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    Arrow Potpourri Cake

    Potpourri Cake Ingredients:
    A Styrofoam Disc:
    The size will depend on the size of cake you want. Most potpourri cakes come in 5, 7, and 9 inches in diameter.
    Sachet Potpourri:
    You'll be using this for the inside of the cake. It needs to be fine in texture.
    Cake Decorations:
    Dried flowers, small plastic fruits, or any small decorative item will do.
    A Plastic Dish:
    Large enough for your cake and a slice to fit into.
    Royal Icing

    Potpourri Cake Instructions

    Potpourri Cake is easy to make.

    First, take your styrofoam disc, and cut a slice (wedge) out of it. Like you would do when slicing a cake.

    Now coat what would be the inside of the cake with glue. Then pour the fine sachet potpourri over the glue. Do your slice (wedge) the same way. Leaving the outter edge exposed, this is where the icing will go.

    You're now ready to ice the styrofoam. Use Royal Icing, from the grocery store. When it dries, it's hard like a brick. Place on the top and sides of the cake.
    NOTE: Don't place the icing on the bottom of the cake, or on 1 side of the slice. If you do, then the cake won't sit down properly.

    Now that you've iced the cake. Sit the cake on the dish, with the slice lying on it's side next to it. Now decorate with fruit and dried flowers. Attach with wire or with a glue gun.

    There you go, Potpourri Cake. Easier to make, than a real cake.
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    what is royal icing??
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