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    Cool The Glass House 8/20 10:01PM 4900+ pts

    Following the elimination, the four remaining players compete as individuals in a puzzle challenge; the challenge winner and two players chosen by viewers compete for the grand prize.

    What did Andrea say that she did, during her final plea, after she said that she had a "low moment" in week nine?
    *Kept her character in tact

    What did Erica do after Andrea asked her if she was in the house to win the cash prize or to win Kevin's heart?
    *Stood up and performed a dance

    What did Erica say that people do, during her final plea, after saying that she played the game with her heart?
    *Worry too much about looking stupid

    What did Jeffrey ask "the universe" to do, while he was lying down in bed?
    *Make a change in his life

    What did Kevin and Mike do after Erica sat next to Kevin and placed her head on his shoulder?
    *Played catch with a football

    What did Kevin do after he and the rest of the competitors received graduation gowns and caps?
    *Discovered a roasted pig on a tray

    What did Kevin jokingly say that Erica did, after he made a toast during their celebration dinner?
    *Participated in devil worship

    What did Kevin say Erica would try to do, in footage that had been streamed to the viewers without his knowledge?
    *Hold his hand underneath bed sheets

    What household chore was Erica doing when Jeffrey told her that Kevin had a "lady friend" in Toledo, Ohio?
    *Wiping a mirror with a rag

    What was Kevin's family doing when they met him on stage, after he was announced the winner?
    *Wearing matching, gray shirts


    In a movie commercial during this show, what did a team of young researchers including Ashley Greene, do that put them into dangerous and dramatic situations?
    *Called forth a paranormal creature that fed off of their fear
    *"The Apparition"

    In a promotional advertisement during this program, for a show called "Last Resort," what happened?
    *Men in matching shirts saluted, before a missile was launched into the ocean

    In a promotional advertisement during this program, for a show called "The Neighbors", what happened?
    *Boy clapped his hands and turned into an alien, before two children ran down the stairs

    In a commercial during this show, how did a hungry man appear to others as he was being introduced to a couple of girls at a party, before his friend encouraged him to eat a snack?
    *As an angry man who became argumentative and then asked "what are you looking at?"
    *Is extremely satisfying

    In a commercial during this show, what did a father do after he caught his son eating an item from a fast-food restaurant while sitting at a dining table?
    *Tricked his son into playing a game of hide and seek, while he ate his chicken
    *KFC Bites

    In a commercial during this show, what did a guy who had trouble making up his mind do after driving a car that was an "easy choice"?
    *Ran into an older woman wearing the same pair of sneakers that he had meticulously picked from a large selection
    *Toyota Corolla
    *It's reliable and will stay on the road for years to come

    In a commercial during this show, what did a man do with a smartphone in a coffee shop that caused his friend to ask, "What did you just do?"
    *Downloaded a free song by touching it to a poster on the wall
    *Samsung Galaxy S III
    *Has unique technology that does more

    In an advertisement during this show, what did a woman do as she talked about an insurance company, before she cast a glance at a centaur who was stocking shelves?
    *Demonstrated a large, futuristic machine that easily combined multiple policies
    *Take advantage of discounts when buying multiple policies

    In a commercial during this show, what did a woman envision that she did to "help her child" after she picked up a box of juices from a store shelf, while her son looked on in the background?
    *Ran into the middle of a dodgeball game to protect him
    *Capri Sun
    *Has a combined serving of fruits and vegetables

    In a commercial during this show, what did a woman named Monica do while driving a red car, before one of its features was discussed?
    *Watched a car in front of her pull away from a rural gas station with a pump still attached to it, causing an explosion
    *Toyota Corolla
    *Has excellent fuel efficiency

    In a commercial during this show, what did a woman, who was a teacher in great fitting jeans, do at a school because she "wanted more," after she modeled clothing from a retail store with others?
    *Chose between boyfriends in the hall, including one with a motorcycle and another with a teddy bear
    *Old Navy
    *Find a variety of styles for only $19

    In a commercial during this show, what did a young boy do when he found his mother and her friends eating macaroni and cheese in a living room?
    *Suggested a story of betrayal that was an autobiography for their next book club
    *Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
    *Has a creamy taste that is appealing to both kids and adults

    In a commercial during this show, what menu items from a restaurant were enjoyed by people and presented up close as song lyrics said "I’ve got never ending love for you"?
    *Pasta dishes with different styles of pasta and sauces, which could be served with chicken, meatballs or sausage
    *Olive Garden
    *Is available for an affordable price

    In a commercial during this show, what was discussed about a revolutionary facial beauty product that worked "in a snap," as women were shown in black-and-white and color images?
    *Had an eight-in-one formula that made everyday a good skin day, as women painted graffiti and gathered on a rooftop
    *Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
    *Is oil-free and smoothes, improves, hydrates, and protects

    In a commercial during this show, what was discussed about pick-up trucks that drove in a montage of scenes, including past construction workers and through a rugged landscape, before you were told to "go above and beyond"?
    *Went the "extra mile" with pride and integrity thanks to its fuel efficiency and resale value
    *Take advantage of deals at a sales event

    In a commercial during this show, what was discussed about vehicles from "America's fastest growing" automaker as they were seen at night on a bridge and in a city?
    *That they were a smart move, and they won industry awards in initial quality and appeal
    *Receive special deals at a sales event

    In a commercial during this show, what was said about a cleaning product after a group of animated characters asked another “what’s it like,” before its effectiveness was demonstrated?
    *That a heavy duty spray contained an ingredient that cuts through grease, or a foam that penetrates grime
    *Scrubbing Bubbles
    *It works quickly and is easy to use

    In a commercial during this show, what were you encouraged to do during a retail store's back-to-school sale as children danced against a white background?
    *"Get ready" with a variety of tees, cargos and jeans
    *Text a number to get a 20% off savings pass

    In a commercial during this show, what were you encouraged to do while a woman touched her hair and looked out from behind a wall, as a hair care product was discussed?
    *"Dare to compare" to get healthier, stronger hair in a week
    *Results are guaranteed, plus you can share your results on Facebook

    In a commercial during this show, where did a couple encounter a man wearing a striped shirt and beret whose behavior was “uncalled for,” before two men strumming guitars discussed an insurance company?
    *At an organic farmer’s market where he smashed watermelons with a sledgehammer and pieces of fruit blanketed them
    *Allows you to save money

    In a commercial during this show, who discussed an allergy medication that helped him get through his day as features were noted with check marks?
    *Wildlife explorer who led a tour through a jungle and pointed out different wildlife
    *Fights allergy symptoms all day and without drowsiness
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