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    Dirty Jobs (Snake Wrangler) 8/19 11:00 3900pts REPEAT

    What did Eric and Dara Trager tell Mike Rowe they had done in their earlier lives before buying the snake farm?
    Met each other in chiropractic school

    What was Mike Rowe doing to an alligator when Jarrod criticized him for not being intimidating enough to the animal?
    Tapping its nose with a pole

    What did the third python do while being carried to a new tank that Jarrod explained was a common defense mechanism?
    Defecated all over host's pants

    What did Jarrod tell Mike Rowe to do while cleaning water out of the crocodile pool?
    Create vacuum over filter by filling bucket with water

    What did Jarrod say researchers had recently done that allowed him to guess about how old their alligator snapping turtle was?
    Found musket balls lodged in like-sized animal

    What did Jarrod do before jumping on an errant alligator that needed to be moved out of dirty water?
    Threw host's shirt over its eyes

    What did Mike Rowe do to try and put off having to reach in and grab a boa constrictor from a plastic bin?
    Mused about the "almost prehistoric" creatures

    What did Chris the cameraman do while Dara Trager and Mike Rowe began to pick up Apollo from his resting spot?
    Smashed plate glass sliding door

    What did Jarrod tell Mike Rowe about the American alligators in the crocodile pool they would be cleaning?
    Have strongest jaw bite in world

    What did Mike Rowe and Eric Trager do to decide who would lift the first Red Tail Boa Constrictor out of a plastic tub?
    Played quick rounds of a hand game

    What did Jarrod say people visiting the snake farm often did to get the rattlesnakes to rattle?
    Threw coins into their pit

    What did Mike Rowe do that caused Jarrod to warn him against playing around in the rattlesnake pit?
    Caught a stick rather than a snake

    In a commercial during this show, what happened as a man reclining on sand poured a beverage into a glass and consumed it?
    *Advertisement was filmed in several takes as a director ordered changes, including rotating a can
    *Starbucks Iced Coffee
    *Uses premium ingredients for great taste

    In a movie commercial during this show, what did an army, led by a steadfast and fearless king, do in ancient times?
    Fought against an enemy with far greater numbers

    In a commercial during this show, what happened before two people caused disruptions by paying for their purchases with cash instead of paying with a card?
    NOT families

    In a commercial during this show, what happened after men used cutting-edge devices, like a PDA that played sports video, as an announcer discussed a deodorant with an "advanced triple protection system," before a woman wearing a towel shrieked?
    NOT deodorant shrunk

    In a commercial during this show, what did a man do with his laptop computer to please his frustrated girlfriend, whose name was Penelope, while she was away on a trip?
    NOT made a movie

    In a commercial during this show, who was shown with different pixels emphasized on her face, before and after a beauty product and its effects were shown and discussed, and a glowing triangle framed her face?
    Brunette woman with her hair up who wore silver-sequined top
    Olay Definity Deep Penetrating UV Foam
    Combats dullness, discoloration, and wrinkles

    In a commercial during this show, what did several laptops do after someone was seen exiting a vehicle before a woman in a green shirt shut a laptop as she assisted a customer at a store?
    Rotated around against a black background over text in a red banner
    Circuit City
    Will optimize your computer system and scan for viruses at no cost

    In a commercial during this show, what did a cartoon woman with hair that changed colors do, before she met a man wearing a suit and as she explained how she could track the repair of her car?
    Traveled on moving sidewalk and escalator to his location
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