2. This war is hitting me harder than I thought it would
  3. Letter from God to Women:
  4. Gonna Have a "Meeting" tomorrow at work
  5. This woman at McDonalds playland
  6. My poor nephew!!
  7. WAR WITH IRAQ Links and sites for the Christian Homeschool
  8. War with Iraq resources for the Christian Homeschool
  9. friend at war :( :(
  10. I just wanna cry!
  11. It's a fear of the unknown..........
  12. Unpatriotic..............(Long)
  13. What Do You Want From Me Now????/
  14. Farkin Bus Driver
  15. Be Aware Of These Two!!!! Scam City!
  16. I Want To Apologize..........
  17. Thoughts on the Oscars?
  18. One of our Apache helicopter's has been shot down in Iraq.
  19. How can people be so stupid and mean???
  20. If you're not even trying to better yourself, then don't b1tch about how chitty it is
  21. Well I finally got up the b@lls to call the housing authority on my apt. complex.
  22. *sigh* i'm really down today...
  23. Cant figure out/irritated/needing to vent..
  24. venting AND whining
  25. im in a fighting mood, and hubbys ex is gonna get it
  26. Free Bible on CD-ROM
  27. man i screwed up:( n need help fast:(-pc pros please:)
  28. Adopt Our Troops
  29. What happened to the "War" thread?
  30. This makes me so mad
  31. Tragic Accident
  32. Free journal-prayitsayit
  33. To All of You who have family,friends or spouses in the war
  34. Ok, this is NOT how I wanted to start my day
  35. I'm such a mean mommy!
  36. Shut Up!!!!!!
  37. Why is it so much fun......
  38. Tell me what I am supposed to do, DOCTOR!
  39. The Cocoon
  40. Please tell me, what are the odds?!?!?!
  41. Prayers needed - I'm going to court
  42. I don't need a freaking Septic Tank!!!!!!
  43. Does this war NEED to be the only thing on tv ALL DAY?
  44. This Is Just Going a Bit Too Far!!
  45. I can't believe the Hate Mail I'm getting!!!
  46. Patsy called and he didn't make it
  47. OUCH!!!!!My back!!!!!!!
  48. Marine from Yuma
  49. @#$%@#$!! Yahoo..grrr!!!!
  50. Sad Day, here
  51. Da** Thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!
  52. anyone with medical knowledge please help / female issues
  53. My poor nine year old
  54. broken bone question
  55. in desperate need of help
  56. Icky ! Gross Subject, so if you don't like that sorta thing, please don't click here.
  57. HOw long should "parcel post" take?
  58. Franklin Grahams books still available-3 choices
  59. Bible on cassette for sight or print impaired
  60. Oops, I thought I got the next shade LIGHTER...
  61. Oh c'mon I'm an adult!!!!!
  62. Southern Gospel Quartet
  63. Crock, Crock, Crock
  64. it takes 3 months to move??
  65. School Fundraisers
  66. WTF (long)
  67. Great crap! Here I am AGAIN!
  68. The Soldiers Deck of Cards
  69. I know I'm wrong but
  70. Why cant I read any posts?
  71. 105.4 temperature ok?
  72. owww..my poor little burned finger..
  73. Birthday Whine!!
  74. my &^%&%^&%$^%$^$%^$%^$%&^%*&(*_)(*( whine
  75. Lenten reproducible activities
  76. Michael Moore (sp?)
  77. Where was Eminem?
  78. I just don't get it!!!!!!!!!
  79. I think I wanna puke
  80. Was I evil in a former life? Did I do awful terrible things?
  81. OMG! Why?
  82. I'm am back...asking for prayers and good vibes
  83. UPDATE: Farkin Bus Driver
  84. Selective hearing
  85. That PERSON to whom I am married to
  86. I can't believe that this happened at my sons school.
  87. What do I do? Do I keep asking or just say forget it?
  88. happy happy joy joy
  89. i'm a mom of a son in the military(air force)
  90. This Is For Everyone On This Board!
  91. Well...... I'm now barren
  92. Update on Men Suck!!!!
  93. *looking round*..ok...who's playing fast an loose here?
  94. pc folks help -i beg of you:( please.................
  95. WHAT the H-E-L-L??
  96. Free subscription- Faith for all of life
  97. Can I get some (LOTS) prayers
  98. I hope my puppy can come home soon!
  99. I am set for surgery
  100. ***doh***
  101. Court TV
  102. My Aunt Burned Alive While Trying To Escape A Housefire...........
  103. How would you feel about this, and handle it?
  104. Can I get in trouble for this???
  105. weird law
  106. my neice died this morning
  107. I'm heartbroken--this caregiver has hit the wall
  108. Destroy Iraq
  109. emotional roller caoster
  110. Some women need their tubes ripped out through their throat!!!!
  111. Is it me..
  112. Good and bad news....
  113. The Dreaded Phone Call!
  114. An Update.. Welcome to the Blender
  115. This takes the cake
  116. angry at mothers neighbors
  117. Hubby apparently does not understand me
  118. Why do people always take advantage of others???
  119. Things My Mother Taught Me
  120. Customer Service?????
  121. You are not gonna believe this...LOL
  122. My therapist left me
  123. Omg ... I'm Such A Klutz!!!!
  124. does ANYONE have a phone # for EBAY??
  125. Stupidhead.....
  126. sick..and now...
  127. Argg... I have a friend in need of legal help (child support/custody)
  128. Augghhhhh...my New Computer
  129. room room room...
  130. Good luck vibes please! Surgery Friday
  131. Sandytrap Update and a BIG BIG THANK YOU!!!
  132. I saw it coming, but didn't want too.
  133. Make it go away!
  134. Emotional support(long)
  135. just a question about custody
  136. I can't stop crying (long)
  137. i haven't posted in the longest but i cant take it anymore
  138. My fingers are hurting :-/
  139. ~~~~~~~Our Soldiers~~~~~~~
  140. Still cant sleep..
  141. Help!!!
  142. Urgent laundry help needed!
  143. Dont Get Mad,Get Free Stuff Or Your Money Back.
  144. The Jelly Bean Prayer
  145. I can't believe what my coworker did
  146. My post was deleted!
  147. Jesus sees us all the time
  148. The Room
  149. I Can't Believe This! (long)
  150. Some people........
  151. ummmmmm...everyone?
  152. My Sister might die soon
  153. is this excusable behavior? (long)
  154. What is YOUR KROGER CARD really being used for....
  155. Just sad
  156. I am completely dumbfounded....
  157. This Made Me Cry
  158. we all have different opinions but, I am bad because I feel this way about this:
  159. dang computer
  160. Nobody loves me
  161. I'm having a really bad day and I just need a hug
  162. I am so tired of this, I am ready to scream!!!!
  163. Ok my turn to vent about the male gender
  164. Weird messages
  165. sick , evil and very sad:(
  166. my baby is sick yet again *sigh*
  167. A fellow BBS'r needs our prayers~
  168. This Just Doesn't Make Sense!
  169. Gettin on my nerves
  170. I may lose one of my "babies"
  171. Poor dead fishes
  172. Survey Is Full
  173. Ferrets.
  174. moving and not so dear bf's
  175. question bout my finger...
  176. i need to break this habit!
  177. emotionally drained
  178. I just found out my dog may have cancer
  179. Free crystal prescription necklace, pin, earrings, cross & more
  180. free book is the virgin mary dead or alive
  181. Petty whine and vent!
  182. Thie sick @ss world we live in!!!!!
  183. Scattering God's Love
  184. I feel SOOOOO guilty.
  185. something to give comfort in a time of turmoil
  186. jerk that walked out on me!!
  187. FREE-anti war armband or sticker-beliefnet
  188. grrr...everybody just SHUT UP!!!
  189. I never thought id actually say this but...
  190. Just Noticed Something
  191. I Cant Beleive it...
  192. temptations
  193. To All The Troops
  194. Hollywood backlash..............
  195. Stupid Farking Exterminator!!!!!!!
  196. I Just Dont Understand,What Were We Supposed To Do???????
  197. My heart is breaking..........................
  198. My Turn to Vent
  199. Warning About BuyMeBuyMe.com !!!
  200. Update for my prayers and good vibes
  201. Journalist who granted interview to Iraqie tv fired
  202. I know I shouldn't post this...
  203. Free Coin with Serenity Prayer
  204. Stressed!
  205. ebay vent (shipping)
  206. appologizing...
  207. Snowstorm in my house
  208. eeeeeeewwwww
  209. I have a bone to pick with a certain bird
  210. Billy Graham April Offer How To Study The Bible
  211. please pray for my son
  212. The babysitter, what would you do?!?!
  213. Sad....
  214. My HUSBAND!!! small annoyance, not really a big vent!
  215. I just wanna quit life (stupid!)
  216. When it Rains It POURS!!!!!!
  217. quick, call the apple police!!!!
  218. A little freaked out now...
  219. Subject: Special Story
  220. Owwwwwwwwww
  221. help!!!
  222. Please pray for my daughter
  223. This is my FIRST vent/whine!!!!!!!! @(*#@$&!*&!@#
  224. Had to complain to someone!!!!
  225. dh went to the doctor
  226. Telephone surveys...
  227. Guess What!!!!
  228. Is This A Virus?
  229. Inlaws pet is getting mean
  230. some folks you can't please
  231. The NERVE of some PPL!!!!!
  232. I'm so disappointed
  233. complains about women!!
  234. Please don't let me spit venom...parking spots
  235. I am called to Principals office tomorrow morning.(long)
  236. I am sitting here in tears....this is graphic not for the weak
  237. Pre teen Easter crafts??
  238. Someone remove this curse
  239. I've tried everything
  240. Why is it not " A bad thing" to make fun of fat people?
  241. what is up with the pop ups on bbs
  242. Homeschooling questions
  243. Pink Eye!!!!!!
  244. some things my cats have done (it wasn't funny at the time but is to me now)
  245. Update to 105.4 temperature
  246. Update on prayers
  247. Can someone please teach me how to say NO.(petty vent)
  248. My Mother!
  249. Man, what next?
  250. My Post Office!