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Thread: Yucky Crafts Kids Love to Hate

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    Yucky Crafts Kids Love to Hate

    These projects are so gross that even kids who hate crafts can't resist them!

    Eyeball Yoyo
    Oh yuck... but funny! Paint a yoyo to look like an eyeball!

    Warty Mask
    There is no end to the creativity in this project! Just ask the kids to bring in a egg carton and layout your scraps!

    Yucky Totem Pole
    Great group project. Each kid lends his or her personality in designing a part of the totem pole.
    ( great way to use up all those GS Cookie boxes )

    Bag Heads
    Just what every kid needs... his very own Bag Head. Make sure to have plenty of Critter Littles and Yucky Pizza on hand to feed it!

    Yucky Pizza
    How do you like your pizza? Smothered in flies? Garnished with eyeballs? Topped with a toad? This is the yuckiest paper pizza you'll ever make. Just print a project sheet, cut out the pieces and glue them on.
    Project Sheet in Color

    Project Sheet in Black & White

    Critter Littles
    These bugs have personality! Dozens of pieces to mix and match for an endless supply of unique combinations.

    Squished Bugs
    They may be silly but they're still yucky! You make the fly swatter, then you glue on your squished bug parts!

    Yucky Recipes
    Mix up a batch of yucky stuff for hours of gooey fun.

    Recipe for Flubber

    Recipe for Play Putty

    Recipe for Goop
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